super self indulgent dgm x fates crossover i’ve been dying to do 

explanations of the classes under a read more because i love to talk abt fe crossovers

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This is kinda stupid and you don't have to respond but maybe this could inspire you to do something better :)

Les mis theory (not the best but I tried)
Les Mis Connection to Hamilton, Hunchback Of Notra Dame and Phantom of the opera
Years they take place
Les Mis- 1832
Hunchback of notra dame- 1482
Hamilton- 1776-1804/ 1834
Phantom Of the opera- 1870
Characters we are trying to connect
Enjorlas ( les Mis) - 1807-1832 (25)
Cossette ( Les Mis)- 1815-??? (16/17 in the novel)
Marius (Les Mis)- 1810-??? (22/23 in the novel)
Fantine (Les Mis)- 1796-1823 (27) (she was 19 when Cossette was born)
Valjean (Les Mis)- 1769-1832 (63 presumably)
Phoebus (hunchback)- 1455-??? ( guessing on his age)
Fleur-de-Lys de Gondelaurier (hunchback)- 1465-??? ( guessing on her age)
Erick ( Phantom of the opera) - 1785-1870 (around 80)
Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette (Hamilton)- 1757-1834 (76)
Thomes Jefferson (Hamilton)- 1743-1826 (83)

Okay, WOW.  Let me just interrupt right here and say just having these characters and people in a neat group for time like this is excellent and sure to be useful! Thank you!

And I hope you don’t mind I’ve put the theory proper under the cut to save dashes. (warning to all: LONG post. Really, really long. SORRY MOBILE USERS.) (Also CW for ableism, racism, slavery, and everything else you might expect to see with the stories of the above characters.)

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lady gaga is my favorite kpop artist

anonymous asked:

I think thanks to you drawing a lot of TOX/TOZ crossover I want to write my own Shepherd!Milla story? Though I do have to ask if Milla's a Shepherd would that make Sorey Maxwell a thing?

I’m so glad. Please write it. This will make me and a lot of people very happy.

and if that’s what you want to believe then sure why not

also lmao Mikleo as his handmaid tho


Utapri invaded Kuroshitsuji… Again

Part 1


Is nobody going to talk about the fact that in the first Captain America, Bucky went on a date with Clara? Seems the soundtrack wasn´t the only thing Cap stole from the Doctor. Maybe they even made sure Bucky´d survive the fall, so history wouldn´t get screwed, which would be one more heartbreaking story of how they´d have to leave someone behind to suffer in order to make everything alright in the end. Omg. I need to write this.