I feel like I am always the last person to know about just about anything. Like just recently I learned about my guilty pleasure band growing up, S Club 7, is back and just released a new song along with doing concerts and I’m like how didn’t i know about this? I could have been fan girling this whole time but instead I was kept out of the loop and it sucks. 

i hate the term ‘you’re going to be ok’, because i don’t want to be ok. I want to be great, I want to enjoy getting up in the morning and look forwards to having a long day of productivity, instead of getting up at the last minute possible and then hide in my room as soon as I can. I don’t want to be the person who can’t touch people, who can’t go out, who can’t reply to texts quick enough to be involved.

Being ‘ok’ is living your life instead of not wanting to live, but I want to enjoy living.

food for thought: if geek culture is about loving what you love no matter what people say about it, then is being critical of what people love a hinderance to the growth of geek culture?

the flip side of this: geek and nerd culture is often associated with intellectualism. so is critique of what you love despite being a fan of it actually a part of fandom and geek culture?

and what about from a creator’s perspective? the status quo has creators not being too receptive of critique…at least in hollywood. how would that play into this whole idea?

in light of recent dumb tweets, have some headcanons that completely ignore what jason said:

  • bellamy not telling clarke about getting tortured in mount weather on the way back to camp because he would be aware of the weight on her shoulders and wouldn’t want to add it
  • bellamy not talking to anyone about what happened because everyone has more important things to do than help him quiet his demons. he’s had enough practice doing that by himself anyways
  • lincoln remembering what happened in the tunnels and trying to talk to bellamy about it, but bellamy brushes him aside
  • when clarke comes back, he still doesn’t tell her because he’s happy to have her back and doesn’t want to immediately make her feel guilty all over again
  • but she’s talking to lincoln one day and lincoln mentions how their plan didn’t work in the tunnels, and bellamy was taken into the mountain like the rest of the grounders
  • clarke finding bellamy and confronting him about it, tears of both rage and sadness threatening to spill onto her cheeks as she thinks about bellamy keeping his trauma locked away 
  • he tries to deny it but she can see right through him. she knows him, and so she knows he’s lying when he says everything was fine
  • he drops the lie and looks right into her eyes and his voice is shaking as he finally starts to talk about what happened
  • they talk for hours, sitting just outside of the camp where no one else will bother them. it’s just them and the wilderness and the sharp memories that haven’t really dulled that much with time
  • clarke holding bellamy’s hand when he gets choked up and he runs his thumb over the back of her hand, feeling calmer than he has since she left
  • clarke leaning her head on his shoulder as he finishes and he whispers, “i don’t blame you, clarke”
  • and she knows he means it
  • clarke and bellamy talking things through and helping each other move past the things that still haunt them because they’re a team and their relationship deserves more than just an offhanded comment on twitter 

저도 평생 친구들이 중학교때 친구들이에요 #화양연화 http://t.co/Se6Rq7wKAs

My best friends are middle school friends as well for me #MostBeautifulTimeOfOne’sLife

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Eye Smile-Dan -nim sent this one, “The most happiest time was during 2nd and 3rd years of middle school; I think that being able to spend time with friends I’ll never forget is the happiest.”

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