A door to the past

Vectorya was in galaxcity, where she moved on with her family. With Free, Eloise, Len and also Refu. The son she had with another Free. Sitting on the edge of the galaxy lake she was thinking quietly. Refu was surely the most unloved child she had, because at first he was unwanted by her. However, Free took him as his own child.

« Maybe should I give him a present ? To cheer him up ? » Refu was sad nowadays and Vectorya wanted to be cheerful with him, at least to make him smile to her. She always hurt him when she was with him so she tried to be a better mother for him.


sarmaarmour  asked:

Hi! I'm new to tumblr and a recent follower, Love reading your analyses of the show. Do you have any thoughts about the musical carousel that Emerson used in 3.12 Demons? I get that it was probably a "souvenir" from Mt Weather and maybe a parallel to the music in the carpark of 2.06 The Fog of War when O and Bell find Linc, but do you think it might also be foreshadowing for the fairground setting that we see in the credits? Will that set come into play S4? Cheers! :D

Well, the musical carousel was definitely Emerson’s son’s toy. The bottom of the carousel said “Aaron,” and Clarke said that name to Emerson in order to distract him when he was close to killing our heroes in the air lock. Emerson was intentionally playing with Clarke and it showed that Emerson’s sole reason for doing what he was doing was to avenge his family and make sure Clarke suffered the most. 

In 3x12, the writers were also playing with the horror genre and such, and creepy carnival music (the kind the musical carousel played) is a classic horror choice. I’m not totally sure it’s foreshadowing anything actually. I think it was just added to set up the horror tone they wanted for that episode. 

In regards to the fairground, I’m still waiting to see if that’s coming back. I realized in season 2 that the fairground was already visited by Bellamy, Finn, and Murphy when they were looking for Clarke and the others. It’s where they came upon the grounder with the one eye (the one who had Clarke’s watch), and I think the fairground was a place exiled Trikru grounders (like the one eyed grounder) went to live. 

It’s possible they’ll return to that setting. If they show it again in the opening credits, it’s possible we’ll return to it. However, they also included that picture in the opening credits this season and didn’t return to them, so idk yet. 

#3 Of Pouring My Heart Over A Book, (CoHf) Spoilers

ALL the bloddy Malec moments I cant express how much I loved it. When Alec was explaining how, Magnus’s kidnapping was breaking him, tearing him to pieces, broke my hear.

Jace didn’t even botice it, how he killed Meliorn ruthelessy, without another thought, he just killed him. And i’m not going to lie I freakenm cheered so loudly. ANYWAY The whole Jace/heavenly fire thing really confused me at first. But thats ok. Because I already knew (not spoiling I just knew/guessed) about the whole rune thing. Same with Raphael’s death. I cryed like 5 tears, I was honestly so sad, like (But i Predicted it too) Thats why Magnus and Alec named their first son after him, or second son, I am honestly not sure. BUT I WAS A FUCKING WRECK.

And when Raphael put his jacket under Magnus’s head and talked to him, AND

before that when Raphael was straving and Magnus was worried about him, my heart. AND LETS NOT FORGET

Magnus, he was slowly dieing, growing weaker, in the demon realm. I WAS LIKE NO MAGNUS HOLD HOLD ON CHILD. And Luke was worried about Joylcen, and my gosh. Then Jace brought condoms into hell. I am sorry that I am getting the time of the events mixed up, they are all over the place.

So basically Jace and Clary slept together in Hell…. But did they not sleep together in the last book. SO anyway Isabelle and Simon confess their love cue makeout session,

Alec walks in drops some empty wine bottle, it was hilarious

Then Simon comes up with a GENIOUS

plan, that requires killing the Endarkened. BUT HERE IS WHAT I DON’T GET

they make it that it is so hard to kill Endarken, but they 5 easily slay 5/6 Endarken, One at a time? Which like WHAT??????? They basically diguise themselves, Sebastain knows thye know that Seb knows that was part of thier plan, they slay some demons. Divide up and seperate. Clay and Jace for Seb, Alec, Izzy, and Simon all go to find the prisoners. Clay and Jace find Seb talk alot, MEANWHILE

Alec finds the prisoners with the rest, He holds Magnus and Mganus (slowly dying and weak) Murmurs “Oh my Alec, I had no Idea you’ve been so sad.” And faints. They talk Alec names the blade after Raphael and cuts Magnus’s chains in haft setting him free. Simon and Isabelle help Luke in the meantime, They go to find Jocylen with Luke, Alec carries Magnus away from the cave to escapee because Mags is too weak, (my poor baby) After Seb “somehow: booby trap) gets them all in the same room with him , unconsious Jace, him, and Clary. Calry tricks him into thinking she’ll except being queen, becasue if she does, Seb will call off the war on the entire world, (saving billions) She stabs him with a blade with Jaces heavenly fire, his eyes turn green, THIS ALL HAPPENS AFTER HE CLOSES THE BORDERS WEAKENING THE ENDARKEN IN IDRIS AND TRAPPING THE REST IN EDOM FOREVER

Since the blade is heavenly fire it takes out the evil out of him. His eyes turned green, I cried, he told the Endarken not to harm any of them, told jace how to kill them, he does, they all die, including Amatis. He dies I cried. They are trapped. Magnus is forced to call for help on his weird hippyy demon father, with turns out to be one of the 9 princes of hell. Can we talk about that..

that weird backwords prayer thing??? Like what the hell (lool) The demon as usaul wants soemthing, he wants Magnus’s imortality which will cause him to die, and his soul will be trapped with his demon-father forever, Alec objects and kisses him begs him not to go. He calls Clary Biscuit, i cried. I WAS SCREAMIN MAGNUS DONT DO IT then before Magnus could agree or I lost my vocal cords, SIMOM STEPPED FORWARD And offered his imortality and his daylighter power, causing him to return mundane and live out his life. fandom: cool,cool,awesome deal. Cassandra Clare: NO.. Lets break their hearts AGAIN *points at demon* you know what to do!

So basically this is when we wanted to cry/rip this book out. The demon wants all of Simon’s memories about the shadow world, its the only way out, he would forget everyone including Clary. They all dont want him to do it, before Cary can stop them. he agrees tossing her the ring and this is wherre i fucking couldn’t take it, and i couldn’t

he falls to his knees in pain, as his heart restarts. All his memories flood the room , and as we cry the rest of them are transported to Idris, they all are forced to go into the infurmity for days being healed, since Nephilm won The Dark War. She trys to call Simon, he doent even remember her voice, when she talks to him after school he gives her a band flyer, only barely very faintly feeling close to her. SHe leaves and runs back to Magnus who conforts her and Isabelle she gives them the flyer of his band without looking. \ Magnus reads "The Mortal INstruments” which is the name of the band, proving Simon is getting tiny fractions of his memory back. in dreams and at random. then

Magnus tells Simon about them when him and Isabelle follow him. And offers Simon to be turned into a Shadowhunter, He manages to give him a fracture of his memorys back, they all meet uo again at Luke’s and Jocelyn’s wedding. He and Isabelle talk, Magnus and Alec get back together and merge to become MAlec! AND I LOVED THIS EPILOGUE! ^ \/ We don’t know if Simon will become and shadowhunter. Its a great ending I didnt cry i wanted to, though, \ I WOULD READ THIS BOOK/SERIES AGAIN IN A FUCKING HEARTBEAT, CASSANDRA CLASRE IS MY IDOL, I LOVE HER AND HER WRITING. Thank you, for reading and joining me, Bye