“It’s interesting, when I’m in my human form, knowing I’m going to die. Everything has a touch of triviality to it. Like how none of this calculus shit matters. The way it shouldn’t. the truth. In 26.4 hours, I’ll be dead, & in happiness. The little zombie human fags will know their errors, & be forever suffering and mournful” 

- Dylan Klebold

“When I go NBK and people say things like, “oh, it was so tragic,” or “oh he is crazy!” or “It was so bloody.” I think, so the fuck what you think that’s a bad thing? Just because your mumsy and dadsy told you blood and violence is bad, you think it’s a fucking law of nature? Wrong. Only science and math are true, everything, and I mean everyfuckingthing else is Man made. My doctor wants to put me on medication to stop thinking about so many things and to stop getting angry. Well, I think that anyone who doesn’t think like me is just bullshitting themselves.” 

- Eric Harris

  • Vivienne:Cole... you were the Ghost of the Spire.
  • Cole:Yes.
  • Vivienne:Your murders stirred the Circle into a frenzy. That was what brought the attention of the templars.
  • Cole:The templars hurt mages.
  • Vivienne:Stupid, panicking mages who became a danger to themselves and others because of you!
  • Vivienne:You brought matters in the Spire to a head. Without you, there would be no rebellion.
  • Vivienne:Countless deaths are on your head, demon. Are you satisfied with the result of your protection?
  • Cole:You're lying. You're...twist the words right, and it will show its true form. Blood or banishment, either will suffice.
  • Cole:You like the templars. You think they were right.
  • Cole:You don't need to be protected.
  • Vivienne:It can learn after all.
I’ve been a Martial Artist for 15 years.
The amount of people I’ve seen come in
and out of the studio is staggering. Some
make it really far, but end up dropping
out because they’re not willing to put in
the effort needed to achieve their goals.
We all have bad days, weeks, months and
even years. What sets a true black belt
apart from the rest is their inner desire
to push beyond the hardships and limits
and keep moving forward no matter the
cost. Being a black belt isn’t just getting
some belt and certificate, it’s about the
blood, sweat and tears you shed to
obtain it.


(This is one of the best things that I have ever read in my life) 

5SOS Preference : He Hears a Bad Review Of The Album

Ashton: “We worked so hard on this, it was our dream come true and this guy just says it’s absolutely worthless, (YN).” He mumbled and you looked at him, saw the pain that review inflicted in him in his eyes. “Ashton, are you proud of the album?” His head snapped up. “Of course i am. We put our blood, sweat and tears into this album, we never thought it would happen and now it has!” You smiled. “Then that’s all that matters. Don’t let one review bring you down, that idiot has no idea what he’s talking about. By the way, the album, it’s my new favorite of all time.”

Luke: Another glass hit the floor and the remains spread all over the floor. You hurried into the room and carefully evaded the glass. “Luke? What the hell is going on here?” He had tears in his eyes falling down his face. “Luke?” “I heard, a review of the album. The guy or girl or whoever, i didn’t pay attention, but they said the album was shit. That we were untalented and we should be ashamed of ourselves. I’m not ashamed, (YN), not at all. I love this album, more then anyone could ever imagine.” You hugged him. “I told you before, as long as you’re happy with it, that’s what counts.”

Calum: You had come home early from work at the urgent call of Calum calling. “Calum? You wanted me home early, i’m home now, what’s the emergency?” You saw him in your bedroom, laying under the covers, the lights off and sniffles repeatedly. “Oh, Calum.” You raced over and knelt by his side and stroked his face. “What happened.” “Bad review of the album, it broke me down like shattered glass.” You kept stroking his hair. “Ignore it, Cal.” “Why?” “Because the album is amazing and whoever did that review needs to lose their job because they don’t know what they’re doing. Now smile!” he did and you giggled. “There you go.”

Michael: He was so close to breaking the controller in his hands and  you sighed, not knowing what to do anymore so you decided to call Calum over. “What’s going on with him?” He asked and you sighed. “He heard someone give a bad review of the album and he’s been playing video games since. I thought maybe you could help.” “How?” “He’s your best friend, but maybe, i don’t know.” Michael stopped playing and turned around. “If the three of us could just hang out, i might feel better sooner then later.”

The Moon is spinning away from Earth an
inch a year, and the Big Dipper always
points True North. It took a man a decade
to cross the world, but he found his way back.

What I am trying to tell you is that
no matter how far the Moon strays each day,
the sky still has a place for her. That you
will never be lost as long as you look
up to find the North Star. That it might take
years, but your feet will always lead you home.

So if your veins sing
with the urge to walk,
to run, to fly — do it.

You have more water in you than blood. And
all rivers run to the sea, no matter
how many times they think they’ve lost their way.

—  “Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost”, by ironedout
9- 100 Day BoO Countdown Challenge

Write a letter to Reyna.

Dear Reyna, 

I guess I’ve technically known you longer than even Nico- we first ‘saw’ you in The Sea of Monsters, as you braided Annabeth’s hair.  But, regrettably, we never got to 'meet’ til years later- as a praetor of New Rome.

I’ll admit, we were all kind of worried when Jason mentioned you.  I mean, we didn’t need another Annabeth, and please, gods forbid, a petty girl jealous of Piper.  Thankfully, we received neither.  Reyna- your name means 'queen’ in Spanish, and it’s definitely true.  

You’ve got secrets, no doubt- like why are you afraid of ghosts? What did Venus tell you? And how can you give away your power?  But, then again, we’ve never really heard you speak.  That’s probably one of the things I’m most excited for in Blood of Olympus- finally getting to hear you.  

No matter what the final outcome is, I know you’ll put your duty first, like you always have.  These past years have been incredible.  Your wisdom and bravery have saved the Seven so many times, as well as your camp.  You deserve so much better, and I hope that’s exactly what you get.  

Now go deliver that statue to Camp Half Blood!  Try not to kill Hedge, and just be there for Nico, okay? He’ll need you, and I’m pretty sure you’ll be needing him.  Best of luck.



Seriously guys, don’t worry, the only one true relationship in naruto is between naruto and sasuke. The most developed, beautiful and strongest relationship, about what? 

Love? friendship? admiration? frustration? hatred? pain? 

what matter! 

Love doesn’t come from one chapter to another. 

Love is a story, a long story, with problems, with good moments, with critical moments, with smiles, with tears, with blood. 

I don’t need you think naruto and sasuke are in love, I need you can see they’re the only one bond that really worth it. 

hahahah pls rewatch naruto if you didn’t see it. 

Know Your Fannibal Blogger (Bold What's True)


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  • Abigail Hobbs
  • Garrett Jacob Hobbs
  • Freddie Lounds
  • Bedelia du Maurier
  • Frederick Chilton
  • Miriam Lass
  • Abel Gideon
  • Others (please specify)

Why fall in love when the things you love will inevitably break your heart like I love golden retrievers with all of my blood pumping organ and when I was three mine tried to steal a muffin out of my hand so I put it behind my back but I was so short he yanked it out of my grasp anyway??? to make matters worse, a couple of weeks later, he chose my great-uncle over me??? Like?? Was I not good enough? Was that muffin he stole out of my hands not good enough?? My dog literally stole from me and then left me for an older man and I was forced to see them every. single. day. as my uncle drove by my house with my dog seated happily next to him in the passenger seat, actin’ like he didn’t steal a dog from a three year old. My dog pretendin’ like he didn’t cheat on me with an old married man. I loved you Goldie. I loved you and you threw it away. Don’t fall in love kids, your uncle may just get in the way.

anonymous asked:

Mr. Popovich would you tell us a little bit about your pack?

O-ho, it is Mr. Popovich, is it now? Hah! I am thinking this cannot do much harm. Even if you are digging for information, you are asking the wrong question. So yes. I will entertain this. You are welcome to bask.

As our Priest, Mhina works closely with myself. Between our games, our packmates rarely taste boredom or stale blood. There are few who look upon her long, black talons and fail to tremble. Observing the Beast emerge from her frenzies is, ehh, infrequent. Her control slips only rarely. However, I am watching for what she becomes when the manifestation completes. The Beast is a matter of pride for all: Mhina serves as reminder and ritualist both.

Claire is my personal pupil and descended of my clan. Very young, this is true, but her capacity for unceasing floods of violence brings great joy. Truly, I have met few with such pure rage. I could not have selected a better childe had I been giving the gift myself. Her maker’s ashes still smolder in the great fire that swallowed the battle, but I am thinking this is ideal. I teach her to hone the blessings of blood and in turn she consumes all enemies I place in her path.

This, eh, Jeffrey - “Jeff” - is a separate tale. He comes from prestige, childe of the Tzimisce Archbishop of Gatineau, warring for control of Canada’s capital. I have great respect for his maker. This is why I do not reclaim “Jeff’s” blood from the fool. I will tell you this only because the rumors have spread so thoroughly that my repetition means little: His maker sent him across the continent because he continues to harass a noble of the Fae - the Fae! - in Ottawa. It is wise that we should avoid the Fair Folk in their entirety, but Archbishop Stepanovych disagrees. It is my thinking “Jeff” inherited this obsession from his maker, but we do not say such things carelessly.

Xio is our calmest. As Pander some would mock him, but I have personally witnessed his prowess in battle and other matters. When a ghoul will not suffice, Xio comes with me on business transactions. He maintains silence most nights, although I have observed his laughter with our pack from time to time. In truth, he is excellent earth for the fires of our other members. When one is in the Beast’s grip, he quells the rage. In life, I am told he was a teacher of children. Hah! I should like to see how he responds to a classroom in these nights.

All that remains is Raul. Mhina understands his motives in ways I do not. I find this reasonable, as I do not fully comprehend Mhina at all times either. Although he complies with our mission, there is degree of self-loathing - self-destruction. I do not trust it. He keeps many ghouls and I suspect he remains most humane in our pack from his close ties to mortals. Some months past, I devoured one of his little pets. It was merely a lesson in the transience of attachments beyond the Sabbat, but he has not been quite the same since. However, I suspect Mhina will be equipped to mould him as required. Perhaps I shall place him upon my path once I have fully lessoned Claire in the same.

Though some may bear imperfections, they are all true to our great cause and loyal. I take great pride in the unity of our Pack. May all who interfere fall to our fangs in the grand nights to come!

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I don't understand how people can seriously believe draco stopped being prejudiced, it's impossible it's sure he still sees muggles and mugglesborns as inferior

You seem to forget that Draco has been through traumatic episodes in his life. and that he married a blood traitor, fighted for her, and taught his son that everyone, no matter what’s their blood status, is worth the same.

The problem is often that the person who used to be a racist, or a classist in this case, will get the ideal of not being prejudiced at all. and he is going to find it hard in practice at first, despite knowing deep down that he was in the wrong, that his beliefs were definitely wrong. But it is possible. Especially when the realization comes from itself, and not from insults. Some people will hide though, and pretend that they haven’t changed, keep a mask, because the response from society is too much pressure on their shoulders; it’s easier. but they’ll also regret it at some point, most likely.

but often, he already has that reputation of a racist or of a classist (no matter if he really was that, or if he wasn’t even at all but still came from a family of well-known racists and stuff). so when he encounters someone he would normally have been prejudiced to, he will feel.. ashamed? especially if he had always cared what people and society thought of him… or, he won’t know how to act or what to say or whatever, because.. the other person could think that he is thinking something bad about him or her, even if he is not, and he doesn’t want the person to think that; he can’t help himself to feel that the other person will think that. but he won’t really be thinking it, he will just be.. scared that the other one might misinterpret? and maybe he’s even going to try to justify himself, his acts or his words, and it’s gonna turn out all wrong and awkward when he’ll try to explain because he’ll most likely be nervous, and he’ll just want to leave and say fuck that, people don’t get it afterwards.

the ex racist or classist, at first, will still recognize that the other person is different, because he doesn’t want that other person to believe he does think that (because somehow the person really is different, or at least his or her situation is, depending on the case. but it doesn’t mean he or she is different in worth; big difference, you see). and it is even worse when that person isn’t in a right mood at all! because he will feel bad to just want to be alone and not to speak to anybody that day, because the other person could think it is because of his or her colour or of his or her blood or of his or her social status. Truth is he would have been mad or sleepy or annoyed or whatever no matter who was in front of him at that moment. But he still has that reputation of a racist, so if he avoids you or just pretend like you’re not really there in the hallway, it really could be misinterpreted and he seriously doesn’t want that. and that sucks, and someone really has the right to be angry when experiencing that (at the situation, not at the other person). no one should have to feel guilty when one hasn’t done anything wrong. sadly, it happens everyday.

I mean, it’s even possible for someone who has absolutely no prejudices at all and who really wants to respect everybody – but because of his or her own background, or even just History itself (between different groups of people for example) or because of what people say on media, or because of the laws or whatever – to act or feel in ways they shouldn’t and that doesn’t correspond to their real minds. the world acts like if hate should have a legacy.. it’s kind of gross. it should maybe have a legacy in politics, in laws, etc. but not in situations between real people, in everyday life. there are people who don’t hate on, idk, a certain religious group, and when they meet someone from that religion, they’re literally scared or not comfortable and that only because the religious guy might think they hate him if they look at him for more than 2 seconds (when maybe the guy just had a very beautiful mustache lol), which is absurd but the sad truth, because that guy is used to being told bullshit by others because of his religion. and society wants everyone to take the blame of everybody. and it’s just making things even more awkward between groups.

the ex racist or classist can stop perceiving the difference and totally forget about it when his reputation (in the eyes of the other) doesn’t matter anymore. it can stop if both groups consider themselves as being equal.. when the “oppressed” who isn’t oppressed anymore doesn’t have the feeling to be oppressed right here right now by that nice person in front of him/her. when the oppressed doesn’t categorize the other person just as much under the same categories, which is the case most of the times btw (and which makes racism and classism different from intimidation). both need to feel comfortable towards each other, both need to understand each other, and move on (of course I’m talking about people who used to be, not actual racists or oppressed groups, that’s totally different). the moment the ex racist will not fear to offend the person he used to hate for reasons he himself finds stupid and worthless by the way he acts or because of something he says (that wasn’t meant against him – or against some traits of him related to race, blood, social status, etc. because tbf some people are just arses and deserve a fuck you from time to time, as individuals, not as a collectivity!! – of course), then the ex racist will be able to say.. “ok, I was prejudiced, I realized those prejudices were wrong, I do realize everyone is worth the same, I truly believe it, when I see someone he or she doesn’t think I hate him/her, so I can act normally, and we can both act like everything is normal, because everything is actually normal, we’re just two human beings, and no, nothing will be awkward, because none of us will care or think about it; we’ll just enjoy the moment. and if I’m in a bad mood, the person will think “oh, you should go sleep mate” and not “what’s wrong with me?? you’re just a fucking racist you didn’t even smile at me, I bet it’s because you think I’m no better than shit like other person x y or z ugh” 

See the problem -_-.

Draco wouldn’t have to feel this way about the muggles, because he never really met muggles before. and they don’t know about him. and Hermione.. she never bought his shit and went through the same war. They even saved each other’s arses. and she knows where he is coming from, and she doesn’t view him that way anymore.. she’s never even really seen him that way. She never “hated” him , she was mostly annoyed. and despite the fact he hated her for her blood status, he didn’t actually have anything else to hate her for. he’d find her smart, annoying because she was a know-it-all and kids have this tendency to believe being intelligent or a nerd is not cool lol. he’d find her pretty, ingenious and talented, and would take ideas from her from times to times. oh and, he likes to be bossed around by her now. not really the kind of imbalance you were looking for, I bet lol. and she was being bossy even outside of tcc, just saying. and if we consider ginny, who is a blood traitor, no problem, really. if you think of Ron though, that’s another story, completely. but.. they didn’t hate each other for this reason at all. they were both prejudiced at first, but in the end, if Ron can’t accept him and dislikes him a fucking lot and Draco still despises Ron, it seriously has nothing to do with their social status or their magical abilities. And I don’t think Draco cares much about Clearwater?? xd. It has always been the golden trio, and he had always wished to have friends like them. and that even if he ‘hated’ them (not even for who they were. well, except maybe ron. Draco probably despised him for who he were.. yeah). 

To end this, because it’s getting long, Draco was just a kid. That sounds basic and cheesy or whatever you want, but it is still true. He is still the same person, he is not exactly different, sure. but his views and his beliefs, his feelings towards things, etc. yes they can change. and they did! This happens to everyone when they become an adult. people have to make a choice between what was good and what was bullshit, what and who they want to keep in their life. who and what kind of person they want to be in life, etc. and it doesn’t even stop when you ‘enter’ adulthood, as people can still change at any time during their life.. but it sure is more of a big deal at that time, because it is a lot of decisions. because you enter the ‘real’ world. and they entered the real world during a war. they had no choice. they had to face their responsibilities. and draco had more responsibilities than a lot of adults have to face in everyday life today. some people think he made the wrong choice, some people think he had no choice. I believe he chose the safety of his family over his own. the three statements are all true, however. they aren’t in contradiction, even if they can seem to be. Draco had to grow up fast, and he was alone. that changes someone, and that leaves plenty of time to think about oneself and one’s past mistakes. 

This is an AU Rpg. It’s Supernatural / AU. Everyone lives in the city. Either it’d the loud noisy side of the city, or the more quiet side of the city. 

Come join us, we’re a supernatural/OC RPG.

  Here you’ll find a list of what you can choose to be. You need not to be a supernatural creature in order to join. (Think of  Teen wolf - Being Human - Supernatural - Vampire Diaries - True Blood - From Dusk Till Dawn: Tv show -Hemlock grove -  when thinking of Creatures )

This is a Supernatural/OC rpg. Meaning all original characters are welcomed, No matter the face claim. (Of course as long as they’re not in the banned list). The point of this rpg is for supernatural beings and human beings all living in a city where they all work in. 

Main // Taken // Rules // FAQ // Apply

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10 favorite characters from 10 different fandoms:
1. miles upshur (outlast)
2. rose of sharon cassidy (fallout)
3. jess (until dawn)
4. élise de la serre (assassin’s creed)
5. evaan verlaine (star wars)
6. brigid tenenbaum (bioshock)
7. sookie stackhouse (true blood)
8. samantha traynor (mass effect)
9. kate kane (dc comics)
10. sonya blade (mortal kombat)

10 ships that you’ll go down with no matter what:
1. f!courier/cass/veronica (fallout) (i would die for them)
2. rogue/wanda maximoff (marvel comics)
3. f!shepard/tali'zorah (mass effect)
4. harley quinn/poison ivy (dc comics)
5. luna lovegood/ginny weasley (harry potter)
6. m!courier/arcade gannon (fallout)
7. sonya blade/johnny cage/kenshi (mortal kombat) (can be romantic or friends either way i love them)
8. jess/emily (until dawn)
9. jean grey/emma frost (marvel comics)
10. leia organa/evaan verlaine (star wars)

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  • Paxte:Wait... Doesn't anaconda murder take a long while?
  • hcuz1:No nonsense, remember what we said about the blood boiling or whatever
  • crabbylouse:AHAHAHAHAHHA
  • Paxte:oh yeah, i forgot.
  • crabbylouse:LMAO
  • SchwererGustav:I mean it doesnt matter how long a snake takes to crush you if it does so underwater...
  • Fatsuya_Suou:it makes their blood turn into angry bees
  • hcuz1:It also makes nearby bees turn into angry blood
  • hcuz1:It's quite amazing actually