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What's the ship name for Sherlock and Janine? I love it people always pick up on the "gay subtext" but don't pick up on The obviously perfectness of Sherlock and Janine, Jesus Christ. I'm gonna write some smut for it



am i spones trash yet

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Hold the fuck up gio is bi? What's your ship name with Morgan so I can confirm its real

I can’t believe y'all are shipping us.

Reasons why Kima/Allura is a great ship, in no order: 

  • Angry smol and calm tol too boot. 
  • Though tol WILL fuck shit up if she has to, do not cross her. 
  • Duties that can keep them apart, so ANGST 
  • Alternately REUNIONS AW YISS
  • L E S B I A N S
  • Kima totally steals shirts from Allura 
  • “kick their asses bby I’ll hold your flower” 
  • Matt said it’s his favorite NPC ship. 

Reasons why it’s a bad ship:

  • Yang:We all know Blake can't resist my charms! She loves my cuddles plus I always know when she needs cheering up.
  • Ruby:Yeah but she can't resist my cuteness! Blake loves it when I bring her a cup of tea and when we read books together.
  • Weiss:If anything Blake would prefer me to have an intellectual conversation with. Sure we had our differences in the past but we actually have a lot in common.
  • Sun:Umm have you girls seen how hot I am? Also we share faunus traits and know what it's like living in a world being discriminated against. I know how she feels.
  • Adam:But I've known Blake the longest! She belongs to me!
  • Blake:Guys, really, please stop arguing with one another. I'm really not that interested in dating anyone righ-
  • *Neo strolls up to Blake and picks her up bridal style before carrying her off into the sunset.*
  • Yang:Huh, looks like the cat wanted the ice cream.