Some info on Saskia's past

Been thinking bout these for a while and realized Id never written them anywhere

Her first clan was VERY hostile to Shemlen. As such there was a LOT of confrontation between the two groups. Raides,revenge murders and attacks where common on both sides. Saskia lost both her parents in the fighting while she was far too young to remember.

As such her upbringing was harsh and focused on combat. She was pushed into real battle young and had made her first kill around the age for 6,as human raiders attacked the clan and she was expected to to help defend.

From them she began to question why there had to be so much violence,and basically became a real pain in the arse for the elders. They arranged to ave her transferred to clan Lavellan when she was 8 without her knowledge but really she was happy to leave.

She took the name of her new clan and it one of the best things to happen to her. She was taught to speak Thedosian properly as she only knew a few words none Nevvaran. She discovered her love of cooking and carving,and basically learned how to function outside her role as defender.

She still has a few lessons drilled into her. Her disregard for her own life to save others. Her sometimes chilling calmness and efficiency towards killing. She tries diplomacy first,she does prefer non violent solutions,but if all else is exhausted she will not shy away.

Children are her weak spot. Seriously. She just fucking melts. She also loves animals.

Despite her somewhat violent upbringing and her size,she’s really quiet friendly. She’s not always the best with words so when she’s not sure what to say she prefers action instead. 

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