Logical definitions?

Fan: Is someone who greatly admires, appreciates their “idol.”

Acquaintance: Is someone that you spend time with on occasion, someone you’re getting to know, but you don’t know them that well. An associate/colleague.

Partner/Comrade: Someone who takes part in an undertaking with another or others, especially in a business or company with shared risks and profits. A companion who shares one’s activities or is a fellow member of an organization.

Good Friend: Is a person whom one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual affection, greatly supports you.

True Friend: Knows who you are better then yourself, always there for you no matter where you go or what you do.  

Best/Close/Buddy/Pal Friend: Is a person whom is very special in your life, always talk to each other every day, hang out buddy, play jokes on each other, etc.  

Like-Brother,Like-sister,”Family”: Even though your not blood-related and come from different mothers, it doesn’t matter in your book. That it IS your long lost sibling in your life and knows you like a book.  

The bad/fake/“label” Friend: Is like a dreamy friend in your eyes but in reality it is a big fat lie. One whom is an irrational backstabber and makes choices in your life, doesn’t care what your opinions are or who you want to be. THEY. ARE. NOT. YOUR. FRIEND. PERIOD.   

Friendship is not a trophy or an award achiever. It takes time, effort, and dedication. There will be fights but it’ll only make your friendship stronger with connection, honesty, and trust. There will be some that come and go in your life. But what’s the most important thing that we tend to forget, is that we can always make more. There are millions upon millions of people out there either good or bad, we are always learning and experiencing new things about ourself and sharing ideas. And always remember, be yourself

Stay true, dudes.~ 

P.S Something to remember by also- If you have a sibling that is like a bully to you, stand up and speak about it, or if you are the bully yourself to your sibling, please stop all together. You do NOT want to end up having your sibling resent you for the rest of your life. Take it from me that resents my big brother from I being a victim. If your having trouble speak to your friends and connect with your family about it if you can.  

Be safe, people.

I thought that the comparison of these two quotes would seem quite interesting. 

“The point, is that all these people out here, looting, robbing… killing, they’re the people who wash your car, who pour your coffee, who take out your trash. And what happened the moment the lights went out? They showed their true faces. They showed how quickly they woulda open up your rich boy veins and bathe in your blue blood. That is the point.” - Jerome Valeska, Gotham 03x14 The Gentle Art of Making Enemies

“You see, it doesn’t matter if you catch me and send me back to the asylum… Gordon’s been driven mad. I’ve proved my point. I’ve demonstrated there’s no difference between me and everyone else! All it takes is one bad day to reduce the sanest man alive to lunacy.” - The Joker, The Killing Joke by Alan Moore

“It’s interesting, when I’m in my human form, knowing I’m going to die. Everything has a touch of triviality to it. Like how none of this calculus shit matters. The way it shouldn’t. the truth. In 26.4 hours, I’ll be dead, & in happiness. The little zombie human fags will know their errors, & be forever suffering and mournful” 

- Dylan Klebold

“When I go NBK and people say things like, “oh, it was so tragic,” or “oh he is crazy!” or “It was so bloody.” I think, so the fuck what you think that’s a bad thing? Just because your mumsy and dadsy told you blood and violence is bad, you think it’s a fucking law of nature? Wrong. Only science and math are true, everything, and I mean everyfuckingthing else is Man made. My doctor wants to put me on medication to stop thinking about so many things and to stop getting angry. Well, I think that anyone who doesn’t think like me is just bullshitting themselves.” 

- Eric Harris

Hello, Old Friend- Klaus Mikaelson

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*I’m adding an original to the mix!! And I got my first every request!! It’s been a good day! xoxox*

Klaus had gotten out of control. Which meant something when the psychopaths natural behavior was tame in this circumstance. The anger and hatred for those who had undermined him had kicked in and the streets would soon run red with blood, at least that is what Elijah thought. The older Mikaelson took it upon himself to call you before his fear became reality, and of course him being your favorite only hastened your arrival, no matter your avoidance of the family for decades.

When your cab pulled up to the manor, Elijah greeted you while opening your door and helping you onto the pavement, as a true gentleman like himself do. “Y/N, I’m glad you came,” Elijah mentioned before kissing your cheek.

You gave him a wide smile before cupping one cheek and kissing the other, leaving a red lipstick stain against his skin. “You know I wouldn’t skip out when you needed me, don’t know?”

“No, I know you wouldn’t.. but less recent events have made me question the circumstances.” He tried to be as broad as possible but you both were aware of the absence of your presence for almost a century.

“Well, what can I say? I can’t deny that I’ve missed you,” you brushed past him in large strides as he took your bags from the cab driver. After, stepping inside the Mikaelson home, you took the opportunity to glance around. You assumed that no one accept Elijah was home since silence filled the space. The house looked quite contemporary both inside and out but still held mementos of the past. You brushed your fingers over old photos and records as you heard slow footsteps come down the stairs. Wasn’t Elijah was still outside?

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Miss Me

Pairing: Theo x Reader

Summary: You return to Beacon Hills coming back only for one thing, but things don’t go as plan when you see Theo again. And all the bad blood between you two re-surfaces.

Werewolves, hunters, banshees, kitsunes and werecoyotes were some of the supernatural creatures people warned you about in Beacon Hills. However it didn’t matter how many creatures or what kind were in this small town, because you’ve dealt with far worse. Coming and going was the plan, you didn’t want to stay any longer than necessary. Beacon Hills had something that you needed and you would be damned if you were going to leave without it.

Scott McCall was a name that people whispered a lot of, a true alpha here in Beacon Hills attracted many. Some wanted to steal his power others wanted to join his pack, you however wanted neither. You weren’t interested in some teenage who didn’t even know the extent of his powers, or what he was capable of. Walking through the woods you felt a chill, and you knew it had nothing to do with the cold air. Stopping in your tracks you listened closely, someone was following you and their footsteps were getting extremely close.

Hiding yourself behind a big tree you waited 3,2,1 spinning around you grabbed whoever it was by the throat and slammed them against the tree.

“If you wanted to slam me up against something, all you had to do was ask”

“I’ll make sure to use my manners next time, why the hell are you following me Theo?”

By now it was quite tricky for Theo to get out of this predicament, he was still heavily pinned against the tree and you showed no sign of letting him go.

“Well maybe if you let me go I’ll tell you”.

Staring him down, you let go and he rubbed his throat. “You never did like a girl in control, I see that hasn’t changed”.

Theo smirked before standing up straight, reminding you that he was slightly taller compared to your height. “I think we both know that I did, especially if that girl was you”. Unfazed by what he just said you didn’t want to waste anymore time so you started walking, Theo however didn’t like that and followed.

“So I’m guessing you don’t want to know why I’m following you? You did go to all that trouble of asking”

“I changed my mind, I don’t care why you’re following me. In fact I don’t care about you, now if you will excuse me I have things to do”.

You looked to Theo and words couldn’t begin to describe how much you hated him. His presence wasn’t one that you welcomed and since he was here in Beacon Hills, finding what you’re looking for would be that much harder. Walking straight once again, he continued to follow. Stopping once again, you closed your eyes to take several deep breaths before facing Theo.

“Can I help you?” you asked him indicating to him that you were irritated.

“I’m just walking in the woods, just like you babygirl” he knew how much that pet name annoyed you, and that is why he kept on saying it whenever he had the chance. It was like a reminder of past times which is something that you wanted to forget.

“Well then walk a different direction”

He leaned against a tree and folded his arms, “I like the direction I’m going, why change it.”

Only knowing one way to get him off your trail you stepped closer, close enough that you both could hear the other one breathe. Making sure he didn’t notice, you grabbed a thick branch that was in your reach and whacked him over the head.

“You really should have gone a different direction Theo”. Dropping the branch you walked away leaving him there.

You finally came to your destination…Beacon Hills High School. The only way to get what you needed was to get another piece of the puzzle, and it was a book that most likely would be kept here. Breaking the chain and opening the doors you walked right on in, you didn’t expect the library to be this big. However finding this book was critical in finding what you really wanted, so you started from the first row and made your way up.

Throwing another book on the ground you were frustrated, going through book after book and still no luck. Heading up stairs you tried there, searching high and low and still nothing. Sighing you headed on downstairs and stopped in your tracks. Theo was standing in the middle of the room and he was clearly pissed. The atmosphere sure felt tense, and each one of you was waiting for the other to make the first move.

“If your here looking for an apology, you’ve wasted your time. Because I’m not given you one”

“I’m not here for an apology, I want to know why your here in Beacon Hills?” he asked you.

“What makes you think I’m going to tell you?” you scoffed while walking down the last few steps and past Theo. Just as you were about to head out the door, he said something that stopped you in your tracks, “The old you would have, she would have trusted me and let me help her”.

You turned around and if looks could kill, then Theo was in big trouble “You’re going to go there? Use that against me! We both know why I am this way so don’t you dare stand there and act like this, isn’t your fault. All you care about is yourself, so stop with this charade. Just stay out of my way it’s that easy”

“I can’t do that, not if you’re planning on staying here in Beacon Hills. Things are about to get hectic around here”

You said “I can handle myself. Leave me alone Theo, or I guarantee you that I’ll do worse than just give you a bump on the head”

Exiting the library doors you didn’t bother to look back, if Theo was smart he’ll stay away. The last thing you wanted was for him to be a constant distraction. You were here in Beacon Hills for one thing, and Theo certainly wasn’t it.

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Whats your opinion on a melee Saryn build? Ive been using her since she came out and ever since her rework she seems way less tanky. Right now I p much rely on Regen. Molt and Power Str. For weapon I mainly use the atterax modded mostly for att speed, blood rush, body count. Dont know if different melee weapons even really matter anymore...

i think saryn works best when you build for and use her whole kit, including her melee aspects. youll catch me saying that about a lot of frames lmao but its true. i dont think she was ever that tanky, it’s just now that she’s not a 4-masher you gotta try harder to stay alive

her abilities all team up pretty well now as long as you keep them up, and yeah, regen molt is probably her best method for staying alive. personally, my general-purpose melee of choice is the jat kittag. but you can pretty much just use whatever you want. im sure the atterax works well on her. 


He smelled like blood and flannel and smoke, and for a moment she closed her eyes, thinking of the way Alec had grabbed onto Jace the moment he’d seen him in the Hall, because that was what you did with family when you’d been worried about them, you grabbed them and held on to them and told them how much they’d pissed you off, and it was okay, because no matter how angry you got, they still belonged to you. And what she had said to Valentine was true. Luke was her family.” 

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The three men protecting Dean when some ads tries to flirt with him. Dean just laughing saying they're all jealous, but they just denied that even though it is true.

The three angels blood boiled over when they witnessed what was happening. They had only left for a moment and when they came back they saw some guy flirting with their Dean.

“Can I kill him?” Lucifer asked, teeth girting.

“No, Luce,” Gabriel sternly said. No matter how much he wanted to, Dean wasn’t a fan on blood spilling.

Balthazar was already a step ahead, marching up to the guy. He grabbed the cocky son of a bitch’s shoulder and spun him around, the stranger faced the three pissed off angels.

“You’re not his brothers are you,” the guy groaned.

“You wish bucko,” Gabriel sneered.

“We’re his boyfriends,” Lucifer chimed in.

The guy looked screwed, he glanced to Dean as if waiting for him to say he never saw these people in his life. But turned white as a ghost when Dean shrugged as Balthazar wrapped an arm around his waist.

He swallowed, chuckling nervously. “I’m gonna go …” Dean had never seen a man make such a mad dash in his life.

Dean laughed as he continued to watch his angels glare at the too friendly guy. “Jesus, you guys get jealous easy.”

The angels all denied it, but none of them left Dean’s side that night.

  • Vivienne: Cole... you were the Ghost of the Spire.
  • Cole: Yes.
  • Vivienne: Your murders stirred the Circle into a frenzy. That was what brought the attention of the templars.
  • Cole: The templars hurt mages.
  • Vivienne: Stupid, panicking mages who became a danger to themselves and others because of you!
  • Vivienne: You brought matters in the Spire to a head. Without you, there would be no rebellion.
  • Vivienne: Countless deaths are on your head, demon. Are you satisfied with the result of your protection?
  • Cole: You're lying. You're...twist the words right, and it will show its true form. Blood or banishment, either will suffice.
  • Cole: You like the templars. You think they were right.
  • Cole: You don't need to be protected.
  • Vivienne: It can learn after all.

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"You're my family, Y/N.", Rebekah Mikaelson prompt thingy.

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“Family problems again?” You asked, seeing her at your doorstep.

“I realised something… You’re my family, (y/n),” She told you, “You are my real family. You’ve shown me love. You’ve shown me not to give up. No matter what, you are my real family.”

You blinked at her, “What do you mean?”

“My family, Klaus, Nik, Kol… they were never really my family. Yes, through blood but… they’ve never shown true love and compassion for me. Not like you have. You are my family.”

Whouffaldi that speaks to my heart #7

This is a moment from Heaven Sent, captured and posted by @flydye88 . It is beautifully lit and makes a wonderful portrait shot. 

But whats going on in his head? I think he looks wounded and conflicted. The sentiments simmering below the surface seem to be this… 

 Never mind unimaginable suffering for eons, I will do that for you without thinking twice. Face my childhood demons? I’ll do that too, and I will do it over and over, so I can see your smile again. Spend eternity alone? I’ll do that, and pretend it’s of no consequence when you ask me. 

Of course, this is the Doctor, and this is Doctor Who, so he can never say “I love you” directly out loud. But it doesn’t have to be spoken to be true. Let’s face it, Heaven Sent was one long, painful, whouffaldi love letter, written in ashes and blood, that screams, “No matter what the cost, I will not give you up.“ 

You have to care about someone a great deal to go through that. So, is whouffaldi canon… ? 

Why fall in love when the things you love will inevitably break your heart like I love golden retrievers with all of my blood pumping organ and when I was three mine tried to steal a muffin out of my hand so I put it behind my back but I was so short he yanked it out of my grasp anyway??? to make matters worse, a couple of weeks later, he chose my great-uncle over me??? Like?? Was I not good enough? Was that muffin he stole out of my hands not good enough?? My dog literally stole from me and then left me for an older man and I was forced to see them every. single. day. as my uncle drove by my house with my dog seated happily next to him in the passenger seat, actin’ like he didn’t steal a dog from a three year old. My dog pretendin’ like he didn’t cheat on me with an old married man. I loved you Goldie. I loved you and you threw it away. Don’t fall in love kids, your uncle may just get in the way.