“Hey, beautiful.” Dean pulled your daughter out of the carseat while you slept, curled up in a blanket in the front seat. He’d driven the three of you out to the country for a family picnic. You swore to him you weren’t tired but passed out halfway into the drive. “We’re gonna take a little walk and get the picnic blanket and the food all set up and let your gorgeous mommy get some sleep.” He tilted her to the window and pointed at you, curled in a ball on the seat. “See? Mommy’s so beautiful even when she sleeps, huh?” 

“Why didn’t you wake me?” You rubbed your eyes, approaching the blanket where Dean was laying with little Mary on his chest, babbling with her. You knelt down and laid next to them, resting your head on Dean’s chest next to her, smiling when she grabbed a fistful of your hair. 

“You just looked too peaceful and pretty to wake up.” Dean smiled and leaned in to kiss you. Mary let out a squeal of delight and you giggled. “You like that? When I kiss mommy?” He leaned in again and she squealed again.

“I think we’re her OTP.” 

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“*bouncing* rOOM WHERE IT HAPPENS”
“Little bit in love with Pippa… Little bit…..”

some of our best moments from watching the Hamildoc and now I’m dead.


I love all these people and they’ve helped me through so much without even knowing it, just them being people and this show has changed me. I LOVE THEM. THANK YOU EVERYTHING.

Sharlie is my fave and I love you so much BFF, thank you for putting up with me and I swear I’ll go to sleep now ❤️

TITLE: Two Hands, One Beating Heart


AUTHOR: the-resawrites

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine “Me before you” AU type of thing, where after an accident Loki is paralysed. Frigga hires you to keep companion for Loki so he wouldn’t be so lonely. All of his so-called friends abandoned him after the accident.


NOTES/WARNINGS: Likes, comments, reblogs will be very much helpful, (appreciated) :)

Frigga was seen pacing outside the chamber doors, intertwining her own fingers. Nina approached her, holding a green vase with flowers inside. This was the present. Something she thought of while getting dressed in the morning.

“Good morning, Allmother,” Nina said. “Is something wrong?”

“Nina,” she smiled when she saw the flowers. “They’re beautiful.”

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anonymous asked:

What's your favorite garnet moment?

in general, my favourite moments are when she smiles or laughs, her interactions with steven and amethyst, most of the monotonous one word lines, any time when we see how much faith she has in steven and how much she loves and trusts him, any sort of hand action (one of the first things i notice when garnet is on the screen is what her hands are doing) and because i love angst, when she’s affected by something but won’t show it, but i do want the show to bring attention to garnet’s struggles soon. i love it whenever she’s there for the people she cares about and her encouraging speeches really help me, but again i want (need) someone to help her… let garnet rest for a bit (also the fact that garnet’s there for everyone but she apparently doesn’t need help with anything herself plays into some nasty racist tropes)

actual moment wise? i would just say all of them but that’s not a proper answer so im just gonna list a bunch and bold my favs (this is gonna end up being something from nearly every ep lmao)

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anonymous asked:

I have developed feelings for a friend. A mutual friend says that this person kinda knows and smiles when she says my name. Need help

start flirting/feeling things out and talking more


Just a reminder you can always drop me an ask/message to geek out/ask me questions regarding my fics and stuff. 

Feel free to ask me stuff like why Kyoko is in Slytherin or if Tsuna and gang are gonna fight voldy in poisoned youth. Or what’s the crossover reference in Dying Matchsticks Chapter 2 (it’s not Jurassic Park if you’re wondering) or if there really is a Hobbit reference in WWBtF (there is). 

Feel free to send me interesting tidbits and facts. I just had a discussion over on ff.net regarding how the diameter of the Taijtu symbol always has equally proportionate of light and dark. I sparked a theory fest on how the Tri-Ni-Set works in another discussion. 

Feel free to ask me what I’m currently working on. 

Feel free to ask about my AUs and headcanons. Why Sky Flames for Izuku for my KHR x BNHA crossover for example. Or add your own headcanons, I might add more. When She Smiles only got up to 9+ parts because of you guys 8D

Feel free to send me your own headcanons. (idk if you guys realized it, but if I like the headcanon enough I turn it into a fic like 75% of the time -bricked-) Send me your own theories about my fics! 

I don’t bite. Promise! 8D Discussions are great. 


Obvious Child (2014)


                                                   HAPPY 22ND BIRTHDAY
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Lily’s smile was widest of all. She pushed her long hair back as she drew close to him, and her green eyes, so like his, searched his face hungrily as though she would never be able to look at him enough.