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I feel the need to say something...

I remember the way every artists on stage stood on one side and block b on the other side, with no one to talk to them, look at them or even notice their presence.

I remember this :

and I can’t even bear to look at pyo’s face. because I also remember how much it affected it, way more than the others who were already very down. I remember his tears and his hospitalization.

I remember jay park’s heartwarming support and how he was the only one, with bap, giving them acknowledgment and how I thought this was probably because he faced something similar and knew how it felt like.

I remember this video. I remember this one. and I don’t even want to watch them again because it hurts my soul to even just remember it. to remember how I felt when it happened and when I saw them when they were published, how heartbroken I was, we all were.

I remember the group’s quietness and jiho’s total disappearance for eight month. no picture, no tweet, no news, no words, not even a sign, nothing. for eight entire months. I remember the messages from bbc’s wishing him the best and telling him how much we all missed him. I remember how the group promoted without him, how they shoot action mv without him. and, I remember this :

his first reappearance in eight whole long months. I remember the fancams of that marvelous day (there are more). how I cried because I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. how happy I was to see him looking good, to see him smile, laugh, to see him there and healthy and how he seemed a little healed.

I remember how they started all over again and grew stronger from this hardship. how they weren’t afraid to attack their compagny as a whole. how it made them even stronger. how it all leaded to what and who they are now.

and because I can remember all of this, I’m an unconditional bbc from the begining to the very end. I’ve been standing and I’m going to stand beside them no matter what, beside zico no matter what, and there’s nothing they can do or say that will change this. block b are my babies. block b is a group that gave me so many things and made me feel so many different emotions. block b is a group that you shouldn’t disregard as artists, human beings, and bbcs are a fandom you shouldn’t disregard as human beings either just because they decided to stick by them despite they flaws and despite what zico may have done this past year. because you don’t know, you don’t realize what they took from them, from us, what we faced beside them, what it felt like.

I’ll be forever extremely proud to be a bbc and to say I support block b and zico. you can never get to me on this. this may be a few years old I’ll never forget it.

I love block b. I love you guys.

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I hate when Deadpool fans strip him of what makes him so great they make him into this boring run of the mill cis straight male

Deadpool is at least not straight at all I mean look at his relationship with Spiderman he openly admits to having a crush on him and liking him and the fact Deadpool cross dresses a lot he loves wearing dresses

So yeah…calm your jets and stop erasing what makes deadpool deadpool

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Zayn Malik left one direction to be a normal 22 year old to be out of the spotlight yet he’s been papped now more than ever, there are news stories about him and his love affairs with other women and it also leaked that he’s working on a solo career……shady much

So I guess I might as well be honest with myself, and say I’m genderqueer. Like, I thought last year I was, and then I went through a major girl phase and then I went through a major boy phase and then sort of levelled out again to neutral, so I can kind of swing between extremes and that makes it difficult to pin down exactly what I am

I guess you could look at my childhood, and how I declared to my class at age nine that I was going to be a boy when I grew up, and have surgery and everything (I guess I figured it was easy as all that) and how I refused to wear dresses. But I bet a ton of girls do that. And then I realised that my body could be considered attractive if I wore girl clothes, and I liked that. Hell, I do like that. I don’t understand it myself, I’ve got a long way to go there, but I know when I had long hair and wore makeup and smiled all sweet and pitched my voice just so I could get away with things, and make people do what I wanted. And that was powerful, because it was using a body I didn’t particularly like to get things I wanted. And yeah, I liked the routine of curling my hair, and putting on makeup. I wasn’t good at either, but it made me look like somebody else, and it was like playing dress up.

I read a lot of fanfic, and a lot of actual, real books (like ones you can hold, I guess, I consider fanfic to be real too but very rarely can one hold it, unless, like me, your kindle is full of the damn stuff) about being trans, and I wondered, gods, maybe that’s why I feel itchy in my skin? The idea took hold to such a degree that I came out to a friend who was lovely and amazing and wonderful, and then I told my mum. The second the words were out of my mouth I felt sick. No, that wasn’t it. I wasn’t a boy. But I definitely wasn’t a girl either.

So now I go through phases of boy clothes and girl clothes. Some days, I want to wear lipstick and makeup, other days I want to look I just rolled out of bed and I’m a particularly short and not very convincing looking boy. So those were the two options, and I didn’t fit well into either of them. Time to find the third path.

Skinny Steve, and the headcanons people had built around him, the art I’d seen of him and the fic I’d read. Skinny Steve who was sometimes trans and sometimes genderqueer and sometimes a nebulous ball of uncertain that made it feel okay to not be sure. For the first time, I didn’t hate my stupid nose or my androgynous build. I was going to have a nosejob and a boobjob just to fit into a category, just to find some definite answer. I was desperate, but then I saw him, all 5′4″ and angry and ready to punch the whole world if he had to, and I realised, hey, this is something I can rock, and something I can relate to.

Bucky Barnes got me through my PTSD. Bucky Barnes made me realise that recovery is possible, and that people will still love you no matter how bad it gets. And Steve, well, he taught me to be kind, to try and be good. I can’t believe how relatable two supersoldiers can be, but they are

So it comes down to this. I am both and I am neither. If I lived in The Sims I would look different everyday. But I don’t live in The Sims, so I have to accept that boolprop doesn’t work and I can’t download the clothes and hairstyles I want on a whim. But I can mess with what I have, and what I have might not be much, but dammit, it’s mine, and I can stop being scared of it. So here it is.
I’m not scared of it anymore. I’m a weird boygirlneither thing and that’s okay. I’m okay.

It just makes sorting out my clothes really, really difficult. Do I throw away the dress because I haven’t worn it in a while? Do I really need three identical black men’s t-shirts (that’s probably a no, regardless)? And do I tell my family or just let it gradually slip out like I did with my sexuality (to be fair, that was never really subtle, you know you’re in trouble when your favourite Spice Girl is Sporty Spice and you have no interest in boy bands but dozens of pages of your diary dedicated to pictures of Britney you’ve cut out of magazines. I’m a useless biromantic grey-a with a Bucky Barnes Clause (I probably won’t sleep with you unless you’re Bucky Barnes, thems the rules).

So yeah. I think that’s everything. I think I’ve figured myself out a little more. I’m just this, Charlotte, still muddled from the past and unsure about the future, but in the present, this is me, and it’s awesome and it works. Which is enough to be going with.

ETA: Just while I think of it, and I’ve thought long and hard about it, but I know if I had been born a boy, I would have been in exactly the same boat. Only my name would have been James instead. And my life would have been harder, no doubt, because girls can wear boy’s clothes, but boys aren’t supposed to wear girl’s clothes. It’s stupid and I don’t get it at all, because if I know nothing else, and I don’t know much, it’s that everyone looks good in lingerie.

last post on this subject.

I cant help but notice every single person I’ve checked so far on the comments of that post telling me “hetalia is bad how dare you say it promotes peace!!!” is from the USA. My point that hetalia helps to break barriers of hatred between countries is really more prominent between European countries. 

For an example, I don’t know if this is accurate, but I’m presuming between the states, there are maybe neighbour states who don’t get along? Well say these two states had been at war with bombs and rebellions and death and families split up about it for centuries. There is a certain patriotism that comes from a history like that as well as bitterness and hatred. You see the flag of that state and you are disgusted. Even if you weren’t apart of the war, you were brought up within your community to believe you belong here, and the ones from the other side are bad and you are meant to hate them. 

My point in that post is that hetalia gives you the opportunity to open your mind and move away from that hatred. You can walk into the other “side” and be quite happy and enjoy their culture along with yours and not be disgusted and angry and filled with hate. 

This is the last reply I’m making in reference to that post, whether I get more asks over it, or more reblogs of people angry at me. You can reply all you want but I’m not saying no more on the matter. I’m not disguising Hetalia as direct activism, but I’m trying to show you that Hetalia has the ability to change a mindset and is a positive influence on many people. 

Of course not every person. Of course it has flaws. But this is how I feel and many people who I have spoken with feel and I am not changing my stance on it.

pronoun update:

thank you to the lovely people who sent me messages using the new pronouns for me!!!!!!! i’ve decided that I’m going to start using them on tumblr only. if you interact with me anywhere else, including other websites like twitter/instagram/facebook but especially in person, do not use these pronouns there, only on tumblr. I am not out as nonbinary to anyone who doesn’t talk to me on this site, and at this point in my life am not comfortable/able to come out, and I do not want to be forced to answer awkward questions because of pronouns. now, onto the pronoun update!

I’ve decided that I like both fae/faer/faers/faerself and fin/fins/finself, so feel free to use either for me!!! as of right now, I think I prefer fae/faer/faers/faerself to be used when referring to me as Rachel, and fin/fins/finself to be used when referring to me as Ray. As I’ve said before, I usually have litter preference on which name is used for me, as long as I never get called Rach! If my preferences on this changes in the future, I’ll make a post about it then. If in doubt on what pronoun you should be using, feel free to still use she/hers! I still don’t dislike she/hers pronouns for myself, but I do want to try new ones. 

how to use for people who aren’t sure: she=fae/fin, her=faer/fin hers=faers/fins herself=faerself/finself

thank you so much guys!!!!!

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ok not to be a conspiracy theorist or anything but remember when four was released and people were kinda miffed that the songs that zayn wrote didn't get on the album? and someone tweeted at naughty boy asking him if he was angry? and he said something like "no im not because i know something you don't know"? AND NOW???????????????????