Look at my art. I actually spent about six hours on this if not more O_O @markiplier pls notice this

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you are changed, thorin!

              the dwarf i met in bag end would never have gone back on his word!

                                                                would never have doubted the loyalty of his kin!


At some point during the [parabatai] speeches, Jem had slipped quietly from his chair and disappeared through the doors to Angel Square. Tessa had dropped her napkin and hurried after him; as the doors closed, Emma could see them on the dimly lit steps. Jem had his head down on Tessa’s shoulder.

- Cassandra Clare, Lady Midnight

But imagine
“Hi baby girl. How are you” you creep around the corner and hear Luke talking to your daughter. She’s only 2 months but he hasn’t left her alone since she came out of your body. “Daddy missed you. I left mommy sleeping so you’re stuck with me for your midnight feeding.” You smile big. You were awake, you just wanted him to get her. Plus he would have just told you to go back to sleep. He loves taking care of her. No matter how much he denies that she has him wrapped around her tiny finger, he always gets up to check on her or feed her. You sit in the hallway and listen to him talk to your baby. “I don’t know about you but I love mommy a lot. She used to tell me that she wanted to marry me but I never believed her. I was caught up in my band and life on the road. I didn’t think she was going to stick around. But your Uncle Calum told me she wasn’t going anywhere so I better get serious. Once I proposed to your mommy I knew my life was set. I had my band & my girl, what more could I possibly want? A year later, she tells me I’m going to be a dad. I don’t think it hit me until I held you in my arms. I knew then that my life was complete. I had my boys and now my girls. I love my life.” You smile ear to ear and tear up listening to him. You knew you changed his life but you didn’t know how he felt about it. You hear him lay her down and sigh. You stand up and look in the room. “I love you princess. You’re daddy’s whole world. Besides from your mommy.” You watch him lean down and kiss her chubby cheek. You run back to the bedroom and get under the covers before he comes in. You hear the door shut and you roll over. “How is she?” You ask trying not to seem suspicious. “She’s great. Why are your eyes red?” Were you creeping on us?“ He climbs in bed and wraps his arms around you. You scoot your back against his chest and hold on to his hands. "I don’t know what you’re talking about.” He kisses your head and hugs you tighter. “You guys are the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I love you babe. And I love that little girl in there with all of my heart.” You feel a tear escaping from your eyes. “I love you Luke. Always know that.”

facing luke while sitting in between his legs, and it’s nothing dirty, it’s just a mundane habit you guys would do almost every day, and you’d be discussing something really serious, but luke would interrupt you mid-sentence with a, “you’re beautiful, did you know that?” and you would blush so hard and hide your face in his chest out of pure embarassment, and he’d just wrap his arms around you, chuckling, and muttering the words “what a cutie you are, honeypiee”