so like i need help - i had a Big Scary talk with my mom yesterday about employment and i applied last night to target and already scheduled an interview, target is where i want to work but on the slim chance i dont get hired, what do i do? i dont know if i should apply to other places or what, because my moms expecting like a report later today and im just what do i do?? even tho i really want to work at target do i apply other places, and where??

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But can you imagine Syco and Modest having a meeting every time RBB tweets something, and trying to figure out what those pics could possibly be about, just like us? And since they're incompetent and can't find any solutions, they go on tumblr and look at Larries' blogs. And in the end they're just like "Okay guys, they -once again- want to tell us that they want to go to war against us. Oh and look at the little bear, he looks extra threatening today with those spikes around his neck"

I hope they have interns assigned to investigate the bears’ tweets and icon changes and report their findings during staff meetings.

Can you imagine having a job as a rainbow bear investigator?

The basics: 

To be safe, you should apply to multiple schools. Most people would recommend at least 5, comprising of two safeties, two matches, and one reach. 

  • Safety: A school you are certain you’ll be accepted to.
  • Match: A school where most accepted students have similar credentials to you.
  • Reach: A school where you might not have a GPA or ACT/SAT score as high as most students, but you want to give it a shot anyway.

Where do you find schools to apply to? I recommend Cappex. There, you can put in your GPA and school preferences to find schools you may like. 

Visiting schools before you apply is nice, but not necessary if you lack the time/funds to travel. There is a ton of information online about all schools, so make sure you do your research before deciding on your list of schools to apply to. 

August-November: Early admission 

Most college applications open in August. You can start applying any time after that. Application deadlines vary from school to school, so make sure you’re keeping on top of everything. 

  • How do I send ACT/SAT scores? - Online. They usually cost $12 to send.
  • What about transcripts? - Depending on your high school, you may send these online as well, or you may have to go to the school registrar to send scores. 
  • What are early decision and early action? Are they different? - Yes; Early decision is a binding agreement that means that if you are accepted to a university, you will enroll. Early action is simply when you apply early to receive an earlier answer about your admission status. Early application dates are usually due between November 15th and December 1st.

October 1st: File FAFSA

Starting in 2016, students can begin to submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid on October 1st. This form ensures that you will be considered for financial aid including state and/or federal grants, as well as federal loans. Make sure you file FAFSA as soon as possible

December-March: Regular admission 

Depending on the university, regular applications are due sometime around March 1st. Make sure you have submitted all of your applications and supplemental materials. Decisions will be out soon! 

  • When applying, you may find that you are waitlisted or deferred. If you are deferred, it doesn’t mean that you have been denied! It just means that the school needs more time to consider your application for one reason or another. 
  • What does it mean to be waitlisted? 

April-May: Accept your offer

Hopefully by April you have a good idea of which school you’re going to choose. The deadline for accepting your offer of admission for most schools is May 1st, so make sure you do this by the deadline! 

Some other guides that may be helpful during this process: