• The wise ally asks:What can I do to support you and fight your oppression, without speaking over your members?
  • And to them, we say:Listen to our voices whenever you can, and make sure to call out wrongdoings not only with your community, but also within yourself.
  • The rash ally asks:Why should I even support you if all you want is to oppress us?
  • And to them, we say:Us expressing our anger is not even comparable to decades of systemic discrimination and violence. We want equality, yes, but right now, our goal is justice, and to do that, we must raise ourselves up, and lower you down a bit.
  • The simple ally asks:Why can't we just get along?
  • And to them, we say:As much as that seems like a good answer, right now there's a power imbalance. We need to fix that by taking away some of the power that the oppressors hold, as well as give that power to the oppressed.
  • And to the ally who does not know how to ask the right questions, we say:I am under no obligation to educate you or coddle you. The information is within your reach, and it is up to you to change, not for us to change you.

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Thank u for that last Uncle Grandpa post. You're my fave.

I debated for a moment whether or not to post it, because I’m tired of being angry about shit like this, but honestly, I’m just getting tired of the whole “reblog first and ask questions later” mentality around here, as though everyone who has ever correctly used the word “problematic” in a sentence is automatically right, no matter what…

Calling things out as problematic is generally a good thing, but identifying a single line of dialogue or one caricatured background character, taking it out of context and calling the entire thing garbage because of it is not okay. Am I insinuating that Uncle Grandpa is without flaws? Absolutely not. Am I suggesting that we shouldn’t talk about jokes that offend people and why they do and why we should avoid them? Nope, we should definitely talk about that.

The only thing I am saying is that tearing down someone’s entire body of work because it has even one offense, when its entire goal is to entertain and bring joy, is cruel, destructive, and shameful. Constructive criticism is still a thing, and it’s apparently very easy to forget that.

Let’s all please work on that in the future, okay?

Dear Cancer,

Please kindly fuck off and leave my family members alone. If you really need to pick on someone, pick on me. I’ll give you a fight you’d never forget because I don’t go down or give up easily. TYVM.

Sorry for plopping this here. My mom called me a bit ago to tell me that one of my aunts has colon cancer and it’s spread. I needed to tell cancer what it can do and I couldn’t put it on Facebook because I don’t want my kids to see it. I don’t even know how to feel about it - this is my aunt who took me and 3 young (all under 10 at the time) kids in when we didn’t have anywhere else to go. This is my aunt who’s always treated me well and has helped me when I didn’t even know I needed help. At her age I already knew she was running out of time but this is not the way to go damnit! It bears repeating - cancer fuck off.

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Tiff could you please do a blurb where you have a big paper do but you have trouble focusing and it's just so frustrating so one of them comforts you?? thanks gurl

oh gosh so you had been texting ashton about stressed you were about this paper and how you couldn’t even focus on anything and how you were on the verge of breaking down so ashton quickly opened his laptop for a skype session and as soon as you accepted his call, his face immediately dropped looking at your condition. “baby? baby talk to me” he says quickly, scooting the screen closer to his face. but before you could even get a word out, the tears just started pouring down your face. and ashton is trying to calm you down from across the screen, “baby, I need you to take deep breaths yeah? just imagine I’m there next to you rubbing your back and breathing with you.. how about you count with me? we’ll start with one, okay? one…” and he goes through to about twenty until your breathing has steadied, and there isn’t any more tears falling. “what’s on your mind, darling?” ashton asks quietly, eyes full of concern. “I’m just so stressed, ash. I’ve got so many things due and going on that it completely slipped my mind that I had a major paper due tomorrow that I haven’t even worked on and I miss you so fucking much and everything is just piling on.” “baby, I want you to know that I love and miss you, too. and we all experience stuff like this. sometimes the best thing is to just take a break and relax yourself. now, you know what I want you to do? I want you to order your favorite chinese food, make yourself a nice warm bath, change into your most comfiest clothes, and breathe. I want you to be okay, okay? /I/ believe in you. You’ve got a break coming up soon, yeah? How about you come out and see me? help you take your mind off of school. Is that a good idea?” Ashton asks, smiling once he saw a tiny smile appear on your face. “That sounds great Ash…thanks for always making me feel better.” “Anything for you, love.” Ashton smiles, “so, did anything exciting happen today?”


Making patches. This was the test patch which battledragons is going to get as they have put up with my terrible insomnia these past days.

Next ones will go to viv-den friendlyplantbeing cuteplaguerat for birthdays past if you want them. (M, Lia, Adam, Robin, Scriv, and Miles can call one too!! But I’m making other new patches next week so you can hold out if you’d like different words) I can do all sorts of colors or layered colors with glitter on top (which I think will look even cooler then what I did first, I didn’t have a roller this time so the paint smudged a bit. I’m getting one tomorrow) I can do glow in the dark paint too! Also I will make custom side swirls and stars for each one. Not one will be the same.

I have loads of space fabrics, rainbows, and red, white, brown, and black scraps.

Hit me a message if you want one. Dollars and trades are nice if you can do it other than those I’m going to give one as prezzie to, but if you reaaaally want one I’ll send one to you anyways.

It’s YOUR universe!

One door closes

Okay. I didn’t sleep last night just because I knew the episode was on, but with the time difference and me not having wi fi really complicated this kind of stuff.
I loved every part of the episode. Skye’s powers are absolutely beautiful.
Although I get the “real” shield point of view, I wouldn’t do what they are doing.
Gordon is freaking awesome.
Now, fitzsimmons. WHERE DO I EVEN BEGIN.
Leo… She called him Leo. I freaked out. She must have been really pissed at him.
The hand holding. I’ve read some things about this. They say it’s their way of communicating. Although I love the scene and it gave me a heart attack and it was a way to reassure each other that they were gonna be fine and they are on the same side (just like when Jemma puts her hand on Fitzs leg on the pool when he asks her if she’s Hydra), I still think they need to talk. Fitz doesn’t know many things Jemma has been thru. He doesn’t understand that she is beyond damaged, just like him. And she needs to know that Fitz loves her more than she thinks.
Now, the promo for the next weeks episode… They separating them again. I’m tired of this. If this season ends with them not solving things out I’m gonna be hella mad. But really really sad.
I’m hoping they have like a plan with each other. I’m hoping Jemma isn’t on their side. I’m hoping Fitz will come back all badass and they will kiss. I’m hoping they won’t die. But it’s an awful lot of hoping. I knew this episode was too good to be true. The writers thought “well let’s just give them something before we separate them again, not to cause a fandom revolution”.
I hope not. Cause I could use some sleep, and separating fitzsimmons doesn’t seem to be helping on that matter.

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how do i get over a break up?? i was already unstable af to begin with and now i just feel sooooooooo fucking empty like wow so empty. i am seeing a professional soon and everyone says time heals things but right now in this moment 10 hours after the break up how do i start to heal? he doesn't care about me he wont even call me/answer my calls to discuss this. i know i deserve better he did a lot of terrible things to me but i did love him. i want to fix myself, i need to start healing.

10 hours are little to get over someone but you know what? Fuck him, you don’t need anyone to make you happy so really you’re the only one stopping yourself from being happy, go do something that makes you happy with people care about you

pet peeve

really annoying how anytime you see anything about BPD, BP, MD, anxiety or depression, or SELF HARM (thats a big one) people ALWAYS have to have on heavy makeup, black clothes and black hair. WHY? why does the world have this stigma that half the time isnt even correct?! i wear normal makeup, normal clothes and my hair is somewhat my natural color.. half the time the scene people (thats what my area calls them) do not have any kind of mental illness, they just like that style. im so over people saying “ew look at that boy, he looks like hes going to kill himself” or whatever it may be.

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I am horrified by your post, I want to report the people who killed those poor animals but I don't know the address. Would you know exactly where this happened and how I could do something about this? I want these monsters to get in as much trouble as you do. Thanks

The sad thing is that my school administration doesn’t even care and is doing everything to protect them bc they’re athletes, but I talked to one of my IB teachers about he and he’s the coolest dude ever but he was horrified by what me and my friend told him so he’s Also trying to do all he can by getting those monsters in trouble to the point where the colleges they’re applying to won’t accept them. But what I would do for right now is calling my school (817) 282-2551 And my local spca and see if they can do anything (214)-461-1850 all I know is that their names are Kaleb Erwin and Jared Smith and that they live in Bedford, thank you so much. If nothing gets done I’m going to the local news because this shit doesn’t go unnoticed

Jokingly called my friend a Goy this morning and had someone go off that me calling her a Goy with like going up to a person of color and calling them the N word and that Christians were the ones truly being persecuted in society today, not Jews or Muslims.

I have no idea what to even say to that. Just, really? Why are you so depreciate to be oppressed that you change reality to see it in a way that you are?

Talk to me when you get killed in front of your home in cold blood and have it get called a “parking dispute.”

Talk to me when you need armed guards outside your places of worship or schools for students of your religion.

But do not talk to me and cry because I called my friend a Goy in good humor because you put the Oy in Goy and I have no pity for you.

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do you think he's into other dudes as well or just Frankie? sometimes I'm positive he likes other men too and other times I'm like... ehhhh idk

respecting the label he chooses (whether that be bi or non-monosexual) is the most important thing we can do as a fandom. it shouldn’t really matter what any one person thinks, it only matters that we treat him as a part of the queer community. 

i can see why so many people think he’s “frankiesexual”, but i think that erases a lot of his identity, even if he’s proud to call himself that, it doesn’t mean we should call him that, since we don’t know his thoughts on that. 

he’s actually told us he swings both ways, implied his sexual identity could be found within a percentage/grey scale, and reminded us that just because he’s only been vocal about liking women, doesn’t mean he hasn’t been attracted to men apart from frankie. 

most of the instances where zach has hindered his own progress with speaking on his sexual identity have occurred in response to people not respecting him and how he chooses to describe his sexuality - radio stations, fans, hate accounts, at times probably his own family, etc.  

if we want zach to open up more, it’s completely up to how we treat him. still accusing him of queerbaiting, for instance, will not make him feel safe enough to talk to fans about this again. obviously i mean this is a fandom-wide problem, so i’m not referring much of this message to you so much as everybody. 

how can we expect him to talk about something so private when every time he has in the past, people have called him a liar? so i totally get why people might think he’s not into other guys, but that’s basically calling him a liar. so you can think that, but just don’t bring that to his attention if you want him to admit to liking men apart from frankie. 

i think one of my favorite things about chanyeol is the smile he makes when performing. when everyone else tries to look cool with serious faces, chanyeol always has a smile on even if it small, you can tell it’s there. watch the call me baby mv and you’ll see it. you can tell how much he loves what he’s doing

Let's Be Honest

Guys, new shield or old shield it doesn’t matter.

Neither treats people with abilities well. Even though they think they do, they don’t. That’s one thing they do similar to Hydra actually. They’re scared of what they don’t understand, what they can’t control. It just makes them want to turn these people into weapons, eliminate them, or lock them away. Some call them monsters but they’re the ones creating them.

Isolation and the treatment they get is how monsters are created. It’s like an us against them mentality. I don’t like it and it’s only getting worse.

It’s not going to end well for anyway at this rate…..

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Why are we resorting to name calling? Get to know me before ya pass judgement chico.

i did get to know you you’re a transphobe


like what even is this

“No one is “driven to suicide.” The parents didn’t put the gun to their head and pull the trigger. The parents didn’t tie the noose and kick the chair out. Don’t even fucking try and refute that and DO NOT go further with it.”

that’s killing their child, that’s murder. a parent is definitely capable of driving their child to suicide. a parent is definitely capable of enforcing the idea that their child’s identity is wrong and disgusting.

if that child committed suicide due to the abuse they receive at home, it is the parents’ fault. the parents are Not trying to help their child. at all.

“To take your own life might seem like the only option, but it’s one of the lowest, most selfish things anyone can do.”

how is it selfish? in any way? you’re blaming the one committing suicide for being hurt instead of the one who caused them to commit it. to think that act is selfish is disgusting.

“Those “monsters” are parents who, though misguided, believe in the deepest part of their heart that they are helping their child. They love their child to the point that they’re seeking help (again, misguided help) for them and are doing whatever they can to “cure” them.”

yes monsters, a parent who drives their child to suicide is not a fucking parent. it doesn’t matter if they thought they were helping their child; abusing their child is not fucking helping. you are taking sides with the transphobes who were unhappy with their child’s gender. you are taking sides with the parents who abuse and harm their children. you are a victim blamer and you are a transphobe if you think differently.

I have been trying I think in every word I ever wrote–even when I called them fiction, even when they were typed on a cell phone to someone with big hands, lies, “I think,” I know it is the case– to tell somebody what it feels like to be always afraid that everywhere you go and everything you do you are one step off from what you’re supposed to do be. I’ve always thought I was missing it. Just barely. Just it. The grand something. It’s the squirrelly sort of worry that makes you cling onto everything.
The Signs Being Dumped
  • Taurus:I even made you cookies, and THIS is what I get?!
  • Gemini:Ok then *calls up their previous ex*
  • Cancer:*cries in fetal position on their bed for several hours*
  • Leo:Your loss! *flips hair*
  • Virgo:*sniffle*
  • Libra:the one who does the dumping
  • Scorpio:*plots their murder*
  • Sagittarius:but...but...I didn't do anything wrong!
  • Capricorn:I never had time for you anyway
  • Aquarius:they were never in a relationship to begin with
  • Pisces:NO ONE LOVES ME *sobs*

Superheroes who should have their own fucking movie already

Black Widow | Natasha Romanoff