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mary !!!! i'd chop my left arm off if i could only know what exactly happened between h & l on the xfactor that made them fall in love w each other HELP

anon !!!!

i’d chop my left arm and right leg to be a fly on the wall and witness the exact moment when they decided to just go for it, but i don’t think it was just A Thing that made them go “oh i like that about him, i think i love him”, it happened gradually but fast, super fast. louis noticed harry before they even auditioned like what the actual fuck…

and they were infatuated right from the start! i really do think it was a love at first sight kind of thing. from the moment they met, they clicked, they knew they was something special about each other, they liked each other so so soooo much and it wasn’t forced it was a natural thing they couldn’t help it. like, harry has said that when you have a connection with someone you just know. and they knew. SO.


hahaha. “harry and i bonded immediately and he’s now my best mate in the band. i feel like i’ve known him for so much longer than i have” hahaha cool. totally fine. 

okay and the thing is. we know :D i think that they’ve talked about each other enough, complimented, praised, flirted, moon-eyed, went on and on about how great the other is, how charming, how nice it is to sit and admire what they are like, how you need someone like that, how protective, how supportive, to know exactly what it is that they like about each other, what made them fall!!! im not gonna say that i wouldn’t like to know more bc COME ON!!! of course i would. but im not really complaining i mean… they fell in love right in front of our eyes, they were embarrassing and cute boys with crushes and butterflies and sneaky little smiles and stars in their eyes and wow this got sappy really fast but it’s them. dumb boys in love since the very first day oh my god!!!


oh and anon, we can be sure that harry and louis touched dicks on the X factor and no one can take that away from us :)))))

I have this problem where I procrastinate everything because I’m scared to the bone I might not be able to do that thing well enough. it’s gotten so bad that I’m actually not doing ANYTHING for days on end. I am also terrified of wasting my time with literally everything productive I might do (how does that make sense?) thereby successfully wasting my time by staying on the internet all day and night

I want to be productive but I’m scared of putting time and energy in the wrong things and also of not doing them well enough.

this has got to stop.

Tell Me I'm Not a Whore, Tumblr.

So there’s this guy. He and I made out a few times and were all “Blahdeblahdeblah, we’ll fool around and be friends with benefits” or whatever. A few days ago, he texted me and said that we can’t mess around anymore because I’m under 18 and he will be over 18 soon and it would be illegal or whatever. I said okay, sure, whatever because if I may be honest, the making out was not that superawesome anyways. Now he is all up in my inbox again asking to go back to macking.

Exsqueeze me? You want to drop me like a hot potato and then say jk, let’s rip each other’s clothes off some more?

I think not.

So I said that I didn’t appreciate being treated like a toy you play with when you want to and ignore when you don’t. And this bitch got fussy. I don’t care all that much, but am I being unreasonable? Am I the bitch? I seriously don’t know and it worries me. He’s in one of my classes and he swims with me and I don’t want to have to avoid him every time I see him.

Males suck.