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You like Sasuke/Sakura?

yeah. it was my first real OTP when i was like 11 or 12

but i mostly prefer the pre-timeskip stuff b/c the post-timeskip stuff is just…… a trainwreck of epic proportions. but the pre-timeskip stuff was really sweet and built up their relationship really well

say what you want about Sasuke’s character, but he actually did give a shit about Sakura early on. here, Sasuke was the only one to notice she was depressed and even went out of his way to cheer her up. at this point, he had no idea that the Chunnin exams could only be taken by teams of 3, he just did it to cheer his friend up and give her some confidence.

seriously, look at how cute team 7 is here. Sasuke just says “Don’t pull me.” not, “Let go,” not “Stop touching me,” just “Don’t pull me.” he doesn’t mind Sakura holding his hand at all. And Sakura is even pulling Naruto’s hand along (and almost leaves during the 10th question to preserve Naruto’s dreams). that’s a far cry to the callous, shallow fangirl she was at the beginning

at this point, Sakura has already developed to the point where she and Sasuke are good friends. sure, she still has a crush on him (and is falling in love with him), but she can still have a convo and talk with Sasuke as an equal.

hell, she even calls him out

she’s not blinded by her love for him. rather, she seems very self aware.

and again, Sasuke does care about her.

he’s the one who grabs her hand in this scene, because he’s seeking comfort from her.

Sasuke’s curse mark gets fully triggered because Sakura is hurt. it was activating and stewing, but seeing her injured is what triggered it to come out at full force. the mark is triggered by anger.

he was so angry to see someone he cared about be hurt that he snapped.

and then the curse mark recedes because of Sakura’s desperate pleading. her voice is what finally broke through his angry haze and calmed him down.

Naruto notes the change in Sakura’s hair, but Sakura easily convinces him that it was just an appearance change. only Sasuke and Ino, Sakura’s closest friend since she was 7 who knows her the best, realize the significance of her short hair. the fact that Sasuke is included in this moment of contemplation, along with Sakura’s best friend, says a lot.

she was willing to fight Gaara to protect Sasuke. not just because she loved him, but because he was her friend. she knew there was no way she could win. she probably knew that better than anybody. but she was gonna damn well try.

and again, Sasuke did, in fact, care about her. he cared about her a LOT.

he, very clearly, thinks of her as one of his most precious people. whether you wanna take that comment romantically or platonically doesn’t matter. at the end of the day, she was someone extremely important to him, and he didn’t want to lose her like he lost his family. 

he was willing to sacrifice himself if it would buy Naruto time to escape with Sakura, as long as it kept her (and Naruto) alive.

(also, please note: the curse seal awakens when she’s in danger again)

it’s interesting to note that Sakura and Sasuke often noticed things about each other that none of the other characters see. Sasuke noticed she was sad, Sakura noticed he was acting weird, Sasuke noticed she was lying about why her hair was short, Sakura was the only one to know where Sasuke would be when he left the village.

so yeah, i think the ship had a lot of really good development early on, and it had a ton of potential to be really well written and cute. but then Orochimaru showed up and……… things basically went to shit.

i am forever disappointed about this you don’t even know

tbh, i’m also pretty picky with how SasuSaku is presented. personally, i view Sasuke as asexual. (actually, i view pretty much the entire Uchiha clan as asexual, but that’s a different point entirely). i think he would’ve been extremely awkward in a romantic relationship. kid barely had any social skills, after all. but given time, he would’ve been more comfortable with the idea. public affection would be very embarrassing for him tho, but he’d tolerate it for her. if very stiffly.

as for Sakura, i think she might’ve been bi, but she only has eyes for Sasuke. i think she would’ve been more casual about a relationship. she already knew Sasuke very personally, and the only difference i could see with her treatment of him is slightly more physical affection (hugs, holding hands, kisses on the cheek, etc)

i guess you could say i “Disney-ship” this, where i only ever viewed it very pure and innocently. at least the pre-TS stuff, haha. they just had so much potential to be super cute and sweet and that all went down the drain when Sasuke left with with Orochimaru. 

cries forever about the wasted potential that these two could’ve had

Ginny x Mike 1x02: And the Ship Keeps on Sailing

Those looks Mike kept giving Ginny were pretty hard to miss (for anyone who wasn’t Ginny). Not only were they in Every. Damn. Scene they had together—he glanced at her Every. Chance. He. Got. He couldn’t even help it: she captivates him.

  • In the bar, Mike hangs on each word as Ginny teases them about what turns her on.
    • Not to mention, he then shows his sensitive side when he turns off the TV after they both had enough.
  • He pulls up in front of the team and their fans, kissin’ some blonde..
    • And Ginny totally notices.
  • On the bus, Mike points to the seat next to him, insisting she sit next him.
    • And then he watches her while she’s not looking.
  • He shares about his ex-wife, totally unprompted, telling Ginny it’s his ex-wife who wants him back…
    • While really (he wants to deny that) it’s the other way around..
  • How hilarious/cute is their workout scene? He gives it everything he’s got to keep up with her…
    • Trying to hide the fact he barely is.
  • When Ginny assumes Mike would rolls his eyes at the Gin-sanity, he’s the one (once again–Pilot flashbacks, anyone?) to hone her in and reassure her.
    • Bonus: He eats her bacon ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Let’s then talk about the parallels here of Mike getting reassured his marriage is indeed over, and he’s reminded that he wants someone to come home to, to talk to at the end of the night…
    • He realizes these things the same week Ginny Baker comes into his life.
  • Mike’s ass slap is back!
    • And Ginny has fun with it.
  • The final bar scene? Don’t get me started:
    • She asks him to dance–not once, but twice.
    • She starts dancing, and he cannot stop starring.
    • Seriously, he can’t stop starring at her. He has to leave to stop staring at her, and even then–he. cannot. stop. starring at her.

Seriously, Pitch has no chill when it comes to the Ginny x Mike ship.

She’d been looking over at him all class, hoping to even get a glimpse of his face so she could signal him that they needed to talk. But of course, he wasn’t even giving her a glance the whole lesson. She breathed out heavily in frustration when the class was done and darted after Ben. “Ignoring me?” Jasmine asked as she grabbed onto his shoulder when she noticed no one was around that would care what she did. “Can you please let me talk to you?” She asked when he wouldn’t stop walking. She didn’t chase after boys, that was their job. But if he wasn’t going to play nice and cooperate, she didn’t mind taking the reins right now.


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Shamus looks down to Clara, she came too certainly a lot quicker than Abaddon. Giving a faint smile he nods his head to her. "Feeling alright? No numbness or Neausia? Any pain at all?"

She couldn’t help smiling at him. “I feel cold, but no pain.” She curled her fingers and wiggled her toes. “My head is.. pulsing.” She murmured. Then she realized “Oh, that’s what it sounds like to have a heart beat. I never noticed it when I was alive.”

She wrapped the thin sheet tighter around herself. “The fact that I’m even warm enough to notice the temperature says so much. Thank you, Doctor.”


“Are you okay?” Cora’s voice startles Mark. He’s only two hours into his shift, but he’s so tired that he had ducked outside during a slow moment just so he could have a seat and catch his breath. She had followed him and he hadn’t even noticed–he needs to pay more attention to his surroundings.

Mark looks up at her, his mouth agape and his eyes red. “Huh? Yeah. Fine,” his voice is hoarse.

She gives him a doubtful look as she sits next to him. For a moment, in his fatigued state, he considers blurting out what’s bothering him: I was enthralled or whatever to this immortal fairy woman for like seventy years and she’s evil and then I escaped but now she’s haunting my dreams so I’m scared to go to sleep. But that sounds absolutely insane, so he forces his mouth to let forth a lie instead.

“Insomnia,” that single word takes a lot of work.

“Tire yourself out. That always helps me sleep.”

It might be just his fatigue, but Mark swears there’s a flirtatious tone in her voice. And what’s she suggesting–or at least what he’s imagining–is just the thing to take his mind off of everything.

“You got any ideas?” He makes his best attempt at a seductive smile but it looks manic more than anything.


Okay, maybe he misread things. Then again, that look she is giving him could be expectant rather than confused. But she could be expecting him to say something stupid so she can insult him like she always does. Or maybe she’s playing hard to get? If only he could think straight.

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Now let’s go to sleep, I have a feeling I’ll be late for school tomorrow…

(spoiler alert, she couldn’t even sleep, she squealed in her bed until her alarm went off… and so did he) 

it took me…. so long…… to finish this….. it wasn’t supposed to get this long, holy shit……….

ANYWAY, ANON WHO REQUESTED A REVEAL, I hope you like this… I know this isn’t exactly what you asked for but it’s what i could do. also please pretend you can’t notice i had no idea what i was doing 

EDIT: the text is a bit hard to read, so I wrote it down under the cut: 

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not looking for someone,
      definitely not looking for someone,
                            not— oh, there she is.


or basically “i trust you.”

Who you should fight: Gravity Falls edition
  • Dipper:Yeah you could probably kick his butt easily one on one but on the other hand, have you ever watched Fight Fighters?
  • Grunkle Stan:If you don't mind getting your backside handed to you by a senior citizen, go ahead. He won't go easy on you.
  • Wendy:Really? She's a lumberjack's daughter.
  • Soos:You'd win. Look at him. He's a huge marshmallow. He'd just let you win. He's Soos. Don't fight him.
  • Robbie:Fight him. Please.
  • Mabel:Why? Why do you want to fight this child? What on earth has possessed you to make you even consider that? If you're a terrible enough person to even consider that you deserve the beating she's going to give you.
  • Pacifica:You could take her, but there'd be little point. She's doing her best. Just give her a break already.
  • The Author:His face is the face of a man who has seen some seriously hecked up things. Also he has a gun the size of a small child. There is nothing you can do that is going to faze him in the slightest.
  • Old Man McGucket:Don't. Actually, do. Fight the sad old hillbilly. I want to watch this.
  • Gideon:Punch him in the face hARD I WILL PAY YOU
  • Bill Cipher:ha
  • ha ha ha
  • ha ha ahaaͩ͒̊̄h͑hͩ̂a͒ͦ̇̓͒ ̿̌̃͑hͫÄ̒ͫͩ ̂̂̿H̓̍̑͛A͋̌̚̚ H̑̄̋̇ͤͪ̚A̓ͬ̄͆̚H̅̅́̂̈̚Ả̑Hͨ̒͐̒̓̈́̓̿̎A̍̊̓ͩ͐͑̒̚Hͥ̍̆̍ͬ̃̄A̋͌ͯ ͯ̍Hͪ̍ͧ̉̽͗͊͌A̽̆H̊̓̽ͫǍ͊̏͒̾̓̌Ä̯̱͎̣͖͎́͊̉ͮ̅̚H͖̋͌̿̌ͩ̆ͤ͌͊A̻͍͇̳͈̪̣ͣ͆ͨ̇̃̃ͭͧH̜̫̼͊ͥ͋ͦ͐̾ͩ̍ ̖͍͕ͯ̎ͨ͂ͤ̊H̝̤̳̱̗͚̍̇̐ͫ̚A̩̘̗̳̫ͣͥ͛ͩͩ͂ ͕͎͑ͤ̄̏̔̒Ḫ̞̹̭̫̫͕̖̓̃Ä͕͙̻́͂͂̊̚ ̳̹̰̻̫̬̘͗ͭͅH͔̬͉̐̉ͮ̋Ã͕̞̹͑̔
  • but seriously it was nice knowing you

That line doesn’t represent Hook giving up. It represents Hook fighting more fiercely than ever, using love as a weapon in his own way. By showing Emma that she can’t have both the darkness and his love, he’s giving her a choice instead of letting her believe she can have it all. And as we saw at the end of “The Price,” there’s still a part of Emma that wants to be surrounded by love. That part of her is who Hook is trying to reach, and, once again, he succeeded for a moment. After his confession, Morrison gave us that perfect moment of Emma looking down, her eyes filling with tears and her smile unable to last. Even though the Dark One got what it wanted, Emma didn’t. And her heart is breaking, which we all know means it still works. (x)

like so many people writer ADHD lance as just forgetting stuff. thats not all ADHD is!!!! give me ADHD lance who had to sit in lessons for hours and hours staring at a blank page and completely blocking out the teacher by accident, give me ADHD lance who had to deal with people laughing at him because the teacher had to wave her hand in his face to get his attention, give me ADHD lance who spends hours upon hours every single night doing even the smallest piece of homework because he has huge problems with words looking like nothing, give me ADHD lance where his impulsiveness isnt toned down to be cute and relateable but his impulsiveness does put him into financial trouble, give me ADHD lance were he needs to take a dictaphone into lessons to have any chance of getting what the teacher said, give me ADHD lance who has to sit there and feels like crying because someone told him everyones a little bit adhd, give me ADHD lance who has to wake up every day and take his medication but its not stigmatised its just part of his routine, give me ADHD lance who forgets to eat, sleep and wash because hes hyperfocusing so much, give me ADHD lance who knows anything and everything about the schematics, functions and abilities of most of the ships that the garrison has because hes done so much research into them

what im trying to say is give me ADHD lance who actually has ADHD, not some watered down version made for neurotypicals


“Monsieur Aramis! Bravest of all the King’s Musketeers.”


He’s seven years older, but we just connect and I feel like I have more in common with him than anyone else in my life. He’s my best friend.

“I’m sorry,” Rogers says. “For pulling you away from your work like this.”

“I don’t mind,” Peggy tells him. Truth be told, she rather does mind, actually. Her commanding officers assume she has nothing better to do than give combat lessons to the recruit they worry will break if left in training with more able-bodied men. Rogers doesn’t even know what she does, and he appreciates her worth more than they do. It softens the blow of being ordered to neglect her own duties to train him.

The men who give the orders told her that training the candidates is, in fact, part of her duties as supervisor. They do not consider that she could break Rogers twice as easily as any of his fellow recruits.

Rogers shuffles a bit on his feet. He looks like he’s remembering the blow she dealt to Hodge on his first day. Good. (The blow might be softened by his attitude but it still stings. She allows herself a moment of pettiness to be amused by his nerves.)

“Have you ever fought before?”

“Just a bit,” he says. “Just brawls, really. Kid stuff. Buck- I mean, a friend of mine tried to teach me some, before we signed up.”

“Show me what he taught you, then.”

He does. She raises an eyebrow.

“This friend of yours,” she ventures. “He’s a tall fellow? Strong?”

She watches him try to hide his offense. “Taller than me, yeah.”

“I’m sure your friend meant well, but he’s done you a disservice. These moves are all well and good for him, but it isn’t how you win a fight.”

“They’ve worked pretty well so far.”

“Pretty well is one thing,” she says, feeling her lip curl into a snarl. “Pretty well keeps you alive. I’m going to teach you how to be something more pretty well.

Most men, when confronted with an angry Peggy Carter, a Peggy Carter with her calm façade down and her fists up and her fangs showing, either run from her, or laugh in her face, little girl playing at being a wolf. (They tend not to be laughing for long.)

Rogers sees her flash her teeth and smiles. It’s a slow, shy thing, spreading across his face and meeting his eyes. Such a pretty shade of blue, she thinks.

Then she throws him across the room.


I’ve been waiting too long to give this up

yall look I fucking hate bryana she’s gross she’s a fat shamer and I just don’t think that’s cool??? but u know what??? that doesn’t mean I’m gonna send hate to her or be rude to her bc I don’t know her relationship with Ashton I don’t know what goes on between them like??? if he’s happy he’s happy and I don’t have to be happy about who he’s with but he doesn’t have to give a shit that people don’t like her so

even if u don’t like her just don’t send hate ok just chill she hasn’t done anything to fans yet so

A Million Things

prompt: Alec and Max (bc cute af) (Max needs to write a report but is unsure on who to write it on. After an explosive fight between Izzy and Jace, he runs off and finds where Alec has been sneaking off too and is surprised to find a very glittery warlock alongside him)

Max huffed, trudging into the kitchen, quickly earning the attention of Jace and Izzy. He hoped Izzy wasn’t cooking and he hesitantly slumped over by the counter, Izzy raiding the fridge and Jace leaning across from him.

“What’s wrong? You look like Alec, you know, the time when he accidentally stepped on Church’s tail.”

Max whined. “Hodge is making me do homework.”

Izzy plopped down on the counter next to her brother whilst biting into an apple. “But you usually like the readings Hodge gives you.”

“I know but it’s not readings, it’s a report. I’ve got to write on someone in my life. So I can’t even write on something cool like superheroes or something.”

“Why write on fictional super heroes” Jace cut in. “When I’m sitting right here? I’m like the modern day hero.”

“Superhero?” Izzy snorted. “More like super delusional.”

Jace ignored her and continued. “Well if you’re doing a report,” Jace grinned cheekily. “You should probably do one on me. How many times have I saved the world now?”

Izzy quirked her eyebrow, irked. “You mean we right? Max, the only thing you’d be interviewing is Jace’s big ego, I however have a little more personality.”

“Personality? I’m the embodiment of personality! Someone’s taking over the world? Don’t worry you’ve got Jace: awesome demon slayer and can tell a good joke while slaying.”

“That’s not personality, that’s stupidity!”

“Guys,” Max cut in, his eyes darting back and forth between his brother and sister. “I don’t-”

“Stupidity? You know what’s stupid? Turning Simon into a rat, that’s stupid.”

Izzy hissed, her dark eyes getting darker. “I didn’t hand him the drink,” She said aggravated. “He took it himself, I was just there.”

“Sitting on the sidelines as usual.” Jace deadpanned.

The moment the words flew out of his mouth, Jace froze because rule number one of living with Lightwoods was that you didn’t want to make Izzy mad. Her anger wasn’t like Alec’s, he was cold and calm and collected, her’s was more explosive; like a blinding light that set everything on fire.

Max ran out of the kitchen when he heard a plate smash against the wall, Jace barely dodging the silverware and a small yelp escaping his lips. He stomped through the door, hoping they’d realize he was angry and that they’d stop. He wondered if they realized just how alike they were, they never argued like this with Alec, and whenever Alec was upset they’d usually apologize right away. Mostly because Alec was usually right and he could hold grudges like there was no tomorrow. Max didn’t like yelling, it always remind him of his parents and he hated when they were arguing. It made the walls shake.

He wasn’t sure where he was going, he never really left the institute by himself before, but he’d been to the park before with his siblings so that’s where he headed. He always loved the park because everyone was happy and laughing and they hadn’t all done that together in a long time. Max wasn’t dumb. He knew something bad was happening, or coming and it was dragging on everyone’s hearts. He never really saw much of his sister anymore, Jace was busy with Clary and he never saw Alec. Sometimes when Max would be lying awake, he’d hear someone sneak out (he’d peek out the window to see it was Alec). Alec wasn’t as quiet as he’d like to think and he always wondered where he wandered off to. Sometimes he thought about following him but he knew he’d lose him in the dark, and if Alec ever found out… he’d yell at him. Or worse. Ignore him. Max had been trailing along the sidewalk, his thoughts swimming around his family and this dumb project, maybe he could write about his mother. He scrunched his nose. What would he say? Mom makes really yummy pasta but her and my dad argue a lot and make the walls shake. He sighed, the grey clouds creating a shadow of doubt. He didn’t even realized he had passed the park before he bumped into pole, the bar tapping his forehead. He stumbled back, wincing as he rubbed at the hit and glared at the inanimate object. Still after a glaring contest between him and the pole, a small smile was coaxed out of him because he just ran into a pole. He tilted his head and peered up at the sky when he felt a small drop plop onto his nose. And another on his cheek. And another directly on top of his head of dark curls. Rain. He smiled wider but a shiver involuntarily wracked his body; He’d forgotten to grab a coat during Izzy and Jace’s temper tantrum. A few feet away, a small cafe was delicately place. He didn’t have any money, but it looked warm and cozy and he ran inside, silently wishing he’d brought his manga.

The first thing he noticed was that the walls were coated in bright yellows and oranges and scattered around the room were random trinkets and toys. This was the coolest coffee shop ever! And he didn’t even like coffee.

The second thing he noticed was a very bright, very glittery man. His hair was up (how did he even do that?) and he was talking to the man across from him, Max only able to see a ratted mess of black hair, very much like his own. The glittery man had a wide smile and he was wearing… make up? He had purple color on his eyelids and Max briefly wondered if he knew that crayons were suppose to be used on paper. But the weirdest part about him, were his eyes. They looked exactly like Church’s eyes but were a deep green, with speckles of gold scattered across. If he were an artist like Clary, Max would’ve drawn them. The glittery man was a warlock, what was a warlock doing in this cafe? Was this a downworlder cafe? A sudden surge of panic rose, because he was still new at Shadowhunting, he didn’t know how to fight yet!

He was busy analyzing the couple and thinking about quick escape routes when he heard a familiar voice. He saw that the man, facing the glittery stranger, was speaking, his jaw jumping up and down and he could recognize that voice anywhere. It was Alec’s. Confused and intrigued, he moved to sit in a chair by the corner of the small cafe, trying to get a better view of the two. He was now, slightly to the left of their table, Alec in his peripheral vision and facing the glittery man. He yanked the menu off of the table, briefly yearning for the hot chocolate specials (there was chocolate on them, and whip cream) and peered over the cover at the two. It was most definitely Alec. He was wearing a dark, black shirt. Not a ratty sweater but a real shirt. He never knew why Izzy and Jace always bugged Alec about his sweaters, sometimes Alec would let Max wear them when he was cold and they were so comfy and warm. The weirdest thing though was that Alec was laughing. And smiling. Why was Alec smiling and laughing with a downworlder? Warlocks were bad. He zoned into their conversation, ignoring the guilt pooling in his gut for eavesdropping, but he was curious and it was obvious that Alec wasn’t going to tell him.

“-got three of them? No fair, I don’t even have one!” The glittery man grumbled teasingly. He sounded nice, not bad. He thought a warlock’s voice would sound more dark and scratchy.

“Yeah, Jace and Izzy you met, plus a younger brother Max.”


“Yeah. Jace is an idiot but he’s got a really good heart and good intentions, er most of the time. And Izzy, you’d really like her. She’s really into all that fashion and make up stuff,” Alec crinkled his nose, his eyes shining. “You guys could probably share. But she wears higher heels than you, she could probably kill someone with them, I don’t know how she walks in them.” Magnus laughed heartily and Alec continued animatedly. Max hadn’t seen him like this in a long time. He used to talk like this with Jace. Not so much anymore. Jace never really listened. “And Max, he’s the youngest but he’s probably the smartest out of all of us. He’s always reading and he’s really outgoing and he’s absolutely brilliant.” Max felt a sudden flood of affection for his brother and smiled giddily into the menu. He’s always secretly thought that maybe Alec didn’t like him as much as Izzy or Jace. The fact that he did and thought he was brilliant, made Max’s mind turn into millions of stars. Alec was grinning widely and the glittery man was smiling too, looking soft and kind and not bad one bit. Maybe warlocks weren’t so bad.

Max didn’t know this strange man but he knew that the man was making his brother smile and Alec almost never smiled anymore.

He sat stationed at the table, ignoring the glances from the employees, and listened intently before both of them had got up and left. From far away they looked like friends, but Max could see the affection rolling in their eyes and it was the same looked that was in Jace’s eyes when he looked at Clary. It was the same look that Alec had when he looked at Max. He looked at where the couple had been a mere few minutes ago and he realized that the whole time his brother hadn’t said one thing about himself. Well, Max thought, how is the glittery man suppose to be friends (or something?) with his brother if he knew nothing about him? An idea sparked in his mind and he knew who he was doing his report on.

The next few days he spent writing the report, tongue darting out of his mouth in concentration. The days following that, he spent lingering outside of the coffee shop. He had no idea where the glittery man would be, but if he’d come here once, he’d come again right? He noticed that Alec looked happier too. Sometimes when they were all eating dinner together, he wouldn’t be paying attention and he’d smile a little. Jace would wipe the smile off of his face and fling silverware. He still had a small bruise sported on his cheek from his last argument with Izzy. They’d been furious with Max when he had gotten home. He hated being yelled at.

He sat near the door of the cafe, every few days, obscured from the view, just in case Alec had came, and watched. A few hours a couple of days and he hadn’t seen the glittery man at all. He groaned. There was only so much manga he could read before a wave of boredom would flood through his system and drench his nerve endings. He nearly cried out in joy when he saw the familiar face strutting towards the door, and shot up, his legs still stiff and papers clutched in his left hand. The glittery man walked in and Max followed.

The glittery man had ordered and judging by the long wait, it had been something complicated. He wish he could drink things here. Everything smelt really good. He walked up to him, as the glittery man was waiting, texting someone on his phone. He lightly tugged on the man’s pants.

“Um, excuse me?”

Magnus looked down and jumped. “I realize the pants are nice but trying to pull mine off won’t get you a free pair.”

“You’re a warlock.”

“Good Nephilim, you’ve been studying.” His eyes glinted. “And who am I speaking to?”

“I’m Max.” His right hand shot out. “I’m Alec’s brother.”

“Magnus Bane.” Magnus shook Max’s hand as his eyes widened, probably because he didn’t account to meet his friend’s (boyfriend? best friend?) younger brother. “Or as you so eloquently put, ‘Glittery Warlock’” He snickered.

“I saw you two, the other day. And I listened.” He flushed, a little embarrassed. “And Alec talked about me and Izzy and Jace but he didn’t really talk about himself.”

Magnus raised his eyebrows, either impressed that Max had noticed too or completely confused as to where Max was going with this, Max wasn’t sure.

“And well.” He lifted his left hand, still clutching his report, 4 scattered sheets of Alec. “If you want to date my brother, this is him.”

Magnus beamed, his whole face lighting up. “You’ve written about him?”

Max nodded, utterly impressed with himself, he spent so long on it. “Yup! This is a guide to know Alec. Things he’s scared of and funny stories and his favourite foods and ways to show him that you like him.”

“Oh my.” Magnus gently grasped the sheets, as if they’d ripped the moment he touched them. “Wow thank you.” He looked up at Max, genuinely touched. “He must be really lucky to have a brother like you.”

Max flushed slightly and he suddenly knew how Alec felt. “Sometimes Alec is weird and nobody really gets him and sometimes he’s mean but he’d do anything for us and I’d do anything for him. He’s my big brother.

And after all the time he spent writing and planning and waiting, he knew it was worth it the moment he saw emotion flit through Magnus’ eyes, encompassing anything and everything.

Max was crouched down by the fire, avidly reading another manga that Clary had gotten him (Clary was always getting him animes. She was awesome). Alec had “went for a walk” hours ago, probably on another date again, and his sister was watching a movie with Simon. A good movie too! Something about superheros but they’d kicked him out. Max wasn’t sure why they couldn’t just let him sit on the couch with them, he wouldn’t even make any noise. He didn’t realize he’d been so tired until he dozed off, comic book dropping to the floor, the fire warming his toes.

He woke back up when he felt himself being carried. It was dark, the hallway was silent, other than the footsteps creaking, and he realized that they were headed towards his bedroom. His eyes fluttered droopily, he was really tired, and the arms wrapped around him tightened slightly. He felt the small puffs of breath on his forehead and looked up, struggling to adjust to the darkness.

“Jace?” He grumbled sleepily.

“Close.” The figure laughed.

Oh. Alec.

“What’re you doin’?” Max slurred.

“Go back to sleep. You were passed out on the chair when I got home. Thought you might like your bed a little more.”

Max smiled against Alec’s chest. “How was your date.” He was too exhausted to care that he just revealed that he a) knew Alec was secretly dating someone and b) presumably knew who he was dating. He expected his brother to deny everything, and stutter out a terrible excuse for why he’d been out so much. Alec was a terrible liar, he always looked so guilty while he did it and Max felt bad for him.

Alec hummed and Max felt the vibrations against his cheek. They’d gotten to Max’s bedroom and Alec plopped him down on his comforter, before wrapping the blankets around him. “It was good.” Alec crouched beside Max and Max turned towards him.

“You’re not surprised that I know?”

“Nah.” Alec smiled. He’d been doing that a lot more lately. “Magnus told me about you meeting him.”

“You’re not angry are you?”

“By the angel, of course not!” His eyes crinkled at the corners and his blue eyes were alight.” His gaze softened. “And he told me about what you gave him. I can’t-I can’t believe you would do something like that.”

Max grinned, his smile wide and sleepy. “You liked it?”

Alec was stroking his hand through Max’s hair, lulling him into bliss, making him more tired by the second. “I absolutely loved it.”

Max grinned, sleep wearing down on his willpower to stay awake, but he wanted this moment to last forever.

“You won’t tell anyone yet right?” Alec whispered. “I’m still working on it.”

“I promise. But they’d still love you. Magnus isn’t bad.” His words were starting to slur again but he desperately wanted to hear what Alec had to say because it had been so long since they talked one on one, like this. But his eyes were arguing with his mind, and they started to feel paramountly heavy.

“I love you Max.”

He opened his eyes one last time, relishing in the admiration and pride and overwhelming amount of love and he smiled back because it was so worth it.

“Love you too Alec.” And he succumbed to sleep.

the deleted scene of Magnus telling Alec about Max’s report

I was rewatching Hibbing 911, and the scene between Dean and the Deputy is even more eroticized than I remembered. It’s difficult to believe it actually exists. There’s not a part of that scene that isn’t intentional. The deputy is into dudes, and Dean went there with the express purpose of flirting the information out of him.

The contrast between the scene, and the deputy’s scene with Jody on the one hand, and the scene with the Deputy and Dean with Sam present, makes it even more obvious.

Like Dean, Jody quickly realizes the Deputy is lying. He has his hands folded against his chest, but he does the same thing he does with Dean: he looks down and up at her, twice. But he does it idly, his hands crossed the whole time. He unfolds his hands as he and the Sheriff leave, giving her a longer glance, checking her out. Compared to what happens with Dean, this is academic. But there’s a clear parallel, there’s a clear contrast. The Deputy is curious here, but he’s also self-contained.  He’s unperturbed. He’s in possession of all his faculties.

In the scene with Sam present, Dean is aggressive, although he does not begin that way. Notice that the Deputy has his hand suggestively on his belt the whole time, and Dean not once glances down at it where glancing would be the natural impulse because the man’s hand is close to his gun – his actual gun. In fact, he seems noticeably uncomfortable with the line of sight, his eyes trying to focus on everything else. But this doesn’t stop Dean from cold-reading the Deputy. He can tell from their short exchange that he’s thinks the Sheriff is lying. Not that the Deputy is lying, but that he thinks someone else is lying. And Dean, a keen observer of people, can probably tell a host of other things about the Deputy, as well.

Dean starts out cordial enough, answering the Deputy’s disbelief with “Well, we go where the FBI tells us to go.” This is accompanied with a small, fake smile. It’s not until the Deputy gives him the flirty line about it being cute to watch them try that Dean suddenly shifts gear, going from 1 to 80 in a second flat. The Deputy’s jibe about the bobcat had no effect on him, so it’s not about him making fun of them or the FBI. They were the butt-end of his joke on the bobcat, and Dean lets it roll off his back. It was the flirty gaze and the word ‘cute’, used in front of his brother, that set him off.

Unlike with Jody, the Deputy is even in this scene smiling with his teeth. His pupils are blown wide.

The Sheriff points out the bear claws with the Deputy’s hand still suggestively at his belt. He gives Dean a look before he walks away without a word.

Dean describes him as 'Deputy Douche’ to Sam, but offers to go crack him immediately. Dean clearly felt that the conversation was not over, yet felt the need to contextualize his behaviour for Sam. Their next scene could not be more different from the initial encounter.

First of all, Dean gives him an honest smile at his teeny-weeny hand-cuffs remark, the corners of his eyes crinkling. Clearly, he thinks the Deputy is hilarious. The whole cadence of his voice is different. The way his emphasizes words double-communicates. When he says “The investigation my partner and I are here on,” he doesn’t emphasize investigation, which would be natural, nor the word partner. He emphasizes 'here on’. While he avoided looking directly at the Deputy before, he now looks him firmly in the eye, and his gaze holds the Deputy’s. It’s a gentle, friendly domination.

Then there’s the really clever way in which Dean works the man over. He uses the word ’big’ twice, to counter the Deputy’s 'teeny-weeny’ suggestion. The investigation is big. The boys back in DC are big. Dean is making innuendo on his huge dick for the Deputy. And the Deputy most certainly gets it, because on both uses of the word 'big’, he checks out Dean’s crotch. First shyly, but the second time? He is so ready for it.

“You think that might be something you’d be interested in?” Dean asks. “Might be,” he says, bashfully. They’re not talking about the fucking case, there.

Then Dean tells him that he needs him, first of all, to be totally straight with him. But he says this while touching his tongue to his lower lip. Suggestively. I’m having a difficult time even imagining how he could have made the exchange more erotic. They could have played the scene as a gag, and instead it’s a straight up seduction. Dean Winchester is seducing the information out of a man. And the man was willingly being seduced.

While the Deputy had been unperturbed while Jody had been interrogating him, with Dean he’s putty. He looks away and bears his neck to Dean, and draws even further attention to his bared neck by scratching it nervously. Where with Jody his hands had been folded, with Dean they are not only open, but he actually reaches over for Dean at the end, using the word 'straight shooter’ to describe his superior, repeating Dean’s choice of word. He’s swallowing noticeably.

At the end, Dean tells him, “When I need you, I’ll come find you, okay?” Not if I need you, when I need you.

So the question is, did he? One can only surmise that Dean would have needed to find him after the Sheriff was killed. If not sooner.

This happened. This really, truly happened. On the actual show. Last season. Dean Winchester seduced a man for information.