I heard that every 1st Febuary is World Hijab Day,
So I thought, meh…why not I make a drawing of the different types of Hijab that are commonly wore here in Malaysia/Singapore/Indonesia. Each of these girls in Hijab are based of people I know/met

For those who are struggling to wear it, its okay, that was me too until I set my motivation that I wore this Hijab because of Allah s.w.t (God)  and not because what others think about it. Because I know that Allah s.w.t (God) knows best on the reason why we really have to wear it. 

Be proud that you are wearing the identity of a Muslim! Its okay to be fashionable (but not too extreme XD) as long as you follow the shari'ah.

And of course for non-muslims who wants to try, go ahead! wearing it makes you see the world in a different point of view, in an amazing way!  and maybe understand the circumstances a muslim woman has to take each day.

Oh and remember,

“Whats the point of wearing a hijab if our attitude/adab is bad?”
Wearing the Hijab is one thing, but the attitude and behaviour towards others is MUCH morreee important! If we wear the hijab like a pious lady and attitude is horrible, people will judge muslims horribly too! Don’t send them hate comments or bullying them . Instead treat them with the best manner and respect :) 

Anyways thats all from me everything that is good comes from Allah s.w.t (God) and what is bad comes from my human mistake.

Wassalam~  ^_^”


Channing Tatum and Joey King’s handshake


Step 1: Members of The Great Migration from The 1OO pool money together. A lot of money.

Step 2: We buy /everything/ that has to do with ftwd.

Step 3: Sorry current writers, you’re fired. We’ll take it from here.

Step 4: We introduce our newest cast member, Eliza Taylor, who plays the badass Elyza Lex.

Step 5: Lexarke, obviously.

Step 6: We have one rule. No Code 307’s. Ever. We could kill off all straight ships just to be petty.

Step 7: That’s all. That’s it. We’ve won.