that is twice this week I have gone out and nearly passed out or at least felt like I would

can someone please say to me it is okay for me to be indoors doing nothing. That in fact I clearly need too. That I am allowed to do nothing but rest b my brain will not let me and this keeps happening and it mentally and now physically putting me at risk

I’m writing a crackfic about a dog contest.


A Scottie named Bunny, Alec Hardy, Ellie Miller, and a mysterious blonde with an enormous Great Dane.


Inspector! You will stop talking and listen to me. And listen to me carefully.”
Alec planted his hands on his hips and shuffled his feet a few times.
“You will show up at the park tomorrow, and you will be on your best behavior. That means smiling at strangers. And talking. No sarcasm. No complaining. No… *investigating.* Just judging.”
The detective sucked air through his teeth, and then nodded. Chief Superintendent Jenkinson returned her attention to her work as he made his escape.
Ellie Miller shuddered as the glass separating his office from the rest of the world rattled.
“Don’t slam the door!” She looked down at her work. “Plonker. I swear you’re going to rain shards of glass down on me one of these days.”

  • Me:pray for me. PRAY FOR ME. my micro econ test was leagues harder than anything in the class has been so far and i felt like i was guessing on half of it and my intense fear of failure is fucking eating me alive rn
  • Also me:the sexual tension between me, a widowmaker, and any enemy pharah ever tho
  • Stiles, slamming Jeep hood closed:At this rate, I won't be able to afford next semester's tuition.
  • Derek:I could help you pay for it....
  • Stiles:No. No! I'm not taking your money. I'll figure something out.
  • Stiles:I'll..I'll become a stripper or something.
  • Derek:*low key (read: highest of key) growling*
  • Derek:You'll accept strangers' money but not mine.
  • Stiles:It's not that, I just...
  • (Stiles pulling off flannel shirt & tossing it to the side)
  • Stiles:I just rather you spent the money on something more importa-
  • Derek:*flings twenties at him*
  • Stiles, gaping:What. Are you doing????
  • Derek:Well you started stripping, thought I'd be a supportive boyfriend.
  • Stiles:....
  • Derek, smirking:I'm not going to stop, you shouldn't either.

just two guys….bonding… i can’t believe this is my first contribution to this amazing show…