Person B comes home to find the whole apartment cleaned and multiple room reorganized.

Person B instantly drops their bag, closes the door, and searches for Person A.

Person B finds A in their shared room, sitting on the ground and staring into space.

B gently picks up A and lays them down in bed.

Then runs as fast as possible to get tea, chocolate, and extra blankets and bring them into their bedroom.

Person B slips into bed with Person A. They throw the blankets over themselves, hands over the tea and chocolate, and proceeds to just cuddle A.

Person A silently sends their thanks to B, for just knowing exactly what to do.

EXTRA: Person B takes the next day off work to just be there with A and give them all the support they need.

The Easy Way - Carl & Negan Imagine

summary: This is basically Negan being a prick to you, Carl’s girlfriend.


You sat on the floor in Judith’s room playing with her hands, making her giggle. When the door opened, you just assumed it was Olivia, but boy were you wrong. Negan walked in with Carl following him closely. Your laughter stopped and the smile dropped from your face, but Judith continued laughing. You instantly looked at Carl, unsure of what Negan had planned or was doing here.

“Well god damn, I don’t know which one of you is more adorable,” Negan chuckled before picking Judith up out of your lap and blowing you a kiss. You almost fought to hold on to Judith, but you knew better. He was going to take her, and it was better to let him have what he wanted the easy way.

You sat on the floor in disbelief, watching as the wicked man who killed your friends cradled the small child, cooing her into relaxation.

“Get up, precious. Join us on the patio,” Negan directed with a smirk. You stood up slowly, never breaking eye contact with him. Normally, either you or Carl would have made some kind of snarky remark towards Negan, but with him holding Judith, you complied with whatever he wished. Negan left the room, Carl following behind him, and you behind Carl.

“So,” Negan began, “this your girl?”

Carl looked at you before nodding, his facial expression remaining the same. It wasn’t how it normally was in the presence of Negan, though. He wasn’t wearing the same scowl his father often did. His face seemed softer; less intense.

“That sucks,” Negan sighed, pausing to taking a good look at your face. “I remember you.”

You didn’t dare respond.

“You’re that little badass who didn’t even flinch when red head took his beating! How could I forget such a pretty face?” he teased. You remained silent, glaring at him.

“I can see why you like the future serial killer so much. He’s a neat guy,” he said, sliding to the edge of his seat and leaning in closer to you. “Your daughter, she’s precious, just like you,” Negan taunted.

Your eyes widened when you realized that Negan thought Judith was your kid. You looked at Carl to see if you should correct him or not.

“She’s not her daughter,” Carl spoke up. “She’s my sister.”

Negan’s face faded back into a smirk. “Oh, goodie! That means you’re nice and unworn down there,” he mumbled, looking you up and down.

You stood up and walked inside, sick of his menacing bullshit. You’re something he can’t have the easy way.

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Okay all jokes about “lol gay” aside I love this a lot ??? I don’t watch Ryan and Matts channel but this is just like a really important and sweet thing ??

two straight guys, who have no doubt about being straight being this intimate is a good thing.

There’s no joke and it’s in the background while someone else is talking and matt just kinda reaches out for Ryans hand nudging it with his fingers and Ryan looks over like “ what’s up bu- oh ok ” and he holds his hand. No joke , no flinch or hesitation just

“bro hold my hand”


and in front of several of their friends and an entire youtube audience

that kind of intimacy among friends, is so important and needed god bless

Purple Marks (Woozi)

Originally posted by leewooji

Type: Fluff

Request: Hi!!!! I have followed your blog for along time, but i’m to shy for making a request. Can you make a woozi scenarios when the members noticed hus hickeys

Jihoon felt the eyes on Wonwoo staring at him as he glanced over Wonwoo looked away. “What’s wrong?” Jihoon asked “Y/N must really like sucking on your neck” Wonwoo says as Jihoon’s hands shoot up to his neck “it’s not that bad is it?” he asked as Wonwoo leans closer. “She sucks pretty hard doesn’t she?” he asks as Jeonghan walks into the room as Jihoon groans. “Y/N leave a good hickey?” Jeonghan asks as he sits down beside him.

“She’s…..handsy” Jihoon says as Jeonghan smiles. “The sweet innocent Y/N seems to be very very dirty” he says as he moves Jihoon’s shirt to the side to reveal more of the mark. “I wonder if there’s more anywhere else” Wonwoo teases as Jihoon blushes getting up. “I like it so there’s nothing to worry about” he says as he takes off pulling out his phone. 


You sat on you bed watching tv as Jihoon propped himself beside you. His hand rested on his neck in the spot where his old hickey was after weeks of teasing it finally disappeared. You glanced up at Jihoon and gave him a smile which he quickly returned. You felt him shift and believed he was just getting more comfortable before you jumped slightly at his lips against your neck. You sighed enjoying the feeling of his lips working on your neck. A new feeling as Jihoon sucking your neck lightly worried you “babe I have a meeting in the morning” you whispered as you shoved him away slightly “make up” he told you against your neck as he sucked harder. 

“Jihoon please stop” you whine as he sighed pulling away “what’s wrong? You do this to me all the time” he says as you look at him. “I’m a giver not a receiver” you tell him. “The boys teased me relentlessly about the dark dark dark mark you left for weeks” he said as his hand lightly touched his neck. “It’s only fair you have the same thing happen to you” he says as you rolled your eyes. “You liked it so I don’t get what the big deal is” you tell him as he raised a brow “so you don’t like my lips on your neck then” he said as you looked at him “I didn’t say that-” “then deal with the marks” he said as his lips quickly went back to your neck.

A Bowl Of Dusty Truth

she sits on her chipped paint porch
skin like ribbons of caramel
her mouth, a curving purse, filled
with old stories crumpled down
buried in years of junk she’s said

I lean in west coast breezes
palms and pines blurring what belongs
and I wait as she dawdles
in words she uses daily

shaking hands, unwrap stories
dust bowl travels, flooded streets
dumpster desperate food searches
and long laughs with her sisters
almost dying and green walls
lining up for hair washings

another California
settling like dust around us
so much tucked behind her teeth


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uh, not to be rude but i dont understand what's up with the one post about the disdain for undertale. i thought it was a good game??

it is a very good game. on the other hand, its fandom is……. not exactly as great….

let your hair down, part 2

You walked in a hurry toward your subway stop. “What was I thinking??” you muttered to yourself. It was exceedingly difficult to befriend someone new, and you wondered if you had messed everything up with Newt. He was leaving for England in several days. He was nearly a stranger. He has incredibly strong hands and smells like cedar and pine needles, piped up the voice in your head. But it wouldn’t do to get so attached and then have an inevitable heartbreak. You shook your head and decided to walk the thirty or so blocks to your apartment. Apparition or the subway would not help to clear your head, not tonight.

When you got home there was a small white owl tapping at your living room window. You let him in and you could have sworn that he looked angry for having been made to wait. “I’m sorry, little fellow.” You took the scroll that was attached to his leg and he flew off in a huff.

The message was written in a bubbly script with pink ink.

You disappeared so quickly tonight! Come out with me and Teenie tomorrow night for a gal’s night on the town. Dress to impress, sweetie, maybe that backless number of yours? See you at The Blind Pig 8 o'clock sharp!


You set the letter down on your table with a chuckle. Maybe a night of painting the town red with your friends would do you some good. A glass of wine or couple shots of giggle water wouldn’t hurt to help loosen up a bit either.

The end of the workday could not come any more quickly. Right at 5 sharp you gathered your bag and coat to apparate home- no time to waste! You allowed yourself a decadent bubble bath in your clawfoot tub, drifting off to the soft piano music playing on the radio. You took your time arranging your hair in long loose curls down your back. The makeup you kept simple: a couple swipes of mascara, a matte deep wine-red lipstick, and some powder. Your dress had a high neckline, long sleeves, and the hem hit you just above the knees, but the back plunged dangerously low, highlighting the swell of your derrière. You were far more willing to go out on a limb with your outfit in a bar among strangers than socializing with acquaintances. Social anxiety works in mysterious ways, you thought with a laugh.

Making sure that you had your wand and some cash, you grabbed your beaded clutch and matching heels, checked your reflection one last time, and apparated to one block away from the bar. It was late November and a light snow was starting to fall, fat light snowflakes that melted as soon as they hit the sidewalk.

You were five minutes early when you arrived, so you decided to find a stool at the bar. You sat down at the far end, which allowed you to see the door. You ordered a glass of Bordeaux and waited for the Goldstein sisters to join you, enjoying people-watching the witches and wizards dancing to the Big Band playing swing jazz.

A man sat down on the stool next to yours. He had one of those faces that always seemed to be smelling something horrible, and slicked back yellow hair. Not exactly your type, and he was drunk.  “And what’s a beautiful dame like you doing in a place like this?” he asked, leering.

“I’m meeting some friends, excuse me.”

“Now, come on missy, I’m just trying to be polite. Let me buy you a drink.” He put his hand on your shoulder and his face was sickeningly close to yours.

“The lady refused, you need to move,” said a voice from behind. You realized with some confusion that it was Newt. He stepped closer to you and put his arm around your shoulders. “Are you alright, darling?”, he asked. He took your hand and held it, while staring down the drunken interloper who slurred something under his breath and left.

You sighed with relief. “Mr Scamander, thank you, I was this close to hexing that man.”

“You’re welcome, Miss (L/N). I do admit that I wasn’t expecting you, is either Miss Goldstein here?”

Something clicked in your head. “Oh! Queenie and Tina must be up to something!”, you thought. “It appears that we’ve been tricked, Newt. I was told to meet them here, and I suppose you were as well!” He was smartly dressed in a gray three piece suit with a navy blue batwing bowtie, and his brown shoes matched his ever present suitcase.

You looked down and realized that Newt was still holding your hand. You interlaced your fingers with his. That wine must have hit me sooner than I’d thought.

“Well Y/N, I suppose we’d might as well stay here and enjoy ourselves.”

You smiled with delight. “Let’s get you something to drink.”

The two of you found a table and ordered a round of drinks. After some small talk, Newt asked you to dance. Full of liquid courage, you accepted and allowed him to lead you to the dance floor. As it turned out, neither of you really knew how to dance but you kept it simple, savoring the feeling of his one hand on your waist and the other holding yours. It was now becoming exceedingly obvious to you that your attraction to him was not only returned, but was starting to amplify. You decided that you were going to enjoy tonight and not think on the idea that the man you were starting to love would be leaving you too soon.

The band transitioned from a fun upbeat song to a  slower tempo, and you allowed Newt to slow your pace to match the music. He drew you closer, moving his hand from your waist to the middle of your back. Looking up, you and Newt made eye contact. You both stopped dancing, now just standing on the dance floor, unnoticed by the other patrons. His hand came up to lightly brush your cheek and you leaned into the touch. His thumb caressed your bottom lip. “Merlin’s beard, what have you done to me?” he whispered, bewildered.
“I adore everything about you and I can barely resist the urge to touch you.”

"Newt… I’ve never felt this for someone before. I mean, we’ve only just met, but-”

“I know, but Y/N, I can’t help myself. I want you. I want to know everything about you,” he said.

“Just for tonight. Let’s pretend you’re not leaving New York in a day,” you said. “Let’s get out of here.”

So the two of you gathered your things and left. The snow was still falling outside but you barely noticed as you lead Newt down the quiet street and over towards a lamp post. The flakes were sticking to your hair like little crystals.

You turned around to face him fully and grabbed on to his collar, bringing his lips to yours. Newt circled his arms around you and held you tightly as he opened his mouth to deepen your kiss, slow and tentative at first but growing in urgency. You shivered as his fingers lightly scratched your exposed back.

“Darling you must be freezing! Forgive me, please take my jacket,” Newt exclaimed with concern. “Well as beautiful as the snow is, we should go inside. Shall we go to my apartment?” Newt nodded, and you held his hand tightly and then apparated to your building.

So I kinda accidentally spurred a witch hunt for @wanderingcas the other day because of her taste in candy and I promised to make it up to her. I’m sorry, Sam. Please accept this fluff as an olive branch.

Dean has walked in on Cas doing a lot of weird things. 

Hanging dishes to dry, vacuuming his sheets, cursing at the bread ties, squirting toothpaste directly into his mouth.

Cas was a weird guy with a lot of weird habits, but Dean just rolled with it.

 But eating candy corn is where he draws the line.

“Cas, what the hell are you doing?”

The ex-angel’s head perks up from where he’s curiously leaning over a bowl of old Halloween candy, something orange and white-tipped in his hands.

He lips turn down in a guilty pout. “I thought you said it was okay to eat anything in the candy bowl except for the Snickers.”

Dean hurries to take the offensive triangle of sugar from Cas’s fingers before the man actually puts it in his mouth. “Yeah, Cas, but I didn’t mean you should eat the fucking candy corn.”

“What’s wrong with the candy corn?”Cas asks, eyeing the stolen piece Dean is now holding at arm’s length as if it might self-destruct. 

“It’s gross!”

“Oh, well, I found it quite tasty.”

Dean’s nose screws up and he barely resists gagging. “Oh, Cas, no! Candy corn is literally the lowest tier of candy in the candy hierarchy. No one actually eats this shit.”

Cas does his trademark head tilt. “Then why do they make it?”

“I look like Willie Wonka to you?” Dean scoffs. “I can’t believe you see a huge bowl of candy and you go for the fucking candy corn.”

“I apologize, Dean.”

Dean just shakes his head, figuring they’ll both be better off if they forget this little incident ever happened. “What else have you tried?”

“I’m afraid the candy corn was the first and only candy experience so far.”

“You’ve never had candy before?” Cas gives a little head shake and Dean is immediately lowering himself to the couch. “Oh, dude, you’re missing out. Okay, you gotta try some better stuff. First, the Smarties.”

Dean pulls a roll from the bowl and turns the ends to release a few pills. 

Cas squints at them when Dean drops them in his palm. “Just put them in and chew,” Dean instructs. 

Cas obeys and Dean watches closely as Cas begins to nibble, eyes closing against the sour assault to his tastebuds and Dean can’t help chuckling. 

“Those are not pleasant,” Cas decides when he finishes.

“Okay, so sour is out. Let’s just move straight to the good stuff. Chocolate.” Dean wriggles his brows and begins to open a full-sized Twix. “Okay so this is like a little cookie covered in caramel and chocolate.”

“That sounds good,” Cas says and takes the bar, taking it right to his lips.

“Cas, no!” Dean says, yanking the candy bar away.

Cas’s eyes widen. “What’s wrong?”

“You can’t just shove the whole damn thing in your mouth. Are you an animal?” He takes the wrapper all the way off and snaps the bars apart. “It comes in two for a reason. Here.”

Cas takes the bar Dean offers, a little more hesitant this time, and lifts it to his mouth to take a small, clean bite.

Dean bites into his own, smiling around the caramel at the way Cas squints as he chews and deliberates. It’s cute.

“I like this one,” Cas says at last.

Dean smirks. “Better than candy corn?”

Cas returns the grin, his a little resigned. “Much.”

They try some more, Cas carefully tasting and judging each piece of chocolate.

Butterfingers are okay.

Almond Joys are abomination.

Reese’s are a gift from God. 

Cas is still gushing about the wonders of peanut butter and chocolate when Dean pulls the telltale red wrapping of a KitKat from the bowl. “This is pretty similar to the Twix, but there’s no caramel and the cookie is crispy or whatever. Pretty good.”

Cas has the sense to break the bars in two this time and he bites off half. His frown deepens this time. “This one is not as good.”

Dean’s head snaps back, face disbelieving. “You don’t like KitKats?” 

Cas chews a little more before handing the rest of his candy bar to Dean. “No,” he finalizes. “It’s boring.”

All Dean can do is shake his head with disapproval. “I don’t know what I ever saw in you.”

The couch shifts as Cas’s shoulders are thrown back. “You saw something in me?”

Blood rushes to Dean’s face and can’t bring himself to look at Cas’s face, which seems closer than it had been a minute ago. Much closer.

“I-it’s not, um, y-you- you should try the, ugh, you need to to try a Snickers.”

Dean grabs for the piece of candy, nearly sending the bowl off the table, and tosses it into Cas’s lap. 

Cas is still for a long moment and Dean can feel his stare but he doesn’t look up, just prays and waits for this to pass. And it will pass — they always do.

He hears the crinkling of the wrapper as Cas rips it open and a few seconds later there’s a softened crunch. It’s the only sound between the two of them for almost a full minute and Dean doesn’t breathe.

“I like this one,” Cas says at last, deep voice startling Dean into a sharp inhale. “This is your favorite, correct?”

Dean gives a nod, not trusting himself with words. 

There’s a pause, Cas waiting for Dean to chime in but he can’t. So Cas continues, “It’s very good, Dean, though I’m not sure it surpasses candy corn.”

Dean looks up then because that is the craziest thing Cas has ever said, and he’s about to tell the man off but he catches Cas’s sly smile and he stops.

“Gotcha,” Cas says with a wink and Dean can’t help the laughter that bubbles from his chest.

“Very funny, Cas,” he says, hiding his soft smile in his lap. He gestures to the bowl. “So… which one is your favorite?”

Cas sighs. “I don’t think I’ve tried it yet.”

“What? Cas, you’ve literally eaten every-”

The movement is quick and completely unexpected and for a second Dean doesn’t understand why his lips can’t move. Then he registers the foreign warmth slipping into his mouth, the heady taste of peanuts and chocolate and a hum that makes his brain short circuit.

Then it’s gone and Dean can only blink, a pair of smiling pink lips coming into focus before his gaze flicks up to pools of blue, looking equal parts excited and scared. 

“That one,” Cas says. “That’s my favorite.”

And maybe it’s the sugar, but suddenly Dean is vibrating with energy, like there’s sunlight in his veins, and he launches forward, tackling Cas on a pile of candy wrappers as he tastes his lips for the second time.

“Mine too.”

Feathers & Blindfolds

Dean wants to try something new in the bedroom and you agree to doing whatever he has planned.

Warnings: smut obvs, cursing, unprotected sex, being tied up, blindfolding

Word count: 2,379

A/N: okay it took me a lot longer than an hour to get this done. i kept getting distracted lmao

The moment Sam retired to his bedroom for the night was when Dean rose from his chair at the table and walked around until he was behind you, hands on your shoulders and slowly pushing back your jacket. His fingers dug into your skin, massaging your shoulders. 

Your eyes fluttered shut as your head hung low, letting Dean do as he pleased. “What are you doing?” you murmured.

His lips pressed against your neck gently. “I want to try something new. You up for it?”

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mick/being respected #NICE #OTP. on the other hand, could you share some mick/cisco headcanons? i've never considered it before and i am Interested.


  • They started dating after Mick apologized for beating him up and complimented him on the guns and how clever they were
  • Cisco realized Mick was way smarter than he let on
  • It’s nice being in on the joke
  • Also the Snarts are being nice to him? Like what?
  • (Lisa is still teasing Mick about it and Len would like them all to stop talking about that thing his aro ass doesn’t get)
  • They sort of don’t tell anyone?
  • And then invasion happens and its like whoops yes i am dating this former super villain surprise
  • what the fuck did you just say about him
  • okay fuck right off
  • Barry and Oliver might come back to Mick holding Cisco by the collar of his shirt while Cisco yells at the Legends crew for disrespecting his boyfriend
  • Mick brings Cisco candy from alternate timelines and weird points in history
  • Cisco upgrades the Heat Gun and makes Mick cool exploding things and long lasting lighters
  • Mama Ramon actually likes Mick because the first thing he did was be obscenely polite and compliment her cooking
  • Mick has Ramon family recipes that Cisco hasn’t got yet 
  • Mick cooks for Cisco all the time because he’s convinced that Cisco doesn’t eat enough vegetables and is going to get scurvy or something
  • Mick can also pick Cisco up with one hand basically (Cisco totally absolutely does not find this hot as hell what are you talking about)
  • Cisco and Mick doing chemistry 

Listen I love this ship and if you want to join me in this trash heap i am literally always down

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I wonder how Makoto will react when he becomes himself again...What if he won't remember anything what he did as Despair...how are you going to explain everything to him? By the way keep up the good work Souda.

Yay ! It’s done !! *raises his hand in front of Gundham*

W-What is it?!

Seriously? It’s a hi-five ! Here, you do this…*makes him raise his hand* And then you do that. *hi-fives him*

So this is another ritual that mortals do…I see…

You do know that you are another mortal too, right? Anyway let’s go to tell Kirigiri about this. Togami, you will be fine on your own with him?

Yes, you can go. *waits for them to leave the room before looking at the anon* It’s obvious that he is not going to like it but none of us have any intention on hiding what happened from him.

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How about this prompt--Clint/Coulson: "What do you mean you don't like Star Wars?" Or Urban Fantasy AU.

“What d’you mean you don’t like Star Wars!?” Clint demands, mouth gaping open wide.

Remote still in hand as he flips through the multitude of channels on the flat screen, Phil shrugs nonchalantly. “I just don’t like it. It’s no big deal.”

“Uh, yeah, it really futzing is.” Clint pulls his feet out from under Phil’s thigh to shove at him. “How can you hate Star Wars?”

Phil catches Clint by the ankles and pulls his feet up into his lap. “I never said I hate it.”

Clint drops his head back onto the arm rest and wails, “You don’t like Star Wars! I might have to reconsider this whole you dating you thing, sir.”

“Clint, I’m not even wearing a suit,” Phil points out with an exasperated sigh. And yeah, Clint is very aware of the fact that Phil’s lounging on the couch in one of Clint’s well-worn hoodies and a pair of loose sweat pants. It’s a very good look for him.

“Right, sorry, sorry. Phil.”

“If you’re that desperate for an excuse to dump me, though,” Phil continues with his usual unimpressed drawl, “I could always lay out my entire argument with detailed bullet points discussing how and why Star Wars is obscenely overrated–”

“NO! No, definitely not,” Clint interrupts. He tosses the throw pillow scrunched up under his shoulder for added emphasis. Phil snatches it out of the air before it can hit him in the face and uses it to prop his elbow up on Clint’s shins. “Gotta keep some of the mystery alive, and if you start bashing on Star Wars, all the magic’ll be gone.”

“Well, I seem to recall you were babbling something about my “magic dick” last night, so–”

This whole thing between them is still new enough that Phil uttering anything that might be construed as even remotely dirty sets Clint’s face to flaming. “Point made! Shutting up now.”

Phil doesn’t turn to face him, but Clint catches the smirk lurking around his mouth just the same.

Tokyo Comic Con Eats

I had the pleasure of attending the inaugural Tokyo Comic Con this past weekend in Japan. Fans turned out in droves, almost doubling attendance expectations, and with guests like Stan Lee and Jeremy Renner, the excitement in the air of the con center was palpable. And never have I see more Marvel cosplay…

The other thing this con did well was to keep the fans fed with good food. As the Makuhari Messe center where the con was held did not have its own concessions, they let local restaurants and food vendors set up booths, which meant we got some interesting eats over the weekend, like wagyu beef sushi…

There were sumo wrestlers on hand selling “chanko nabe”, the stew they eat to put on weight…

Where one guy in line had good taste in backpacks…

And Ishikawa Brewery set up shop and was selling their Tokyo Blues ale on tap…

Which is what I went for at the end of the show on Sunday…

Tokyo Comic Con was such a success, I hear they’ve already confirmed their second show for December 2017!

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then i nominate BETCH

Betch is gaining popularity and I’m so happy

Which one sexts like a straight white boy?

Definitely Jervis. And he sends way too many goddamn it, Barnes can’t concentrate with 174 photos exactly, sent straight to his phone 

Which one cried during a fucking disney movie?

Jervis. Barnes was really confused when Jervis started crying during Alice and Wonderland because the movie isn’t even sad?

Who put a goddamned fork in the microwave?

Jervis. Jervis does a lot of things Barnes doesn’t understand, but he puts up with it.

Who does the silly hands-over-the-eyes “Guess who” thing?

Definitely Jervis (a lot of these are Tetch) He does it, and it simultaneously pisses Barnes off and turns him on (somehow)

Who puts their cold hands/feet on their partner?

Barnes actually does. Jervis is surprisingly warm, it’s probably all the hot tea he drinks.

Who had that embarassing Reality TV marathon?

Jervis definitely did. Barnes couldn’t even tell what the reality show was about though. It was something about hats.

Who laughs more during sex?

Jervis laughs his ass off the whole time. Barnes doesn’t actually care either, he just keeps going. (Which really pisses off their Arkham roommates Ed and Oswald) Sometimes Jervis stops laughing to scream “SISTER!” at the top of his lungs.


Barnes is. Come on think about it. He totally is. 

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We all know Bernie isn't big on using words so I'd love to see her finding a way to tell Serena that she doesn't only more than like her, she loves her. Bernie said I love you first proving Serena that the love that she has for Bernie is reciprocated. 😍💋

Serena sat down at her desk, she picked up the paperwork that was piling up and sighed, it was going to be a tedious shift going through all of these. She hadn’t seen Bernie all morning and wondered what she was doing, probably busy treating a patient Serena thought and she picked up a file when a letter caught her eye. Serena picked the letter up, looking at her name that was written on the envelope, she knew that hand writing anywhere, it was Bernie’s and hesitating at first, Serena slowly opened the envelope and took the folded piece of paper out. She held it in her hand, a mix of fear, excitement, curiosity building up. She looked through the slightly open office blinds to make sure no one was coming her way and then she looked down at the letter and started reading it.


I’m not one to express my feelings as well as I would like, you know that as much as anyone and this letter, this comes after the conversation we had in the office. I realised that my response to your questions were nothing but short and I can only apologise for that…I am…I’m sorry. I wish I could share my feelings with you and I want more than anything to be able to that, that’s why I’ve written this letter.

That kiss…I can still feel your hands gripping my hair, my neck…my back. I can still feel it all and it’s the best feeling. There was so much unsaid after that kiss though, I know Jason found the key and unlocked the door before we could talk and then we went our separate ways after the shift ended. I should have come with you Serena, we needed to talk about us. I can still see it in your eyes when you look at me, you wonder if I have really changed and I don’t blame you at all for thinking that.

I have changed Serena.

I realised so many things whilst I was away but do you know what the biggest thing was?

Look over at the door…

Serena furrowed her brow and then she glanced over to the door and saw Bernie standing there, gentle eyes looking back at her. Bernie made her way over and she took Serena’s hand into her own.

“I…ah Bernie the letter- “

Serena stood with Bernie.

“What was it?” Serena whispered, her heart beating wildly.

“I realised…that I love you Serena, I’ve always loved you.” Bernie brought her hand up and placed it on the back of Serena’s neck.

“God…I love you Serena.”

Serena let out a breath she didn’t realise she was holding and she held Bernie’s waist, the letter now on the table and they stood like that, holding one another, their foreheads resting on each other’s and Serena was grinning. Bernie softly nuzzled Serena’s nose with her on and Serena laughed.

“I love you too Bernie.”

i played it cool cause i was scared of letting go | noah and carmen

Parking his car, Noah stuffed his hands in to his pockets, walking up the steps to Carmen’s home. God, what the hell was he thinking when he asked her on the date? At the time it was a good idea, but now, having pulled up in his shitty pick up truck, his hands shaking from nerves, he was realising that maybe it wasn’t. But she was expecting him, so he couldn’t back out of this now. Sucking in a breath, he knocked on her door.


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Drabble Sunday: ReidxReader where they're sitting on the couch together watching a movie and the reader takes Spencer's hand and holds it close and kisses it a lot😊😍 thank u so much ily and I'm so glad you're up for some writing again!!

Spencer’s eyes threatened to close as the night drew on. He sat comfortably on the couch next to you, his body sinking into the plush furniture after what had been a long case. The movie on the television screen no longer made sense as he zoned in and out, his exhaustion threatening to overtake him any second. 

He smiled softly when he felt your hand take his. It was warm and soft, and he sighed happily at the touch. His eyes widened slightly when he felt you hold his hand close and place small kisses along his knuckles. He looked at you through half-closed eyes, the small gesture enough to keep him awake for the moment.

“That feels nice,” he whispered as he gave you a tired smile. You grinned against the palm of his hand, placing butterfly kisses along it. You watched as Spencer’s eyes closed as your kisses continued, a happy smile on his face as sleep consumed him.