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What inspired you to create all these characters and the stories because I need to get on your level of creativity? 😂

hi bbbbbyyyyyy <3333

and omgggg idkkk i’ve always just enjoyed coming up with different characters in my head or making new sims in game and then going from there.

i sometimes get this question and i never really know how to respond to it cause i’m a pretty boring person. like i don’t watch tv and can barely keep up with any type of series on netflix and i feel like that’s usually how people get their inspo from these days or when creating new characters. i’ll read things here and there or see everyday things online that’ll catch my attention and sometimes i’ll incorporate that into what i’m doing i guess.

like i was just speaking to Babs (squsisihccycyy told you it’s Babs from now on and you will deal) this week about how i don’t compare myself to other people but only to myself. like i won’t look at someone else’s blog and go “wow, i wish i was doing that” or “i wonder how i can achieve something like that”. like it probably sounds silly but i’ll look at my past experiences and compare it to how i’ve grown from it as a person and i think that helps me with trying to remain consistent with everything. i’m always looking in my archives or going through my old tags to see how things have changed and i guess in a way that inspires me a little bit to be better than i was 2 or 3 months or even years ago. 

i’m always thinking about my chars and playing out different scenarios in my head and how they’d react to obstacles in their way or new people that may enter their life. i’m constantly in photoshop messing around with stuff to see how i can make my pictures look better because i get very bored of an editing style after a few weeks of doing it. 

i guess really i just take everything day by day like it’s why i always say i don’t really plan anything out anymore.. something can pop into my head and i’ll just roll with it after making sure it makes sense of course.

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Y'all people calling white people the worst is actually racist as well. I understand there are a lot of predominantly white shows, but there are shows that show diversity. There shouldn’t be shows that have a mostly black cast. Look at shows that have diversity and push for those to stay on the air.

hoe shut the fuck up what are you even talking about???????? Bitch trying to come at me w reverse racism….. motherfucker youre one of those fucks who only support representation if it’s side characters, I see your nasty ass

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And honestly, Pitch was unrealistic. There is professional women’s softball for a reason. It may not be as popular, but it exists.

Um yeah okay, THAT’S unrealistic. Motherfucker, go back to sucking supernatural’s dick, eh?

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can alex like.,,make up his mind? when he's accused of sexualizing children in yansim he states they're all adults so therefore his panty obsession is okay. then when he's criticized on the violent nature AND the panty shots he says they're just schoolchildren in school. like...,, do you even know what you're making anymore?

Wow!!!!! I don’t even know what to say!! You’ve all been so kind and I just want to say to my mutuals, that I love you, and to all my followers that I appreciate you and am so grateful that I get to see your positivity every day! This fandom is so sweet and kind, I feel so at home. Honestly I don’t know what I would do with out this amazing support from all of you~ If you have any suggestions of ways I could celebrate and possibly give back to you guys or the community, feel free to drop by my inbox or reply to this post! I hope you all have a lovely day and continue to enjoy my blog!! 💛💛

like what do you even quote

can i quote two entire episodes

what do i do now

how do i watch those episodes again until the ghosthunters salt and burn my grave


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Doesn't it make you uncomfortable when people constantly say they wish you were bigger? It's the exact same thing as people telling someone they wish that person was skinnier, no?

It makes me a little uncomfortable because it’s like saying “you’re pretty hot but you know what would make you even hotter is _____”.

Like it’s kind of like someone is giving me a sort of insult, even though I know they [probably] don’t mean it that way. 

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ok i know i'm like a million years late but. infernum holly shit, a. did you delete it on ao3? the links won't work for me and i have a NEED b. yoonmin so help me god i'm not usually a yoonmin kind of person even what have you done to me c. i haven't actually read the story, just went through the tag, so maybe. was there a moment the others realized just how powerful jimin is (and as bitter side affect, weak?) like after he maybe once needed to use his powers in front of them?

a. Yeah, I did :’D

b. the power of yoonmin kehehe

c. There is a moment when he does have to use his powers and everyone is shook af but they only really realize just how powerful he actually is waaay later

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Last movie I watched - It’s been sooo long since I’ve watched a movie… Maybe a Pirates of the Caribbean? Idk

Last song I listened to - Hook, Line and Sinker by Royal Blood

Last book I read - The Brethren by John Grisham (seriously if y’all haven’t read anything John Grisham what are you even doing with your lives)

Last thing I ate - Homemade chicken nuggets (basically all I live off rn)

Where would you want to time travel to? - Nowhere, I’m not a time travel fan

Fictional character I would hang out with for a day - Zaphod Beeblebox, now that would be some real banter

If I could be anywhere right now, where would it be? - Well I’m in my bed rn and let’s be real where else would you ever want to be

Current fandom obsession - I don’t really do obsession but it would probably be F1 (who would have thought)

I have no clue who’s already done this so I’m going to tag @hulkieswonderland@dannyricciardo, @formula1trash, @carlosainzz, @danyandcarlos, @verstapt and @verstapping

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I hate you, now fuck me

How Until My Feet Bleed by @kazliin Should Have Ended

Part of him still couldn’t believe that Yuuri was finally here with him, that this was real and not just another dream….

Digging one of his hands into the skin of Viktor’s back… slowly taking him apart, Yuuri looked at him, face flushed and staring at Viktor with an intensity that made it impossible to look away.

“I hate you.” Yuuri breathed and his eyes held none of the warmth or joy that Viktor had been feeling just seconds before. “Now fuck me.”

The words hit him like a punch to the gut and Viktor felt his fingers still in shock, the words so unexpected and unexpectedly painful that every muscle in his body froze and locked in place….


Victor snapped back, the rush hitting him like he was slamming back down on the ice again. To hear those words spoken outloud was a slap to the face and a plunge off a cliff, straight down the sheer rock face of confusion. Because the last time he was in a hotel room with Yuuri, he had been hearing softly muttered confessions imitating affection, and the sharp twist of reality was too much to ignore.

The chill in Yuuri’s eyes melted at Victor’s outburst, honey brown widening in betrayal of his shock. Whatever haze of lust and alcohol fleeted from them in stark reaction, and Yuuri seemed as frozen as Victor, except for his fingers trembling, curled into the bedsheets.

One breath take in an attempt to calm the mix of emotions threatening to spill forth, and Victor permitted it all burst forward despite himself. “Why are you even here then?”

Just like that, Victor saw all the confidence drain from Yuuri’s face, leaving him pale and then scrambling for shoved aside bedding to cover himself. Victor didn’t bother.

“Yuuri, I don’t-…” Years of questions leapt through every part of his mind, brawling to be the first to fall from his tongue just so he could finally hope to grasp at a single note of understanding. The most and least simple being, “why?”

If emotions and confusion, insistent need to understand were at battle inside himself, it looked like a war was raging through Yuuri. His gaze locked with Victor’s and yet he still looked torn between wanting to cling to it and to flee, clutching at the bedsheets which he brought up to cover himself, suddenly modest. “Why what?”

The tremor in his voice was all that Victor needed. “Why do you… I don’t get you, Yuuri! What the hell did I do to merit you dancing with me one moment and telling me you hate me as you try to sleep with me the next?”

A heartbeat passed. Then two.

Yuuri opened his mouth, no words coming forth, and then shut it. His eyebrows arched high into bangs messed from the heated lead up, and then his expression fell. And hardened. His red, swollen lips pursed into a thin line, and those gorgeous eyes narrowed. It almost startled Victor, to recognize in that moment the contempt he had often seen directed at him when on the podium.

“This! Exactly this!” Yuuri snapped, dropping the bedsheet as he leaned forward, closing the distance Victor placed between them. “The fact that you don’t even care enough to remember!”

“Remember what?!” Every memory of his interaction with Yuuri flashed by, but none of them could account for hate, at least not in Victor’s mind. “What I said to you in the bathroom that one time? That was–”

“No! Before that! You were my idol, Victor, and you broke my heart!”

Before that… Desperately, Victor searched every shred of memory, every hint of an interaction with Yuuri that he had treasured no matter how tense or distant, but there was nothing. “What, Yuuri, I would never–”

“You did!” Yuuri’s words cut in and Victor let him, watching the flush of arousal on Yuuri’s skin turn to one of anger and irritation instead. “I worshipped you and you insulted me. You belittled me. I was just a kid…” Yuuri inhaled a shaky breath and the dam broke. “I went to see you, when you skated your last Junior season. I got tickets as a birthday present, because I wanted nothing more than to see you skate. And after you won, I… I waited outside for you, to get your autograph. And I met you.”

It wasn’t ice in Yuuri’s eyes anymore. It wasn’t fire. It was what Victor had felt so close to, so many times himself, could recognize instantly. Defeat.

“You… you broke my heart, Victor, when I met you…”

Broken did not seem to be enough. Victor shattered, cascading into shards that littered the cold floor beside them. “I… I don’t remember.”

“Of course you don’t. I was just one fan. And you have so many. Why should you?”

He should have. Why didn’t he. “But Yuuri, it’s you. How could I not remember you?” Why would he though. Yuuri was right. He would have just been another face in the crowd. Yet Victor felt like he should. Of all the faces, of people, he should have remembered Yuuri. What had he even said.

“You didn’t. You… I just-… how many other hearts did you break, Victor? How many other dreams did you step on? Or did you forget all of those too?”

The shards fragmented. Stepped on and crushed by each syllable being confessed. He had met Yuuri, broken his heart, and couldn’t even recall how. Couldn’t even begin to guess. “Yuuri, I’m sorry-”

“Whatever,” Yuuri sighed, then shoved off the bed, but Victor reached over and grabbed his hand before Yuuri could grab his clothes off the floor, grateful for when Yuuri stopped and did not jerk away.

“Yuuri, don’t please…” He needed to understand. He would not be content to leave it at that. “You… at the Olympics, you got drunk… you told me that you liked me. Or that you liked my hair, and my eyes. So I know you can’t hate me. Not completely. And Yuuri, I don’t hate you. Please, I just need to understand, so that if I need to spend the rest of my life apologizing to you, I can mean it. So please tell me. Help me remember. Or at least, help me understand.”

Conflict writ itself in bold across Yuuri’s face, but the tension in his shoulders softened and the pull of his wrist in Victor’s hand ebbed away. The digital clock display on the hotel bedstand switched minutes, and Yuuri pulled at his lower lip with his teeth, then nodded. “Okay but… let me put something on first?”

There was a blush tinting Yuuri’s cheeks, softening him into a vision Victor had only seen in Phichit’s photos before, of a delicate Yuuri that Victor had never been permitted to see in the flesh before now. His chest felt too small for his heart as it swelled with the affection Victor had already been so bad at containing.

Without the briefest moment of hesitation, Victor rushed to the corner of the room, grabbing one of his shirts from closet since he had now regrettably torn Yuuri’s. He draped it across Yuuri’s shoulders with a gentleness that Yuuri did not seem to believe.

“I think we probably have a lot to talk about.” Victor tried to smile and felt it bloom into a real one when Yuuri scoffed, a thread of amusement and understatement so clearly wrapped around it.

“Yeah… I think… we really do.”

(The moral of the story: communication can happen, if you behave like a good person and put your dick away for just a hot second)


pairing: jungkook x reader

genre: angst

word count: 1,186

description: “Pull over. Let me drive for a while.”

note: I kind of decided to start this out of the blue. There are days when I want to write, but I don’t necessarily know what, so that’s why I’m starting this. They won’t be everyday or on a schedule, just purely to test out different aus and such. But yeah, hope you guys enjoy!  ♡ 


It had been exactly two hours and twenty-seven minutes of torturous silence.

The only sound that managed to break through was the low hum of the car engine as the landscape turned into miles and miles of endless trees lining both sides of the road. Not even the radio was playing in an attempt to stunt the pained thoughts that you couldn’t seem to stop from cycling through your mind.

One more day. That’s it. That’s all you have left together.

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