You know we don’t talk about moles enough. We all know about moles in theory, but I think since the majority of our interaction with them is through stylized drawings like:

we just sort of accept the fact that these things are real, but sometimes I see one and I’m just blown away that these things are actual, irl, existing animals like

hands? hands what are hands

visible joints?? is that really necessary

who needs a face? ears? eyes?? are those important?

do we even need mammalian features? features at all? why not just be a tube of silk with a nose on the end. who even cares.

what are moles because i don’t understand why we just accept these

Happy Birthday, Baby

My gift to my KK, spnjensenlove02 - hope you had a fantastic day, my friend!!!

You stand at the sink, washing dishes, dejected. Not one phone call. Not one text. Not one thing to show you that Dean even remembered that it was your birthday. Honestly, you were a little pissed off. I mean, yes - he and Sam were working a case, and you knew he needed to keep his mind on what he was doing, focus on the job. But how long would a text take? ‘Happy birthday, baby.’ Just to show you were still on his mind. That nothing could keep him from having an occasional thought for the woman he spent his down time with, the woman he said he loved, the woman he had stopped his bar-hopping, female-chasing ways for. Sigh.

You had just finished up with the dishes when you heard a sound, the door closing, and a pair of heavy steps echoing down the bunker stairs.  You wandered that way, finishing drying your hands on your jeans, and came face-to-face with Sam, a hurried look on his face.  

“KK - good, you’re here.  Dean sent me to get you.”  He put a hand on your shoulder, an apology in his eyes as alarm played across your features.  "No, he’s okay. But he does need you.  You might want to grab some things for overnight, just in case.“

"Sam! Is he hurt?”

He shook his head.  "I told you, he’s fine.  But he needs to see you, and he couldn’t leave. So I’m taking you to him, okay?  Don’t worry.“

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Everyone, please promise me that you’ll keep going. You can do this. No matter how big, or how small, you can. Move as slowly and as carefully as you need to. I sometimes cannot wrap my head around what we as humans have to do to stay alive, but the important part is just to be alive. Breath in and out. Try the best you can to enjoy small moments, even when you feel like giving up. One of the best and simplest ideas, “Life is a gift; that is why we call it the present.” Or something like that? Life is hard, I know. But just keep going, keep moving, no matter the speed you go, just go. This isn’t a race. Your life is about you being happy and surrounding yourself with love. And that can happen, and then it can change, and then it can happen again. Life is also like a river, always changing, always flowing. That’s from Pocahontas right? Time for bed. But first, please remember that you are loved, and if you haven’t been told that today, then listen to me, I love you so much. You are unique; you are strong; you are beautiful.

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In pretty sure YOU aren't the one who decides what is or isn't ableist. You upset and hurt a lot of us mentally ill people and absolutely refuse to even hint at an apology for that. Is it that hard?

look. no one should have been reblogging a post of mine that was under a readmore and then commenting on it. they should not have put words in my mouth.

i am not neurotypical. i have been diagnosed with asperger’s, which i’ve mentioned here previously. and while i did not call anyone ableist, i am allowed to make that call if i see fit. not to mention, what i said on the privacy of my own blog is my opinion. do not make assumptions about me; i don’t appreciate it.

the post has been deleted. it has been for a few days now.

i have not harassed anyone. i have not tried to push my opinion or views on anyone.

you are harassing me. anyone who keeps bringing this up and trying to guilt trip me is harassing me and i want it to stop.

leave. me. alone. stop making me into the bad person here when i’m the one who’s been attacked the past three days and sent death threats after DELETING THE POSTS YOU ALL HAD A PROBLEM WITH. how is this worth it to any of you?

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What are your thoughts on Brary (Mary + Tom ) do you think they would be a thing in season 6

In the past, seasons ¾, I always played with the crazy idea in my head that they could be endgame (even made some crackship videos).

But after season 5, I really feel that it is a believable scenario. Mary was one person who couldn’t fathom Tom leaving, and yet he did. For someone who always has men at her beck and call, I think that may have woken her up to her true feelings for Tom. He had to leave, become something outside of the house for them to be a believable match. 

Out of all of the other men who’ve come and gone in Mary’s revolving door of suitors, Tom is the only one that seems like the right fit. He knows exactly who she is, the bitchy, vulnerable and sweet sides. Not to mention he loved Matthew as a brother, and knew how in love Mary and he were. He’d respect that memory, just as Mary would respect Sybil’s memory. Let’s not forget how much they adore each other’s children too!

If it happens, it most likely won’t take place to the very very very end; once she’s played with all the other men who’ve come to call. They’ll draw it out, and we’ll all love and hate it at the same time!

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I need to know. Do you like a movie called Les Misérables, Luci? ( You're even mentioned in one of the songs.)

Lucifer : I haven’t watched much accept what alex or kali watches….so it’s Mainly been mark pellegrino erotica I’ve been subjected to.

so today, wasn’t a normal day when I waited for the city bus to go back home. 

I go to a private school and a few blocks a head there’s a public school but with a private school system. There was always a mini rivalry between my school and the other one. Like they call us rich snobs sometimes or they make a ridiculous play on words with our school name.

Anyways, both school take the same city bus to go back home. And the first time in my 5 years of HS, a line was created to get in the bus. (Usually, it’s just a huge pack of kids pushing each other to get in). So, there was this guy from the public school who let his 2 friend pass in front, they basically skipped 20 people who were waiting long before they came. Mind that his two friends don’t go to neither of the school. Obviously, we were all pretty much pissed at the two as well as the kid who let them pass and for once my school and the public school teamed ganged up on them to make them go in the back. 

They didn’t listen, but we managed to get them out of the line by cutting in from of them :3 They were one of the last to get it. It’s nice that both neighbor school have their backs, hahaha.

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Would they compete with Eliot/Hardison for best hitman-nerd duo, or no?

They’d be like Eliot/Hardison but without the morals. And instead of Eliot growling when he’s angry and issuing threats we all know he’s never gonna deliver on, and Hardison giving his “you all don’t even know what I do” speeches (or going on stike! my fave), Quinn and Chaos would legit threaten each other.

One of their worst fights ended up with Chaos in the hospital with a broken nose (among other things) and Quinn on the run from three separate drug cartels after a mysteriously untraceable email explained exactly who had stolen their shipments last year

The went their separate ways, each got into trouble, saved each others lives, and started working together again under the agreement that they wouldn’t actually try to kill each other next time

(When Parker finds out, she wants to know why there isn’t an annual hitter/hacker pageant with ddr dance-off competition. Eliot and Hardison stare in horror and vow never to speak of that mental image again)

I was tagged by the adorable thiefqueeen​! <3

1. Do you prefer rain or sunshine?
Aaaaaand we start off with the difficult questions! I really don’t mind rain, and I particularly LOVE storms, but at the same time I can’t picture a life with only rainy days. It might be due to my country – we tend to get a lot of sunshine.

2. If you were stranded on an island, what would you take with you?
I shall answer this question quoting one of my idols, Oliver Phelps. I’d bring along a book called “How To Build A Raft”. Or even better, “rafts for dummies”, because I really suck at that kind of work XD I’d also bring tons and tons of pens, and paper, and bottles. At least ONE of them is bound to be found on a shore, right?!
I’m getting the hell of the island!

3. What is your favorite hobby?
I used to dance a few years ago, before the university got in the way, and I really enjoyed it. It was a nice way to vent. I’ve been toying the idea to get back at it since there should be courses starting soon, but having kept “still” for so long, I feel like I’ll just make a fool of myself or not be able to find a course with people my age – it’s rare to start when you’re 25-ish: you either don’t dance or are into advanced classes by now…

4. Do you like to read? What is your favorite book?
I absolutely love to read. I’ll take anything – editor-published books, self-published books, fanfictions; digital or on paper. It’s hard for me to choose a book. Rowling’s Harry Potter series has been with me my whole life; Zimmer-Bradley’s Avalon saga has been an eye-opener, with themes and characters that bit deep to my bone; and Sarah J. Maas’ Throne of Glass series is my most recent passion!

5. If you could say one thing to your future self, what would you say?
Have you made up your mind yet or are we STILL writhing in possibilities and uncertainty?!

6. What shows did you like in the 90′s?
I can’t really remember… in the 90′s it was probably either cartoons or whatever Disney Channel had on at the time!

7. Who is your favorite person and why? (celebrity)
As odd as it sounds, I don’t really care too much about celebrities, because there’s no way for me to feel anywhere close to them. There are many people I like and respect both for how they act and for the talent they display time and time again, but none of them has ever been a beacon or an inspiration for me.

8. Favorite song and what it means to you?
I didn’t discover this song too long ago, but Natalie Merchant’s My Skin found its way through me and bit deep. I love the singer’s voice, I love the melody, I love how the rhythm seems to ebb and flow like sea waves, and the lyrics just speaks to me.
I’m… I’m not sure of what it means to me, but it’s a song in which I can find myself.

9. Do you have any pets? What are their names?
Yup, have two dogs – who also happen to be mother and son. The girl is called Ice, the boy is Demon. They’re adorable, they howl at sirens, Demon almost tackle-hugs us whenever we get home. They can be a little difficult sometimes because they’re big dogs and not everyone is at ease around them… but I love them as family (or maybe more!).

10. Are you having a good day? Did you smile? :D
I’m having a fine day, and this last question definitely made me smile <3

My Questions:

1. First and foremost, how have you been doing these days?
2. If you could board a train or a boat or a plane right now, where would you go? Is there something you absolutely had to take along? Would you rather going by yourself or with someone?
3. Would you consider yourself a creative person in any kind of way?
4. What’s the genre you feel appeals to you (reading and movies/theatre)? Thriller, fantasy, action, romance, comedy, drama…?
5. And what about the music genre that you tend to prefer? Any favorite bands/songs?
6. Are you into video games at all? What was your first game? Do you have one that you come back to time and time again?
7. Are you into any sports? Do you watch only or do you play it too?
8. Do you have any tattoos or piercings? Are they related to some memories? If you don’t have any, would you like o get one?
9. Do you have an animal that you would absolutely love to have as a companion, assuming it was possible?
10. What’s your biggest no-no as far as relationships go, no matter their nature?


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okay, you know what. i can’t even begin to express how fucking sick i am of seeing people making fun of dan “jokingly”. you know why? because i know from experience that it is one of the worst feelings in the world.

i used to have a friend who would do it. she would call me ugly, stupid, make fun of my clothes, call my teeth weird, pick on my height, etc etc. every time she’d say it’s a joke, but it stuck with me. i always, always had a doubt that she really did think those things, that they were all true. i developed horrible insecurities and an extremely low self-esteem. she’s the reason i never smile in pictures, and up until a few months ago, didn’t even like pictures of me being posted anywhere. i closed myself off and didn’t let people in easily.

for me, it was just one person. dan has to deal with millions of people doing the exact same thing. it is definitely going to have an impact on him. don’t fucking pick on his peace signs. don’t make fun of how he’s been wearing that outfit a lot (i did that at first but i regretted it immediately and i apologize thoroughly). don’t make fun of how he took a picture of his new haircut. if you do you may be the reason his self esteem declines. praise him, just as you would phil and anyone else. compliment his new haircut and outfit, don’t point out his peace signs. just don’t fucking pick on him even if it’s “jokingly,” because it isn’t fucking funny. i don’t want him to go through what i had to, and i really hope none of you do either.

i can’t believe someone intentionally tried to hurt harry??????? i’m?????? why would anyone fucking do that??????? what diD they expect to happen????? my heart literally broke at the sight of him in pain after watching that video because it must’ve hurt waaaaaaay more than we could possibly imagine especially since it’s a hard metallic object but fuck i’m hoping that it was an empty can and not a new one aND on top of that he literally never calls anyone out on this shit or even take a few minutes to recover he just accepts it and moves on and that frustrates me even more!! just bc harrys too polite to say anything it doesn’t justify those actions and makes it okay!!!!! so stop being so disgusting and throwing things at the boys before i personally push u off a cliff only to fall straight into a pile of sharp objects!!!!!!

#GEMSOFALLRACE #GOAR starts as of right now! Because I am tired of artists being bullied and harassed for drawing a character in the way that makes them happy. No one has the authority to tell an artist what to draw. ABSOLUTELY NO ONE. Whether it’s canon or not.

If you want to draw Garnet as white? Do it. Hispanic? Do it. Asian? Do it. African? Do it. It doesn’t matter! Feel free to express your culture through these gems. Because all races have culture. Yes even whites. There’s a place called Europe. It’s lovely.

For a long time people have taken characters whose race is already canon and changed them to an outside race. That’s not a bad thing! It’s not whitewashing! Because whites have culture. And people are just too ignorant to even see it. They throw that term around as if being white is bad.

Just because someone changes the race of a character in a drawing does not mean it will change in the show. If your answer is to harass and bully someone because of a drawing you don’t like then you are a bad person. That’s it. You are not doing any justice at all. If you are offended that’s YOUR problem. Not the artists. If you want to express your culture, any culture, through these Gems. Do it. And tag it as #gemsofallrace or #goar or not. It’s your choice.

Whenever Taylor says things like “I won’t always be on tour” or “I need to make the most of this while I can”, I really hope she knows that however long she wants to do this is completely her choice. What I mean is, we’ll always be here. If she’s scared that one day she’ll have to call it quits because we won’t be interested anymore, I hope she knows that’s not true. If she ever stops, I want her to know it’ll be because she wants to take a break, settle down, maybe even start a family, but it’ll never be because she’s no longer relevant to us. We will always support her both on and off the stage. 100%.

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You said that HL never lose track of each other on stage? How did you come to that conclusion? Are they like, always looking for the other when they're far away? I just need your confirmation. I love them so much!

It’s more like planets orbiting each other. There were a few times I saw Louis very inconspicuously search for Harry out of his peripherals and you could tell that’s what he was doing because when he caught sight of Harry he’d either stop or keep moving as the situation called for.

It’s like being in a crowded room with your significant other (which consequently is exactly what’s happening here). When I would go to a party with a former SO, you have your eye on them most of the night. Even when you’re not together, you know where the other one is. It’s instinctual.

As previously mentioned, Harry tends to get lost in this other world when he’s performing. If I’m wildly speculating based on my own experience performing on stage, I’d say that shows are a way for Harry to escape for a couple of hours into something he truly loves to do. As such, he throws himself into his performance. He likes to know where Louis is and is conscious of it, but Louis’ the major one keeping tabs. It’s like when he doesn’t know where Harry is or he loses him for a moment, he’ll very subtly pause to find him. It’s not something I think people would really pay attention to. When you’re at a show, there are so many things catching your attention. Even I had a hard time focusing. But I was on those boys like a hawk as much as I could, and it’s simply what I noticed. Louis likes to have Harry I his peripherals at the very least. It’s almost like he’s making sure he’s okay.

I still believe that to some degree, large crowds make Harry nervous. Of course again, this is speculation on my part. Coming from a background of social anxiety, I recognize a lot of the similar behaviors, though. Kid knows how to work a crowd, for sure, but he tends and tries to focus on single people or small groups of people if he can get away with it. I’ve always thought that Louis’ presence anchors Harry in a way (pun intended), and helps calm the nerves.

I’m probably reading too much into it. It just seemed to me like there was very much a silent reassurance that happened throughout the show from Louis to Harry. I’m not saying Harry’s not a grown man capable of taking care of himself, but I know what it’s like to have a person present who doesn’t even have to glance at you for you to know they’re your grounding force.

They dance around each other, too. They walk in sync and mirror each other’s movements

  • *Molly's flat*
  • Sherlock:*knocks*
  • ...
  • Sherlock:*frowns; listens at her door*
  • *sounds of male and female laughter inside*
  • Sherlock:*knocks harder*
  • Molly:*opens her door, wearing shorts and a tank top; hastily* What?
  • Sherlock:Case.
  • Molly:*rolls her eyes* Busy *attempts to close her door*
  • Sherlock:*shoves his foot in the door*; annoyed You have a guest?
  • Molly:*sighs* If you must know, he's fixing my air con. In case you haven't noticed, it's boiling in here.
  • Sherlock:*through gritted teeth* I could have done that for you.
  • Molly:*laughs* Yeah, okay.
  • Sherlock:Get rid of him.
  • Molly:*annoyed* No. If you don't like it, I suggest you-
  • Sherlock:*kisses her*
  • Molly:...
  • Molly:Hmm, *clears her throat* now that I think about it, maybe he has outstayed his welcome.
  • Sherlock:*smug*
I’d like to imagine you’d call me up one night
Drunk from regret but sober enough to mean what you say
I’d like to imagine I still show up in your dreams and you wonder why you can’t forget me
I’d like to imagine you’ll say you wish you could do it all over again
Even if it’s just to make the same mistakes
Just to see my face
I’d like to imagine I haven’t disappeared completely from your mind
Because you never seem to leave mine
—  “confessions” // a story a day #284 by d.yang

Listen. I get it. The sound that this precious little desert rain frog makes in this video is indeed one of the most grin-inducing noises I’ve ever heard.

I understand the appeal. I really do. But you probably don’t even need me to tell you that, for the most part, animals don’t make noises for our entertainment. Right in the description of the video, the guy who filmed this refers to what you’re hearing as a “defensive cry.” Nothing cries out in defense when it’s content. That this frog is repeatedly calling for help means someone is most likely prodding it in some way. That would explain why the camera starts moving once the frog stops making noises. Something has to be done to make it start squeaking again, and sticking a camera in its face did the trick the first time.

5 Viral Animal Video Stars You Didn’t Know Were Being Abused

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If my black friend says I can call him the n word can I?

Firstly, why would you ask me, a white man, this question? I’ll tell you why: because it’s EASIER to ask me. Why? Because you already know the question is offensive.

Secondly, no. You can’t.

Look at it this way. What if, one day, your mum comes to you and says, “You know, you can call me ‘Cunt’ if you want to. I don’t mind”.
Would you, from then on, call her 'Cunt’? No, you wouldn’t. Because you know it would be fucked up.
Even if she said, “Well, you’re not calling me 'Cunt’. We’ll spell it 'Kunt’ so it’s DIFFERENT”, you wouldn’t do it. Out of respect, I imagine. See my point?

The 'N’ word is the anal of words. Men are desperate to fuck butts, not because it feels good, but because it’s a taboo. We’re taught butt-sex is cool from a young age. That we have a one-up on other men if we’ve done it.
Well, white people don’t want to say the 'N’ word because it represents solidarity or brotherhood or any of that bullshit. We want to say it because it’s a taboo. Because if we can say it, we’re cool. We say to ourselves, “Well, gee, would you look at that? I’m down with the blacks!”
The allure is in the taboo and that tells you a whole lot. We want to say it because it’s wrong. Because we CAN’T.

“But Guts, it’s just a word!” Yep and so is 'cunt’. If words are words, go and call your boss a 'dick’ today. It’s just a word, after all.
One of the whitest traits in the world is trying to get away with racism and loving it when we do.

Magnus Bane Trash Network: Team Immortal

Week #2: Favorite Friendship: Catarina Loss and Magnus Bane

“Two years and then you come back and don’t even call for two weeks? And then it’s ‘Come over, I need you’? You didn’t even tell me you were home, Magnus.”
“I’m home”, he said, giving what he considered to be his most winning smile. The smiling took a bit of effort, but hopefully it looked genuine.
“Don’t even try that face with me. I am not one of your conquests, Magnus. I am your friend. We are supposed to get pizza, not do the nasty.”
“The nasty? But I-”
“Don’t.” She held up a warning finger. “I mean it. I almost didn’t come. But you sounded so pathetic on the phone I had to.”