when did it begin?  when did she start to notice it?  is it because her mother is dead that they spoke that way?  dead and gone and a distant memory–brandon holding her dear in his heart but never speaking her name, father feeling freed.  pestering.  that’s what he’d called mother.  pestering lyarra and her wolf’s blood.  more wolf than woman if truth be told.  with a bite to his voice, as though a only a man could be a wolf…

“yes.  yes that’s a fine match, i think.”  that is all her father says.  he looks between ned and lyanna.  “a thoughtful one, ned.”  ned smiles.  he thirsts for father’s approval, and lyanna crosses her arms over her chest, wishing it were still flat because everyone looks at her differently now that it isn’t any longer.  or maybe she just notices that they do.  do they?  

“i haven’t even met him,” lyanna says hotly.  the wolf blood, like your mother.  gods be good what did i do to deserve the pair of you?  

“he’s my dearest friend, lya,” ned replies smiling at her.  “as close to a brother as i could have found in the vale, as dear as brandon or benjen, and as true.  he’ll make a fine husband to you, and a fine father to your children.”  

lyanna blinks, surprised.  ned’s words sting–she hadn’t been expecting…her crossed arms stiffen over her chest.  he speaks to me as if i am a woman–any woman, telling me what any woman would want to hear of her betrothed.  he doesn’t speak to me as though i’m me.

perhaps that is why he hadn’t understood.  he’s been gone too long, he won’t know…

so she hardens her words–hardens them the way she does for father, because father doesn’t listen to her either.  “robert will never keep to one bed.  and i hear he has gotten a child on some girl in the vale.”  ned had written that in some letter or other before he’d ridden north.  written it and spoken it, as if it did not matter.  how can this friend be truly true, be loyal and faithful to her if he wanders?  or will he speak coolly of her, the way father does when he deigns to mention mother?  

ned has the decency to flush now, but when he opens his mouth, he says, “none of that will matter, lyanna.  i promise.  it won’t stand in the way of your marriage, and what he has done before your betrothal won’t matter.  he will put it behind him, and it shan’t ever affect you, it will be the past.  he is a good man, and will love you as truly as any man has ever loved any woman, i promise it.”

lyanna did not smile.  lyanna glared.  “love is sweet, dearest ned, but it cannot change a man’s nature. and it won’t change robert’s.”

she turns back to her father, and opens her mouth to tell him she won’t do it, but before she can.

“you will marry him, lyanna.  it is your place.  it is who you were born to be, and i’ll hear no more on the matter.”

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Small Bump

*Newt one shot based on ‘Small Bump’ by Ed Sheeran, song and lyrics here: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=hpK-pzSuN-I *

I watched as your mother gently rubbed her stomach involuntarily. My sweet sweet Y/N. I couldn’t wait to hold you gently in my hands and smooth out your blond hair, the same as mine, and look into your eyes, the same as her’s.

I couldn’t hold you inside of me the way she could hold you, but I promised to put every bit of my being inside of you, a future, a hope. Because you’re my one and only child, and I will never let that go.

I would watch your mother twirl a strand of hair with her finger and I would think about how the little life inside of her, you, would grab my thumb and hold it so tightly I’m surprised by your strength. When she smiled I knew you’d have an even brighter smile and a small dimple on your chin.

I know the Glade can be a rough place for a baby but with Y/N and I, I knew you’d be safe and I could watch you sleep. Your tiny feet would move slightly as you dreamt about walking or running.

But you won’t be able to do that. Your mother doesn’t smile anymore. Her fingers stay away from her beautiful hair. Four months. We had you for four months inside of Y/N. And we never got to meet you or hear your precious giggle.

We don’t know why, but maybe you weren’t meant for this earth or maybe you weren’t meant for the Glade. But sometimes I swear I can feel your small unborn hand wrapped around my thumb.

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Thank you for doing the translations! I wanted to ask you if you really think jung would want to break up with sul over her confession... I still don't understand why is he so upset? Like, he does that kind of thing so often, why is it so surprising when she does it? And I also wanted to ask, what were they talking about when she smiled?

you’re welcome!

No no, I’m not saying that Jung would break up with her because of what she said this chap, nor that he would break up with her because of anything bad that she might do, or anything of the sort.

He seems to be pondering whether his influence over Sul is good or bad, she didn’t use to react like that but Jung taught her how. So he is worried, although I can only guess about what.

I don’t know if they could break up I’m 50/50. There is nothing in the actual webtoon that would indicate a break up at all, I’m just being fatalistic, dramatic an influenced by that craptastic drama version, because I know that Soonki told the drama producers her ending, and whatever hoolabaloo they ended up showing… I can’t be sure they didn’t actually use her ending for Sul and Jung’s relationship.

They were not talking about anything, Jung fell asleep and Sul was studying, but she was half asleep and thinking about the times where she intimidated Sangchul and Dayoung I think she was smiling over the sense of power that she felt over them when they got scared.

MAMAMOO Scenarios: Too Shy for Skinship

Mamamoo Prompt: How mamamoo acts when you want skinship but at the same time are too shy about that


When you slowly try to hold her hand while walking down the street she could tell what was going on. Between the slight bumping and brushing of your hand on hers, she knew that you wanted to do it. When she looks at you before taking your hand in hers she would smile when she caught sight of your redden cheeks. Thinking this is funny she pulls you closer and whispers, “If you want to hold my hand, just do it.”

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Solar would find this cute as hell but it would take her a minute to actually act on it. She would be really shy as well and would think about whether she should be the one to make the first move. Making the first move would be a big thing for Solar, thus she would treat it as such. Once she realizes that you are definitely not going to make a move she would shyly wrap her hand around your waist as you wait in your line for coffee, a light blush on her cheeks.

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Wheein would be a little cute tease, she would immediately cover you in all forms of skinship as you sat on your couch. She would verbally tease you with many, “Babe why are you so shy”s and “Come on I can’t be that intimidating, I mean look at me”s while flashing her best aegyo. This would just make you a little more shy and a lot more comfortable when she takes it upon herself and take you in her arms.

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Hwasa would lowkey tease the hell out of you. She would find every which way to make you even more flustered than you already are. Whether it is whispering in your ear or brushing her hand across your skin, she is doing it just to see you react. Once she feels like she has tortured you enough, which would not be for while, she would kiss you gently and then leave you be.

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Hey guys! Its been a minute and life has gotten really crazy. So I think this will be my last scenario for a while. I won’t be on this blog anymore. I am sorry to spring this on you guys but I just can’t fit it into my busy schedule. I love you guys and wish all the other admins the best of luck. 

~Admin M

Alison Dilaurentis… didn’t tell anyone that her students pulled a horrific prank on her. That made her cry. That made her get sick and throw up in the bathroom. She didn’t even tell Emily. She smiled when Emily asked about her day. “The usual pranks”, she said.

Hello, Marlene? I need you to send a hug from me directly to Alison Dilaurentis. It’s an emergency

And she broke a few bones while trying to fix everything they once said was wrong with her. And she broke a few smiles when she tried to love herself and that’s okay. And she broke a few wishes when she saw that star crash landing and let me tell you, people aren’t perfect. People, my god, aren’t they imperfect? So when she needs you, tell her this:

I’m here for you.
I’m always here for you.
No matter if I’m sleeping.
No matter the time of day.
No matter the long months.
No matter the lost years.
No matter when.
No matter where.
No matter what.
No matter who.
No matter what.
I’ll always be yours.
I’m here.
I’m not going anywhere.

Tell her that and make her smile.

—  mean it