I just hear the news about Nelsan Ellis and I became so sad at the though of him gone.

I seen him in another shows, but True Blood is one of my favorites shows and his character is one of my favorites.
Nelsan Ellis did an amazing job with Lafayette and send a very nice message to the viewers: be who you want to be, no matter what, even if shit happens, you rise up stronger, cos’ you are the baddest bitch in town.

So with this post I don’t want people to grieve, I want to celebrate his life and encourage you to be whatever you want, look however you want and love yourself and anyone else.

R.I.P sweet boy
With love D. ❤


❛ They’re safe ❜  
❛ She’s/he’s/they’re safe, just like I promised. ❜
❛ And you get to die for her/him/them, just like you promised. ❜
❛ We’re all men/woman of our word. ❜
❛ This is either madness or brilliance. ❜
❛ It’s remarkable how often those two traits coincide. ❜
❛ Me? I’m dishonest. ❜
❛ And a dishonest man/woman/person you can always trust to be dishonest. ❜
❛ It’s the honest ones you want to watch out for, because you can never predict when they’re going to do something incredibly.. stupid. ❜
❛ This is the day you will always remember as the day you almost caught NAME. ❜
❛ You cheated. ❜
❛ Pirate. ❜
❛ You are without doubt the worst pirate I’ve ever heard of. ❜
❛ What’s your purpose? ❜
❛ I confess, it is my intention to commandeer one of these ships. ❜
❛ I confess, it is my intention to raid, pillage, plunder and otherwise pilfer my weasely black guts out. ❜
❛ I said no lies. ❜
❛ I think he’s telling the truth. ❜
❛ If he/she/they were telling the truth, he/she/they wouldn’t have told us. ❜
❛ That’s not true. ❜
❛ I am not obsessed with treasure. ❜
❛ Not all treasure is silver and gold, mate. ❜
❛ You’re supposed to be dead! ❜
❛ The only rules that matter are these: what a man/woman/person can do and what a man/woman/person can’t do. ❜
❛ Pirate is in your blood, boy. ❜
❛ I can let you drown. ❜
❛ So, can you sail under the command of a pirate, or can you not? ❜
❛ Drink up, me hearties. Yo ho. ❜
❛ You burned all the food, the shade.. the rum! ❜
❛ Yes, the rum is gone. ❜
❛ Why is the rum gone? ❜
❛ It is a vile drink that turns even the most respectable men into complete scoundrels. ❜
❛ The entire Royal Navy is out looking for me. ❜
❛ Do you really think there is even the slightest chance they won’t see it? ❜
❛ There’ll be no living with him/her/them after this. ❜
❛ I am here to negotiate the cessation of hostilities against PLACE. ❜
❛ There are a lot of long words in there, Miss/Mr. ❜
❛ We’re naught but humble pirates. ❜
❛ What is it that you want? ❜
❛ I want you to leave and never come back. ❜
❛ I am disinclined to acquiesce to your request. Mean’s no. ❜
❛ I didn’t steal it, if that’s what you mean. ❜
❛ Too long I’ve been starving to death and haven’t died. ❜
❛ I feel nothing. ❜
❛ You best start believing in ghost stories, NAME. You’re in one. ❜
❛ No survivors? Then where do the stories come from, I wonder? ❜
❛ If you were waiting for the opportune moment, that was it. ❜
❛ I want you to know that I was rooting for you. Know that. ❜
❛ It never would have worked between us, darling. ❜
❛ I’m terribly sorry, I didn’t know. ❜
❛ How far are you willing to go to save her/him/them? ❜
❛ I’d die for her/him/them. ❜
❛ You need to find yourself a girl/boy, mate. ❜
❛ Who are you? ❜
❛ No one. He’s no one. Distant cousin of my aunt’s nephew twice removed. Lovely singing voice. Eunuch. ❜
❛ A wedding? I love weddings. Drinks all around! ❜
❛ I love this song. ❜
❛ You’ll be positively the most fearsome pirates in the Spanish Main. ❜
❛ You stole my boat! ❜
❛ I borrowed. Borrowed without permission, but with every intention of bringing it back. ❜
❛ It’s frightful bad luck to have a woman on board. ❜
❛ She/he/they go free. ❜
❛ You only got one shot. ❜
❛ We can’t die. ❜
❛ Don’t do anything stupid. ❜
❛ The crew are not to be harmed. ❜
❛ Curse you for breathin’, ya slack-jawed idiot. ❜
❛ You should know better than to wake a man when he’s sleepin’. It’s bad luck. ❜
❛ Savvy? ❜
❛ It’s not worth you getting beat again. ❜
❛ You didn’t beat me. ❜
❛ You ignored the rules of engagement. In a fair fair, I’d kill you. ❜
❛ That’s not much incentive for me to fight fair then, is it? ❜
❛ The deepest circle of hell is reserved for betrayers and mutineers. ❜
❛ You know nothing of hell. ❜
❛ How can we sail to an island that nobody can find with a compass that doesn’t work? ❜
❛ I’m actually feeling rather good about this. ❜
❛ You could surrender. ❜
❛ I’m gonna teach you the meaning of pain. ❜
❛ You like pain? Try wearing a corset. ❜
❛ Wretch. ❜
❛ I couldn’t resist, mate. ❜
❛ That’s got to be the best pirate I’ve ever seen. ❜
❛ I cannot just step aside and let you escape. ❜
❛ This shot was not meant for you. ❜
❛ You’re pirates. ❜
❛ Hang the code, and hang the rules. They’re more like guidelines, anyway. ❜
❛ You lying bastard! ❜
❛ Don’t dare impugn me honor, boy/girl! ❜
❛ I always liked you. ❜
❛ It goes with your black heart. ❜
❛ I really rather hoped we were past all this. ❜
❛ Perhaps you’ll conjure up another miraculous escape, but I doubt it. ❜
❛ Do us a favor. I know it’s difficult for you… but please, stay here, and try not to do anything… stupid. ❜
❛ Even a good decision if made for the wrong reasons can be a wrong decision. ❜
❛ Any man who falls behind, is left behind. ❜
❛ Take what you can! Give nothin’ back. ❜
❛ I hardly believe in ghost stories. ❜
❛ We are cursed men. ❜
❛ Will you be saving her/him then? ❜
❛ I can’t swim. ❜
❛ I’m watching over you. ❜
❛ I should have told you from the moment I met you. I love you. ❜
❛ Hang him. ❜
❛ Keep your guns on him, men. ❜
❛ How did you escape last time? ❜
❛ This man/woman/person saved my life. ❜
❛ One good deed is not enough to redeem a man of a lifetime of wickedness. ❜
❛ Come out… and we promise we won’t hurt you. ❜
❛ I invoke the right of parlay. ❜
❛ I can’t breathe. ❜
❛ You seem somewhat familiar. Have I threatened you before? ❜
❛ I had a dream about you last night. ❜
❛ You don’t want to be doing that, mate. ❜
❛ I’m curious. After killing me, what is it you’re planning on doing next? ❜
❛ Do you have the courage and fortitude to follow orders and stay true in the face of danger and almost certain death? ❜
❛ You forget your place. ❜
❛ So, this is where your heart truly lies? ❜
❛ I already feel like a fool. ❜
❛ I admire a person who’s willing to do whatever’s necessary. ❜
❛ You’re a smart man/woman/person, but I don’t entirely trust you. ❜
❛ I’m not sure I deserved that. ❜
❛ I may have deserved that. ❜
❛ You’re safe now. ❜
❛ You’re despicable. ❜
❛ I saved your life, you saved mine. We’re square. ❜
❛ I can get you out of here. ❜
❛ I’d need a lot more to drink. ❜
❛ It was a good plan.. up ‘till now. ❜
❛ Do not make the mistake in thinking you are the only man here who cares for NAME. ❜
❛ Is there a problem between us? ❜
❛ Every decision you’ve made has only brought us from bad to worse. ❜
❛ Easy on the goods, darling. ❜
❛ I’m not entirely sure that I’ve had enough rum to allow that kind of talk. ❜
❛ He’s still breathing. ❜
❛ Easy on the goods, darling. ❜

Vampire! Park Jihoon

Masterlist can be found (here)

Genre: halloween! au, vampire! au, + dark fluff (this is a lot darker than I intented it to be;;;;
Warning: Mentions of drinking/clubbing? Please take note that Jihoon is a 200+ year old Vampire here LMAO
A/N: Dedicated to @devilishjeojang, this was inspired by her halloween themed username! I love you so much sum T^T thank you so much for the gif aHHH ILY <3 HAPPY LATE ONE MONTH :’)  Also, I’m graduating high school in less than 24 hours and everything feels so surreal???

“Only a Vampire can love you forever.”

  • Jihoon is the mysterious vampire nobody knows much about
  • He consumes human blood but not directly
  • He gets it from the Blood Bank since he can afford it and his favourite is a B+ Positive
  • He is one of the richest vampires in South Korea due to his coven running a large number of businesses and him being the head of many of them
  • Despite his looks, he turns 283 next year
  • He is very influential and powerful amongst other vampires because he is a pure blood and has the power of telepathy
  • But then again, he is not fond of using his power that often as he finds it thoughts a very private thing unless he is extremely curious of you
  • He behaves exactly like a human to the point where he can mingle freely with them and no one would suspect a thing
  • However, his features tell otherwise as his milky skin seems so ethereal paired with his pale blue eyes
  • Speaking of his eyes, they flashed red when he is emotional and golden when he is hungry
  • He had lived for a long period of time but he prefers to learn more about other people rather than sharing things about himself
  • Hence, he is very knowledgeable in things
  • Also because he had been sneaking into colleges before humans and vampire started coexisting to learn more things
  • His coven had been the one who started the petition for humans and vampire to start existing as his coven member, Daniel had fallen in love with a human
  • You were trapped between bodies of people
  • Bodies of vampires to be exact
  • You had no idea what convinced you to agree to join your best friend, Mina, to  one those immortal clubs
  • Immortal clubs had been increasingly popular lately ever since vampires and humans started coexistence
  • These clubs were built solely for the vampires as normal clubs just wouldn’t do as human’s alcohol was simply not strong enough to get drunk
  • It was practically a suicide for humans to go into a club like this but then again, your best friend had assured that with her power, no harm could be done
  • Unlike her innocent features and cute frame, Mina was certainly not someone to mess with
  • She was one of the higher ranks vampires, being born from one of the official ‘ancestors’
  • Only vampires with a background like these were blessed with a power together with their supernatural features
  • She was almost three hundred years old and worked for the government together with her parents until she realized her passion for fashion and enrolled in a college and by fate, became your roommate
  • While it was not weird for a vampire and a human to work together, there was obviously still some distance between the two species with many vampires constantly looking down on humans for being ‘weak’
  • Mina had not told you that she was a vampire until you found out about it yourself
  • You had woke up slightly earlier in the morning and found packets of blood delivered from the Blood Bank which was addressed to her
  • It didn’t take you long to put the pieces together as you realized her ‘morning run’ was even before the sun rises
  • Safe to say, it leads to a very awkward conversation in the kitchen after she came back from her run
  • But it didn’t matter since that how you two eventually became a lot closer and how she basically guilt trip in coming as she said this was the best birthday gif you could ever gift to her
  • After all, she had always wanted to come to an Immortal Club but she didn’t have any Vampire friends who well, wanted to party since most of them were working
  • Mina’s power was that she could change the scent of anyone and anything
  • Which meant that she could make you smell like a vampire rather than a mere human
  • But to play it safe, you had on blood red contacts that matched her natural eye colour and you had covered up all your blemishes so you could have the look of a vampire’s porcelain pale skin
  • You immediately felt lightheaded when you walked in
  • Besides the strobing neon lights, flashes of colours came from everyone’s eyes
  • Blue, green, purple …. you probably saw every colour in the spectrum within minutes of being in the club
  • It always took your time to get used to the fact that well almost everyone had their fangs out
  • Your best friend then left you to get a drink while giving you a thumbs up and a wink
  • You would have loved to get a drink yourself and just let loose but unfortunately for you, a sip of those and you would end up in a hospital bed LOL
  • Still, you obliged your best friend’s wish in enjoying the night and moved to the dance floor
  • It didn’t take you long as you exchanged smirks with a few strangers
  • It was a weird feeling for you since these vampires seemed to think you were one of them
  • After a while, you felt thirsty and you were hoping the bar at least offered water
  • As you approached the bar, someone placed their hand on you
  • As you turned, you frowned at the sight of 3 males surrounding you
  • They looked daunting and seemed to not have the friendliest intention
  • If this was a human club, you could have easily kicked their asses since you were a black belt in Taekwondo
  • But seeing their purple eyes staring right back at you, you could only gulp in fear
  • “What’s a lone vampire like you doing here hmm?”
  • One of them said as he leaned to grab a strand of your hair
  • You backed off but they continue to corner you
  • You were literally cursing in your brain when you realized you had come off as a Rogue Vampire which was someone that belonged to no coven
  • Rogue vampires did not have any tattoos of their coven and of course, you did not display your tattoo (well you didn’t have it  in the first place for obvious reasons duh)
  • You peek at the male and saw a bold '17’ tattoo on his collarbone
  • You sighed internally as you prayed that your plan would work
  • “I’m from Pledis and my tattoo is elsewhere on my body. If you wouldn’t mind, can you get your hands off me?”
  • “Oh, so you must be Kim Mina’s best friend, right? You should introduce us to her and maybe the 5 of us can just do something … more.”
  • You looked at him in disgust and that’s when you realize you needed more help since these assholes were way more attached than you thought and didn’t know how to take a hint
  • Your eyes wandered everywhere as you searched for someone who could help you
  • That’s when you met his golden irises
  • Jihoon was hungry
  • But then again, what else was new?
  • He was hoping getting a drink from his own club would do him some good
  • But after having to chase several vampires who were too rowdy for their own good, he had resorted to staying until the closing just to make sure everything was okay
  • This club might have been a birthday gift from his coven but he truly liked the existence of it
  • After all, it was a hassle to always hide his fangs or his eyes when he became hungry
  • Humans may claim they were fine with vampires but he could hear how their heartbeat accelerated whenever he produced them out
  • He knew for a fact that there were a lot more males than usual since it was rumoured that Kim Mina, one of the most sought-after vampires in the century was to be in here today
  • he would be interested but in reality, she was more like a little sister to him as they worked together before he moved to a different line of business
  • More males meant no trouble
  • Jihoon had to keep a lookout for rogue vampires as he sipped on the b+ positive blood bag, his personal favourite
  • And the uninvited: those who don’t hold a pair of fangs
  • As the owner, he didn’t mind if a human had come in as long they had a vampire 'companion’
  • It shows when there’s a bite mark on their necks, which indicates that they are taken
  • It doesn’t matter what rank you are, if you touch a human who had been marked, there will a terrible punishment awaiting as the blood you suck off that human can instantly kill a vampire
  • It didn’t take him long to spot you, the human disguise as a vampire
  • Initially, he had not noticed you until Woojin who had the power of a heightened sense, singled you among the mass bodies when you came in with Mina
  • Being older and much more powerful than Mina, he could differentiate your true scent and what covered you
  • But he still found you odd
  • The humans who came didn’t even try to look different
  • Yet while you didn’t look anything like a vampire, you certainly acted the part
  • You came off strong and intimidating, a smirk was constantly played on your lips
  • Your eyes ere a beautiful cobalt blue, a colour he wished to further confirmed with you
  • Your lips, red as if they were stained with blood but he yearned to kiss them to solve his unending hunger
  • No matter how much Mina tried to shroud you with another fragrance, he could still smell the enchanting perfume radiating off your skin
  • He craved for contact as your scent seemed to haunt him, driving him on the edge as he leaned further onto his seat
  • He clearly shouldn’t be paying that much attention to you, but he told himself that he was just trying to look out for you
  • His power was clearly not working on you as he could enter nor read your mind
  • Which was an unusual case as usually, humans were the easiest to control
  • Maybe that’s why his attraction to you was a lot more than just on appearance as his curiosity peaked
  • He had been speaking to Sungwoo when he could sense fear coming from you
  • He immediately looked for you and he was furious upon seeing someone harassing you
  • What Park Jihoon wants, what Park Jihoon gets and NO ONE can stop him
  • “You shouldn’t be touching what is mine.”
  • The person you made eye contact with appeared instantly in front of you as she shoved the males blocking his way
  • They seemed to cower under his presence and that was a sign to you that he was someone to be fearful of
  • But as he turned to you, a smile graced his lips and your instinct had told you to trust him
  • He pulled you by the wrist and this mysterious stranger was immediately allowed to enter the private part of the room where your best friend had told you it was usually reserved
  • Your heart thumped loudly but everything else in your body told you he wouldn’t hurt you
  • His grasp did not hurt you but you realized how cold his hand were in return
  • But yet you didn’t despite it
  • The last thing you think of him doing was laying you gently on a plush red chair but that was exactly what he did while he took the seat opposite of yours
  • His voice seemed to haunt your train of thoughts as his velvety and rich voice had goosebumps rising up from your skin
  • “You can call me Jihoon and I’m the owner of this place. I suggest you rest for a bit before heading out, after all, there’s only so much a human can take.”
  • He kissed you on the forehead before leaving the room
  • But yet in your hand, was a slip of paper with numbers scrawled and the initial PJH on it
  • You thought that this vampire was sure an interesting one after you had some water you found in the cabinet and recovered from the shock you had moments ago
  • You punched the numbers in and called him
  • When the call was connected,
  • “When can I see you next?”
  • He was completely honest with you that he was first attracted to you because of your blood
  • But he will never ever drink your blood until you were comfortable with it
  • Tbh the moment he said that you just pushed your wrist to him and told him he could get your blood anytime
  • Ever since he took your blood, you became his 'companion’
  • Which was such a relief since you didn’t need Mina’s power when you walked into his club
  • He gets very worried when he drinks from you since he doesn’t want to hurt you
  • But he is so incredibly gentle, so you really don’t feel anything unless you touch the bites mark on your neck
  • You feel more pleasure than pain? Since he does a mix of kissing you and drinking your blood
  • “Let me kiss you?”
  • The type to ask you if you could kiss you before kissing you
  • Sometimes when he is frustrated, he just does it immediately without your permission
  • Your dates are usually at home since you try to avoid the sun as much as you can for Jihoon’s sake
  • But it’s okay since you two spent a lot of time catching up with various tv series
  • Jihoon is an amazing chef
  • I mean, he didn’t spend half a century doing nothing
  • And yes, he eats garlic if you are wondering
  • Teaches you how to do your maths since he learned it for at least 20 times from all the schools he used to enrol
  • He tries his best to help you in your fashion designing class but when you see him in his casual clothes, you immediately said no
  • He had such a long time to perfect his fashion sense ….. but it was always a mess
  • Who said that a green stripes sweater would ever work with yellow shoes and a black and white checker pants?????
  • You are always styling him cause why waste those good looks
  • Tbh your portfolio looks amazing cause Jihoon is always the model
  • Likes you to sit on his lap and he will always pull you in whenever you are in front of him
  • Low key possessive but tries not to show it
  • Like whenever another vampire comes close, his hands just never leave your waist
  • Or he would just somehow get extra touchy while his eyes flash red
  • You did calm him down after that by stroking his back and he has such a soft spot when you stroke his nape 
  • Kisses with him are honestly so damn intense
  • Like he literally leaves you breathless and it sends chills down your spine
  • Also, takes the chance to whisper sweet nothings in your ear
  • Just wow
  • The two of you complete each other
  • Him being your moon and you being his star
  • “ My heart is, and always will be, yours.”

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I was thinking about how sea salt that you boil in to crystals yourself is so much more potent….and I was writing about maple wine, so it all got me thinking about maple syrup/maple sugar. In some ways, maple sugar and sea salt are perfect opposites – what appears to be clear, pure water, boiled unrecognizable, emerging crystalline, the only difference salty or sweet. And making maple syrup/sugar is a PROCESS: gathering buckets of sap from around the woods, stumbling over snow banks and bushes to bring it to the sugar shack, boiling the sap and constantly feeding the fire for hours and days, going through more wood than you could imagine and watching a gradient of amber spread through the pans, darkening in to rich sweet syrup. If you want to make sugar, you take it boil it even more, evaporating the last of the water in it, the last memory of how it used to flow in a forests’ veins. It takes some 40-80 gallons of sap to make a gallon of syrup, more to make sugar. And making syrup with someone gets real…for a time, you’re popping in and out to go collect the rest of the buckets, but after a while it’s just you and them in a small, maple steam filled shed, usually drinking something homemade and of questionable alcohol content, talking through the day and the night. Or by yourself, with your thoughts and your wishes and your ghosts, though I’ve never done this for long, just fractions of an hour, unlike friends who have spent days there boiling away heart break or trying to get their head and pans level. 

If you need something strong to protect you, you can’t do much better than homemade sea salt. But if you need to barter something, to trade for something big and important and true, I wonder if a homemade maple sugar candy might get you what you’re looking for. 

I imagine you bring it to the edge of the forest. Or more likely, that corner of the dining hall where no matter what hour of the day someone is drinking coffee and almost done a paper they never seem to finish. All the right words… “if it would please you,” what you seek, and their reply, “and in exchange?” So you make your offer: the blood of a forest’s platoon impervious to their wounds, a fire tended, a confession you would never have made otherwise, a week of your life. They are delighted, to get so much for what now seems like so little, and greedily they reach towards you, ready to take what you have promised, and before their hands, or not exactly hands anymore, can find you – you place it on the table. A small maple sugar candy. You’ve pressed it in to a maple leaf mold because hell, if you’re gonna do this you may as well do it right. The air freezes for a second, and you feel your blood still as you wonder if you have misjudged…and then you feel it begin to thaw, the sap to run again. It smiles at you. It doesn’t mind clever, and fortunately for you, it’s a fan of sweet.


Honestly it’s a red button of rage for me when these assholes act like somehow their “ancestry” (WHICH. THEY. CAN’T. EVEN. FUCKING. NAME. MOST. OF. THE. FUCKING. TIME.) gives them a deeper and ‘truer’ connection to the gods than anyone else.

I tend to black out, get very Swedish in their faces, and start asking them if they even fucking know what ‘Uffda’ means or have even heard of a Tomte or about Nils flying his goose all over the country side.

Because you know what? None of that actually fucking matters with my relationship with my deities!

Sure, does it add some interesting elements? Yeah alright. But if that was the central feature of my connection to the gods that would be a shitty fucking connection.

It’s like saying I can’t be friends with one friend because they’re part Italian and I don’t got a drop of Italian blood in me, and only the children of Italian immigrants can TRULY be friends and have a true connection with them.

Like what the fuck does that even mean.

“The Punisher” comic series sentence meme
  • You kill because you like it. ❞
  • And every one of them deserved it.
  • I keep telling you, I can fix it for you if you’ll only say the word. ❞
  • This ends like it started. In blood.
  • I don’t know who they think they’re kidding
  • Don’t think the past means shit to me.
  • There is a great beast loose in the world of men.
  • They aren’t coming back no matter what you do.
  • Someone’s been watching war movies.
  • Note the restlessness, the constant need for violent action that characterizes the true adrenaline junkie. ❞
  • Pretend it never happened. Deny, deny, deny. ❞
  • Don’t even know what planet I’m on. But I think I’m about to find out. ❞
  • You can kill every single one of them. That’s the gift I’ll give you.
  • Every night I go out and make the world sane. ❞
  • Trying to pretend you’re just an ordinary Joe. Spare me, will you? ❞
  • Don’t lose it. You lose it, and you’re no help to anyone. ❞
  • I went as far as I ever want to go, this time. ❞
  • This ‘real America’? It’s a fucking dream, man. ❞
  • I don’t work for or with anyone. Eventually they let you down.
  • You made it, you silly son of a bitch. ❞
  • Still seeing triple here. Not good at all.
  • You know, he is in great shape for a guy his age. I wonder if he’s got a big dick? ❞
  • Crime never ends. It claims its victims. ❞
  • In the end I guess it’s easy after all.
  • That’s an M60. He just put an M60 in the back of that Subaru. ❞
  • You really going to beg?
  • That’s when I knew I was getting desperate.
  • I think you’re still a human being.
  • Seeking without realizing. Into the nightmare again and again. ❞
  • I believe some… darkness reached out to you.
  • I’m a fucking people person, aren’t I? ❞
  • If the moment comes, pal, don’t kid yourself you’ll last a second. ❞
  • All you did was lose control.
  • When the time comes, I can put him down like a rabid dog. ❞
  • Go to hell where you belong, you cock-sucker.
  • A war that lasts forever, a war that never ends, but you have to say the word. ❞
  • Was there a time you weren’t so certain of yourself, that your life wasn’t a foregone conclusion?
  • You take no pleasure in what you do, take no pleasure in anything that I can see.
  • You get the other guy on the ropes, you keep him there.

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Hi Amy, I'm a high school student who wants to major in art history. I know that a large part of history in general is asking questions, however I'm unsure about how to ask better questions, would you give some suggestions and examples of higher level questions to ask about an art work? P.S. you blog is amazing and thank you for all the resources!

Wow, what a great question! Some of my college students don’t ask how they can ask better questions, so I was so excited when I saw that you are a high school student thinking ahead. Thank you! 

I assume you are taking art history at your high school. This is good - your class has already given you the framework you need to move from basic questioning to more in depth questioning. Who? What? Where? When? Why? How? You would think that with art history, the Five Ws + How? would be simple enough to answer. This is not always the case, however, and sometimes the simple questions of Who? or How? or Where? can take an art historian years to answer. A good example of this is attribution: who made a work of art? It sounds like an easy question, but as someone who has shed blood, sweat, and tears on attribution, I can tell you it isn’t. The same is true of iconography (’what’?). On the surface, subject matter shouldn’t be hard to identify or propose, but it can be.  All this to say that if you are worried that asking some of these questions is too basic, you shouldn’t be - you will undoubtedly keep asking them as an art history major, and the answers will not always be easy (or even possible) to find.

Asking (sometimes deceptively) basic questions is all well and good, but how can you ask more in-depth questions about works that are already the subject of lengthy discourse, like the Mona Lisa or the Sistine Chapel? This is, essentially, the writer’s question. To arrive at a probing question, you may want to: 

Practice slow looking. Slow looking is exactly what it sounds like - sitting in front of a work of art and taking time to really look at it. This will be hard to do during a class session, but you can do this after class (or beforehand, if you know the period or artist being covered). As part of the slow looking exercise, write down your initial response to the work, and note throughout your time looking how your initial response has evolved and why.

Question a work of art’s formal elements. Think about color, line, texture, light, shadow, space, perspective, volume… Why do you think the artist made the decisions s/he did? Here is a list of formal analysis questions to get you started. If you email me,  amy [at] caravaggista [dot] com, I can send you the “Questions Sheet” I give to my students.

Ask yourself what ascribes meaning to a work. In a similar vein, you can consider why a work of art is being discussed in class (in other words, why it has been deemed important). Is it the subject matter? The composition? The work’s cultural or historical context? The fame of the artist? The expense of materials used? All of the above, and more? Why or why not?

Look at a work of art using a particular methodology. Art historians use lots of different methods to analyze works of art. If you haven’t yet learned about art theory or methods, consider picking up a copy of Michael Hatt and Charlotte Klonk’s Art History: A critical introduction to its methods (Manchester University Press, 2006). The authors examine the origins of art history as a discipline and explain each major method in practice, from formalism to semiotics (and more!). Examining a work of art using a particular framework can yield surprising and inspiring results!

Read about a work of art you are having a hard time formulating questions for. Specifically, read art historical articles about the work and consider the author’s argument. Do you agree with their analysis? Why or why not? Is there an aspect of the work or its context that you think should be more fully addressed (or considered, in the first place)? What evidence does the author use to support their analysis? 

This is by no means an exhaustive list of ways to ask better questions, but I hope it helps get you started!  There are no bad questions; all questions help deepen your understanding and analysis. 

I’m going to include a break here. After the break, you’ll find recommended reading and resources.

Recommended Reading

Many of these resources are geared toward how to write about art, but I recommend them because the first step in writing is asking questions, and these authors’ discussions could be informative!

Barnet, Sylvan. A Short Guide to Writing about Art. Boston; Toronto: Little, Brown, and Company, 1985.

Berger, John. Ways of Seeing. New York: Viking Penguin, 1977. 

Hatt, Michael and Charlotte Klonk. Art History: A critical introduction to its methods. Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2006. 

Huntsman, Penny. Thinking About Art: A thematic guide to art history. West Sussex: Wiley Blackwell, 2016.

Pop, Andrei. How to Do Things with Pictures: A Guide to Writing in Art History. Department of History of Art and Architecture, Harvard University, 2008. 

Taylor, Joshua C. Learning to Look: A Handbook for the Visual Arts. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1957. 

Sin is real and powerful and its consequences are serious. Reality is that we are all incapable of dealing with this force by ourselves. We sin, we fail, we fall, and our soul and heart become heavy with the feeling of guilt and shame. Now, how can we fix this? Is there hope for a sinner like me? The answer to all of this is short; JESUS.

The Word of God tells us that every one of us have sinned and fall short of the Glory of the Lord (Rom 3:23) and that if we say in our heart that we have not sinned, we are deceiving ourselves (1 John 1:8). Truth is that, we are not perfect in our humanity, but, there is hope for those who hate sin and do not fall on it with premeditation! Our hope is the righteousness of Jesus Christ!

He has promised us that if we come to Him and confess all our sins and repent with an honest heart, He will forgive us! (1 John 1:9) He will not despise a contrite heart! Jesus promised to guide His sheep, and to show them the way, because He is the way. It is true that sometimes we stray away from the Shepherd, deceived by the enemy that our guilt can surpass the mercies of the Lord, and we become afraid. But this is not true! The Lord’s mercies never end, they are new every morning, great is His faithfulness. All we need to do is confess, come to Him no matter what we have done, what we said, how we feel, and pour out your spirit to Him, with or without words, He understands. He just wants you home where you belong, forgiven and restored.

We can find peace and restoration only in one place; at the feet of Jesus. His blood is powerful enough to cleanse all our guilt, shame, and make us a new creation in Him, for His glory. His love is inmensurable, and His grace covers us when we ask Him to have mercy on us and guide us to the way everlasting.

Lord I thank You for your mercy and your undeserved gift of grace in my life. Lord I recognize that I am a sinner, and there is nothing I could ever do without You. I ask You for your forgiveness for all my sins, even those who I think are too big for You to forgive, because I know that Your blood on the Cross has power to make me a new creation. Lord You are my hope and my light, guide me and show me how to live a life that is pleasing to You. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

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His Wife in Hiding| Part 2

Warning: None

Word Count: 1,159

Pairings(s): Reader x Klaus Mikaelson, Reader x Elijah Mikaelson (platonic), Reader x Rebekah Mikaelson (platonic).

Author’s Note: Reader is a vampire and a witch. I forgot to specify that in Part One. Sorry :(

 Part One

The car pulled to a stop before the airport. It had been years since you had been forced to flee and yet looking around you found everything to be exactly the same. People jumping in and out of cabs with their luggage in tow, you saw families being reunited and families sending loved ones off. You could be just like them, you told yourself, you could get out of the car and start anew or you could tell the driver to take you home and you could go on living your life in peace. You shook your head at the latter thought. There was no way you could return to New Orleans without taking Klaus up on his offer to work out your marriage. Part of you wondered if that was such a bad thing. But the other part…

Guilt swirled in the pit of your stomach and tears pricked at your eyes.

“Ma’am?” the driver called.

You held up your hand. “Just give me a moment, please.”

He nodded.

Just then the door opposite of you opened again. You rolled your eyes as Elijah Mikaelson climbed in the vehicle.

He glared at him, irrated.

He smiled at you. “Hello…again, sister.” He greeted.

”What are you doing here?” you asked him, irritably.

“What are you doing here? I heard what Klaus said.”

“You were spying on me?”

He snickered. “I was protecting my baby sister.”

You rolled your eyes again.

“You still haven’t answered my question,” Elijah told you. “What are you doing here? You’re free now. You don’t have to run anymore. If you’re worried about Klaus not keeping his word you just leave that to me,” he said in a hard voice as he straightened the lapels of his suit jacket.

“I’m not worried. I know Klaus meant what he said…”

“Then why are you leaving?”

“Because I don’t trust myself.”

Elijah frowned at you. “I don’t understand.”

“I don’t trust myself not to go back to him. We were terrible together, Elijah.”


You scoffed.

“That’s not the way I remember it.” Elijah said. “You were perfect together. Always in sync. Where one went the other followed.”

“Yeah and gore and death and destruction followed as well.”

“You have to remember that we were all very young and we were all under a great deal of stress. We were all constantly on the run from Mikael and at the same time trying navigate through and ever-changing and evolving world while at the same time discovering the pros and cons of vampirism.”

Your brother sighed when you didn’t respond.

“You don’t have to be that person again if you don’t want to. You don’t have to be with Klaus if you don’t want to but I can see it in your eyes that your feelings for him haven’t changed. Take it from me, sister, the last thing you want is to spend eternity wondering about what could have been. I know you feel guilty, we all do at one point or another, we’ve done some terrible things and the fact that you feel remorse for your crimes means something. But it doesn’t mean that you should spend the rest of eternity punishing yourself and wallowing in guilt.”

He leaned in and kissed your temple. “I love you no matter what you decide.”

And then he was gone.

You looked out at the airport again.

Everything Elijah told you had been true running from Mikael had taken its toll on everyone and your new animal-like instincts and thirst for blood had been nearly impossible to control when you turned. But the truth in Elijah’s words had done little to ease the ever-growing guilt you felt in the pit of your stomach.


You looked up at the towering plantation house, nervously wringing your hands. Hesitantly, you walked to the door and knocked.

The doors flew open revealing an angry-looking Rebekah. “Look what the cat dragged in,” she said as she leaned against the doorframe and folding her arms across her chest.

“Hi,” you chirped, greeting her with a tiny wave.

Rebekah scoffed, glaring at you in enraged disbelief. “Hi? I’ve spent decades thinking that you were dead and all I get from you is ‘hi’?”

“Rebekah, be nice.” Elijah chided, appearing behind you and kissing your cheek. He ushered you into the house past Rebekah and into the foyer.

You snorted. “She can’t. It’s not her nature,” you said teasingly.

Rebekah slammed the doors shut behind you both.

Turning to face your sister, you sighed. “I am so sorry, Bex. I wish I had more than an apology to offer you but I didn’t really have much of a choice. The less people that knew where I was the better.”

“I know,” she admitted in a clipped tone.

“I hope you can forgive me.”

Rebekah huffed, walking towards you with outstretched arms. “Of course I forgive you. If I can forgive Nick storing his own family in coffins I can forgive this.” She said wrapping her arms around you. “But if you ever do this again it will be me who is hunting you. Not Klaus.”

Part of you wanted to laugh at the threat but knowing Rebekah she might end up taking it as a challenge.

Rebekah released you from the embrace. “I missed you,” she said with a grin.

“I missed you too, Bex.”

Just then, Klaus stomped into the foyer, his eyes burning with rage. “What on earth is going on down here?” he bellowed.

His eyes fell on you in an instant. He gasped, his eyes practically bulging out of his head at the sight of you.

“Hello, my love.”

His bottom lip trembled and tears pooled in his eyes.

A smile tugged at your lips.

He shook his head in disbelief. “I was certain I’d seen the last of you.”

“It would seem that you were wrong about that.”

He rushed over to you enveloping you in his strong embrace. “I thought…I thought…” his words trailed off as he nuzzled your neck, inhaling your scent. He leaned out of the embrace to look at you in awe. “You’re really here,” he said, running his hands through your hand.

With tears in your eyes you stroked his face. “I missed you, Niklaus.”

He laughed. “I don’t want us to ever be apart ever again,” he murmured.

“I agree…but Klaus—”

“I know…I know…we’re going to have to fight tooth and nail to make this work but I’m ready. I know we can do this,” he said beaming down at you.

You nodded in agreement, becoming so overcome with emotion that speaking proved to be almost impossible.

You took his face in your hands and brought his lips to yours. Warmth spread throughout your body as your lips met.

When your lips parted, you were both out of breath and smiling wide at each other.

“I love you, Klaus Mikaelson.”

“And I love you, y/n.”

Author’s Note: I hope you all like this ending better than the first. Thank you so much for readimaginnes

To Kill A Winchester

Characters: sister!reader, brother!Dean, brother!Sam, Mary

Warnings: angst, swearing, blood

Word count: 2225

Summary: when you, your brothers and their mom are kidnapped by a demon, he says he wants to kill one of the Winchesters, but how will he determine who to choose?

The cold air hit your skin as you awoke. You couldn’t see a damn thing, the demon had thrown a bag over your head the second he knocked you out and dragged you to the old warehouse.

You moaned as he pulled it off, you noticed both of your brothers had been kidnapped too along with Mary. They gave you a quick look to make sure you were ok and you looked back at all of them and checked over them for any injuries. You were sat around in a square, all tied to chairs.

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anonymous asked:

When Jon founds out Dany is pregnant. Jon would reveal to Sam, that indeeds to marry Dany. Because he doesn't the child to be a bastard.

Yes exactly! His angry and adamant words in season 1/book 1 will come back to haunt him indeed. “I will never father a bastard; never!”

And here we are, right in the aftermath of boatsex and it’s so apparent that they made a baby that night or possibly in the nights ensuing afterwards.

Dany’s “barren status” is brought up far too often and she and Jon talk about it twice themselves, Jon even doubting the witch’s words as valid. And yet he makes love to Dany anyway.

It’s already in his head that he’s going to marry her. It’s a foregone conclusion in his mind. And it probably is in Dany’s as well. So he won’t father a bastard. And anyway Dany as Queen will have the power to legitimize their children, whether they marry or not. But, I think he will marry her out of love, not duty.

Jon is a man in love and creating a child with someone, being a father, isn’t something he ever believed to be in the realm of possibility. But then again he NEVER thought he’d be king either.

He grew up the bastard of Winterfell and in the shadow of Robb and as such knew that marriage and children would never be part of his life.

Spending time North of the wall changed that. Dying and coming back to life changed that. His people choosing him as King in the North changed that. But above all, Dany has changed that.

He loves her. He’s devoted to her. And he isn’t going to let something as minor as a blood relation get in the way of that love. It just won’t matter in the long run. What will matter is him being there for Dany and for their child, the child he never thought he could have. The child she never thought she could have.

Together their child is most likely the prince/princess that was promised; never to be a bastard, one true heir to the Iron Throne.

Thank you for this ask xoxoxo

If Ned’s words hold true

Ned had visions about the future of his children. As a book series/ show, which is well-known for high level of details and foreshadowing, I believe each line in the scripts matters, especially for an inspirational figure like Ned. Everything he said, in particular, his promises to his children is of great importance. Here’s what he told them back in Season 1.

First of all, “the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives”. All the remaining Starks will survive the Long Night, and afterwards, it’s time for wolves. 

Bran and Arya (Episode 1x04)

Bran: Someday he could be Lord of a holdfast or sit on the King’s Council. Or he might raise castles like Brandon the Builder.

–> I’m quite sick of the bizarre theory that Bran is the Night King (as the result of time travel and stuck in the body of NK) and killing him off will solve the NK problem. If it is so, ASoIaF/ GoT will become an oversimplified/ cheap sci-fi, there’s no depth in such a story. I choose to keep faith in Ned’s words instead.

Bran will survive the Long Night and with his extensive knowledge and wisdom from thousand years of history, he will advise the King wisely. I also believe that he is the reincarnation of Bran the Builder, the legendary architect who built some of Westeros’ architectural masterpieces, such as the Wall, Winterfell, Storm’s End Castle and the Hightower at Oldtown. He will be, once again, the architect who rebuilds Westeros from ruins. 

Arya:  You will marry a high Lord and rule his castle. And your sons shall be knights and princes and lords.

–> Coupled with Robert’s words to Ned that they should marry their daughter and son and join their houses, Gendrya is confirmed. Arya will marry Gendry and rule the Stormlands. What interesting is, she will live in and rule the castle built by Bran the Builder :P

Sansa (Episode 1x06)

When you’re old enough, I’ll make you a match with someone who’s worthy of you. Someone who is brave, and gentle, and strong. 

–> Sansa, after several disastrous betrothals and forced marriages will finally find a good match, who is brave, gentle and strong. Her childhood dream of beautiful love stories between true knights and ladies will come true (in a very twisted way). But this will happen only when she’s old (wise, grown) enough. 

Jon (Episode 1x02)

You are a Stark. You might not have my name, but you have my blood. 

–> Jon, the starkist of the Starks, no matter who his biological father was, is always a STARK. 

“All my life, I want to be Jon Stark.” I hope he will finally has his official name as Stark. That’s what he wants for the whole life, and he deserves it. Given that Bran will retire from any title to focus on his life mission as “a living encyclopedia”, Arya will most likely become Lady Baratheon, and in Jon’s own words “Winterfell belongs to my sister, Sansa.”, which Stark is in the best position to give him the name that he longs for his whole life? I think we’ve got the answer now ;)

Ned always keeps his promise. His legacy and honor will continue through his children. And in that way, he is the final winner of the game.

In Ned we trust :)



Anonymous said: Hey love! how are you doing? is there anyway possible to write a fionn imagine, where theres like an argument between fionn and the reader and it takes someone else ( literally anyone) to talk him into realizing he messed up or something? or any adjustments to make it easier for you to write? thank you very much!! hope your day goes well :))

Word count: 2,050

Request here + masterlist + guidelines. 

Originally posted by sirtae

GIF isn’t mine.

It was just another day full of homework from university and you were already exhausted, trying to not tear your hair out while cutting foam board cleanly and accurately in order to finish your last project, an architectural scale model of an apartment building you had designed recently. Right now, after one whole week of working on your project, the only thing you wanted to do was to lie down on the couch and get some rest —who knows, maybe your headache would disappear—but you needed to finish it and present it in front of your classmates by Wednesday, in two days.

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I was thinking about how sea salt that you boil in to crystals yourself is so much more potent….and I was writing about maple wine, so it all got me thinking about maple syrup/maple sugar. In some ways, maple sugar and sea salt are perfect opposites – what appears to be clear, pure water, boiled unrecognizable, emerging crystalline, the only difference salty or sweet. And making maple syrup/sugar is a PROCESS: gathering buckets of sap from around the woods, stumbling over snow banks and bushes to bring it to the sugar shack, boiling the sap and constantly feeding the fire for hours and days, going through more wood than you could imagine and watching a gradient of amber spread through the pans, darkening in to rich sweet syrup. If you want to make sugar, you take it and boil it even more, evaporating the last of the water in it, the last memory of how it used to flow in a forests’ veins. It takes some 40-80 gallons of sap to make a gallon of syrup, more to make sugar. And making syrup with someone gets real…for a time, you’re popping in and out to go collect the rest of the buckets, but after a while it’s just you and them in a small, maple steam filled shed, usually drinking something homemade and of questionable alcohol content, talking through the day and the night. Or by yourself, with your thoughts and your wishes and your ghosts, though I’ve never done this for long, just fractions of an hour, unlike friends who have spent days there boiling away heart break or trying to get their head and pans level. 

If you need something strong to protect you, you can’t do much better than homemade sea salt. But if you need to barter something, to trade for something big and important and true, I wonder if a homemade maple sugar candy might get you what you’re looking for. 

I imagine you bring it to the edge of the forest. Or more likely, that corner of the dining hall where no matter what hour of the day someone is drinking coffee and almost done a paper they never seem to finish. All the right words… “if it would please you,” what you seek, and their reply, “and in exchange?” So you make your offer: the blood of a forest’s platoon impervious to their wounds, a fire tended, a confession you would never have made otherwise, a week of your life. They are delighted, to get so much for what now seems like so little, and greedily they reach towards you, ready to take what you have promised, and before their hands, or not exactly hands anymore, can find you – you place it on the table. A small maple sugar candy. You’ve pressed it in to a maple leaf mold because hell, if you’re gonna do this you may as well do it right. The air freezes for a second, and you feel your blood still as you wonder if you have misjudged…and then you feel it begin to thaw, the sap to run again. It smiles at you. It doesn’t mind clever, and fortunately for you, it’s a fan of sweet.


Man I wonder how much of the acceptable answers to the ravenclaw door knocker riddle are just a) pretentious bullshit (“where do vanished objects go” “into nothing which is to say everything” like shut the fuck up Melinda) or b) the most bullshit ass stoner answers like, the above but delivered three times as slow by my dude who has been sniffing the literal magic mushrooms

Like at some point (finals week, second year) you stop trying and just spout some smart sounding stoner bullshit no matter what the question is.

And: Luna is the master bullshitter

Hear me out okay

“What comes first the Phoenix or the fire” “a circle has no beginning”

“And circle has no beginning” would be an answer to half the questions it’s so vague. That’s genius. It’s a ravenclaw meme at this point

Although the seventh years are all dead eyed living off coffee like unicorns blood and they tend to answer “life is a lie and sentience is an illusion” which is technically true and answers the Phoenix question. “Where do vanished items go” “they join all my fucks in the void”

I mean

The door let’s them in. It’s been there

Love On The Brain (m) || part 1

“You can lie day and night, speak each false truth with ease and yet, sometimes the most obvious lies are right in front of you and you are completely unaware.” 

∟ The Kim’s were a household your own family spoke of constantly but never in fond terms. They were deceitful, cunning and liars to the grave. Yet, when you meet Kim Namjoon, you find all these accusations to be anything but true. Still, if it pleased your family, you would keep your distance-and you tried. It was meant to be a one time deal, a quick fix for instant relief but as the weeks turn to months, you find yourself unable to stay away.

・namjoon x reader || mob au; angst, smut, romance ||
∟ warnings/graphic content: dry humping + violence, death, blood
・word count: 5,203

previous parts: Prologue || Masterlist

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anonymous asked:

Why do you love Arrow? (I'm the same anon who asked why you watch Arrow. Hint : While I love your gif responses it's your words that always hit me so hard so give me some words please Matty)

Oh, anon. Since you specifically wanted words, here you go. This is something I’ve said before and I’ll say it till my dying day. 

I love Arrow. 

Because this show has given me so, so much, I’m not certain I’ll ever be able to express it completely.

Arrow came into my life at a point when I was at my lowest. I was emotionally messed up in every way conceivable, everything had fallen apart, all at once. I’d shut down in real life and was barely coping. It was one big depressive fest. And it was dark. So, so dark.

And then Arrow happened.

I know it sounds cheesy - all this light and dark thing, but for me it was true. I have no idea why, but one day I was watching the show and it just clicked.

And for me, it was beautiful.

It gave me Oliver Queen, who inspired me deep down to my bones, who gave me the strength and the courage to keep moving forward no matter how bad things seemed, to believe that they’ll always get better, making me the silver lines chaser I am today. He gave me the will to keep fighting and I will love him till my dying day. (And he introduced me to the salmon ladder. That in itself earns him my love).

It gave me Felicity Smoak, who told me it was okay to be awkward, that being a hero and being good did not need a mask, that being a person completely comfortable in their strengths and a good heart was more important. She made me realize that a girl should take pride in her hard work and just be who she is, no matter what.

It gave me John Diggle, who honestly speaks words of wisdom to Oliver and I’m nodding my head vigorously. He told me that no matter what ugly things you see and live through, you can rise above them and not be it. 

It made me believe in a love born true from the soul. It made me understand that family and friendships were made of heart and not blood. It made me believe in the strength of the spirit inside each and every one of us, no matter our circumstances. It told me that it doesn’t matter whether you’re a rich kid stranded on an island considered dead by the world; or if you were a soldier who’d lost his brother; or if you were a little girl abandoned by every man in your life; or if you were a pampered princess who finds out her entire life has been built on lies; or if you were a billionaire who’d lost his wife to street violence; or if you were a soldier in love with a woman who loved another man; or if you were a street kid with no family and nothing except this rage inside you that wouldn’t die; or if you were a normal man with money who’d lost his best friend and found him again, only to realize he was a liar and a murderer… it doesn’t matter what your circumstances are - what matters is how you respond to them. It’s your choice to become the villains of your own story, your choice to become the heroes. It’s on you if you want to drown the world in your pain or rise above it and make something beautiful of it. 

It’s always your choice. 

There could have been no greater villain than Oliver Queen had he made a choice. There could have been no force stopping Felicity Smoak from destroying the world at her fingers had she made a choice.

But they chose to be heroes, chose to rise above their pasts for a better future.

It’s so damn beautiful.

Over time, this gave me the courage to rise beyond mine slowly. To step into the fandom. I lurked around and stalked people mostly in the beginning (although it was never that creepy), and over time, one step at a time, I entered this crazy place and was just consumed by the sheer intensity of it.

I know these are fictional characters, but what they inspire in me is not fiction. It’s very, very real and living my life with these characters has made it so much richer.

Because it’s through this show that I’ve met so many beautiful people who make me smile every single day. It’s through this show that I’ve made friends I know are going to stay with me for a long time. It’s because of this that I can come back here on a bad day and leave with a huge grin on my face.

Because it’s this show and its characters who pushed me into finding the strength to put words on a screen. This show made me want to tell stories. It made me realize it was okay to share my thoughts and from being quiet, it’s made me evolve into someone confident enough in her thoughts to voice them. It has given me a tolerance for opinions and respect for choices, all the interactions with such varied people. 

I’ve grown more over the last few years writing these characters than I have in my entire life. The changes it’s brought in me are almost tangible.

It made me want to write and write and write and just keep on writing and sharing so many stories.

It’s given me passion.

It’s given me perspective.

It’s given me understanding.

It’s given me strength.

But most importantly, it’s given me hope.

Hope. So hard to find. So hard to hold on to. So hard to let go of.

This show has consistently given me so much hope, for me.

And no matter which direction it goes in, I will always, always love Arrow and its characters for giving me so, so much when I had absolutely nothing.  

I love Arrow, and I always will, for the person it’s made me so subtly over time.

Reyna Writes: Back To Us [UPDATED - 5/30/17]

(art by @edendaphne; do not steal, edit or repost)

Her breath left her in ragged pants, her body wracked with shivers that threatened to bring her to her knees. Something warm and wet was dripping from her nose, and a quick swipe of her hand told her that it was, in fact, blood.

           The broadsword was heavy in her hands. ‘Enough!’ Her body cried, desperate for relief. ‘Enough!

           But it was not enough.

           As long as the beast still breathed, it would never be enough.

           It still towered over her, glaring with narrow, onyx eyes, baring jagged teeth in a sneer. She huffed, leaning on the hilt of her sword to keep herself upright, her free hand clutching at the amulet that hung around her neck, her albatross from hell. It was disheartening, to see the beast still standing with seemingly no trouble at all, even though she had been fighting it for what felt like months. All the progress she had made from this point didn’t seem like it mattered, for it was still standing, as if to spite her for all her time and effort. Was it all a waste, then…?

           “Foolish mortal,” the beast growled with a skin-crawling laugh. “While your persistence is admirable to the point of foolhardy, you already know this struggle is fruitless. You cannot defeat me. The minute you undertook this task, your fate was sealed.

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My Favorite Transformers Prime Quotes Part 2

Knockout: “No, not the finish! Anything but the finish! NOOOOOOOOOO!” 


Arcee: “Thank you Starscream.”

*Bulkhead looks at Arcee*

Arcee: “Who else would it have been?”


Raf: “A grenade inside of Laserbeak inside of Soundwave? Like a turducken!”

Ratchet: “I’m sorry?”

Raf: “It’s a turkey, stuffed with a duck, stuffed with a…N-Nevermind.”


Starscream: “Lord Megatron will undoubtedly hold us responsible.”

Knockout: “But…WE ARE!”

Starscream: “Well, you are mostly!”


Knockout: “Okay, true that Lord Megatron seems to possess a symbiotic link to any one or thing infused with the dark matter. Allowing him to manipulate them as if they were puppets, but, have you forgotten what the so called Blood of Unicron did to our warship!?”

Starscream: “That was the result of a massive infusion. I am suggesting a drop or two. Merely enough to allow our master complete control over the super soldier.”


Ratchet: “Optimus….we needed that!”




Megatron: “So tell me Starscream. Why should I welcome back someone whose every waking impulse, has been to thwart me, undercut me, OVER THROW ME!!??!”


Knockout: “Can you believe what the Autobots did to ME!!??”

Diabolik lovers Lost Eden: Ayato Sakamaki [Maniac epilogue]  ~Translation|traducción~

*Esta en español abajo de todo.
Anterior: maniac 10.

???: It’s been a while, Kino.

Kino: Yuuri, how are you? How’s everything going?

Yuuri: Everything goes fine.

Kino: Fufu, I see. However, the Sakamaki and Mukamis families are much simpler than I thought.

Kino: Just as I planed it, make the families quarrel and so separate them.

Kino: At the end, all of them will try to fight with Ayato for the force.

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