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Hey nissi ^^ do you know any vmin/jikook crack/ funny fic? Thanks :)

ok i dont know what happened here either but i hope u like it
- kissland | can’t fight the fiction (so ease it off) | can you hear my kokoro beat for you? by fashcndy (shywall)
- it’s your heart i wanna live (& sleep) in | to be alone with you by knth
- jammed by minverse
- a guide to (not) keeping your relationship a secret by skateboardsound
- subtext by theunknownknight
down down down (i’m taking you with me) by kaythebest
never shoot to miss by umji
fire sales burning up my heart by markerlimes
- a good distraction by jellyprince
- well. this is awkward. by calicocoa
- the petty criminal discount | the goon squad by kingkiwi
- blow me like your french horn by ohdizzy
dear diary, holy crap i think i’m in love with park jimin by jungkooks hyung
- private correspondence by wortmalerei
- dating vampires for dummies by pngjimin
- ears by usui
peanut butter jelly time by wordcouture
you make my life colourful (i think you’re magical, i think you’re wonderful) by perfectyoongi
- captain cuddles by goog
do you ever wonder [if the stars shine for you?] by wontaek
this is really embarrassing but you’re really cute by wangpup

please take into account the weight that may be on peoples shoulders before you expect them to carry more

Teaser for 15: Butterfly
  • Teaser for 15: Butterfly

Hot off the presses, check out this Teaser for Episode 15: Butterfly! Not only does this episode feature some therapeutic follow-up for Sally with regard to the events surrounding Nikhil Sharma, but it also features a newly-commissioned study into the behavior of time-traveling mice. It features @thelaurenshippen, creator of the utterly brilliant audio drama @thebrightsessions! We’re so glad to have Lauren on board for this episode, and we can’t wait to hear what you guys think of it.

Full premiere next Monday, August 1st!

Here’s that Avibang smut I’ve been working on for days. @sweetiefiend and @grouchycouchy were really excited about me no longer writing almost porn. So here ya go.

Danny fucking hated waiting. It didn’t matter what he was waiting for. To go to the ATM, for that hot girl who works at the supermarket a few blocks down from their house to respond to the dick pic he sent two days ago, or even for Barry to get home from work so he could dress him up in that cute little unicorn onesie. But he never hated waiting more than he did right now, with Dan pinning him down on the floor, his lips latched onto his neck and his fingers teasing his nipples. Danny hated all of it.

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@tiny-artist-girl and @ice-comette

Yup I was bored and Yea I drew this  ( Don’t Judge )

I guess this is what happens when you draw at 2:00 AM

Anyway I drew  Mine , Huda & Cherry’s Reactions to Yanderes.

Btw if you can’t read what’s written due to mobile’s horrible camera,here it is:

Me: A Yandere huh? Promise to be good and i’ll keep ya.

Huda: You’re a Yandere..

Huda: I’m a Yandere..


Cherry: AHHHHHH A-A Yandere?!

Cherry: Please Don’t Hurt Me..

Cherry: SAVE ME!!! (Flip those tables)


Huda: There can be only ONE yandere..And that will be ME!  D I E  *stab stab staaabbb*

I regret nothing.