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Do yourself a favor, Creampuffs: google "Elise Bauman girlfriend."


The complete Atlantis S2 DVD can be pre-ordered at the BBC Shop.

Price:  £15.99 | Release date: 01/06/2015 | Duration: 560 minutes

Disk #4 is apparently going to contain Behind the Scenes extras! 

ETA: You also can pre-order it on Amazon here.

DVD Price: $19.98 | Blu-ray Price:  $24.98 

Or on Amazon UK here.

DVD Price:  £16.75 with FREE delivery in the UK | Release date: 25/05/2015

Thank you for the extra info yassandra12!


What time is it? Oh! Goodness gracious! It’s apparently “Spontaneous Ramshackle Agatha Heterodyne Closet Cosplay” time!

Why? For science that’s why.

I had time machine troubles and therefore it is Munday

Pardon my messy room also I need a shower

hands up if you are feeling really defensive/protective of scarlet queen rn

piethrowingtrevelyan these tags are for u

For the impatient  jillypups, a picture of our OTP from her fic Sweet Disposition.

The folk metal gods are smiling down on us this morning, with the new Metsatöll track as well as the new Korpiklaani single!

Add to that the fact that I’m seeing Sabaton tomorrow night… then Korpiklaani/Ensiferum/Trollfest in 2 weeks, TWICE.

This spring is starting off quite decently.  I am pleased.

I FOUND A CLIP *cackles* 
but what i’m looking for are the lyrics oh dammit

it was so good to see amber run again in manchester tonight, such an incredible show again. and I got to meet tom, joe, henry and felix again which was so lovely, I missed will but it was so nice to chat with them after missing them all after the nottingham show. I have so much love for these boys, they’re just lovely. and I know I say it quite a bit but they are just adorable lovely people