The Last Leaves Falling by Sarah Benwell 

“And here they are. My final moments. They say a warrior must always be mindful of death, but I never imagined that it would find me like this, lying on a bed beside my friends, in a room full of love and laughter.
I let my mind wander over everything we’ve done and talked about and dreamed. Let their voices carry me along.

I slip, and their voices warp, like underwater songs, but their touch is strong and keeps me from floating away, and I am grateful.”

An emotionally-charged read, Sarah Benwell’s debut The Last Leaves Falling follows the story of Japanese teenager Sora, who is diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease). To cope with his disease, he finds solace in the ancient wisdom of the samurai and the internet. When he meets his online friends in person, they develop an unforgettable bond, which tests the strength of character and acceptance. 

Raw and beautiful, The Last Leaves Falling is mainly a character driven book. The support Sora receives and the relationships depicted are authentic, heart-felt and tangible. You feel Benwell’s setting. It is serious, but powerful. Its cultural Japanese insertions are organic and accentuate the reality of the novel. We wished we were fluent in Japanese to have read the full version, since we are aware that the English version has been watered down.

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I’m sick, why do I always get sick when I go out with friends?

I mean I only get sick after, not like every time

Stuffy nose, sore throat, pained limbs, tender limbs, headache, physical pain on my neck (infront of my throat) and my eye feels like someone punched me

Actually it feels like alergies and I got into a fight did I get into a fight?? Because that would explain the weird injuries but-


Chess Records (Slim Harpo, Willie Dixon, King Albert and a lot of old bluesmen), Ray Charles,Johnny Cash,Miles Davis,Oasis,Verve,Led Zepplelin,The Who,Clash,RATM,Lou Reed,Beatles,NIN,Massive attack,Nirvana,Joy Division, Korn , Slipknot,Pet shop boys,East 17 ,Culture club,Eurodance,Hot chip
Techno: Lee Burridge, Dave Clark,OstGutTon records,Shonky,Shaun King, Josh Wink,James Holden, Plastikman, Lostep,Hardfloor, Shaun King, Leftfield.
Disco : Earth,Wind and Fire,Cerrone,Chic
Cinema: Burt Bucharar, Angelo Badalamenti,How to Destroy Angels

I met the Gods in Highschool.

I knew a man
named Apollo,
who had scars up
his long arms
and hair in his
He gave me a flower
any time I looked
and had the softest
voice I’ve heard
to date.
I used to see him
walk the streets
at dusk;
I guess his misery
was his melody.
I knew a girl
that was a Fury reborn.
She had wildness in her
eyes, and a
sharpened silver tongue.
She tore people apart
for fun,
and I should have
she was a dangerous
the first time I heard
her heart beat
like wings.
I met Aphrodite,
even kissed her
once or twice.
But the modern world
had twisted her,
she only saw her
in others’ eyes.
I slept with Zeus;
as did half my friends.
He was honey coated
false honesty, and
I was a means to
an end.
I danced with Hades
late at night,
so he wouldn’t have
to sleep.
He confessed around
a cigarette that he
still has nightmares
about his Father’s teeth.
Dionysus was a boy,
who was a girl,
who was nothing
and everything.
They filled stadiums
with their laughter,
lived to confuse everyone
they’d meet.
Oh and Hermes,
Hermes with his lies
and dancer feet…
He lived to run from
all of those that he’d
Including me.
The Gods were living
in our skins;
they were humans
breaking at the

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Isn't cute that the big bear is in boots like h and the small 'sugar baby' bear (that's what everyone's calling it) is wearing converse like lou :) who's dressing these bears?????

i just need to know who’s doing it and where they find all the tiny things omg

I really want Eleanor to be like Nicole Richie and be famous for being famous. Like she has no real talent, but she’s famous for being hard working and hot as hell, and her ex. Who cares, about Lou though I want my mom to prosper!!