you wash the blood off your hands,
but the pipes in this town
are still running with it,
so you decide to go for a swim.

you both forget how to sleep alone,
all christmas lights and
the way he calls you the dent
in the hood of his car,
barely running.

you’re still out hunting for monsters,
shining flashlights on each other,
inside your own mouths.

you still pretend to be strangers sometimes,
even though you’ve been nightmare to nightmare,
bone to bone.

“let’s forget,” you remember.
let’s forget.

—  me, or the bear trap? // naiche lizzette

hello I was tagged by @minseoksspookygoddess @sinnamon-byun @yixingsfurrygf and probably a shit ton of other ppl for various different kinds of selfies but I’m just doing the bias selfie rn lol so here we are, the lip biting couple the green filter couple the ear stickin out couple the couple who dont talk a lot when we’re in a big group of people couple,,,

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kunioda (okuni? what is their ship name?) headcanons?

I’ve been thinking kunioda sounds the best imo. but like….i’m probably like one of the few who are talking about them together lmao…..

  • I love the whole idea of a meet-cute at the supermarket like they’re both reaching for the last sale item and their hands touch and it’s like oh. “Go ahead, it’s yours.” “No please, you can take it.” and then they’re like….”okay let’s just split it what’s your phone number”
  • What if. Okay imagine they’re both on their own separate sides, ADA and Mafia (and Oda isn’t the sacrificial lamb for the mafia) and they end up meeting on some mission because they’re both trying to save some kid that gets caught up in the chaos. And then it turns into some kind of pseudo-Romeo and Juliet kind of thing lmao (except obviously not like R+J where they both die at the end or like…the whole they’re both kinda silly kids thing)
  • Remember my silly Kunikida high school dating sim idea from yesterday lmao. Where Oda was the helpful upperclassman. lmao but okay consider that and they’re in the same club for ummm a sport (judo?? kendo?? swimming?? idk pick your poison lmao)
  • Kunikida is the constant worrier, always worrying about if Oda is okay or not. Little does he know Oda does the exact same thing.
  • Oda in the ADA AU where Kunikida is still partners with Dazai. And Dazai’s the one who introduces them to each other. Oda does lots of solo missions but Kunikida still worries a lot despite Oda’s Ability.

okay but also consider OT3 Kunikida/Oda/Dazai. Dazai would be so spoiled by both of them lmao

If Kalashipping is Hau/Sun, then can Hau/Moon be called Malasadashipping? (just a suggestion, it doesn’t have to ofc)

also, out of curiosity: why is your Ask page inaccessible?

—- I have no idea why?? I operate almost entirely from mobile but i’ll see what i can do from my phone. As for the ship name, that sounds awesome!! Again, you should submit the name to @pkmnshippinglist to make it really “official”

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what's wolfstar

Urban Dictionary Definition:  Shipping name of the romantic slash pairing of Harry Potter characters Remus Lupin and Sirius Black.

The name comes from the fact that Remus is a werewolf and there is a star called ‘Sirius’