I fully support the mods of r/The_Donald doing whatever they have to, in order to ensure that their sub is a safe space for their subscribers.

I work at Underground Train sandwich shop where we’ve been doing a different $5 foot long/$3.50 6’ and I legit had a woman come back up to the register (during the lunch rush) and say “this is supposed to be $3.50”. She got a 6’ tuna and I told her that today’s sub was a spicy Italian. She got snotty, saying “well, the sign says ‘or a different $3.50 six inch”. I told her again that it was spicy Italian today, but she just repeated herself (over me). I finally said “I’m sorry, ma'am, but tuna is Friday’s sub.” She just scoffed “whatever” and stormed off. Sorry about it, Lady! You can’t have whatever you want all the time. And you were holding up my line anyway. Next time, read the sign.

Solo kraken with Taka

OkAy so I saw someone on twitter saying that not many heroes can solo the kraken besides krul and how trying it with assassins or snipers is a bad idea blah blah blah so I decided to see if I could solo the kraken with Taka, and it turns out you can. 

The build is pretty basic: shatterglass, eve, clockwork, crucible, fountain, and more cool down acceleration of some sort (I just bought another hourglass cause I’m cheap. Also in a PVP match I would probably sub the shatterglass for a broken myth but whatever) I’m sure there is a much more effective build but I’m too lazy for working that out. 

Once you have the build completed, make sure you start attacking the kraken with all five House Kamuha stacks (so like kill a treant or something so you have stacks and a heal boost) then initiate with X-Retsu and go

Make sure to use Kaiten to dodge her attacks!! Otherwise your health will drop way too quickly. When you get low, use crucible and fountain to stay alive. (keep dodging attacks and let eve of harvest make up for the attacks you can’t block) Then voila!

the timestamps don’t show it, but it took me longer than one minute to capture the kraken with this build so if you’re gonna try this in PVP make sure you will have teammates to back you up once the enemy team respawns.

Basically the point is don’t listen to people on twitter if your team if being slow don’t be afraid to initiate kraken captures, especially with Taka, cause he’s surprisingly survivable! Cya in the fold


[DGSummary] DGS #484 & Kamiya’s message

I’m putting HiroC’s message right out front. The rest of the episode summary will be under the cut. My opinion about the article? I don’t really give a damn. People deserve to keep privacy private. There is no obligation from HiroC or his agency to give any of us closure by confirming the details or not. HiroC obviously cares a lot for his fans, as seen from the message, so please continue to support him and respect his decisions~

*note: I will not be subbing any part of this episode. If you would like to make a video with subs or whatever, feel free to use the translations below.

Only HiroC’s message will be translated closely with the audio. The rest of the episode is gonna be rough/brief/mashed together.


Today, I, Kamiya Hiroshi, have something to say to all listeners, hence today’s radio opening segment was re-recorded in order to accommodate this. Eh, some might have already guessed, but this week, an article regarding my private life has been published in a weekly magazine. In regards to that incident, I would like to first apologize to everyone who has been worried or hurt by it. I am sorry. If you could forgive my usual casual talk, why wasn’t there a better photo than that published…? 

Eh, usually, well, (that photo) might not bear resemblance to the me you see in seiyuu magazines, where I’d be wearing make up and photoshopped, I, for one, am more used to seeing the unappealing old man (in the photo). So seeing me like that, I believe you can somehow understand that I would not want to reveal too much about my private life, or even talk about it. This time, I was surprised that my private life was put in the spotlight from an unexpected source. I might not be someone of high morals, and although this might not be something to boast about, I do have a private life. However, to me, this is a privacy that should be protected. The seiyuu Kamiya Hiroshi that everyone knows about exists on the basis of that private life. 

Based on my own perspective, bringing my personal life into my work or entertainment is something I would avoid as much as possible; also, I place a higher priority in doing things that everyone can enjoy rather than doing things I want to do. Also, I would like to avoid lying as much as possible, and yes that might seem rather vague, but I have a strong policy on this. The reason behind this principle is no doubt the result of me being a seiyuu, being someone who stands for myself in front of the public, where even when speaking on radio, I always bear personal responsibility for the works and characters I partake in. 

Whether for the people who took the time to come for events, or for the everyone who matched their schedules to tune in to the channels on TV or the radio, to me the most important thing is for everyone to enjoy the time they spent (in events/TV/radio). For those situations, I hope you would recognize that I do my utmost best to be careful in my actions in order to not get out of character. As an adverse effect, due to the fact that there were no intervals for my private life to come in, and that the timing to make any announcements were missed, I believe that is a factor that led to the current state of affairs. However, as a result of working with staff members who understood my principles and doing our best at entertainment, we were able to make the DGS Expo, that just occurred the day before, to come to fruition.   

OnoD: That is right 

Hence, while continuing to uphold my principles, I would like to continue to provide entertainment for everyone to enjoy, and face this industry in the right direction, I hope you will allow me to continue performing through the microphone. Personally, I do not have much means of expression since I do not possess a blog or a Twitter account, with the permission from the sponsors of Bunka Housou, I was given this time (to make the speech). Once the CM ends, I promise to bring you the usual enjoyable broadcast hence I hope you will stay tuned as usual! 

OnoD: Yes! Ah but honestly speaking, the old dude in front of me is still the usual unappealing guy 

HiroC: Um well yeah…! I guess! I’m really sorry ‘kay! 

OnoD: No No, from now on let’s continue to laugh heartily and merrily together~! 

HiroC: Sorry for being the unappealing old man…but please continue to support us! 

OnoD: Yep! 

HiroC: So let’s start off tonight as usual. This is yours and our story! 

OnoD: Episode 484 Today we shall bring you the radio part from Day 1 of DGS Expo 2016~ 

HiroC: Ah, Yonaga-kun, sorry for suddenly calling you back then. 

OnoD: Mengo mengo! [casual way of saying sorry (gomen)] 

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I will never understand people writing/seeing Cas as a sub... like it's fine if they write/see him as a bottom whatever but sub!Cas??? NO SIREEEE he's the baddest motherfucker on this fucking show... he doesn't bow to anyone tbh.. I don't get it dude


Like yeah being a bottom is more about who enjoys it more but I prefer Dean to bottom because of many reasons but a lot because of something from my fav fic: “I’d top him, just in case. But also because it would bring me great joy to know that The Great Straight Dean Winchester has been reamed up his asshole.” -Gabriel in The World Crashing All Around by thepinupchemist which is like !!! Yes.

I honestly don’t understand where people have gotten sub!Cas from?? Like that Angel is so non-submissive in all aspects. He can’t take orders at all (I mean, he even rebelled against heaven and even before that, continuously ignored orders) so how would he ever be a good sub? And if we’re gonna take examples from the show, he shoves Meg up the wall when he kisses her, there’s a big difference between how Cas is around other people compared to how for example Dean is around other people.

So if you compare Cas to Dean you see that there are so many instances in the show where Dean shows his submissive side! Whenever he’s with a woman he’s shown being really into being shoved around and never really tried to be dominant.
Also to me, sub!Dean is so much about him being able to drop his hyper masculine macho front and just let go. Cas doesn’t have that problem, he is who he is in all of his dommy glory.

I started ranting now and should probably stop. I just get way too excited when it comes to Dom!Cas and Sub!Dean

So I was going through the tag and someone said that Lin tweet something in response to the J. Lo song backlash- does anyone have a screenshot of that or something?

Context: A former co-worker posted this in the Facebook group for my old university job. Where to even begin?

  1. This is a page for a job that you stopped working at a year and a half ago. How do you know who’s a “Darth Susan” there?
  2. High school ended a long time ago. You’re supposed to be a professional. Professionals don’t post shit like this as their statuses MUCH LESS in a space dedicated to their work environment.
  3. What were you hoping to accomplish with this? Name me one conflict that was solved through subtweeting. (Or sub Facebooking, whatever you want to call it).
  4. Why are we looking at conflicts between Taylor Swift and Kanye West while discussing social justice? How are they in any way representative of 99% of the world’s population? Why are you looking to pop-stars for your morality? Don’t most decent people teach their kids that celebrities’ lives are superficial and are of no real concern to anyone?
  5. How can anyone like this post with a straight face?
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I can’t find high speed anywhere (to download), not even raw rip. I’m done. I found it with different subs, but they are hard subbed, so whatever. 

I’ll just patiently wait. Kinda annoyed. 

though apparently the rips a lot of people have aren’t that good of a quality. 

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⛴ //ohhhhhhh this is going to be amazing.

8. My muse is sending subtle hints of seduction to try to drive your muse crazy. (i.e. eating a banana and making eye contact, eyebrow wiggles, licking their lips…whatever.)

It is all sub-conscious on his part, most times.

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Where are the top two gifs from ? Could you link me to whatever it is plz 😂 if possible with subs

hello~ I can assume you are talking about the Jackson + children gif set? You can watch it here with subs.