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Yo i just found your blog and i am IN LOVE WITH IT. Can i request Tamaki cuddeling with his s/o? Headcanon or scenario, it's your choice! <3

Jsjajan THANK YOU!! And yaaay!  A happy and cuddly Tamaki is the best Tamaki :))

Amajiki Tamaki

  • It took a while for Tamaki to get used to the act of cuddles. It was so foreign to him and he used to be a nervous wreck at even the quickest of hugs. Now, although he does still blush, he can proudly say he’s mastered the art of cuddles.
  • When cuddling, Tamaki prefers to be the little spoon. There’s something so comforting about being held close to his s/o in such an intimate way that is addicting.
  • He especially appreciates hugs and cuddles from his s/o if he has had a stressful day. Being able to talk about it while nuzzling into their warm body can always cheer Tamaki up.
  • Gets really embarrassed if someone walks in while he and his s/o are in the middle of cuddling. He gets far too worked up at the thought of PDA. 
  • The first time someone walked in while he and his s/o were having a cuddle session he physically threw his body away from them, hiding his face in his knees at being caught.
  • Kiss Tamaki’s ears when cuddling into him and the boy shall melt~.
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          Misha Ge 4CC 2017 Exhibition Skate Routine 

Misha Ge is fricking adorable okay and he deserves to have the huge fan-base he apparently has. 

Super active in social media, mixes his own music and choreographs his own dances. I think he does fundraisers and awareness things, too? On top of being the only representative of his home country of Uzbekastan in the international figure skating circuit (I’m pretty sure). He’s just out there to have a good time and represent. This kid is beautiful.