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Give us a detailed description of how you feel about girl's who are 'curvy', Kanato-kun? Do you like that? Also, what do you think about girls who have tattoos and piercings?

(mun: I have nothing against tattoos or anything i support everything ^^ so please do not misunderstand)

Theres all types of dolls in sizes.It doesnt matter a damn thing if your curvy or not.Its nice to have different variations of dolls,don’t you agree teddy?

eh…tattoos? well *hugs teddy* it would be true shame that i would see part of her skin get pale..or see her scars..blood..would taste a bit strange mixed in with the ink…

smudge dirt along your jawbone
and pretend this pond is Lethe
and forget the violence broken
and the bones kept underneath and
the blood that cools in turgid veins
the starry glitter grin-

you’re what I dreamed the dead to be
and you’re so desperate yet to live-

and no matter all the unearthed rage
the horror bred in smoke; the
taut-pulled line that slices through
what we are and what we know,
I’ll smudge the sweet skin
of your cheek you’re so soft and true and real

and I’ll never need to hear you speak
because how loud I know you feel;
I’ll take you home, I’ll keep you here,
I’ll bend all of time and space-
and they don’t see what I see when I smear
my fingers across your face

—  l.m.

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Im so proud to be pashtun but I dont like how in our culture and society they think if one does not know his/her language the he/she is not one of us.. It hurts me to be honest cause my dad was never really there and we lived abroad and my mom doesnt speak fluent pashto so I wasnt able to learn and it hurts me so much when people say that but I will never let them tell me im not one of them because I have true pashtun blood :)

Yeah honestly, our people are like that. But you are pashtun! As long as your father is than you are. Honestly besides learning the language on your own to stop people from saying that, there isn’t much you can do and I know that sucks to hear. But hey! Who cares what anyone says! Doesn’t matter you don’t have to prove anything to them, and if they put u down then they’re not relevant and dismiss their butt ASAP.

Tragedy and Fate by NanFe @ Devaint Art I claim no owership of the art. Just the story. ____ How did this happen? That thought explode into my mind again. A distant memory so far gone only fragments remain. It call back to a night long ago. How long has it been since that night? How long have I served her the beauty within the palace. I no longer know I am not sure I even care anymore. I just feel so tired. It hard to think, to remember. What was my name again….? I can no longer remember she call me her Hunter now and that all that matters. I only know she is my world and I will server her till my time ends. I long to be by her side again but she bid me find this scum for her and I have. I have once again proven I love her beyond all other a true deep love. Lady Gwen will you honor me again with the drinking of my blood? How did this happen? Why will this memory not fade like all the others. Why can I not banish it form me. I must think only of my Lady. I most only think of the pleasure I give and in turn receives when she drinks my blood. I wonder if I still will taste sweet to her after so many life time. By the gods I hope I do for she is my all my everthing and if she cast me out I will be nothing. I have travel the Feyway for so long but soon I will be by here side again. So I will know the beauty of the Flawless Palace again and bask in the grace of Lady Gwen. How did this happen? Why does that memory haunt me so? Why does it come unwant to my mind? Why do I weep tears of blood when I try to remember? Lady Gwen why does this memory pain me so? Please my Lady grant me peace still my mind. Free me of this memory!

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a moment of weakness

░█;;┼  Send ‘a moment of weakness’ and the generated outcome will be used for a small drabble scenario or starter. { tw violence, possible noncon/dubcon implications, nsfw }

14. My muse is being beat up by yours, something they did must of been the last straw.

       There’s a loud slam as Lilly pushes her away. The whole 
       atmosphere was pretty much pissy with a hint of bitch
       Squealing, shrieking, and growling could be heard and 
       no matter what —— Violet enjoyed it. It was just like when 
       Lea beat the shit out of her, but that single cigarette to the 
       wrist saved the little flower. 

But the trickle of blood cascading down her pouted

bottom lip proves otherwise. “What the FUCK, Lilly?”

Was her senile comment about life being worthless a-

ggrivating? Did she annoy the beauty or was it because

Lilly thought the same way. “You know it’s true —- Don’t

bullshit me like you always do.” Violet spat whilst leaning

back on her elbows, using the back of her hand to wipe

crimson from her jaw.

 “The whole living thing was just some a-classshit, Lilly.”

There should be no greed, jealousy, secrets or competition in a family. In true essence, families are pure. They share your real joys and sorrows with you. Being related to someone by blood has a real meaning and no matter what differences might arise, you should always come back home to your family. There are no lies between family members. You can be yourself with them. They are a gift from god and therefore, it is important to keep these true bonds of family love pure. I think the biggest problem with families these days is money, and ego. When these two things come in between, they tend to ruin everything but really, if they can be controlled, the true meaning of being family will always remain. Love and peace to family love and may these relations always remain pure and full of love, but free of malice.  “Family like branches on a tree, we all grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as one.”

Untitled [Lineage of Life]

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You might be hurting inside, maybe even constantly, but you don't have to reject the love people show you. Your family does love you very much, blood or not. That doesn't matter. You're still just as important to them, and you don't want to let yourself accept it. But that's not fair to yourself. Because it's hurting you and you're filling yourself with a void that doesn't need to be there. You deserve better. Why don't you just let what love and happiness appears into your life?

anonymously tell my muse what the fuck is wrong with them.

                because don’t you know? he’s not a TRUE argent! he’s a stain upon his family, and he won’t ever really belong anywhere. he doesn’t deserve better, in fact – he deserves WORSE. at least this, he knows is going to come true. he’s long given up any hope for anything becoming better. ❝—–who said m’ no happy?❞