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I was the sleeves/forearms anon. Ready to un-anon because I see I have good company in this particular gutter. I am ashamed at how distracted I am by those arms in a time of such distress for Scully! Oh shit I also just thought about how close they are and what he must smell like when you're bundled up in his arms like that. Welp. Sorry! (You're welcome?)

Girrrrrrl, why were you ashamed of your arm!love? The first step is admitting you have a problem with David’s arms.

Oh my god, you know he smells SO good. You know it. When a friend did the meet and greet at one of his shows I tried to get her to give him a good sniff and she FORGOT. 

Anyhow, I’m so glad you’re out of the arms closet. For you, dearest, enjoy:

Just meditate on these for a bit.

See this is why I am pissed of Shonda Rhimes gets to use abuse suicide rape abortion without every answering any for the disgusting trifling way she uses it. How many of the cast crew answered anything abt the abortion none r the abusive bullshit Jake says and does to Olivia none but hey they hot never addressed. This is the mos cowardly cast I have ever seen with a ran by the biggest coward of the all Shonda Rhimes. She writes this God awful shit then never ever address and when asked blocks ppl because ahe just expects fans to accept her horrible disgusting use of abuse rape abortion suicide without every answering why it was used n the first place.
Secondly why all the Tony and Kerry. Shonda sent a clear message with 509 no Olitz Tony said post Olitz u have Olivia jumping on the dick of her abusers six months after aborting the baby of the man she supposedly love but yet u still trying to get the fandom that u have disrespected insulted their intelligence to tune n to watch the New Scandal why when the New Scandal is abt Abusive Love a white mediocre wm and a anhk father. Don’t Scott Foley Bellamy Young Joe Morton and Shonda Rhimes all have enough fans to get her viewership where it needs to b. Why pimp out Tony and Kerry when the New Scandal is abt Scott Foley Bellamy Young and Joe Morton. Do they think fans don’t have a brain cell n their heads. Like pimping out Tony and Kerry will automatically drum up support after u have treated Fitz Olivia and Olitz like crap. Shonda Rhimes and ABC u r full of it. To ever support this show means I don’t have any brain cells left n my head.

//do you ever think about how betrayed and hurt josh must have felt when he found out what happened to his sisters or

is that just me

constantly thinking about how that must have hurt more than anything

how he must have doubted so much

because his friends killed his sisters 

i know most of us tend to assume the worst about why laurent knows how to untie veretian jackets with a ‘servant’s proficiency’ but wait. listen. maybe it was because hennike used to eschew all servants and personally dress her son every morning and smol!tiny!laurent adored this so much that he demanded to be taught, and practised really hard to make his mama proud when he could lace them all on his own, like just consider

Aghh so handsome!

Everyone is complaining about the art and how it is “shit” compared to the artist. Well, I love this artist as well! I can see little difference between the two. You know why? I am just enjoying the characters for who they are. Not for how they are drawn. But this is just my opinion that not many people will give a fuck about :’)

I know I usually don’t make my own posts but since it is about the one fictional character I am so passionate about, here you go. Why must he be so handsome?

Life pro tip: see a hate follower in your notes trying to start shit for the sake of an argument? Just block em.

Seriously, why waste energy on anti-sjws who aren’t gonna listen anyways when blocking costs $0.00 and 5 seconds of your time?

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Hello there, so like many i headcanon as Merlin with seriously awesome tattoos under those sweaters and all I can think is the first time Eggsy sees him in the showers and just sees that ink just covering his back from shoulder to knee and losing his mind over it and Merlin not turning around and just saying "Front's got a good bit too, if you want to come over and see."


why yes i will come closer. and lick them. 

said eggsy to the angel on his shoulder who promptly expired. 

“since when do u even fuckin’ use the recruit showers u obvious motherfucker?’ the boyo said instead and folded his arms over his chest.

“Since i was seducing you, you little shit. Am i rescinding the offer?” 

“Christ no. Jesus. shut up and hand me the soap.” 



“Get over here.” 

“Yeah yeah.” And eggsy pulled his shirt off one handed and shucked his sweats and pants to skip over into the open spray of the shower head to grab the bar of soap and lather the quartermaster right up. 

Thank you so so much for tagging me @stepherogers <3<3<3 

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What was the last book you read?

“Silber - Das dritte Buch der Träume” by Kerstin Gier, a German author :D She wrote the Gem Triology as well, in case someone knows it.

What’s your favourite type of food?

I love pretty much every type of food, i love food in general.. But I am super into Italian and Chinese Food :D

Are you a clean or messy person?

100% a messy person, i can be organised for shit. I am a mess. You really don’t want to see my room.

What song do you hate the most and why?

Hard because Music is my life! I think there isn’t really a song i know that i really hate.. I just go with “warum bin ich so fröhlich” because it’s freaking annoying when you have to listen to it the ENTIRE day.. don’t ask why i had to listen to it for 6 days straight. Don’t ask.

What’s your favourite movie quote?

tbh there are so many great quotes in Forrest Gump but here is one i like a lot.

“Dear God, make me a bird. So I could fly far, far, far away from here.”

Dinosaurs or dragons?

Dragons all the way!!!

Have you ever cheated on a test?

Yes, once in middle school and i was so scared the teacher would get it but she didn’t :D never did stuff like this again (yet)

Do you correct people’s mistakes?

i have to admit, i am the worst when it comes to stuff like that. i correct people A LOT! My family sometimes get really annoyed :)

What’s your weirdest dream?

I really want to get drunk during my last day of high school and prank the teachers and stuff.. (it’s what all senior year students do but idk i still think it’s kinda weird XD)

What’s your biggest fear?

besides from being afraid of heights it’s that i will die alone

my questions:

  1. What’s your least favourite color and why?
  2. What’s your happiest childhood memorie?
  3. You can take 3 things to a lonely island, what are you taking with you?
  4. iced coffee or ice tea? muffins or cupcakes?
  5. Do you believe in destiny?
  6. Did you ever had to sacrifice something really important to you? why?
  7. Do you believe in the concept of “friends with benefits”?
  8. Is there a show/movie series you used to love but it got crappy over the time? did you still hold onto it?
  9. You have one wish, but you have to decide what to wish for in the next minute! what would you wish for?
  10. Forever and ever and ever favourite song?
  11. Describe your biggest dream in 5 words.

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Honestly y'all wouldn’t believe the shit I’ve done for this kid. I wrote at least a dozen papers for him in college. Dropped everything to see him, gotten out of work bc he needed to talk or needed help figuring something out, made his appointments, configured his schedules, not studied for my own finals so I could help him study, the list goes on and on. None of that shit was ever returned or even thanked. What shit is that. Why am I here. Why do I stay with someone like that

I’m just gonna fuck strangers and do drugs. Who cares

text || britt
  • Britt:Dylan? I didn’t move here for you! I moved here for myself, but of course it’s all about you right?
  • Britt:Did you ever consider what I need? or needed? of course not. maybe I NEEDED to move here, and not even because of you.
  • Dylan:Yeah shit but I AM here and do you know how fucking small this town is?? i don't want to see you okay I just can't
  • Dylan:Don't you dare start something like this over text. i don't care WHY you moved here but you did and i can't believe you would do that to me
  • Dylan:doesn't screwing with my life ever get boring for you?!

Well. I tried fixing this whole issue privately. Sent a message to the person who it was 99.9% likely to be. She replied publicly saying I was harassing her for being able to see tweets that I am blocked from seeing.

So I’m just going to be that dick and show you what she wrote, because I have friends who don’t like people saying shit about people.

Here is her reply to my message and then the anon.

Well. Here’s the tweets my friend graciously sent me after seeing this mess. Sounds awfully familiar to that anon right?

I’d chalk this up to coincidence but having known her before, knowing how she treats people, having been asked by her to troll somebody who is now a dear friend  (I’m sure she’ll deny it) Well, I’ve had enough of her.

I’d like this mess over. I was all set to ignore that she existed, I took her off all the block lists because I didn’t want a reminder that she was around. But yes.

Friend. If you have a problem with me. Block me, ignore me, don’t look at my work. It’s not hard.

I don’t know why I go out clubbing it just makes me so angry. seeing messy awful ugly straight people being so free in experiencing their own sexuality is just such a slap in the face to my entire existence. There’s so much shit going on in my life because I’m queer, yet I don’t actually even get to experience the things that other me so much, even though I put so much effort into who I am as a person. and then you’ve got these disgusting confrontational invasive straight men getting everything they want. I deserve so much better

Blog Update

Hey guys! Just wanted to write this blog update because I know some of you are worried about the infrequency of posts lately, and I wanted to address a few other things. A big reason why posts have declined on the blog is because requests have declined, which is understandable because I am absolute shit at getting requests done in a timely manner and I apologize for that. Moving forward, requests will be something I prioritize much more than I have been lately.

I’m also seeing a decline in interest of the moveset posts. The activity on this blog is about a third of what it was a few months ago. I’m unsure if this is due to Pokemon being stale at the moment, or a decline in the quality of my posts. I also see that most of my moveset posts that are reblogged remove all of the text on the post, which is just a metaphorical kick in the nuts considering how much time I put into writing each moveset profile. Simply put, I’m no longer sure if moveset posts interest you guys anymore.

So, to end things on a brighter note I think I’m going to turn this blog into more of a general Pokemon blog rather than one that’s 100% about competitive Pokemon. The 20th Anniversary of Pokemon is here, and I think it would be a good time to go back to our “casual” roots and celebrate! That being said, moveset posts and RMT’s will still be around, but I feel I need to expand what I post to keep the blog surviving. Thank you all so much for sticking with me, and thank you new followers for helping this absolutely AMAZING community grow. Expect a giveaway soon, I’ve been working over the logistics the past few months and I finally have most of the Pokemon I want to giveaway. Let’s just say this giveaway will be LEGENDARY! :)

Child Pornography Law In Canada and The United States

Hello, my fellow followers and everyone else who sees this message!

I am coming around to educate you on the Child Pornography Laws in Canada and the United States because a lot of you don’t seem to know them!

First: Why I am writing this. 

I have seen a shit ton of smut based around minor KPOP idols recently, and in all honesty, it makes me want to throw up. There was a smut about a child who is sixteen years old on my blog today, (Lee Chan) and I am so sick of seeing these disgusting things. 

Yes, some of my biases are minors, Sanha from Seventeen is 15 in the western world and 16 in Korea, Xiao from Up10tion just turned eighteen, Yugyeom from GOT7 just turned 18 as well, but never in my 1000 years of living, would I sexualize any of these idols before they were 18 years old, because yes it is extremely illegal, but it is also so morally wrong. 

Second: What is considered a minor in these two countries?

In Canada, teenagers are allowed to have sex at the age of sixteen years old, 

However, the age of consent is 18 years where the sexual activity “exploits” the young person, when it involves prostitution, pornography or occurs in a relationship of authority, trust or dependency.

In the Unites States, the age of consent varies from 15 to 18, because they do not have an overall age of consent. Which is dumb in my opinion, but thats besides the point.

But as in Canada, the age for pornography is 18. 

Third: What counts as child pornography?

I will include images of both Criminal Codes, adressing child pornography and I will write what they say just incase someone isnt able to view the pictures for some reason. 


You heard it here first:
Child Pornography in Canada counts as sexually explicit written material, pictures, videos, or audio recording of a child under the age of Eighteen. 

Above, it states: 

(i) that shows a person who is or is depicted as being under the age of eighteen years and is engaged in or is depicted as engaged in explicit sexual activity, or

(ii) the dominant characteristic of which is the depiction, for a sexual purpose, of a sexual organ or the anal region of a person under the age of eighteen years;

(b) any written material, visual representation or audio recording that advocates or counsels sexual activity with a person under the age of eighteen years that would be an offence under this Act;

© any written material whose dominant characteristic is the description, for a sexual purpose, of sexual activity with a person under the age of eighteen years that would be an offence under this Act; or

(d) any audio recording that has as its dominant characteristic the description, presentation or representation, for a sexual purpose, of sexual activity with a person under the age of eighteen years that would be an offence under this Act.

United States: 

Above it states:
Notably, the legal definition of sexually explicit conduct does not require that an image depicts a child engaging in sexual activity. A picture of a naked child may constitute illegal child pornography if it is sufficiently sexualt suggestive. Additionally, the age of consent for sexual activity given by the state is irrelevant; any depiction of a minor under 18 years of age engaging in seuxally explicit conduct is illegal. 

So please, I am begging you, to quit writing smut about minors until they are of age. It is extremely disrespectful to their families, and themselves, and it is really disgusting to read. Thank you. 

(I am in no way trying to insult anyone in this. I am just trying to get it out there that this is wrong and illegal, and it needs to stop.)


I have an interview at 10am yet here I am writing human!AU Soriel smut at 3am. FML. I haven’t written jack shit in years and NOW is when I get inspired. fak. The worst part is that I totally have a whole multi-chaptered thing in mind. fakfakfak. IT’S BECAUSE THERE ISN’T ENOUGH SORIEL SMUT OUT THERE OK. I DON’T KNOW WHY I SHIP IT. I JUST DO. IT MAKES MY BLACK HEART HAPPY.

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GUYS. I HAVE AN IDEA!!!! I'm going to find out whose the best kisser.

Shu:*chuckled *You really are a pervert ..

Reiji:I don’t see why I would be the slightest interested in such a thing?

Ayato:Pfft,Please Everyone should Know the Ore-sama is the best kisser ever .😎

Laito:Nfu~For once Ayato-Kun I beat you at something ~And that of course means I am the best kisser ~*winks*

Kanato:You shouldn’t be making just silly games since you are mine and because of that you know I am the best kisser ever

Subaru:….Shit does this even fucking matter like take a chill pill or some shit !Fuck!