Another Akatsuki no Yona conversation with my boyfriend.  Started out about swim suit and hot spring episodes in animes turned into this:

boyfriend: So is Jae ha all over Hak’s d*** ?

me: No…. More people tend ship Kija and Jae ha.

Boyfriend: No, its Hak and Jae ha.  The white dragon goes with the Blue dragon.  Whats his name?

Me: Shin ah?

Boyfriend: *grabs my hand dramatically* Don’t worry Shin ah, you don’t have to speak! I will be your voice. And Zeno’s on his own. He gets to be sad by himself.

me: NOOOOOO!!!! WHYYY!??!?!

  • Yugi:*to his friends* My grandpa has a rare card!
  • Kaiba:*from the other side of the classroom* yes. yes good. excellent. rare card. I don't know what card it is but the starfish said rare card and since the whole world revolves around my giant head and ego I could only assume that it is the Blue Eyes White Dragon. I'm going to Google his address and pay him a visit.

our swords are sharp || a house bolton playlist || LISTEN

i. blood on my name // the brothers bright  ii. fresh blood // eels iii. beat the devil’s tattoo // black rebel motorcycle club iv. black bat licorice // jack white v. oh, death // jen titus vi. bad things // rayland baxter vii. demon // kandle viii. evil ways // blue saraceno ix. seven devils // florence & the machine x. monster // imagine dragons