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HC: Matt's a vampire, so he's probably REALLY OLD. what if he just uses slang from different time periods like one minute hes saying words like "shall" and "thou" and then he just starts talking about how he wants to be "hip" like kids these days

Yes omg absolutely. Also Tord, since he’s sUPER old (maybe older than Matt). They bond over dumb colloquialisms and bashing dumb historical figures. Also old languages that don’t make sense really,

(Matt’s text is anglo-saxon and Tord’s is Elder Futhark and i mean, these aren’t exactly verbal so much as written tbh but uhhh you get the point)


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I'd really love to see you go a day without hating on white girls for their lack of melanin. What creates a huge divide in our society is seeing a difference in one another. Stop pointing it out like white girls are the enemy. The only way we're ever going to reach a sense of community is if we appreciate each other for what we are. Women. Colour shouldn't matter. You're helping to make the problem worse. Not better, and in the end, people'll just be scared of you because of your hostility.

Right, so by hating white girls everyday your talking about me rebloging photos of women, men and babies with a dark pigment in their skin and praising their colour. Stop reaching honey, stop reaching. I have hardly ever said anything negative about white people yet it seems i really hit your nerve when I highlighted irony and appropriation. Sit down and let Bronzy give you an education.

1). I refuse to stifle my praise of people of colour especially on this sugar blog because we are not praised enough. Do you know how many times a girl will read on SA “no blacks” or “white women only, sorry it’s just my preference”. Never have I read “no white women” and do you know what that says to woc. It says that somehow the pigment of their skin makes them less desirable. So letting them know they are desirable is not criminal.

2) You say that I should stop talking about race and just focus on “women” instead. ahem, let’s ignore the fact that that is one of the oldest “ignorant white woman” responses in the world and think about this. When you have a problem in life, if you ignore it, does it just magically go away? In order to solve the problems and divides that poc face, we need to face it head on. Like lets just look at your comment and replace black with gay. “Stop praising gay people, in order to solve the divide just focus on people, not on being gay” …. Yeah , you still sound ignorant.

3) My praise of “melanin” isn’t saying that black peoples lives matter more than anyone else’s, it’s about uplifting people for the exact thing that is used to oppress them.

4) I will continue to reblog pictures of men and women and children of colour. How many times do I stumble upon awesome luxury or fashion blogs and am bombarded with a lack of representation. The majority of these blogs exhibit only white women! Don’t believe me, go and check some of the biggest makeup and luxury blog here on tumblr and i tell you, all you will see is 50 shades of white skin. Perhaps one day, in a confused frenzy, you may stumble across a reblog of someone racially ambiguous, but hardly ever will you see that deep melanin you are so worried about. Instead of coming for me for being bold about race, if you really think it should be “all women”, why aren’t you on those blogs, harassing them to include poc in their definitions of luxury and beautiful makeup. Why don’t you harass Google and ask them why when you google “beautiful woman” you are presented with majority one race?

5) I do not make white girls to be the enemy. Lmao like wtf, I praise melanin = you interpret that as I hate white women. That’s laughable. And if uplifting my community , using a platform where I can actually give people more confidence and show them “hey, you are black, you are beautiful” makes people scared, then they have some issues to deal with.

To end this, the biggest reason I praised melanin is because poc are not praised enough. Throughout life poc a presented with the message that their abundance of melanin makes them less, inferior, criminal, not as beautiful, undesireable, etc etc. I will continue to praise people of colour and tell them they are just as good, powerful, beautiful, desirable, sexy, etc etc. because society does not.

And don’t act as if I do not pay attention to and praise white women as well. In fact on my whole blog I have sadly posted and #inspo’d more white people than black or Asian or Latino. But if mentioning race on my blog … if that unsettles you, then you can shed ignorant tears in the corner. Not on my website. Goodbye.

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Hello i have a question hope you answer, Is there any way people can avoid confirmation bias? i understand that people need to look at the stuff that would contradict or refute their beliefs in order to have a clear or better perspective (1)

But how? Does one group need to look at what the other believes in or how does it work? Sorry if this is not clear enough english is not my first language but i hope i make some sense and you can answer (2) fin


Well, yes essentially. From what I know, people need to read up on multiple sources and surround themselves with people who disagree. They talk about it a lot when it comes to more science base research and stuff. The 1D fandom isnt that deep so it’s not like having confirmation bias could be really really harmful. 

The key is to try to DISPROVE your view point instead of trying to prove it. Confirmation bias makes you selectively filter what information you choose to pay attention to, so you need to open your mind and really look for opposing view points.

This website suggests some such as removing your ego (accept being wrong).

A Beautiful Nightmare ~ Part 14

New chapter from anon Sofia!🙊💗👀

“So Meryl, Maks has been coming to me for about a week now. He’s here because he wants to find himself some sense of direction and on who he wants to be.” Dr. Wood explained.


“We’ve talked about career paths, relationships, and family. Three things that have all brought him stress, which have led him into depression.” She continued.


“So I wanted to bring you here so we can talk about our relationship.” Maks added.

“What relationship Maks? We don’t have one.” Meryl told him.

“That’s his point Meryl, he wants to work on whatever it is happened and he wants to make things right. If you please I’d like to hear your side of the story.”

Meryl sighed.

“There’s really not much to tell.” She started to choke up.

Dr. Wood handed her tissues.

“I loved him and we were together for a year. Then one day I went to LA to see him and everything was going great. We had breakfast at his place, we went for a drive to the beach and walked for a bit, we talked. Then around lunch time he took me to one of our favorite spots and we sat down and he just said those four little words.”

“What were they Meryl?” Dr. Wood asked.

“I can’t do this.” Maks whispered.

“What Maks? ” she asked.

“Those were the four words.”

He looked over to his right to see the woman he truly loves with red puffy eyes and her cheeks stained with her tears. He caused them.

“Meryl is it true that you have a boyfriend?” Dr. Wood asked.

“I had a boyfriend for a while yes, but I broke up with him a while ago.”


“I just thought he and I should be friends.”

“Was there any other reason?”

“No.” Meryl said simply.

“Don’t lie Meryl.” Maks said.

“What?” She turned to face him.

“I know the reason you broke up with him was because you’re still in love with me.”

“Not true.”

“Yes it is.”

“Well it doesn’t matter because you’re in love with P-”

“No I’m not.”

“But you’re engaged.”

“Which was wrong to do to you, to her, but most Importantly to myself. I was busy trying to please everyone that I wasn’t pleasing myself and I made things worse for everyone.”

“Then you need to figure it all out with your fiancée.”

“I need to figure us out first.” Maks said grabbing her hand.

“Well then here’s your next exercise Maks, and Meryl you can take part in this. Tonight you two will go on a date. I will be observing it and you will just talk it out it. Your wants, your needs, everything needs to be all out in the table tonight.”

“How does that sound?” Dr. Wood asked.

Maks turned to Meryl still holding her hand.

“Will you go on a date with me tonight?” He asked as he looked deep in her eyes.

“Yes.” She whispered.

deniedmysign hat deine Frage beantwortet:By the way, could someone explain dimensions to…

like as in multiple dimensions? Think of them each like different shows you like. if you mean like how 3D is - 1 is a point, 2 is a paper, 3 is a box, and beyond that is complicated.

I meant the second kind, because the terms don’t make sense to me…
Or didn’t… I am confused…
See the numbers confuse me,
because I am really, really bad…with numbers… *laughs*

Multiple dimensions is easy,
I keep imagining them and dreaming
of how I would rather exist somewhere else etc etc…

It’s all most been six months sense then, soon enough it’ll be a year. Then five years. Then ten. At that point I won’t remember the way you lit up when you talked about what you love or the way you loved to make people happy. I won’t remember your green eyes that tell way more than you would ever say. I’ll forget the way you kissed me, they way you held me, and the way you knew me better than anyone else did. I won’t be jealous even when your not mine. I won’t be calling you drunk. I won’t spend everyday thinking about you and how you are. I won’t still love you. I won’t still be hoping for your life to be good. I won’t be telling you I miss you. I won’t be talking to you at all. I’ll forget everything about us and everything you ever were. You will mean nothing to me. Nothing more than a faded memory.
—  Waiting for the day when

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okayyy why isn't anyone talking about the lyrics of the song in the trailerrr.. Jason always makes sure that the songs have a meaning and are on point with everything going on.. "haunted by a memory"(bellarke looking at each other) and then "straight into the light" (bellarke hug) what do you think?

because not everyone speaks the language of music. I can see it if someone tells me, but it’s not the first thing I make sense of.

That means YOU are the one who gets to point it out to people.


I don’t know! What does it mean, musically intelligent person?  That’s a thing, you know. You can have musical intelligence. 

Tell us what it means!

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I didn't even bother to try to waste time and energy countering every singe 'point'. Notice 'point' is in quotations lol. It's too much BS and assumptions while my information etc from the manga and kishi is being twisted, ignored etc. Talking about that theory making sense. Lol a theory cannot make sense if it goes against the fact. I can't go and test to prove that water is dry. The fuck? Kishi said Sakura is the mom. You can't theorise what the 'truth' is WITHOUT REJECTING THE TRUTH ITSELF.

It is crazy, man these people are nuts with manga.

oh boy it’s time to rant about TOME mechanics woohoo

WOW I am so confused now about the actual show mechanics because i’ve just found some damning pieces of evidence that things just don’t make sense

check them out if you dare

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#14 15 19 20 28

14. What song do you think best describes your love life?
Wet Dreamz - J. Cole. I love that song so much 😍. I’m kinda talking to someone that’s completely inexperienced.
But tbh I love anything by J. Cole.
15. Do you care if people talk shit about you?
Ngl, if the point is reasonable, or someone picks at my insecurities, yeah.
But it’s the point that will bother me, not necessarily the person. If that makes sense.
19. Have you ever kissed someone and soon after realized it was a mistake?
Literally probably 50 times. And I’ve continued kissing them anyway about half those times.
20. Have you ever gotten romantically involved with a friend and realized it was a mistake?
Yes. Yes. Yes.
28. How long ago was your last relationship?
Over a year and a half ago.

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"#just because they can babble doesn't mean they can make actual sense" YESS. A MILLION TIMES YES. Merely saying words doesn't mean anything, you have to be able to back up your claims with facts and textual evidence before your words have credibility.

When I first came to the fandom, I really thought they might have a point and it made me doubt my interpretation of the  show. It took me a while to realize that so many people are JUST TALKING OUT OF THEIR ASSES. They don’t know what they are talking about. But they fooled me at first, and I DO know what I’m talking about. 

An opinion is worth nothing if it isn’t based in reality. Lots of people on tumblr don’t seem real concerned with reality, just getting the sound byte that gets the reblogs, even if they are saying something empty or flat out wrong. 

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You don't like Anwar al-Awlaki but you will like those liberal Sufi sheiks that say hijab isn't important, free mixing is ok, homosexuality is all good. Wow

Lool are you okay? What are you even talking about? Either you make sense and explain clearly your point or you leave my inbox

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What's your opinion about Julie's tweet? She said we're going to figure out the mystery of Caroline going to NOLA in the season finale of TO, but I don't know... It could mean a lot of things.

So, what about Julie’s tweet? Are we going to see Caroline in The Originals, at least for a crossover?

Have you seen what JP said about Caroline in Nola thing? “that mystery ties into the end of the originals season.” Then people asked about Caroline and again: “my point is the mystery will make sense.” She avoid answer about Caroline. I think they’ll drop it

Did you see what JP said about Caroline in NOLA? It’s vague and could be just bait, but I have hope….

Julie said they going to explore the mystery of Caroline going to NOLA in the season finale of TO. People might think that she’s talking about Caroline being there, but I think she’s talking about Klaus disappering. But I don’t know, let’s hope for the best.

Did you see Plec’s tweet about the mystery of Caroline in NOLA tying into the end of the season of the originals. I think they’re ending the season with whatever drives Klaus from town. How much will it have to do with Cami you think? Do you also think that’s the extent of Caroline’s story in NOLA? Cause Plec’s didn’t say anything indicating they’ll follow through just saying we’ll see how it ties to the season finale.

Did you see Plecs tweet about Caroline in NOLA tying into TO finale mystery? I’m trying not to get my hopes up but it is so gotdamn difficult

What do you think Julie’s tweets about Klaroline mean? Do you think she means we’ll find out what happened to Klaus or is something Klaroline coming like Caroline looking for Klaus?

So based on Julie’s replies to Klaroliners about the NOLA storyline Idk if we should be excited or not. Cause first she said the mystery will tie into the TO finale but then she kind of said she just meant it would make sense, she didn’t say they would explore Caroline in NOLA. What do you think?

All in all, her answer was almost shady? She’s kinda trying to keep us on the hook here, and as annoying as it’d be if they dropped it, it’s also not the worst, cause it’s quite evident they still need us. And that counts for something, ya know. But idk, we’ll see. 

My whole theory about Batman v Superman

First of all, I think we all agree that it was an interesting movie.
A movie contains the fight between Super and Bat plus fight between Doomsday and Super, Bat and WW. They should have sticked with only one.
Now here comes my theory:
While Bruce was sleeping, something in portal came and said: “You were right about him. (Talking about Superman) blah blah blah… Lois… blah blah blah…”
Now that Superman is not dead, those words that portal thingy said can still happen.
Now, what was that portal thingy?
We all saw Aquaman,Cyborg and Flash at one scene.
When I saw Flash, I thought that he was quite different than the Flash image I had in my head.
Flash was that portal thingy.
It makes sense when you think about it. Here is my whole point:
In the second movie, Lois is going to die. Superman will go crazy. Flash will go back in time using his speed and try to warn Bruce about Clark.
Am I the first one who said these? I seriously no idea. I watched the movie yesterday and I have been avoiding everything about it in order to not get any spoilers.
I feel clever tbh
Do not ruin it pls

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if we can be honest for a moment, what makes you think louis will deny freddie? like logical thinking, not "he's unhappy, larry is real, the kid isn't his". i'm talking about claiming paternity. no one takes paternity tests three months after the kid is born. he's posted pictures, got papped, it's proved there's a real baby, a tiny human, involved. so? what are your thoughts? being 100% real now.

is “he’s unhappy, larry is real, the kid isn’t his” not logical to you???? those are all perfectly good reasons to think that this is going to end at some point. who cares if the denial makes sense tbh, nothing about this has made an ounce of sense and there are still people who believe he has a baby sooo

I received a copy of this book through NetGalley from the publisher. This in no way reflects my opinions of the book. 

DNF at 24%

Things I expected from the book when I requested it: 

Dealing with disabilities (hello, diversity). Friendship. Fencing!

Things I got:

Complaining about disabilities (not because of how it affected her fencing or her social life or overall movement–complaining because she couldn’t get the attention of the guy). Friendship (Bitchiness). Fencing (overdrawn descriptions that don’t make sense unless you know about fencing already. And at that point. Nothing flows.) 

Things I cared about when reading the book:

The battery life on my phone on the bus ride home.

What I didn’t care about when reading this book:

Cyra. Freaking. Berque. 

 Characters who start their narrative talking about how they’re better than “those other girls” in high school is so toxic. So gross. It pits girls against girls. She falls helplessly into the 2Edgy4Lyfe category of main characters that is just not fun to begin with. 

‘Cause let’s be honest. Cyra’s attitude was one of the reasons I found myself unable to care about this. She’s just so…stereotypical movie high school angst bomb instead of you know… a real person. 

Sara is the Regina George with no redeeming point. And Christine is…umm… I didn’t interact with much because I finished so soon. But the word that surely comes to mind is bitch. 

I expected so much more out of this book and was sorely disappointed. 

You know what would have made this book better? 


1 Star simply because I couldn’t finish it. 

(P.S. I read some reviews to find out the end of this book and am so sorely disappointed that the author chose such a route without it affecting the plot all that much. The only reason this book ended this way was for dramatic effect.)

Sans singer needed

I’m working on a True Pacifist version of Stronger Than You because @blue-the-fallen-child mentioned all of the Stronger Than You songs are Genocide versions. Instead of an instrumental part I want a Sans to fill in the parts that Peridot sings/talks/raps in the original. I will voice Frisk (female because well.. I am a female) but since most Genocide versions are Chara vs. Sans I thought it would make sense that Sans would cheer Frisk on in a pacifist run. I still haven’t decided if I want Sans or Sans and Papyrus so I will accept Papyrus voices too to see what will sound better. Just sing the original of Stronger Than You it’s more about staying on beat and sound of voice to fit the character than correct lyrics at this point because they aren’t done yet

Can the internet smell fear?

I have no idea what I am doing and I think that is how it is going to be for a while. And you know what? That’s A-OK.

So what?! I am talking to myself, cursing toward the black void of empty code line which I have no idea what to do with. It has come down to the point Mother is now concerned about my random burst of revelation followed by muffled obscenities. However, I’ve found some helpful videos that make sense and I think are putting me down the right path. Probably my favorite was the series found here.

I found that video and a bunch of other stuff at The Odin Project. So far it is combining tons of referances and courses that, for me at least, is explaining things the way I need it explained. Also helps with telling you what would be helpful to download and why.

Now time to eat and retire a bit early for the trials that lay ahead. Here is a gif that sums up how I feel.

External image