Some Notes on Witchy Tumblrs

Okay so…I was thinking about how I often recommend tumblr as a resource to people who want to get started in witchcraft, and how that might be confusing if you’re not already familiar with the witchy branch of tumblr.

You guys, we are some wordy bitches. Yes, some of us like our pretty pictures of crystals and candles just as much as the rest of tumblr, but you’re about 85% more likely to find us adding on five paragraphs of text to the image. (And we tend to think it’s rude, actually, if you delete that text we wrote in order to reblog the picture. That one can be really hard to adjust to!)

And we respond to each other, and have conversations. My friend who mostly does fandom on tumblr was actually shocked by this, and continues to not understand it, haha. 

Most of us don’t mind a (polite!) ask thrown our way about what we do (although you’ll understand that there are some things people don’t want to reveal, so respect the boundaries y’all!) and are willing to explain our view of concepts and techniques you may be having a hard time with.

Also, I like to imagine that we all like our shit sourced. Let’s make that a thing.

So, basically…


I’m not just blowing you guys off, I promise!