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"Are you flirting with me" fox!alya/turtle!Nino (I have no idea what there ship name is) love your writing!!!

I always call them JadedFox :D Oh and fox!Alya is not Rena Rouge but Firena in my mind ‘cuz I did quite a lot of research for that name and honestly am not really warming up to Rena Rouge, so you don’t get confused :P

Also, thanks for the ask and thank you so much for your praise, that really means a lot to me! ;)

Ao3 / FF.net

56 - JadedFox

“Are you flirting with me?”

Firena stilled as Carapace spoke to her, slowly turning back around to him.

“Uh-… Noooo?”, she tried but he already grinned. Damnit. He’d never let her live this one down.

“You were flirting with me!”, he grinned cheekily, propping his hands up on his hips, his shield shifting on his back.

“No, I wasn’t, shut up. We still gotta finish patrol, shelly.”

“Ohohohoh, but not so fast! What did you call me?”

Firena already felt an awkward, heated blush creeping up her neck, making her real ears that were hidden underneath her unruly hair uncomfortably warm.

“… I didn’t call you anything.”

“I heard handsome somewhere in between.”

She huffed, crossing her arms as she stared at him.

“I dunno, I think that hood of yours is making you hear bad after all.”, she tried countering but the blush that was slowly heating up her skin beneath the mask gave her away.

“I think you like me.”, he finally stated, leaning back with a smug expression. She grumbled and shook her head.

“And I think you’re delusional. Are you heating up? You should go home.”

He stepped closer to her and lifted her chin with one hand, smirking down to her. Firena’s breath hitched and she subconsciously turned a little more towards him, their hips almost touching. She could feel the warmth of his body on her stomach and neck (or was that hers?).

“I think you’re the one heating up here.”, he murmured, his grin getting wider. She gulped and tried shaking her head but found herself unable to. Instead, her eyes started fluttering and she leant towards him, one of her hands lifting up to his elbow.

“P-Probably-… Maybe-…”, she stuttered out, her breath getting shallow and quick as she felt a breeze of his scent wash over her face. Her knees felt like pudding and her free hand, the one that wasn’t touching him, was shaking like crazy. She only felt him come closer to her and her tail excitedly swished around behind her before reaching around, swirling on his leg and settling around his knee bend.

“Maybe you should go home, foxy…”, Carapace whispered and the little hairs on her neck stood straight up as a shiver shot down her spine. His voice was soft and his golden eyes sparkled behind his goggles, leaving her breathless and dizzy.

“We-… We gotta finish patrol-…”, she murmured and he chuckled.

“Damn right we gotta.”

Yet neither of them moved, staying in this incredibly close and yet so far position. Their breaths mingled with each other and their noses almost touched. They could feel the other right in front of them but neither moved.

“I say you were flirting with me.”, he suddenly said, his voice having found back to its original cheekiness but his body remained unmoving. She wettened her dry lips and watched his eyes flicker down to watch the tip of her tongue just so vanishing inside her mouth again. He subconsciously copied her, then she felt his other hand hesitatingly moving up to her hip, pulling her closer.

“I say I definitely did.”, the words slipped out before she could stop them but she had never felt more sincere or relieved in her life that she had accidently said something she hadn’t meant to say.

“Oh now you’re admitting it?”, he smirked and she nodded, slowly and uncertain, but it was certainly a nod against his hand on her chin.

“… And what if I lied?”, she finally asked, feeling some of her wittiness coming back to her mushy mind, “Foxes are pretty nifty, y’know?”

“You wouldn’t backstab me with that tone.”, he finally said, sounding a bit wavy but still teasing. She giggled and reached around him to knock against his shield.

“Can’t. There’s something protecting you.”, her hand slipped down the smooth surface of the shield to slip between his weapon and his back, her palm coming to a rest on his warm suit. He chuckled and leant even closer, their noses still not touching but their eyes closing.

Now, she also felt his warmth on her cheeks and as she briefly opened her eyes to take a look a light red shine had snuck on his skin as well.

“Well, but you know my weak spots.”, he murmured, probably referring to her hand beneath the shield but she felt that he also meant the two years of close partnership they had already behind them. Their anniversary had been last week.

“That I do…”, she whispered and tried gathering all her courage to finally close the distance between them, to finally feel his lips on hers. She moved her hand on his elbow to his chest and up to his neck, her fingertips resting on the quickly pulsing spot beneath his skin and her lower arm comfortably propped up against his chest.

She was this close to just surging forward, this close to satisfying the burning, longing fire inside her, as a voice ripped them apart from each other, making them jump in opposite directions.

“I really don’t know if the fox is supposed to be the turtle’s prey.”

She immediately missed his warmth in the rather cool night air and her ears anxiously twitched as she ripped her head around, her glare falling onto Chat Noir. He stood there with an amused expression and his hands propped up on his hips, grinning from ear to ear.

“You little-”, she began, clenching her fists. Carapace next to her also took a step forward but just a second later, it was their turn to carry the amused expression. Apparently, Chat hadn’t been the only one snooping.

“I WILL END YOU, YOU MANGEY ALLEY CAT!!”, Ladybug’s outraged cry sounded through the night and her yo-yo quickly found its painful way to his face.

(The next day, Nino and Alya asked themselves what the hell had happened to Adrien’s face and why Marinette was refusing to do so much as looking at him.)

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Imagine the conversation Henry has with Snow and David when he introduced Jacinda to them.

Henry: Grams, Gramps, this is Jacinda, my wife

Snow: That’s wonderful but…

Charming:Do you know for sure that she’s your true love?

Henry: When we first met she tricked me into teaching her how to ride my motorbike, punched me and then proceeded to ride off with it

Snow: *looks to charming as he nods in agreement* she’s the one

Charming and snow: Welcome to the family! We’re so happy for you!

“So tell me.” Cinder’s breath is warm and smoky against Velvet’s face, like her very lungs are the bellows of a forge, and Velvet has to swallow thickly when her eyes meet Cinder’s. “What else can you copy? Truly everything?”

I’m on an Art of Immolation kick, if you couldn’t tell. Text from To Follow In Her Footsteps.