Vampire Angst: “Woe, I am a monster, and doomed to watch everything I love perish from this unending accursed eternal half-life.”

Werewolf Angst: “Who IS a good boy?  Is it me?”

  • Me: Oh coochie coochie coo, waneenee. Who's a good boy? Who's a good boy, c'mere my smol baby. Awe look at those eyes and those cheeks, such strong teeth. You're a really beautiful color, did you know?
  • Crocodile: *stares intently at me*
Things to do for your little:

🌸Pick them up and spin them around
🌸Teach them new things
🌸Color with them
🌸Make them nummy food
🌸Do silly voices
🌸Feed them
🌸Tickles (bonus: ask them who your good little girl/boy is when you do)
🌸Hold their hand everywhere
🌸Tell them you’re proud of them
🌸Encourage them
🌸Give them allll the kissies
🌸Let them help you with “big” work (it makes them feel extra special)
🌸Take them to the park and push them on the swings
🌸Pull them into your lap