Big Bang's reactions to their gf getting a kiss from a girl

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Have you been well? I just finished watching a drama called Oh My Venus. It is so good. If you haven’t watched it yet, you totally should! 

Hope you like it~


You were at a party together and you were fooling around with one of your friends. You’ve known each other for the whole life. You drank too much and started dancing sexy around her and flirting with her since you did that when you are drunk. You were too close to each other and you kissed. You haven’t realized it so you just danced on. T.O.P saw everything and got concerned because you drank too much, although he was pretty drunk too. He got a little more concerned the next day, thinking you might leave him because you might like girls more. He asked you about it and was relieved to hear you only love him.
“Thank God. You scared the hell out of me. Do you even remember what you did yesterday? No? I think that’s better… hahahaha…”

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You invited your few close friends to your house for a sleepover. It was childish but you knew they all liked that when you were young. You ended up drinking too much whiskey and singing too loud. While you were drunk af you played truth or dare. Your best friend from the USA- David, dared you to kiss your best friend. You did it since you didn’t think it was such a big deal to kiss her. GD was pretty shocked to see you kiss a girl so thoughtlessly. He was angry for doing such a stupid dare, but when you sobered up he realized he was overreacting.
“You could’ve just said you have a boyfriend…”

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You invited him to a club you were once going when you were younger. You knew almost everyone and he didn’t know anyone. It was quite weird for him there. He just wanted to dance with you and he ended up buying drinks. At the bar, he turned back to find you when he saw you kissing another girl. He was really shocked and didn’t know what to do. He thought he should leave without saying but he knew it can’t be what he was thinking of. He came to you and dragged you out to talk. He wanted to know what was that about and he couldn’t believe you would kiss someone else while he is your boyfriend.
“Ya. What was that? Am I nothing to you? How can you kiss another person while I’m only 10 meters away?”

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You were only turning 20 so you decided to have a big birthday party. You invited all of your friends to a big club where you had a party. It was a party where you drank so much alcohol, you haven’t even dreamed about. You couldn’t think straight with that much alcohol in your blood, so you ended up kissing one of your good friends. Daesung saw it and thought it was funny to see you kiss a girl but he wasn’t worried because he knew you are faithful to him and you would never cheat on him right at his face. He would still laugh the next day when you remembered everything.
“Hahahahaha… You remember? That’s great… YOU REMEMBER WHO YOU KISSED BESIDES ME???”

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He was currently working in the USA and you were there with him. You got a lot of new friends there and they took you to a club. You drank shots and cocktails and danced all over each other. Since your vision was a little blurry after all those drinks you kissed one of your friends. It was a drunk mistake but you both laughed at the fact you kissed. Seungri was at first jealous and angry but he knew you had more desire to kiss him than her, so he did not worry about it. He even joked about it later when you came back to the States.
“Are you serious? Why? A mistake… huh…”

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Hit me with that cute shit and do Gwen for the love meme

*tries to remember what this is in reference to because it’s been forever* RIIIIIGHT! Okay, let’s do this.

When they discover they’ve got a crush:

I imagine with Gwen it gets increasingly difficult for her to recognize that she has a crush, with each time it doesn’t work out. (Either because you subscribe to my hc that she has a long string of failed relationships with douchebags or the idea that she’s an awkward nerd who’s never had a date, or something in-between.)

Anyway, I figure her immediate response is panic, then denial, then “oh fuck.” Probably in greater or lesser amounts depending on the likelihood of her crush feeling the same way.

How they confess/hint:

Aaaaaavoidance! Either until it goes away (ha, yeah right) or it just kinda … explodes out of her. She didn’t necessarily pick up her repressive, “shove these feelings down into a tiny box” tendencies from David, but it’s something I like to think they have in common. Self-medication — either through doctor-approved methods or … less doctor-approved methods — is probably another one.

Big gestures of love:

Anger. And panic.

If she’s yelling at you for being a goddamn idiot who could’ve gotten yourself killed, what the fuck were you thinking you absolute moron who the hell let you even leave the house without a chaperone for fu … Yeah, when you reach that point you know it’s love.

Also, going along with insane plans like ruining Parent’s Day (or, hell, having Parent’s Day) to take your most difficult camper out to pizza even though that might cost you your jobs. That, too.

Little gestures of love:

Canon: Ben & Jerry’s, urging you to take a break, learning your stupid shitty camp song and singing it

My headcanon: Calling you an idiot and lame, smiling/laughing 100% more than happens in canon because goddamn it I just need to hear my beautiful girlfriend laugh please I’ll do it myself if I have to

How to win their heart:

Watch trash TV with her. Take her to see some sort of live fighting — pro wrestling might be too corny, but boxing? Martial arts? Hell to the fuck yeah — share your opinions about bad YA romance, listen to her talk about … anything.

Just please, someone listen to her. No one listens to her. She knows so much and is so enthusiastic about sharing information and no one cares.

How to break their heart:

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Shades of green

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Fandom: Once Upon A Time
Pairing: Rumplestiltskin/Mr. Gold x (fairy)reader
Genres: mild angst, jealousy, fluff
Words: 1.480
Summary: Gold is jealous, seeing you flirt with others. After one event, you decide to confront him - requested by Anonymous

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Seriously, “I saved you” and “I was going to ask you to stay” are the biggest loads of emotionally manipulative bullshit since “there’s hope”. And…I…love it! Bc (as laid out in this post by @mwendesunstar) that’s been Fitz’s M.O. with Olivia for years. Jake once broke it down for her like a set of Legos, that Fitz manipulated her, made her feel like she owed him, and left her feeling like “the biggest fool” in the room. But my, my, how the turntables… Of course, this dude is already too foolish and arrogant to realize he’s a damn plaything. That Olivia’s absorbed some of her father’s methods, and taken Fitz’s specific brand of power and coercion over her and seemlessly turned it against him, while letting him believe it’s for his benefit. Which is made even more ridiculous by the fact that he knows good and well people stay trying to use him or work thru him. But if they’re smart enough and know him well enough to push the exact right buttons, it’s like temporary blindness. He can’t see it, and he falls right in where they want him. Rowan knows he has a big-ass ego based on a whole bunch of nothing, so what’s his string of choice to pull? Simple flattery, particularly as a man and a politician. And altho Fitz has heard Rowan tell him to his face how ain’t shit he thinks he is several times, once he starts getting verbally patted on the back, he buys it hook line and sinker, every time. But as Liv once told her father, she’s got other weapons in her arsenal to wield on Fitz.

The reason why Liv’s new mantra that she “saved” him rings so hollow, nonsensical, and just plain false is bc that’s exactly what it is (along with everything else about their relationship). The very reason her What If daydream is a What If is bc she never did save him. If anything, she and the Defiance cabal damned him to a horrendous eight years. That ship has sailed. And obviously she knows this, and he knows this. But she figured out that she can tug on the wish fulfillment factor of her saving him. Logically it makes no sense, but what else is O/itz built on if not a bunch of fake-ass fantasy?

And then she goes and lays it on extra thick with that “I was gon’ ask you to stay” mess. And I gotta switch to 2nd-person POV and quote her mama on that one, bc, Girl…BYE. Bish, no you weren’t! LOL, you absolutely were not! So he can stay and do what, exactly? Please. Admittedly, I kind of bought it at first myself, just thinking it was bc there was no way in Hell you were about to go to Vermont, and certainly no way you were gonna carry on a long-distance relationship with that man (like some folks seem to think is a legit possibility. LOL!). But in hindsight it became crystal clear. This wasn’t even about him. This was about how heated you got after you blackmailed David into telling you what was up with that stash of cash. And how you’d be damned if you let somebody else run a resurrected B613, that’s your birthright, huh? If anybody’s gon’ be new Command up in here, it’s gon be you, end of story. Dude had to go. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ And good job sending him off feelin all good about himself, this break-up was certainly more pleasant than the last one. And he thinks it was all about his well-being and your love for him. …HA! Well, just like you peeped Cyrus on those monument steps, the more discerning members of the audience peeped the hell outta you. And what really sells it for me is that you told that poor unsuspecting fool you’ve seen what B613 does to people and you didn’t want that for him. Then you turn around and run it yourself. LMAO, we see yo ass! What a load of bologna. So anyways, props for the check mate on your daddy. Last time you called his bluff you only got over bc he let you, all a part of his plan. This time he didn’t even see you coming. All hail the Queen Predator, I guess.

"Claimed" a Daryl Dixon X Reader

It was just another day in the life, the life of the living and The Walking Dead. Since the group had found an empty house to stay in for the night you and Daryl decided to go for a little walk, hoping to catch some squirrels so you wouldn’t have to eat canned food once again for tonight. You’ve known Daryl since the beginning of this new world, he saved you from a whole Hurd of walkers. Ever since that day you’ve been inseparable. Of course the group heavily made fun of that because you two were so…Sexually teasing each other constantly. When said things were brought up both of you denied it. But there was always a little bit of flirting…Grabbing at times but he was ‘just makin’ sure you wouldn’t fall’. Mmhmm. That’s what the hand shaped bruise on your ass says.

You two walked silently for awhile until you both heard a twig snap. Daryl instantly raised his crossbow towards the noise as did you with your gun. It was a man, dirty black hair, shirtless with some very worn out jeans on. Once he saw you two he raised his hands, “Wow wow wow, hey there I didn’t mean anything by that twig snapping. I swear it wasn’t my fault” he said with sass. You rolled your eyes but you couldn’t lie, He was kind of hot. Daryl notices you eyeing him so he stepped in front of you. “Who the hell are you?” Daryl asked. You rolled your eyes at Daryl for being so over protective. At least that’s how you saw it. You stepped besides him and kept your gun raised. “Names David.” The man said, walking closer to the both of you with his hands still up. You stayed wary of him. As always. “Anyone else with you?” You asked. “No. Don’t worry it can be just us later.” He sent you a sexy grin along with a wink. You blushed. It’s…Been awhile. He stepped closer and you swear you saw Daryl about to pull the trigger. It’s not even been a minute and he’s ready for him to be gone. But that’s just Daryl. “You best back off.” Daryl said in his deep, rustic voice in hopes of scaring the guy off. Instead ‘David’ looked at you. You kept your gun raised and ready to fire at him if needed. Though you hoped you wouldn’t have too. He definitely wasn’t sore on the eyes. “Is he holdin’ you against your will? Show me where he touched you” he stepped closer and you backed up. “H-He’s my friend. He wouldn’t do anything to hurt me.” You spoke up. Daryl’s anger and jealousy levels raised as his finger tightened on the trigger. “Now listen here, lover boy, if I were you I’d get movin’. And in the other direction.” Daryl warned him. The man just chuckled at Daryl and looked at him as he slowly lowered his hands. You tightened your grip on your gun, preparing for what you thought was a fight about to break out. “What? I didn’t do anything. Don’t get so worked up over words.” He chuckled then turned back to you. You looked at Daryl worried that he was going to beat the shit out of this guy. But he stood still with his crossbow still aimed at the guys head. “So…You got a group?” He asked. You gave him a look for such sudden question. “Look, I haven’t eaten in days, I’m just trying to find a warm place for the night. And in all honesty, you’re the friendliest-sexist person I’ve seen since the break out.” He smiled softly at you. You couldn’t help but crack a smile but you shook it away fast. “We got a group back a little ways. You can stay with-” Right before you could finish Daryl pulled you aside aggressively. Which was odd for him to act especially towards you. “No. Ain’t no way I’m lettin’ some-some fuckin’ dumbfuckin’ piece of shit like that around our group! Look at the way he’s fuckin’ lookin at you he’s a creeper!” Daryl whispered/Screamed at you. You just rolled your eyes at him and pulled away. “Daryl he’s just going to come back for night. Rick will decide what happens to him. And besides, when did you ever care if someone looked at me and thought I was good looking? You sure never seem to notice.” You rolled your eyes at him and went back over to the David guy. You explained about the situation and that the leader would decide but he could stay for the night. He smiled happily and kept thanking you.

You and David walked ahead of Daryl, talking, laughing, hell even flirting. Daryl only stayed behind a few feet so he could have a clear shot to kill the guy if he hurt you most likely. That and he couldn’t stop thinking about what you said earlier…Of course he thought you were hot and everything…He had deep feelings for you…Feelings you didn’t know about but shared the same for him. His jealousy was clearly obvious. At this point of the walk David was trying to impress you with his stories. You just laughed and smiled at them. And he smiled back. Daryl rolled his eyes in the background. “I’m gonna take a piss.” Daryl said walking off by a tree. You sighed and stopped along with David to wait. “So…Are you two…? Ya know” you simply just giggled at the thought and looks down to hide your blush. “No. We’re…Just friends. We go far back. He’s just protective of his family don’t mind him.” You replied and looked up at David. “Oh…I get it, good. So there won’t be a problem if I did this” he slowly leaned closer and closed his eyes, your eyes widened and you froze. This guy was nice and all but you liked Daryl. Just as his lips nearly touched yours a arrow shot between your faces, it cut only David’s face somehow but he would be fine. “Hey!” David yelled as he backed up and held his forehead. You jumped back and your eyes shot to Daryl with his raised crossbow “Daryl what the hell!? You could’ve killed us!” You yelled at him, completely furious that he’s jealousy almost got you killed. He tossed his crossbow on his back and walked in between you two. “Caught dinner.” He said picking up a possum that was running across and just between you two. You sighed deeply and David just looked shocked and confused. “C'mon let’s get back before dark.” Daryl said as he kept walking. You sighed again, “C'mon.” You motioned for David to follow. Which he did.

Once you arrived at the house David was already making a great first impression on the group. Which pissed Daryl off and led to him storming up the stairs, the important part was that he grabbed your arm and brought you with him. “Daryl what the actual fu-” Before you could finish he took you into his room and slammed the door shut. Right as you were about to question him again he presses his lips against yours, giving you the most deep passionate kiss you’ve ever had or could imagine. Your eyes were wide as you slowly relaxed into it and kissed him back. In the mix of your tongues fighting for dominance and his hands exploring your body you both ended up on the bed. As the kisses deepened he removed your pants and you kicked off your shoes before hand. You broke the kiss to quickly remove his vest and his shirt to which you threw on the floor. He gave you a quick kiss as he pulled off your shirt and tossed it into the floor along with his. Your wrapped your arms around his neck as he slowly slid his hand underneath you and unclipped your bra. He reattached his lips to yours and your hands moved down to his belt. Once it was gone you unbuttoned his pants and he slid them off revealing him to be boxer-less. His member was already way past hard. You bit your lip and he snapped his fingers, your eyes shot to his which he was looking down at you with his deep blue eyes. “Eyes on mine, Sunshine.” He winked and you bit down on your lip harder. You slowly ran to he hands down yourself starting from your collarbone and to your panties. You gripped onto the sides of your panties and went to tug them down as he placed his hands on top of yours. You looked deep into each other’s eyes as you slowly slid your panties down your legs with his help. Once they were gone you leaned back up and kissed him. He ran his fingers through your hair as he pressed you down to the mattress using his body against yours. His other hand explored your body all the way down to your thigh where he caressed it up onto his waist. He started kissing down your neck, playfully bitting in spots causing you to moan out. He looked up at you as he kissed down to your breasts and started sucking on them as his member rubbed against your center. You moaned out and gently tugged on his hair “God damnit Daryl just fuck me!” You yelled and He pulled his head away and looked up at you “You best watch your mouth, sunshine. Might have to-Punish you” he said with a wink as he slowly entered you. You moaned out, letting your head fall back onto the pillow feeling something you’ve been waiting for a long time, pleasure. You bit your lip as he sudden sped up his thrusts, going harder, faster, you were forced to place your hand against the headboard so you wouldn’t slam into it. You moaned out louder, tugging on his hair with your other hand as you wrapped your legs around his waist, letting him go deeper. “What’s my name?” He demanded to know as he slammed into you, his sack slapping against your ass most likely leaving marks. “D-Daryl…” You bit your lip. “Daryl who~?” He asked again, flipping you over and pounding into you from behind. You screamed and gripped onto the head board, getting closer to your high by the second. “D-Dixon! Daryl-Fucking-Dixon” you said In between moans. He grinned and wrapped his arm around you, pulling you back and holding you to his chest as his other hand rubbed little tiny quick circles on your cilt and he continued thrusting into you as you partly sat on his thighs, “That’s right. And you’re mine,” he said bitting your neck leaving a big mark. You screamed with pleasure as you tightened around his throbbing member, hitting your high with a brick as it felt like. You screamed out his name, he grunted as you caused his high to hit. He let his seed fill you to the brim as he thrusted in once more, “Claimed.” He stated.

You both calmed down after a little while and cuddles took place, you went back down stairs fully dressed. Everybody looked at you both oddly. You started blushing deeply concerned that they all just heard-that… You and Daryl sat on the empty couch in the living room with everyone else. They continued to stare but soon went back to their conversation. Just as you went to sit down besides him he grabbed you gently by your hips and sat you down in his lap and kissed your ear. This caught everyone’s attention considering this was not how Daryl usually-or ever is in fact. It especially caught David’s attention. When Daryl notice him starring he grinned and whispered in your ear, something for you to repeat aloud. You blushed deeply and bit your lip, “I’m…Claimed.” You said loud and proud like he had told you too. God this was embarrassing, but hot as well. David at that moment got up and walked outside as everyone else went silent for a few seconds. Daryl grinned happily into your neck as he wrapped his arms around you. “Damn right.” He said with a smirk.

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Daydreaming About You - Luke Hemmings “Smut”

Chapter 9


so apparently this is good. And I only want ot get to the good part. Which will most probably happen soon. I accidentally deleted this and hated myself. Join the blurb night tonight.

Chapter 1 // Chapter 8

After everything that happened yesterday, you didn’t let it get to you because you needed to concentrate on the exam. That is why you have been acting so hostile and stiif this morning, even around your friends and thank god they didn’t ask you about it because they know your ways of coping with things.

The exam went somewhat okay and if not then it doesn’t matter because your life is done anyway. Okay now you are being dramatic but that belongs to your ways of coping. You finish as the second, David first, and you two sit with each other on a table, and even though you know that David is dying to ask what happened, he keeps it in because he knows.

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BETWEEN THE MOUNTAINS AND THE SEA, a fanmix for my one true love (listen here)

1. The Flight of the Faithful || Isildur and Anárion ||For Behold, Darkness Shall Cover the Earth || George Frideric Handel

2. Anórien ||Dawn || Jean-Yves Thibaudet

3. Ithilien || First Light || Jeremy Soule

4. The Rise of Gondor || The Ship-Kings || Polonaise in A, Op. 40, No. 1 - “Military" || Frédéric Chopin

5. Belfalas || Heart of Courage || Two Steps From Hell

6. Lebennin || Waterfall || Jon Schmidt

7. The Kinstrife || Eldacar and Castamir || Elegie, Op. 3, No. 1 || Sergei Rachmaninoff

8. Pelargir || Symphony No. 3 in E Flat Major, Op. 55 - "Eroica” - Scherzo: Allegro Vivace || Ludwig van Beethoven

9. Osgiliath || Campaign Theme II || Paul Romero, Rob King, Steve Baca

10. The Steward and the King || Mardil and Eärnur || The Time Has Come || Epic Score

11. Minas Morgul || Necropolis || Paul Romero, Rob King, Steve Baca

12. Minas Tirith || Heritage of Humanity || Jeremy Soule

13. The Field of Celebrant || Cirion and Eorl || Allegro - Brandenburg Concerto No. 2 in F Major || Ludwig van Beethoven

14. Ered Nimrais || Invincible || Two Steps From Hell

15. Lossarnach || Lilacs, Op. 21, No. 5 || Sergei Rachmaninoff

16. The Steward and the King, reprise || Faramir and Elessar || The Last Words of David || Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra

17. Dol Amroth || Lyra Angelica: Allegro Giubiloso, Andante Con Moto || William Alwyn

18. Minas Anor || Morning (Peer Gynt) || Edvard Grieg

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Congrats! If you're up to it... Setting: General/Non Magic, trope: accidental marriage and secret relationship. All rest is up to you!

Title: Marriage, Mistakes, and Maybe Fate
Wordcount: ~3,100
Disclaimer: Some inspiration for this came from Vic and Val from What I Like About You, because I can’t write about accidental weddings without thinking of them haha.
A/N: Thank you for the prompt, I hope you like it!

“Three months,” Killian said trying desperately to keep his voice even. “Just give it until Dave’s wedding and if you still want an annulment, I won’t argue.”

Emma stopped pacing the room and glanced at him. “Three months?” she asked, voice unreadable.

“Aye love,” Killian nodded, standing up from the hotel mattress before cautiously approaching Emma as though she were a spooked animal. “The best -” his voice cut out on him and he cleared his throat, “The best feeling I’ve ever had in my life, is this pervasive sense of utter calm, the feeling of coming back somewhere you belong and just knowing that you’re home. I’ve only felt that twice, two times in my entire life. The first was when I stepped aboard the Jolly, and the second time,” Killian stepped forward again and was bolstered when Emma didn’t take a step back, “the second time was when I met you.”

Emma inhaled sharply and Killian froze.

“If you’re willing,” he said quietly, “I think we owe it to ourselves to see where this leads. Please Emma, give us a chance.”

“Just three months?” she clarified, gaze meeting his once more.
Killian nodded.

“Okay,” Emma said, and Killian couldn’t help the smile overtaking his face, even as Emma held up a hand and continued to speak. “On one condition…”

Anything,” Killian said, and god he meant it. He would do anything for this woman - for his wife - even if their matrimony had been an accident.

You can’t tell anyone.”

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