sort of mine (31 Horrific Days)

Day 21
Characters: Bonnie Bennett, Klaus Mikaelson 

Everyone has secrets — even her.

She knows people will be shocked.  Sweet Bonnie Bennett, the girl who always volunteers for every Founder’s event.  Who gets good grades and smiles when she passes people in the street.  Respectable, dependable girl next door Bonnie Bennett.

She likes having a secret.

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Is it bad that I want to impress my therapist with how sick I am? I look forward to our sessions every week when she asks to see my food and weight diary. I gladly hand it to her and watch her concerned look as she reads. I step on the scale in her office and smile when she threatens to put a feeding tube through my nose. “You’re too thin” she says, but all I hear is “you look amazing”

Riverdale Preferences: Celebrating your birthday

Veronica Lodge

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  • She’d find out your birthday as soon as you two became friends.
  1. She’d only become more determined to plan it when you two began dating.
  2. Veronica practically planning it months in advance.
  3. She’d tell her mom and Betty about all her ideas.
  • Veronica wanting it to be perfect.
  1. It becoming obvious she’s stressed about something, aka your birthday.
  • You noticing that she’s been acting strangely a week from your birthday.
  1. “Babe, does this have anything to do with my birthday?”
  2. Her denying it.
  • Veronica sending you little things throughout your “Birthday week” as she calls it.
  1. Baked goods from your favourite bakery.
  2. Flowers.
  3. She’d totally take you to the spa.“
  4. Honestly at the end of the day you’d need help carrying everything that Veronica got you, Veronica of course being the one to help.
  • Veronica planning a small get together at a carnival that was in town.
  1. Just you, her and your closest friends.
  2. Her smiling when she looks at you and sees how much fun your having.
  3. Veronica finding an opportunity to get you alone, so you can go on the ferris wheel.
  4. Where Veronica kissed you as the cart reached the very top.
  • Her being determined to win a teddy bear for you in at least one carnival game.
  1. Laughing because it ends up towering over her.
  • Veronica getting you a charm bracelet with a pearl that was your favourite colour, to symbolise you two.
  • Going back to her house for the rest of the night.
  1. You two watched movies and cuddled until falling asleep.

Cheryl Blossom

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  • Cheryl would absolutely make a big deal of your birthday.
  1. She’d convince the principal to let her do a morning announcement, she’d of course take the time to remind everyone that it’s your birthday. “And let’s not forget on this day my stunning girlfriend, (Y/N) (Y/L/N) was born.”
  • Everyone expecting Cheryl to host a big birthday bash in your honour.
  1. While she did give it a thought she wanted your birthday to be more special than that.
  • Cheryl making sure her parents would be out of town when it’s your birthday.
  • Her planning a walk through the woods surrounding Thornhill to a picnic area she set up earlier.
  1. Cheryl placing roses on the way, giving each of them to you as you walked.
  2. The picnic being set up beautifully.
  3. Cheryl obtained champagne for the occasion.
  • Her surprising you further by unveiling a tent she set up earlier in the area of Thornhill
  • Watching the sun set and later pointing out what you two think are constellations.
  • Cheryl giving you a heart locket, with the letter of your first name on it and a photo of you two from your first date.
  1. Her being nervous if you were going to like it.
  2. Cheryl’s eyes widening when you pull her into a fierce kiss, soon after her lips would pull into a smile.

Josie Mccoy

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• Josie reminding everyone it’s your birthday soon.

  1. She’d throw it into any convo casually, “Yeah I can’t believe (Y/N’s) birthday is soon.
  • Josie planning a concert for you and only you with the rest of the Pussycats.
  1. Her singing a song she wrote for you.
  2. It being the only time you’ve seen her nervous, other than when she asked you out.
  • Josie taking you to see one of your favourite bands, even if they’re performing a town away.
  • Josie taking so many selfies of you two.
  1. Definitely expect them to end up on Josie’s social media. “Celebrating my Princess’s birthday😘xxx”
  • Her giving you a mixtape, consisting of songs you hadn’t known the Pussycats wrote, much less recorded yet.
  1. “Hmm, how were you able to hide this?”

Betty Cooper

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  • Betty smiling the entire time that she thinks that your birthday’s soon.
  1. The rest of the gang teasing her.
  • Betty bought your gift ages away when you two were in the mall and she noticed how much you liked a journal in one of the stores.
  • Betty planning a simple get together at Pop’s with your friends.
  1. Her leading you into Pop’s with a blindfold.
  • Betty holding back a giggle when she saw your shocked expression after her mom wished you happy birthday.
  • Betty showing much more PDA then usual.
  • All of you going to the Cooper house to continue the party.
  1. Betty coming out with a cake she baked.
  • Having a great night with your friends and girlfriend.
  • Opening the leather journal to find a heart-felt letter inside.