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why does reading about women in STEM make you angry?

because we hardly ever hear about the achievements of women, because women are constantly undervalued and uncredited for their efforts, because GENDER DISCRIMINATION

it’s already difficult enough for women to enter STEM fields. there’s this longstanding notion that boys are the ones that are “good” at math and sciences, as if intellectual ability is something that is inherently male. and once they do, they’re contained within demarcated boundaries. the achievements of the few who can find the resources to carry about independent research are systematically undervalued relative to similar achievements by men. I mean, really, even the European Commission accepts that discrimination against women is a widespread issue but it’s like…..alright……but what are you going to do about it asshole?

it’s ridiculous because there are people who ask things like “but would women in science change anything?” as if gender equality should be a question in the first place. you know what? YES. YES IT WOULD. we live in a knowledge-based economy and we need scientists, it just doesn’t make any sense for us to shut out half our scientific potential, because of what? our reproductive biology? there’s a whole feminist argument one could make, but it’s not just that, not really. the thing is we’ve screwed up so badly that even a fairer representation of women in STEM fields won’t actually solve the problem because these fields are inherently discriminatory and will probably continue to be this way. and yeah, that makes me angry.

it’s bad enough women have to overcome all these obstacles, can you imagine becoming a scientist or whatever and realising that no matter how good you are or how man PhDs you have, there will always be a glass ceiling? it’s frankly exhausting, i’m not even a scientist and I’m exhausted on their behalf.

women who are hired in a department are automatically relegated to the role of the “token woman” because we all know why she was hired, right? this leads to extreme visibility and social isolation because she doesn’t deserve the role, she only got it because we needed to fill a quota. that’s what women are. a quota. a statistic. evidence that the department doesn’t discriminate. don’t even get me started on being an ethnic or racial minority on top of that…..

& you know what’s sad? there was this survey conducted at MIT w/ female faculty members, and those in junior positions thought their departments supported them and that there wasn’t a gender bias (or at least nothing that would threaten their careers) whereas women in senior tenured positions thought themselves to be marginalised and invisible (actual words used!!! can you believe) and basically the more their career advances, the more isolated and marginalised they become. these were the same women who started out in junior positions and thought that, you know, we had actually progressed in terms of gender equality. and it’s like…..say if the proportion of women grow, the department or field where it has is now perceived as female and therefore less prestigious than those perceived as male.

i just wish things were different, y’know?

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Okay so my girlfriend is a virgin and I want to make everything as special as possible for he first time. I mean ive heard the rose petals, candles, and dinner gist but do you have any other possible ideas? sorry if its a weird question

I mean, I think honestly you need to make sure that’s something that she wants. Not everyone wants candles and rose petals and a dinner. That can be way too much for a lot of people and just leave them feeling incredibly uncomfortable, which is not a feeling you want to be exacerbating during someone’s first time. Have a conversation about what she wants from her first time, if she wants to be full on cliche romanced that’s great, do the rose petals, the candles, the dinner, throw on some romantic music, buy her a nice present to show her how much she means to you, go for it; but it’s just as likely that she’ll want something lowkey and/or spontaneous. What makes it special is the person you’re with, nothing else.

My first time was special completely because of the person, I wouldn’t change my first time for anything, you know when it was? Outside at a Classic and Contemporary Broadway and West End workshop we were both in, at lunchtime on a Wednesday. It was quick, and verging on public, and arguably not special. But I loved who I was with, it was my first love, it was both our first time, and it’s perfect to me. I think if someone had done the whole rose petal thing with me if I’d have walked the hell out haha. Just make sure it’s what she wants, not just what you think she should want based on stereotypes of first times.

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Please don't take this the wrong way, it's not supposed to be an attack at all... I'm just wondering why no one with contacts in the London scene, the people who used to have bts gossip & info & larry proof has had any news since december? Like, people used to hear stuff about L+H all the time, and since 'freddie' was born no one heard anything one way or the other? Do you know what I mean? I just wish we had something to tell us things will get better, for them & for us...

Well, my guess is because they haven’t been in London much, honestly.  Harry has been working on the movie and Louis has been… well, you know.

So they aren’t doing a ton of socializing with anyone at the moment - or not anyone that gossips.  Plus their business dealings are clearly on strict lockdown for reasons unknown, so the casual gossip we were getting for ages just doesn’t have a pipeline right now.

And in LA, they’re probably hanging out with the Gerber-Crawford clan and the Cordens and people like that so, again, they just aren’t out amongst folks who would talk about them.

We’re not even getting casual gossip individually anymore, so I think that’s deliberate. Why? Can’t say, but I think there’s a good reason.

This is what I was saying before.

I mean, imagine being in his shoes. Every little thing you say, every little thing you do wrong in a game, anything at all people are just constantly on your ass, and I’m sure it can get annoying after a while. And yeah we tell him “You do you man” but I mean it’s kinda hard when you have so many comments saying “Oh you did x y z wrong” and people calling him an idiot for not figuring something out right away. But you’ve gotta understand that he literally goes into these games blindly, of course he’s not gonna know what to do straight away.

Like I’m sure those comments can get to you. People just really need to think before they comment.

Just leave the man alone and let him have fun.

And Jack I know it sucks to see all those comments, and I know they do get to you sometimes (which is obviously normal; I mean you ARE human after all!) but hey, I (and I’m sure many others) have fun watching you play all these different types of games and see you figure things out as you go along. Keep at it bud :)

My Dearest River, Today is your 46th Birthday. I wish you were here with us to celebrate. You are too good for us. For this earth. You were an angel sent from above to show us what it should mean to be human. Better than human. You have inspired so many of us. Generations go on and there are more people looking up to you. I hope that is what you wanted. For us to see your vision of life. I know I did. I continue to follow your grace and spirituality. We all do. So I suppose us fans have a little bit of you in all of us. I miss you, I feel you, and I love you River. Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do. Happy Birthday Darling. -Claudia

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The story I have been writing for nearly a year now has begun to heavily be intertwined with religion and gods and the like, but I have never been a religious person, and find it hard to be writing something that I do not understand. How do I begin write a deity that a world would worship without understanding what is necessary to want to worship?This is one of the only times where the saying ‘write what you know’ seems so true. Any advice about this or related links, would be much appreciated.

This is just another situation where you’ll have to do a lot of research. Your best bet would be to do some reading up on the world’s major religions, just to get a basic idea of what they entail. Then, you’ll probably want to look for some personal accounts of religion and what it means to people. You could start by doing a search for something like, “what religion means to me” or “why I’m religious.” You can also try searching for blogs written by religious people. You can also listen to The Three Wise Guys podcast, which is a Jewish Rabbi, a Muslim Imam, and a Christian Reverend discussing issues of faith. Outside of that, you might also try talking to any friends and family you have who are religious. Ask what religion means to them, how they know their faith is right for them, how they observe their faith, and what role their faith plays in their daily lives. You could probably even post it up on your tumblr and ask your followers to answer those questions. :)

The WQA inbox is closed until August 29th. In the meantime, you can check my post master list or the tags on my main site. :)

When you seize Columbia, when you
seize Paris, take
the media, tell the people what you’re doing
what you’re up to and why and how you mean
to do it, how they can help, keep the news
coming, steady, you have 70 years
of media conditioning to combat, it is a wall
you must get through, somehow, to reach
the instinctive man, who is struggling like a plant
for light, for air


when you seize a town, a campus, get hold of the power
stations, the water, the transportation,
forget to negotiate, forget how
to negotiate, don’t wait for De Gaulle or Kirk
to abdicate, they won’t, you are not
‘demonstrating’ you are fighting
a war, fight to win, don’t wait for Johnson or
Humphrey or Rockefeller, to agree to your terms
take what you need, ‘it’s free
because it’s yours’

—  Diane di Prima, ‘Revolutionary Letter #15′, May 1968-December 1971

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How do you feel about curses/hexes?

Short answer: I am pro curse and hex. :D

I actually have quite a few of them posted on this blog (though I think only one is mine), as well as over at thesigilwitch; I have also compiled a huge selection of curses, hexes and jinxes [here].

Long answer: I have never cursed in my career as a witch, though that doesn’t mean I never will. I just haven’t found a situation that I’ve deemed worthy of the energy and effort. I almost did once, but then I realized he wasn’t worth all the fucks. xD 

I am also absolutely in no place to tell other people how to practice their own magic, or what to do with their own stuff and time and energy. If you wanna curse only for serious shit, cool; if you wanna just toss hexes everywhere at everyone that pisses you off, right on man. Whatever you want to do is valid because it’s what you want and how you feel, and I’ve no right to tell you if you’re doing it right or wrong. Whatever your morals support, go for it.

I hope that answers your question adequately. :D

Drabbles - 51

I’m your husband. It’s my job.” - G-Dragon

“Ugh,” you groan, closing your eyes against the headache pounding at your temples. You try to breath in, but your nose is stuffed that your eyes water at the attempt. Your throat aches like you’d swallowed sandpaper, and all you want to do at this moment is sink into your mattress and just become one with the sheets forever. “Why do humans get sick? I mean, this just seems completely unreasonable.”

“Sure it is, baby,” Jiyong says, clearing the thermometer before offering it to you. “Now open up. Let’s see what the damage is.”

“Why do viruses and germs even exist?” You ask from around the thermometer, grimacing as the metal tip digs into your tongue. “Like, their purpose is just to fuck people up. What kind of existence is that?”

“I don’t know, Jagi. We can go see the doctor later, and you can ask him that yourself.” Jiyong smiles down at you, brushing your hair away from your sweaty face. He’s already dressed for work, artistic blue and white shirt with black slacks, one silver cross hanging from his left ear. He takes the thermometer back when it starts beeping loudly and sighs. “Good news. Your fever’s not that high. Bed rest and medicine will probably be enough.”

“That’s good… I hate going to the doctor,” you mutter, leaning back against your pillow and frowning sadly. 

He heads into the bathroom for several minutes before coming back with a cup of water and two cold pills. “Here you go, Y/N.” Jiyong watches as you take the medicine before he pulls the covers up and tucks you back in. “You go back to sleep, baby. I’m going to work from home today, so I’ll be here if you need me.” He presses a kiss to your forehead before standing up and walking to the door.


“Yeah?” He turns to look at you, his hand on the light switch. 

“Thanks for taking care of me and being so sweet.”

Jiyong smiles softly. “I’m your husband. It’s my job. And my privilege. And my happiness.” He turns off the light, and you fall back asleep.

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You know, I just needed to tell a random person about this: Players who pick Reaper and behave like assholes make me feel uneasy and I feel ashamed of being a Reaper main at this point... But I love it so much. Thanks for listening.

Aw I completely get what you mean. Most reapers ive met have been okay people though. Reaper is always good to have on your team because he just destroys tanks (and anyone else tbh) and his ults can do a big difference, so dont feel ashamed for playing him anon ^^ What other reapers do shouldn’t affect how you feel about playing him yourself :)
I really love playing Ana but I feel kinda embarrassed when pick her (especially in ranked) because so many Ana’s seem to only care about sniping the enemies and not about healing allies. People always go “no pick mercy/lucio please”. Found out earlier today I was in the top 1% with healing with Ana in ranked so I feel a bit better about it :P sorry that sounds like im bragging im just really happy and excited about that and wanted to share ^^

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Can I still be autistic if I'm really good at reading facial expressions but I have a hard time changing how I'm acting based on the other person's emotion. Like, I can tell what the person is feeling but I can't connect that something I am doing (or should stop doing. At least not right away)?? (This was worded really poorly. Sorry)

Hi, I just sent in an ask wondering if one can be autistic if good at reading facial expressions and I just came up with a better way to explain what I meant. I’m good at picking up on really small facial expressions ( the type that people don’t mean to display) and I know what they mean, but I have a hard time relating this back to the appropriate social cues for the situation.

You can absolutely still be autistic. And don’t worry, I understand you. :)

-mod har

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How do we not judge others? I'm kinda confused. As Christians we believe that sexual sins are no-no, but surely we know some people who are exploring their sexuality. Isn't categorizing what they're doing as sin also means judging?

Learning how to not judge others isn’t the easiest thing and we can try our hardest not to do it but sometimes we do it anyway (albeit unconsciously at times). Best thing I guess is to  listen to the part of you that corrects your initial reactions. Someone once told me that our first thoughts were how we were raised to think while the ones where we correct those are who we really are.

And sex is a great thing as long as it remains within marriage, is done consensually, does not steal your life’s focus away from God.

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He's totally Daddy af. I mean he even says "Come to Daddy" in the movie. I mean...if I didn't have a Daddy kink before I sure do now..lmao what I'm attracted to is what it is. Same goes for you- so keep doing you booboo! Haha

He’s sooooo fucking Daddy. Thank you, my love. I don’t get why they care? If I call the Joker, a FICTIONAL villain, Daddy, isn’t that my problem? Why the fuck you worried about it? Antis are such busybodies. They’re like a prudish aunt, shaking their witchiepoo fingers at us. Lol. Imagine trying to dictate who people can find attractive…. 😂

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It's so cute that your boyfriend would be up to be in videos as well, what kind of content were you guys thinking of doing?

he’s nice and understands how frustrated i get not knowing what to do just with toys T____T i’m getting people asking what i mean by non-hardcore and i just mean that people’ve asked me to do some seriously intense shit before and i just mean i might do BJ videos with him or have him cum on me. like in comparison so things i‘ve been asked to do or seen other cam girls end up doing, it’s just vanilla i guess? i just wanna do a few simple videos with him is all i mean.

I could write a song about sunshine and rainbows, and they would have interpreted it the way that they want to. It doesn’t matter to me.

People are like, “What’s this song about?” And it’s like, “What do you mean? What do you think it’s about?” I don’t know the answer to that question, because it’s kind of a ridiculous question. It’s about a vice. If people are going to tell me they don’t have a vice, I’m going to call them a liar, straight up. It doesn’t have to be a bad vice, either. I have seven rescue dogs; that’s a vice.

—  Miranda Lambert 
‘Do you think it’s possible for an entire nation to be insane?’

'That’s a very…interesting question, sir,’ he said.  'You mean the people–’

'Not the people, the nation,’ said Vimes.  'Borogravia looks off its head to me, from what I’ve read.  I expect the people just do the best they can and get on with raising their kids, which, I might say, I’d rather be doing right now, too.  Look, you know what I mean.  You take a bunch of people who don’t seem any different from you and me, but when you add them all together you get this sort of huge raving maniac with national borders and an anthem.’
—  Terry Pratchett, “Monstrous Regiment”

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i'm starting to get really into fall out boy lately, and usually when i start liking something new, i lose interest in other things i like, and i've started ruining panic song because i listen to them so much, and i REALLY DO NOT want to ruin p!atd for myself because it's made me so happy and i love the people in the bandom. what should i do?

i mean, i dont know, you cant really limit yourself to one thing because thats unfair to yourself, and youre still technically in the bandom if youre a fan of fob bc theyre like…….there.. dhfjgf… you could have a co blog where youre a fan of both? or smth idk, take a break from panic if u think ur ruining them for urself maybe

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hello! today one of my friends brought up he thought that people with penises shouldn't change them and the same with people with vaginas, phrased like that. Previously he's said he thinks that transition is the right thing if it's what is going to fix your dysphoria, but then hes said this? I'm not even sure if he just means trans people should keep their natural genitals but transition, because of the weird phrasing? do you know how i could confront him or have any advice in general?

Kii says:

If you’re not clear on what he meant, that’s definitely the first thing to ask. If he is talking about trans people, I would definitely say that what people do with their bodies shouldn’t concern him.

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So, 8s have a need to be overly self sufficient to the point of being independent of others. How do you experience receiving actual help, with "good" intentions, without being followed up by the sense of crushing defeat? And having trust paranoia?

Asking for help almost never crosses my brain. When someone asks if I need help I brush it off. Asking for help isn’t something that really even crosses my mind. I just do things myself.

I also don’t respond kindly to solely “good intentions” because I don’t want to be treated like a project, and I can handle things myself.

Not sure what you mean by trust paranoia, but I think I have very little faith in many people and it influences my actions I’m sure.

If I do accept help, it’s because I’ve hit a limitation. I try to be somewhat aware of my limits even if they are probably still unreasonable by most people’s standards. I do not get upset because I do not feel weak in these moments because my esteem is rather steady.