My first drawing / sketch of Dragon Age was a quick scribble about Zevran and Isabela. I still like them a lot today and I wanted to make the same drawing again to see my improvement. I have to admit that I’m not disappointed !

The same drawing last year (May 2015) :

I can’t stop thinking about how important Dragon Age was and still is for me even if it’s just a game. I keep drawing with it and I feel good when I’m playing or drawing again !

Goodnight everybody !

anonymous asked:

why do you use SJW as a pejorative? there's nothing wrong with critisizing problematic material or calling out people who perpetrate it. you seem incredibly naive, but it also shows how priviledged you are if you can just sit back and watch injustices happen because they dont affect you whatsoever. also nothing is "just fiction" because nothing exists in a vacuum.

Here’s your answer for the SJW bit! I never see tumblr SJWs doing anything that’s actually good. Like, with this ask, what have you done, really? You’ve insulted me and you’ve accused me of having privilege, but you don’t know anything about me or what I actively do and advocate for. You’ve accomplished nothing by being an asshole, except, of course, make yourself look bad. You know exactly nothing of my experiences, but you’re more than willing to discount them and assign your assumptions onto me, which is the exact opposite of what a SJW is supposed to do. Calling people out for doing something you don’t like isn’t making the world a better place, it’s you pushing your own toxicity onto others. No one owes you anything, no one has to cater to you or change who they are for you and why the hell should they when you’re a nobody to them? And if me choosing to not go around openly attacking people who I view as Problematic makes me “incredibly naïve” then so be it, I really couldn’t care what you think or what you want to call me. I’ve never shied from speaking out about what I think about the things that bother me or about the content I don’t agree with, but I’m not about to go attack someone for liking something I don’t like. And if I did want to talk to someone, unlike you, I’d be brave and talk to the person off anon and actually talk to them to hear their side of things rather than spew nonsense into their inbox and pretend like my opinion is the only one that matters.

Discussion is a two way street, anon, and if you’re not willing to listen to the other person, then it’s obviously not really a discussion you’re wanting, is it? No, the only reason you’re here hiding on anon is to be Problematic and cause drama and to garner a bit of gratification out of it. I grew bored of your kind of person a long time ago and it makes me wonder who the truly naïve one of us is.

OMG, thanks for tagging me @sandovers. yours was a delight to read. :D

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Relationship Status: welp, this is weird to answer because for the past 6 years i’ve been single, but right now i’m the luckiest lil fox and am dating two amazing people - @prosthetical and @bootsnblossoms - neither of which lives in my actual town (and yes that’s because i met them on the internet/at sherlock cons back when i was in that fandom). I’m never the one in the poly situation who has multiple partners, but here we go. Things aren’t on fire yet, as far as I can tell, so… win? 

Favorite Color: anything and everything in the blue range. every other color there’s a shade or hue that I can’t get behind, but if there’s a blue out there that doesn’t give me the warm fuzzies, I haven’t found it yet.


oh you mean the kitten who has been my roommate for ten years as is basically my daemon? who believes I was put on this earth to be her napping substrate? yeah. it doesn’t get better than her. my smoo is the best smoo. (if you want more, the tag for her is #kitten and captain snark)

Last song I listened to: I don’t intentionally put on music anymore, but i’m stage managing a musical (Fiddler on the Roof) so I’m hearing those songs at rehearsal every other day. (also, i wake up every morning with a different Hamilton song in my head. still.)

Favorite TV show: I cycle through current faves seasonally, and right now Luke Cage and Mr Robot are high on that list. all-time faves include (but are not limited to) The Hour, Slings and Arrows, Sense8, and Leverage. (also Rectify. if you haven’t seen it, please watch the astonishing quiet amazingness that is that show. I’m not caught up atm, but everything i’ve seen is so fucking stellar it hurts. actually hurts.)

First Fandom: Wow, yeah. The Beatles. I was obsessed back in jr high. Even went to Beatlefest a couple years running. My entire bedroom was plastered with posters. I knew every millisecond of every song. (this is why their catalogue is my go-to when singing to my 5mo old niece.)

Hobbies: I… dunno what this means anymore. Writing is my vocation, cooking is a necessity i enjoy playing around with… tumblr is an addiction… i guess my hobby is being dragging into stage managing amateur productions of theatre and then being irate about it. But that’s a habit that I’m looking to break, not something i’m proud of.

Books I’m currently reading: I’m usually the kind of guy who starts a book and reads nothing else until I’ve finished it, but right now I’m in the middle of three different ones. Well, I’m ten pages from the end of The Human Factor by Graham Greene which my father handed me when he’d finished it. (my parents and i trade mysteries back and forth a lot) I’m not always into spy novels but the quiet ones like this are really good for me to fall into on my commute when everything else is hectic. I’m also 2/3 of the way through Looking for Jake, a collection of short stories by China Mieville. I promised myself I’d read more of him recently. Also, (and Brynn has every right to be annoyed with me) I got halfway through, then set aside, a book I was reading with Brynn called The Unreal Life of Sergey Nabokov by Paul Russell. It’s queer, it’s tangentially related to Vlad and TRLOSK, but so tangential that I got a bit bored. I’ll go back to it eventually.
Next in the stack are the third Magicians book by Lev Grossman, The Tenth of December by George Saunders (both on loan from Pal), The Scar, another by Mieville I picked up for a couple bucks, and a reread of The Raven Cycle once again. Because why fucking not. 

I’m so bad at tagging. how about….  I miss @smokeandsong @neverwhere, @the-oxford-english-fangeek, @homosociallyyours @msaether and @mcxi, so i’d love to hear from you. also go for it, Brynn and Boots, my dears. (that’s eight. you make nine. yes, you.)


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Hi Memory, are you working on any new Steve/Tony fics - I've been re-reading your fics today and it's been such a lovely experience, thank you that :)

Thank you!  I will actually be posting a new fic (and a very, very long one at that) tomorrow for the Marvel Big Bang, and a second fic (also long and for the same fest) in a week from now.  The former is Steve/Tony, the latter is Tony and Natasha friendship with Steve/Tony on the side.  

As for my current fic, I’m not entirely sure how much Steve/Tony will slip in, as it’s definitely not the focus of things, but there might be some.  Now that I’m no longer writing with the intent to post to a certain community, I’m focusing on other things that aren’t the romance and that’s allowing me to explore new things.  

I’m really glad you’ve been enjoying my old fics though!  Hopefully the new ones won’t disappoint.