Episode 13: Brexplainer

In a departure from regular programming, Gavia and Morgan spend this week explaining and shouting about Brexit, the EU membership referendum that sent both the United Kingdom and global markets into chaos last week. Their discussion spans the referendum’s key figures, from Prime Minister David Cameron to professional toad Nigel Farage, its potential consequences for the UK, the embarrassing state of the Labour Party, and, of course, how Donald Trump fits into everything.

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EU referendum: The result in maps and charts,” BBC News

Gavia’s post-Brexit explainer

Simpler times, sort of: “Britain’s Brexit debate devolves into a bizarre standoff between boats on the Thames,” Gavia Baker-Whitelaw, The Daily Dot

Boris Johnson, a man whose Wikipedia article must be read to be believed

Britain’s Flight Signals End of an Era of Transnational Optimism,” Rachel Donadio, The New York Times

I want my country back,” Laurie Penny, The New Statesman

Philip Pullman on the 1,000 Causes of Brexit,” The Guardian

Instances of Racism and Xenophobia Documented Across Britain Following Brexit Vote,” Hannah Gold, Gawker

The English have placed a bomb under the Irish peace process,” Fintan O'Toole, The Guardian

Twilight of the Elites: America After Meritocracy, Christopher L. Hayes

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