• Will: You know what I'm saying?
  • Jem: You don't even know what you're saying

Waitress: Hello, I’m Michelle. I’ll be your waitress for this evening. What would you like to order?

Mina: Noot noot. Noot noot noot noot. Noot noot.

Waitress: [Confused] Ummm…

Waiter: You take my table. I’ve got this.

Waiter: So that was the salmon and tuna ceviche to start?

Mina: Noot noot noot. Noot noot noot.

Waiter: Paccheri Luganica as your main. And to drink?

Mina: Noot.

Waiter: The house wine. I’ll bring you your meal shortly. Noot noot.

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i would like to recommend “no strings attached” by musvitten it’s an absolutely phenomenal fic and quite emotional, the writing is so spot on and it’s a masterpiece

yes omg thanks for the rec! - Karri

No Strings Attached by musvitten (1/1 | 49,736 | Mature)

“So… he just shows up at your door?” Pidge squinted at him, adjusting their glasses.


“Do you know where he lives?” More squinting.


“What’s his major?”


Pidge sighed in frustration, dropping their sandwich onto the table in favor of tugging at their hair strands.

“Lance, what do you even know?”

(minor hunk/shay)

-mark being in love

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  • okay this is gonna be very fluffy
  • i’m just saying 
  • he’d be such an adorable baby when he’s in love
  • he’d feel so happy and there would be a smile glued on his face
  • you’d give him all these types of emotions that he can’t explain
  • he doesn’t mind it at all because he really enjoys all of it
  • when you walk near him or even just turn around
  • he’d have these butterflies flying in his stomach
  • your presence amazes him and everything you do is so special 
  • it’s like it doens’t even matter what you do
  • as long as it’s you nothing matters
  • you’re the only thing he wants and loves to see
  • you’d probably have no idea of him liking you though
  • his friends do hype you up and joke around
  • but you wouldn’t really take it that seriously
  • until he’d suddenly chase after you
  • he’d look out to places you visit and secretely note them down
  • preparing and imaging a date inside of his head
  • if things weren’t real for now
  • why wouldn’t he be able to dream of it?
  • at night he picks his pillow and pretends it’s you
  • hugging it so tightly as if he couldn’t live without it
  • kissing it out of adoration
  • his friends wouldn’t tell a thing because he forbid them to say a word
  • keeping it all lowkey
  • but somehow still prepared to reveal it to you
  • a day he’d just stand there
  • in front of you with a box of chocolates in his hand
  • and some fresh flowers in his other hand
  • the idea would be so clear to you already
  • he was going to confess
  • and indeed he did
  • telling you each word that has been running through him
  • the feelings he feels for you and his beating heart
  • the love he can’t control and that is so pure
  • you
  • you were his true love and it was time to be honest about it
  • as he’d confess you’d end up blushing and smiling
  • his sweetness that was innocent made you fall
  • you’d happily accept his love for you and he’d thank you
  • you two were about to be the cutest couple on earth
  • and mark would be the happiest boy alive
  • since he’s got what he dreamed of ..
  • you 


Your art @kmmcm keeps getting BETTER each time you post. I saw some stuff on instagram and looked back at the art you made from the beginning of the year. Dude. Major progress has been made. You’ve proved that practice makes perfect.

If you’re on instagram and you are not following kmmcmdraws, then what are you even doing on there? Fuckin’ follow her lol there’s art on there that’s not posted here. Get on it.


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you're literally an idiot and you've never cited sources and a quick wikipedia read would prove you're full of shit

What are you even talking about lmao

Dear Self,

It’s okay.

You can eat fast food.

You can have pizza.

You can have Halloween treats and candies.

Stop punishing yourself with severe restriction when you don’t even know what you’re guilty of.

Life is short.

The anxiety of all this will kill you faster than the calories ever will.

It’s okay.



hate and negativity are hurtful things but coming from people close to you idk it just wrecks you. don’t be that person. don’t hate on others, don’t bring others down just to lift yourself up, that’s not how it should work. please promise me you’ll try to spread as much love and positivity as you can. you don’t even know what an impact you make. you’ll be making others happy but most importantly yourself. always.💛

On a side note it’s pretty funny to learn about software testing with MysMe Another Story still on my mind …I think trying to be professional at Mint Eye’s would probably not work out too well lol.

Just imagine MC going crazy like

“What do you mean I’m supposed to beta test this app when nobody has tested the whole thing before, not even you? What do you mean there’s only one single tester - am I expected to do everything??”

“What do you mean I only have to report my results by word of mouth?? What do you mean you don’t have any documentation?? How the hell do you people work??”

“I bet I won’t be able to test a single thing like this.”

”Oh wow, it actually started and seems to be running stably! Amazing. Certainly didn’t expect that.“

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15, 16 and 17 for Slo and Bos please!~

((15. What is something about your OC can make you laugh?

 For Slovenia its his sense of humor cuz its very similar to mine and it switches a lot between self deprecating jokes and and “I am the absolute best and no one is even close to my level” which is very much how I function as well and for Bosnia it is his attitude of like…confusion where if you ask him something he is gonna be like “what?” even though he heard you and just as you start repeating your question he realizes what you asked and answers. Hes just a confused child and I love it

16. What is something about your OC can make you cry? 

Bosnia in general is a very sad character to me cuz he is that type where he is always sad but he is always smiling and those are the type of characters/people that literally kill me. Slovenia is his loneliness and the general idea that he has of not belonging anywhere. Ahhh my boys they hurt my heart

17.Is there some element you regret adding to your OC or their story?

I don’t think I can regret anything in their story because it is…history and I can’t alter it at all but I do regret the amount of scars I gave to Bosnia because I think I overdid it but I think it has kind of become his thing so I don’t want to change it anymore you know? I regret nothing for Slovenia he is perfect and I love his design 

Justin: Okay, is there a math check? What are you talking about?

Griffin: Yeah, it’s your fucking brain. You use your brain to add numbers together.

Justin: Ok, 16.

Griffin: What are you even doing?

Justin: I’m seeing if Taako knows this, and I have 16 out of 20.

Griffin: 16 out of 20 shot of knowing the history, the inventor of math in this fantasy world, is what you’re rolling to check?

Justin: Like, the history of this fantasy world, yes! Like, Griffin, I love you, you’re my brother, but if my skill called HISTORY does not literally help me with HISTORY trivia questions in a category called HISTORY, what are we even fucking doing here?

this was the best part of the night by far.
here i am, stood in front of not only thousands of people (which is one of my biggest fears), but asking my IDOLS: the dumbest fucking question of my life.
i was so nervous i didn’t even know what to say.
you know what?
screw it.
i know i’m cringey, and i don’t even care.
this was one of the best moments of my entire life.
thank you guys for being so nice to me, it really helped my confidence.
so thanks.