I was tagged by @strkundies. Thank you! ♥ (Even though this is going to be incredibly difficult.)

Step 1: Name your 10 favorite characters from 10 (different) fandoms
(in no particular order)

  1. Bucky Barnes (MCU)
  2. Dean Winchester (SPN)
  3. Michonne (TWD)
  4. Proinsias Cassidy (Preacher)
  5. Remus Lupin (HP)
  6. Brienne of Tarth (ASOIAF/GOT)
  7. Lestat De Lioncourt (The Vampire Chronicles)
  8. Thorin Oakenshield (The Hobbit)
  9. Eric Northman (True Blood)
  10. Kit Walker (AHS Asylum)

Step 2: Name your top 5 ships that you’ll go down with no matter what.

  1. Clint Barton/Bucky Barnes (MCU)
  2. Tony Stark/Steve Rogers (MCU)
  3. Charles Xavier/Erik Lehnsherr (MCU)
  4. Rick Grimes/Michonne (TWD)
  5. Proinsias Cassidy/Jesse Custer (Preacher)

Step 3: Tag 10 people

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There’s Still One Backstory Left...

Ok but what about Blair?

They’ve given everyone one, and they even went through the extra effort of giving Amy two backstories- I mean with good reason obviously- so they’re obviously not going to end the series without giving one to Blair (right?) but what could possibly outdo Amy’s second backstory? What could possibly be as high-adrenaline and dark enough to keep pace with the blood bath final battle we’re facing next week? The name of the episode is “She Talks To Angels”, wich I find a little odd, the only girls left are Amy and Jessie, I highly doubt Amy would talk to angels so it must be Jessie, wich makes sense given she’s been set up to be Amy’s opposite this entire time- the True Good to her True Evil, so where would that leave Blair? No matter how you spin this, I can’t see that Blair would have more than a supporting role, so why is his backstory important enough that they would leave it for last?

And, to play devil’s advocate, if they DID really leave Blair without a backstory, why? Why give EVERYONE a backstory except Blair? If it was a matter of episode numbers they really could have just changed the number of the charectors, to be honest here, it isn’t like Alex has made too much of an impact, they could have combined him and Blair into one or switched up the order to make Amy’s second backstory the Ultimate Reveal in the finale’, or, they could have just made Blair a really minor charector and made him a love interest for Drew instead of it being more like them being love interests for eachother, but Blair seems to have SOEMTHING going on, he’s referenced his past a few times now, so .. what is it…?