aside from the #kyliejennerchallenge being exceedingly annoying there’s something underhandedly racist about a bunch of white people getting together and laughing about how big they can get their lips and then complaining afterwards about how ‘gross’ they look when they accomplish exactly what the fuck they set out to do like okay 

Title says all, but I basically made a side blog specifically for Samson! Since this blog is becoming much more of a personal space, I figured I’d move asks with him to a different space.

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How to tell if you’re the main character in the Compromised series by ThoughtfulConsellations (aka mattsmurdick )

  1. You vehemently deny being in love with your assassin bestie.
  2. You and said bestie make out in a horse barn (for the sake of the mission, of course).
  3. You literally CANNOT catch a break, and are constantly being thrown into dangerous and insane situations.
  4. You faithfully help your partner come to terms with their new disability, and it’s beautiful.
  5. Despite aforementioned danger and some friendly teasing from your technologically inclined companion, you continue to deny your feelings.
  7. You nearly lose your best friend/partner/lover and are sent on a seemingly ridiculous mission with them to re-acclimate yourselves to being in the field.
  8. Also you two have crazy hot sex… like everywhere.
  9. Shit hits the fan and you gotta hide out at a secret farm for safety reasons.
  10. You and your best friend/partner/lover emotionally support each other and act married and everything is wonderful.
  11. Porch sex.
  12. Barn sex.
  13. Seriously, you cannot keep your hands to yourselves, can you?
  14. Sadly, the real world comes calling and you must return to fulfill your duties as begrudging superheroes.
  15. ???
  16. Hopefully everything turns out okay and Marisa saves you from the evil clutches of Joss Whedon.