well since my art of this guy from last week was kind of horribly angsty, I decided to draw him looking relatively relaxed and mostly alright

聽tbh I think we can all agree he deserves a break

(drawn in about 10h in Photoshop,聽prints for sale on society6 if you want 鈥榚m)



I watched all of Steven Universe in about a day and a half and as soon as I saw Opal I had to draw her. 聽I don鈥檛 know why I don鈥檛 see more of her on my dash, she鈥檚 definitely my favourite Gem including the non-fusions.


3 times emma touched august + 1 time she almost did in “Poor Unfortunate Soul”

Oh and to anybody who is looking to crawl into my inbox and talk about how I don鈥檛 have a weak chin, you鈥檝e probably only seen my wedding photos which have, unsurprisingly, been photoshopped. You can really see it in this picture:

I may regret telling you that my wedding photos were put through PhotoShop, but whatever. It鈥檚 the world we live in.聽

you can鈥檛 believe it
you were always singing along

鈾 kh editors鈥 challenge! - day # 1: a graphic using favorite render