this episode though oh my GOD it’s so embarrassingggggggg Riker just wants someone to hang out with but all of his friends are hanging out without him - Picard’s in his ready room, presumably drinking tea and being grumpy, Geordi and Data are painting, Tasha & Worf are playing parrises squares, Beverly has Very Important Adult Business with some cybernetics expert, and Wesley’s extremely busy being diligent and overeager on the bridge with the Bynars SO RIKER HARRUMPHS OFF AND GENERATES HIS OWN FRIEND IN THE HOLODECK and then just as he’s deciding she looks good enough to bone Picard walks in on him and Riker just accepts this massive cockblock because it’s the fucking captain AND THE THREE OF THEM JUST SIT AROUND A TABLE AWKWARDLY OMFG, RIKER, PICARD, AND HIS BRUNETTEJAZZFUCKFANTASY and Picard’s playing dumb like oh how splendid this computer technology really is fascinating ho hum look how clever she is did you know the computer can speak French amazing and then Riker finally admits he’s having The Weirdest LoveBoner for this holochick probably hoping for some sensible fatherly advice BUT INSTEAD OF TELLING HIS FIRST OFFICER NOT TO BANG/FALL IN LOVE WITH A CG IMAGE OF A WOMAN DESIGNED TO MANIPULATE HIM HE LITERALLY SAYS “Doesn’t love always begin that way? With the illusion being more real than the woman?” AND NO PICARD, NO IT DOES NOT WHAT ARE YOU EVEN SAYING and only then does Picard choose to take his leave, like, well, good luck with that sex you were about to have two hours ago Number One wink wink nudge nudge