I’m sure that all of you on scary-stories are used to the cry for help type stories by now. Help me, help me, blah-blah-blah. I won’t bore you with another. Even if I wanted your help, you couldn’t give it to me, because your help is useless.
Because you’re not a member.
I just wish that I wasn’t either.
It all started innocently enough. With a phone call.
I’d been up for a few hours, unpacking and cleaning, waiting for the plumber to call. I just moved into a cabin and the contractors fucked everything up. Because of that, I now have the wonderful task of making calls to competent people that can fix what the original contractors did wrong.
The phone rang at 12:06.
Not bad, I thought. Usually plumbers don’t bother to call or show up until 5.
When I picked up the phone I didn’t even get a chance to say hello before a woman on the line told me to “Please hold for the next available operator.”
I hopped up and sat on the cabinet in the kitchen. It was one of the few places in the cabin not occupied with boxes. Elevator music leaked into my ear. I’d started to drowse off when the music stopped and a piano chord that sounded like it was three notes that didn’t quite go together played through the receiver twice.
A voice came on the line.
“Welcome to Boothworld Industries. My name is Samantha and I will be your operator today. Name?”
I didn’t know what to say so I told the operator my name.
“Sir, we know who you are. I’m your operator. Please give me a name to access.”
“I don’t understand,” I said.
“It can be anyone, sir. We just need a name.”
“Uh, okay,” I said. I made up a name. “Harold Withers.”
“Sir, as your operator, I must point out that fictitious names, or the names of people that you don’t know, cannot be used.”
“Used for what?” I asked. How had she known that I’d made up that name? The whole thing felt like it was some sort of prank, but hardly anyone knew my new phone number.
“Remodeling? Is this the plumber?” I asked.
“Welcome to Boothworld Industries. My name is Samantha and I will be your operator today. Name?”
I took that as a yes and gave them the name of an old ex-girlfriend. “Jessica Goodwin.”
I could hear the clicking of a keyboard on the other end of the phone. It sounded like the woman was pounding the thing with her fists. After a few moments of this, she returned.
“Jessica Goodwin,” she said. “Remodeling is scheduled for August 21, 2015. Would you like to reschedule?”
I was silent on my side of the phone. I couldn’t believe this. Someone had to be playing a prank on me.
“Who is this? Is this you, Jessica? Are you playing a prank on me?” I asked.
The woman didn’t respond for a long time. I thought that whoever was on the other end of the phone was holding in a laugh.
“Hello?” I asked.
“Yes or no, Sir?” The woman asked back.
“Yes?” I said, not understanding what the woman was asking.
“I have a Tuesday appointment available. Will that work?”
At this point I thought I was going insane and that it actually was the plumbing company.
“What about today?” I asked. “Do you have anything available for today?”
“Normally we can’t arrange for a reschedule on such short notice, but today we had a cancellation. How does three o’clock work for you?”
“Three o’clock is fine,” I said.
“Three o’clock it is then. Would you like a courtesy call?”
“Wonderful. We at Boothworld Industries say thanks and welcome to the club. You have a marvelous day.”
That strange chord played twice again and the line went dead. I rolled my eyes and went back to unpacking.
My phone rang at three o’clock on the dot that afternoon.
“Hello?” I said.
“Sir. This is Samantha with Boothworld Industries again. Your courtesy call begins now.”
“What do you-” I began to say, but was cut off by those diminished chords blaring into my ear, then I heard Jessica’s voice.
“Why are you doing this?” Jessica asked. I could hear the tears in her voice.
“Jessica?” I asked.
“Sir,” the operator said. “She cannot hear you. This is a courtesy call. The appointment has already concluded.”
“Please,” Jessica begged. “Please don’t do this. I’ll do anything you want. I’ll-”
Jessica’s voice choked off into a wheeze and all I could hear on the other end of the phone was the rustling of clothing and more wheezing. Eventually it stopped and someone picked up on the other end.
“The scheduled work has been completed,” a man’s voice said. “We at Boothworld Industries say thanks and welcome to the club. You have a marvelous day.”
“Sir?” The operator came back on the line. “Was that to your satisfaction?”
I sat there for a long time, cold sweat dripping down my ribcage. Jessica was my ex, because I walked in on her and my best friend fucking at a party in high school.
I smiled and whispered, “That was perfect.”
“Wonderful,” the operator said. “We at Boothworld Industries aim to serve. Would you like to make another appointment?”
As I stared at the water leaking from the door of the dishwasher, I smiled even bigger.
“Yes,” I said. “Yes I would.”
“Dan. I don’t have a last name. He’s a contractor.”
“Dan Arencibia. July 13, 2032. Would you like to reschedule?”
“Yes,” I said.
“How would Wednesday work for you?”
“Didn’t you say you had a Tuesday appointment available?” I asked.
“I did, but unfortunately that slot has been filled by another member. Would Wednesday work for you?”
“No,” I said. “I have a job interview that day. What about Thursday?”
“Unfortunately Thursday will not work. You are due for remodeling Wednesday night.”
“What?” I asked.
She repeated the exact same thing to me again.
“Can we reschedule my remodeling?” I asked.
“Of course we can, sir,” the woman said. It sounded like she was smiling on the other end of the phone. “There’s always a way.”
I waited for her to tell me how. She didn’t speak.
“HOW?” I asked.
“Boothworld Industries is always looking to add new members. We are, of course, a membership by invitation only club. Sadly, our membership numbers have fallen in recent years. Economic recessions. Wars. Politics. What we would like you to do, in order to avoid your own remodeling appointment, is help us add several new members.”
The light at the end of the tunnel, I thought.
“How many members do you need?” I asked.
“One thousand.”
I choked. “One thousand?”
“Yes, sir. Otherwise we’ll have to keep our scheduled appointment. We must inform you that the member that scheduled this appointment did request a courtesy call.”
Everything stopped at that point for me. All my life I’d just skated by, not doing anything, not making a difference.
My mouth actually dried up. I’d always thought that was just a thing people wrote in books to be dramatic.
It’s not.
“I’ll get you your one thousand members,” I whispered.
“We at Boothworld Industries say thanks and welcome to the club. You have a marvelous day.”
The connection ended.
I hung up the phone and stared at it for a long time. I’m scheduled for remodeling on Wednesday, and somewhere, someone will be getting a courtesy call to listen to my last few breaths if I don’t get one thousand members to join Boothworld Industries.
It’s funny. I’d always wanted to join an elite club. Skull and Bones. New World Order. I’m not sure how I got in, but now I’m a member. I’ve got until Wednesday to enjoy it.
Like I said at the beginning: even if I wanted your help, you couldn’t give it to me, because you’re not a member.
Membership is by invitation only.
I’m inviting you in.
You can help me.
Just call 630-296-7536.

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BTS Reacting to you having Insomnia

I suffered from insomnia for 5 long years so i know how much it sucks. I’m finally over it and i can fall asleep pretty quickly so i found the light haha. 

- Admin RaspberryJam


 He had noticed it the first time you slept over. He was always very observant of you, so when you two finally got to bed, he noticed the way you would continuously move your body, trying to find a comfortable position. After one hour, he decided to get up and go to the kitchen, startling you. You felt bad for waking him up, but you didn’t know that…well, he couldn’t sleep at all because of your movements. He came back, with a glass of warm milk with cinnamon, offering it to you to drink it. He snuggled back into the blankets, drawing random figures with his fingers on your skin and hoped that the milk will make you fall asleep faster. It didn’t.

“ Jagiya, it’s 6 AM, aren’t you gonna sleep?”


Okay, let’s be honest: he wouldn’t care, he would just keep sleeping. But if one day, he wasn’t as tired as usual and he would find it a bit more difficult to fall asleep, he would finally notice. He watched you stare at the ceiling for 30 minutes, closing and opening your eyes from time to time, a sign that you couldn’t fall asleep. For you, it was a normal routine, but he would find it a bit fascinating. When he was finally tired of watching you, he contemplated if he should throw away his swag and shyness and try to comfort you with skinship. Letting out an “AISH”, he picked to comfort you and put his hand on the back of your neck, pulling your head to rest on his chest. You squealed from the sudden movement but managed to calm down after hearing Yoongi’s heartbeat.

“ Aish, jagi, i’m comforting you because i want to sleep, don’t misunderstand.”


You would have your earbuds in your ear, with the volume as lowest as you could, but he would still hear the beat. Taking one of your earbuds out of your ear, he would ask you for the reason of your late music session. You would explain to him that you suffered of insomnia and music sometimes helped with falling asleep faster. He volunteered, excited, to sing for you, but when you bluntly said “No” to his proposal, he forced a smile on his face and silently judged you. You put your earbud back into your ear and switched for a slow song. He could hear the notes of EXO’s “Promise” and he just blinked at you. After moving his gaze to the wall in front of you, he questioned your music taste.

“ I can’t believe she would pick EXO over me, after offering to help her!”

Rap Monster:

Namjoon was always the one to want deep discussions over the universe and how the brain works, but this night he was particularly tired. So when you poked his arm, he opened his eyes lazily, wanting you to say what you want fast so he could go back to sleep. But as you kept talking and talking, showing no sign of fatigue, he smiled awkwardly while listening to your childhood stories and how they influenced your personality. He nodded, murmuring a “Okay jagi” or “ Very interesting” from time to time, rubbing his face in frustration. He realised that maybe you suffered from insomnia, this explaining why you always wanted to stay with him up for as long as you could.

“ Oh my god, she will never stop talking, what have i done??”


He would wake up after hearing some noises coming from the room’s window. He would raise his head to search for the source of the noise, and he had spotted a figure sitting in a chair while looking out on the window, he let out a whisper-scream. You looked back from your spot on the chair surprised and asked if he was okay. He threw his head back on the pillow and started laughing. He accused you of scaring him, saying that you looked like a ghost and after you apologised, saying that you can’t sleep, he invited you back to bed, offering his body for you to use as pillow. He made you promise that you will not scare him like that again and tried to make you fall asleep in his arms. 

 “ Don’t worry Jagi, i’ll keep you warm and safe, you’ll fall asleep so fast”


Taehyung was holding you tightly in his sleep but you just wanted to escape his dead grip and walk around the room. You couldn’t fall asleep and your body couldn’t stay in place. You moved from his arms slowly, trying not to wake him up, but failing. He opened his eyes, finding you standing with half of your body over the bed and one leg still tangled in his own legs. He looked at you with a sleepy expression, confused from being woken up so suddenly and he looked like a puppy. You chuckled and explained that you couldn’t sleep so you wanted to walk around for a bit. He grabbed your waist and dragged you back to bed and cuddled you in a deadly grip, not wanting to let you go and not caring about your insomnia. But his body heat helped you relax and you eventually fell asleep. 

 “ Jagi, why are you leaving me ? WHY? ”


The maknae would wake up because something was disturbing his eyes. As he opened his eyes, he was blinded by light and he groaned while covering his face with his hand. You quickly apologised for disturbing his sleep and closed your phone. He whined, asking why were you awake at this late hour, to which you explained that you suffered of insomnia. He closed his eyes and turned his back at you, letting you browse the internet in peace. But the light combined with the small tapping stopped him from falling back to dreamland. He was tired and he really wanted to sleep, so he almost felt like killing you because you were stealing his precious sleeping time.


Meet the Family: War is Hell

This is actually what I’d meant to get up yesterday instead of tears <3  But you can have it now.  More Diner AU crackfic sugar for you.

Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4   Part 5  Part 6  Part 7 Part 8   Part 9

@ AO3

It took an hour for her to slip up and make a mistake.  Cullen was busy building fortifications, dangerously close to ‘camping’ the safe zone outside of the apartment building, and when she’d made for the nearest snow ridge somehow she’d ducked away from him.  

She hadn’t meant to, but she had.

When she realized she’d lost Solas, she cursed, glancing over the top of the barrier just in time to nearly get hit in the face with a snowball.

“Cullen!  Incoming!”  She shouted, burrowing down low into the snow.  Her calves were chilled, socks wet, but adrenaline kept her warm.  “I saw…”

“ME!”  The call came from behind her, and she ducked out of the way just in time to avoid a snow bomb. 

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Do you know if the chapter 42 spoilers are out?

3 am, I’m laying on my bed, sleep deprived, waiting for the pain to come. The pain never does.

4:10 am, I check the OnS tag again, only to find more mikayuu and shitposting. This is not what I’m asking for.

4:40 am, what even is this shit?

4:50 am, I regret everything. I have to wake up in 4 hours to take my cat to the veterinarian but, with no spoilers around, I won’t get any sleep.

5 am, fuck everything, I’m going to sleep, wake me up when they’re out.

What will I give up for lent?


I’m serious. I spend hours scrolling up and down my dash, refreshing the screen every 20 seconds, and following random blogs I have no interest in keeping up with just to unfollow them a week and a half later. Then I end up following them right back again after I’ve forgotten that I’ve unfollowed them in the first place… I repeat this every so often and all of a sudden, 5 minutes on tumblr turned into 6 hours. This has literally been going on for months. I have a real problem and I need to see a therapist. 

This site has always been my primary source for distractions when I KNOW I need to get something done, and I’m willing to bet a good 80% you all feel the same way.

So, that being said, I think it’s time I give tumblr a break (until the 26th of March of course). But fear not, for nothing interesting happens in my life anymore…well not until the beginning of April. I’ll be on a few tours, racing for a few events, and moving out of my home since the lease ends in April. Thats about it..

2/8/16 – 12:10 AM
Have you guys tried this app? Even though some nights I only end up getting ~5 hours of sleep, I still cannot fall asleep early enough to get a longer night’s sleep. I’m wondering if it’s because I use my laptop up until I go to bed? Regardless, any little thing helps! What I like about this app so far is that when it tints the screen, it’s not really noticeable and it’s actually easier on the eyes.

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Name: Rihanna
Nickname: Rih
Gender: Female

Zodiac: Gemini

Height: 5′7
Favorite colour: Orange
Average hours of sleep: 9
Time: 7:31 pm
Last thing I googled: Socially responsible companies 

Number of blankets: 2
Favorite fictional character: Elle Woods
Favorite book: Don’t have one
Favorite band: Odezsa
Dream job: Real estate Developer 
When did you create your blog: 2013
# of followers: 8.1k
Other blogs: i have one other blog that i don’t use often
When did your blog reach its peak: When I posted my Cartier ring
What do you post about: Sugaring, personal issues and rants
What made you decide to go on tumblr: All the pretty pictures ;)
Do you get asks on a daily basis: no
Why did you choose your URL: because I love the stone citrine and the infinity symbol

I added three questions.
What would you do differently if you knew that no one was judging you?
I dead ass don’t give a fuck if people are judging me or not. 
What were you doing when you last lost track of the time?
What is the last thing that you’ve done that’s really worth remembering?
Basically any time that I spend with my grandmother is really worth remembering since she is very old. 

a tag

Rules: Tag 20 or so people that you’d like to get to know better.

I was tagged by @m-adiw (ty!! <3 )

Name: elisa

Star Sign: aquarius

Average hours of sleep: 5-7

Lucky Number: i dont have no lucky number but i personally like numbers that either can be divided by 2 or end on 7

Last thing I Googled: “alternative hola unblocker”

Favorite fictional character: you know what i cant answer that but i tried once in another tag go on my blog search #get to know me if u really wanna know

What are you wearing right now?: a button up shirt and pink panties.

When did I start this blog?: late 2014

Amount of followers: about 550

What do I post mostly?: funny pictures, memes, stuff i find relatable, aesthetic pictures (can’t describe), photos with writing somewhere in it, art, cool animals, pretty girls, sometimes pretty boys, plants and flowers, cities…. pictures/posts that somehow catch my attention basically. i tag animals, flowers, water, fashion and art

Do I run any more blogs?: nah

what made me get a tumblr?: a friend. same friend doesn’t know what memes are and is unfamiliar with the term “rickrolling someone”. she clearly didn’t know what she was doing

Do I get a lot of asks?: no…. feel free to do so tho! :)

Why did I get this URL?: i love space i love astronomy i love science fiction so here we are. the ‘x y’ was just random tbh i like how it looks

i tag: @areabroca @memecorpse @artangcls @nightcomesout @sadmemedog @kanyememe @crazhing @prettysnarls @stainedflaws

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I need help. So I wake up at 5.15 in the morning to be able to have some quick breakfast and get to school. Then I have school untill 15.00, then two hours of transportation to get home. Then I get dinner, do homework and get a quick shower and it's around 21.30 and I go to bed. This is repeated everyday. I go to bed early, because otherwise I'm way too tired. When the heck do I fit in time to workout? :(

Check out this video of mine, I really think it’ll help you and your situation 😄➡️


Possible tw: caloric intake

So it’s been a week of eating about 2400+ calories a day and not working out other than standing and walking around campus all day. Since I’m trying to gain weight, I haven’t really been paying that close of attention to my macro breakdown, as long as I eat fairly balanced and get a good amount of them all.
I forgot to weigh myself when I started and I’ll see what the crappy bf% machines at work say tonight but I really have no idea how much, if any, progress I’ve made.
But I’m feeling good. I don’t get lightheaded anymore, I’m not bone-deep exhausted all the time. I only got 5 hours of sleep Sunday night, woke up at 4:45 to work and go to school all day until 6pm and I didn’t spend all day wanting to die.
So I think this is going well. My plan is to spend the rest of the semester focusing on my eating, gaining some healthy mass and not trying to exercise much. Then once summer starts, I’m going to refocus on lifting and gaining muscle since I’ll be in the habit of actually eating enough food to gain muscle.

@freshstruggle @getfitsmart

i’m commuting for approximately 2 hours every day, so i like to think that i have some clear ideas about what you should and shouldn’t do. 


  • i wake up everyday at 5:15 in the morning so i can catch the 6 am train. it’s hectic and not so fun some days when the weather is terrible or i am too sleepy to even properly brush my hair. it takes commitment to get out of bed every single day in time: what i do is open up my tv on a music channel, so i have something to focus on and not fall asleep again, and then allow myself two songs top to get out of bed. when you don’t feel like it, you don’t have to put on make-up or effort into your outfit. do whatever feels right that day, but first: get out of the bed. you see things in a totally new perspective once you’re balancing on your own feet.
  • go to bed early!!! sleep is so important (because it is draining to commute, and you need all the energy you can get) and never underestimate the importance of a proper sleep pattern. it’ll be a little bit weird to go to sleep at 10, but after constantly forcing yourself to just try and fall asleep at an early hour, your body will do the job afterwards, your biological clock fixated on keeping you running on best hours for your tasks. take a bath earlier into the evening, because usually, you tend to get refreshed after it, and you don’t need that just as you’re planning to go to sleep.
  • prepare from the day before. put the right notebooks in your bag a day early, so you don’t have to search your tools in the morning. fill your bottle of water from the evening, same with lunch! whatever you’re eating, it can probably be put in the fridge during the night, so in the morning you just have to take it out and throw it in your bag on your way out.


  • nap! so many people commuting by train together with me do this, because it’s early and it’s still dark outside most of the time and there’s a long day ahead. if you do not feel well-rested, use the time spent on the road catching up on missed sleep.
  • revise your subjects for the day. this saved me so many times when i wanted some refreshing on older information. just take out your files and notebooks and read them over; it’ll make a difference when you need it!
  • read. even if reading is not something of a passion for you, you can always check out some romance or adventure books while commuting, even if just for simply having the time pass. it’s not much on your energy and, bonus point, people won’t bother you!!
  • listen to podcasts. i recommend the app called podbay for this activity, because it has a nice selection from where to choose. i always turn back to my favorite, welcome to nightvale, but you do you. it’s a relaxing way to pass the time, plus it’s engaging and always a good training for your listening skills.
  • sort out your day’s to-do. since you already have the time, use it to sort out your tasks for the day! again, i’m recommending an app, wunderlist, but a bullet journal is just as good for the task. it’s just a nice way to get you motivated early into the day and it kind of gives you a sense of purpose even before you started your actual work.
  • do something for you. eat breakfast or sweets, sew or knit, draw or write. just fill yourself with positive, loved things - especially if you’re not a fan of your means of transport. plus, it’s a good way of combining a necessity (commuting) with something you enjoy doing, and you’re probably not going to spend time doing your extra hobbies when you’re back at home.
  • landscape-gazing. because, yes, that is a thing. there are days when i feel so drained out by a day’s event that i need at least an hour of lifelessly staring in the distance to just simply recharge my batteries. sometimes, it’s nice and useful when i do that on my way back home, because i’m energized by the time i have to start my work and studying!


  • if you’re afraid of losing your phone/someone stealing your phone, always hook some headphones up and keep at least one into your ear. this way, it’ll be quite obvious when someone is pulling at your device and you’ll notice there’s something wrong immediately.
  • there’s probably wi-fi in the bus or train station. it took me months to actually figure out this things, so do not follow my example. check out for internet whenever you are in a place big and important enough, we can always use a break to tumblr or checking our mails while waiting for our stop/means of transport. 
  • passes are always cheaper than actual, daily tickets, so always go for that if you can! also, your school (maybe even work) is probably paying at least half of the money you’re spending on your commuting, so make sure you’re asking about it and hand in requests for discounts!
  • you’re probably going to read a schedule wrong at least once- it happens, the brain fails us sometimes. don’t beat yourself up too much about it, but always make sure you know when your last bus/train is, as to always catch that one.
  • be aware of what’s going on around you. i once had an old lady asking me to go and buy her a juice, with the train due to leave in 2 minutes. i said no and went on with my thing; if i had gone, i would’ve missed my train. it’s not unkind to prioritize your safety and certainty over other’s; you don’t owe anyone shit.

hope you find these tips somewhat useful! also, please keep in mind this mainly applies to me, and we’re all different and living in totally different conditions, so: if you have any more tips you’d like to share, let me know so i can add them to the list!

get to know me tag

i was tagged by @lutterflies thank u lov !!!

Name: emilia

Star sign: libra

Average hours of sleep every night: like…….. either 5 seconds or 2 weeks i don’t know what average is

Lucky number: i don’t have one and if i secretly do it’s been doing a kinda shitty job !! it’s looking up tho. 

Last thing I googled: tibetan mastiff (listen they look like fuckenign lion bear pillow mountains i Need)

Favorite fictional character: shrek. i would die for u u beautiful green bitch

What are you wearing right now: black jeans, black t-shirt and a cozy purple hood jacket and converse even tho there’s ice and snow out bc i stay True to my comfortability aesthetics

When did you start this blog: roughly three years ago i think??

Amount of followers: 2191

What do I post: i am first and foremost a larry/harry centric 1d blog bUT there’s also a bunch of sjw stuff and some art and music and language bc i am Trash for all of it

Do I run anymore blogs: nah i have a langblr sideblog but it’s only for saving reference and stuff i use it v v v v rarely @multilingualhoe

Why did I join tumblr: i stalked the larry stylinson tumblr tag for like a year but i was always too lazy to actually make my blog. i was on twitter at the time but in the end i got tired of it and pulled myself together and came on here

Do I get a lot of asks: no. i get a few sometimes about fics and stuff and it makes me a Happy Human. but honestly there are almost 2.2k of yall why do u play me like this

Why did I choose this URL: ok basically. there is this concept that i’ve come across. especially in fics. and it’s about harry’s dimples being so deep that you could do tequila shots out of them. and i have never tasted tequila in my entire life but i can wholeheartedly and completely empathize with that statement and hence, my url.

and i tag @hescurly @fandomattacks101 @awaakemysooul @larrystopinson @zatlanta @adarkbluesea @adidasglitter @outerspacelarry @girlinabin @viplourry @euph-emism @foolishlylou @gucciysl @chevrontattooliam @nippleau @ourparadiseandwarzone @eat-sleep-music-love @lifefallingintopieces @xprincelwt you obviously don’t have to do this !! but i love u and i’d love to Know

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Name: not important rn lol

Nickname: i dont have one

Gender: girl

Zodiac: leo 😼

Height: 5'8

Favorite colour: pink

Average hours of sleep: 8

Time: its 10:41

Last thing I googled: babbo menu

Number of blankets: 1

Favorite fictional character: i like the Sister from dexters laboratory

Favorite book: the periodic table by primo levi

Favorite band: migos

Dream job: my own biomedical company or housewife

When did you create your blog: uhhhh last january? No idea

# of followers: some hundred

Other blogs: noooo

When did your blog reach its peak: it wont ever lmao

What do you post about: mostly me bitching about dudes and talking about stuff i want

What made you decide to go on tumblr: this time around i still needed somewhere to talk about mens

Do you get asks on a daily basis: nope

Why did you choose your URL: its my initials and location 🌝

I added three questions.
What would you do differently if you knew that no one was judging you?
I already do live thinking like that. Maybe go up to people first more

What were you doing when you last lost track of the time?
Drinking lol

What is the last thing that you’ve done that’s really worth remembering?
Every thursday-friday night

I taggg @dirtysoychai @yanaxbabe and @velvetstarbeauty

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Name: Sofie

Nickname: I don’t have one :(

Gender: Female

Zodiac: Pisces

Height: 5′10"

Favorite color: Green

Average hours of sleep: 6-8

Time: 11:01pm

Last thing I googled: how to convert meters to feet ;) 

Number of blankets: 3

Favorite fictional character: Nemo

Favorite book: The Hunger Games (all of them)

Favourite band: not really a band but I like Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran

Dream job: Graphic Designer/Equestrian Photographer

When did you create your blog: June 2014

Number of Followers: 13.844

Other blogs: Dressageworld is my secondary blog unfortanetly so yes  

When did your blog reach its peak: I don’t know, there are a lot of peaks thanks to the many followers :D 

What do you post about: dressage, horses,…

What made you decide to go on tumblr: We had to make a blog for school and Tumblr was one of the options 

Do you get asks on a daily basis: No, only a few a month

Why did you choose your URL: I liked it and it immediately shows what my blog is about 

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10 very random and perhaps a bit weird facts about myself - tagged by @vaethryn thank you baethryn <3

  1. English is not my native language. I think in English. I can get upset when I have to talk in my native language despite my brain currently functioning in English, especially when I have to write prose/poetry or talk about fandom.
  2. I don’t like house plants and I always forget to water them. 
  3. My sleep cycle doesn’t work properly. I wake up around 5-6 am, am awake for an hour, then fall back asleep and after that I can’t wake up (then I’m late to places).
  4. When I windmill, my hair is long and heavy enough to put my upper back muscles into work in order for me to do it properly
  5. Some days I eat a truckload, other days I eat like… A cracker… Two crackers… And a little piece of meat… That’s enough. 
  6. I’ve dreamed about stroking Celegorm’s hair before. 
  7. I love norse mythology and viking culture and have been interested in it since childhood; it’s probably one of the reasons why I prefer LotR to most other fantasy books, too (or is it the other way around?)
  8. I feel constrained after living in 1 place for more than two years
  9. I love long car drives. The ideal time for a car drive is about as long as the battery of my ipod lasts, I adore looking at the scenery from the window.
  10. Young students are seriously scared of me or call me a witch. Older students thinks I’m gonna curse or bewitch them. I’m not, I like using fists and swords better.

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February 7th:

Today was our first day at Disneyworld!!! Julia was so excited and had us set our alarms for some ridiculous hour of the morning so we could be ready to catch the very first bus to Magic Kingdom. 
Unfortunately, we aren’t very good at being adults, and didn’t get to bed until 1:30am, so it was no surprise that we slammed the snooze button after only getting about 5 hours sleep and held on to every precious second thereafter.

Groggy and kicking ourselves for watching that extra episode of tv the night before, we got ourselves together, I ate some cold leftover pizza and we headed down to the cafeteria area so Julia could get some oatmeal. She reminisced about eating this every day on her last stay when she was only 7.
Julia had woken up with a bit of a sniffle and cough today (she’s been having a rough time on this holiday!) but the oatmeal seemed to lift her spirits.

We hopped on the bus and charged into the Magic Kingdom, barely even looking at all the things in Disney Springs (The new name of Downtown Disney) as we made our way toward the lofty spires of Cinderella’s Castle.

As someone that’s really not into theme parks, roller coasters, large crowds, screaming children and a little selective with my Disney viewing, I was a little skeptical going in. But very quickly, this place hooks you in and you really do get swept away in the magic of it all!

Being earlier in the day and the weather being pretty chilly for Florida, it wasn’t too busy when we first arrived. We took advantage of the short lines on some of the bigger attractions. Firstly the Haunted Mansion, which really set the standard for the whole day. It was awesome! Julia and I were especially impressed with the use of ‘holograms’ to make some of the ghosts come alive and dance before your eyes. Something that is new and was quite different from Julia’s last foray through the mansion, almost 20 years later!

One of the major attractions, Splash Mountain, notoriously has huge lines. 
Well, we got super lucky and just waltzed right on in! We had a fastpass booked in for later that day, but with the lines so short, we got right to the front in no time! It meant we could use that fastpass for something else later, great!
We were pretty nervous about getting too wet because of the day’s colder weather, but we came out pretty unscathed, other than a couple of heart attacks as we whizzed down the 50 foot drop at the end of the ride!
Well, at least we THOUGHT we did! A few minutes later, I went to check my phone and found that the whole screen has been completely smashed and shattered by the locking bar in the Splash Mountain boat! UGH! 
It’s so badly broken that the entire phone is unusable, so I guess I’m going without a phone for a few days until we can get out of the resort to buy a new one. It was time for an upgrade, though.

Our bad luck quickly turned around though, and we managed to get through the line for the famous ‘It’s a Small World’ ride in no time at all. This one usually has a wait time of an hour or more, so we were pretty happy to knock this out quickly! Now, this song is one of those ones that gets stuck in my head and takes a long time to go away, let alone after you strap yourself into a boat and immerse yourself in the same 30 seconds of song, sung in 10 different languages, over, and over, and over again… I died a little internally and it the song won’t be leaving my head for a while, but it was cool to see one of the old rides still going strong.

We decided around now that it was time for lunch. While there are many dining options in Disneyworld, vegetarian fare is tough to come by! We ended up in a burger joint with a whole bunch of ‘build your own’ foods to add to your order. After we both added wayyyyy too much ketchup and mustard to our burgers, we downed our lunch and rested our already-tired feet. 

After lunch we got to perusing through many of the gift shops and cool little nooks of some of the areas. The level of detail that Disney has gone to across the whole park is pretty astounding. You definitely feel like you’re in some sort of magical land. Except for all of the oblivious stroller-parents pushing infant children around as if they were crash test dummies or something. Good lord.
We stopped and joined the line at the teacup ride because it was moving quickly. After seeing a couple of rounds go through as we progressed toward the front, we felt like the ride was possibly too short. Well, after the piled in to our teacup, we made the most of our time and whipped that cup around as fast as we could. Turns out, at that speed, the 45 second ride is more than ample and we staggered off of the ride, dizzy as anything and in dire need of a stable place to sit down.

Something Julia had been excited to try since booking the tickets was ‘Dole Whip’. Now, As an Australian, when I hear the term ‘Dole Whip’, my mind instantly goes to some sort of punishing implement used on those on government welfare, not a tasty treat for the whole family.
Regardless, we found the Dole stand, which as it turns out, just make stuff made from pineapple, and ordered some whip. In short, this stuff is AMAZING! It’s like pineapple gelati, but creamy like icecream, but somehow vegan! I feel like we might end up buying a lot of this stuff over the next few days.

Dole Whip downed, we trundled on to our fastpass booking for the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. The ride that inspired the films! While we were in the line, a mother and daughter team were concerned about wasting one of their fast passes on this ride as the line didn’t seem too long from where we were and they were only in for one day, the Mother’s birthday. Well, Disneyland being the happiest place on Earth, the attendant sneakily handed them fast passes for EVERY. SINGLE. RIDE. so they could have the perfect day!
Needless to say, these ladies almost burst into tears with joy and couldn’t believe their luck! It was pretty awesome to see.
The ride itself was cool. Some amazing animatronics brought the pirates and characters from the films to life and made an otherwise short ride, very fulfilling!

Nearby was the Swiss Family Robinson treehouse, which had you walk up the top of a giant tree and see the cute treehouse that had been built atop the canopy. We climbed the stairs and enjoyed the view, but quickly realised that our tired legs and feet weren’t so interested in climbing many more stairs.

We slowly made our way to our next fastpass booking at Space Mountain. A parade started up just as left the treehouse, which was great viewing, but unfortunately bottlenecked a whole lot of park-goers and had us making slow progress toward Tomorrowland. Julia claimed Space Mountain was her favourite ride from her childhood trip, so I was keen to see what the fuss was about. Space Mountain is a breakneck roller coaster in complete darkness with flashing lights that look like stars in the distance and sound effects that make you feel as if you’re whipping very close to lots of obstacles. You spend the whole time in this weird balance of exhilaration, joy, and supreme fear while being tossed into sharp turns and down sheer drops. I also found myself ducking a lot, even though I couldn’t see anything. Definitely a fun time!

With most of the big rides in Magic Kingdom down and more and more people filling the area, we decided it was dinner time and that we would make use of our Park Hopper perk and head to Epcot for some nicer eats. A couple of monorail rides had us at the front gates of Epcot, with the giant golf-ball-like ‘Spaceship Earth’ looming over the entrance. Epcot is divided into two sections. The science park, with all sorts of cool and some-what educational rides, and the world showcase, which houses specially built restaurants from 11 different countries. Each country has a small area built to look and feel as if you were really there dotted around the lake the world showcase surrounds.
We started in Canada and strolled through Morocco, Italy, China, Japan, America, the UK, Norway, Germany, France and all the way to Mexico on the other side of the lake, looking at each restaurants menu’s before deciding that Morocco would be our destination for the night!

After a tasty dinner, we swung by France to get some dessert. Confused when we asked which desserts did not contain gelatine, we had a manager looking through recipe books to help us find what we could eat! The service is really very wonderful here. With some deliberation on our limited options, we settled on an extremely good creme brulee (one of the best we’ve had!) and a chocolate chip cookie for later. 

Now choc full of food, we decided to do one last ride before heading back to Pop Century. We swung by the Imagination Centre and took the cute little ride hosted by Figment, the dragon. It was a nice way to end our activities for the evening, with a couple of younger kids greatly enjoying all of the silly things along the ride and many adults getting right into the spirit of it all. We made our way out to the bus stop and caught a shuttle back home. In classic Julia-bad-luck style, her tender ankle from Vancouver managed to twinge again and she spent the last 20 minutes on our feet limping back to the bus. Not fun at all!

We decided before we collapsed in bed to grab a nice hot cocoa and upon walking back to our room, we were greeted with one of the many nightly fireworks shows which was in full view from our balcony. We stood and watched the amazing display and sipped our cocoa. It was a great way to end the night!