It’s a human thing to feel upset and frustrated.

I have lied awake in this bed doing what I told myself I wouldn’t do many months before. There’s a part of me that blames myself for feeling too much, for having someone else hold such power over me in that regard. The tears fall as it should, like any person would, considering how much time and effort they spend trying to explain themselves to someone who is too “busy” to hear you out. Forgive me, that’s not entirely true. I don’t mean to say it’s wrong to be so occupied and busy trying to build a life. But there comes a point where you allow yourself to think of others before your own, too. I mean, isn’t that what being together implies? To share everything, every thought that makes sense, to bother voicing an explanation no matter how ridiculously hard it is to understand? I’m sorry, this is difficult to talk about and I’m really having a hard time. It’s so frustrating having to explain how I feel to someone who can’t see my side. I turn off my phone because I’m conscious of the fact that you have better things to do than talk to me. And trust me, I understand. It’s okay. It’s okay because it’s you. It’s okay even though I hurt and I can’t tell you.

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I did a lot of exploring after I finished the Pacifist run before going to the surface. When you talk to all the characters gathered in the room where you were "passed out", at one point someone says Sans's name while talking to him and Toriel says, "What the hell is a Sans?" Then is reprimanded for swearing and so on. It makes me think she didn't know his name through the door (even though they already introduced themselves), but idk. Your explanation about an alternate universe makes sense.

((Well I mean. this is DEFINITELY an AU))

in the AU where TFTBL’s team had the time and resources they deserved

SO, as we talked about… what WOULD have been a good path for Rhys in Episode 5 if you chose Hyperion and Jack never pulled his idiotic exoskeleton idea?

I think it would have interesting if it permanently separated Rhys from Fiona and Sasha. Like, one of the things I genuinely got excited about in the Ep 5 trailer was the implication that Helios wasn’t going to let Rhys go. That as a point of frisson between Jack and Rhys actually makes more sense than the asinine exoskeleton thing.

Someone recently made a post along the lines of how they wish we got to see Jack be protective of Rhys as he’s been protective about the things he cares about in the past, namely Angel and the Eye of Helios. Things that Jack solidly considers to be under his protection rather than an equal to him, those thing garner a very specific response from him.

So say you Rule Hyperion, and then try to leave, and Jack locks Rhys in his office, all, “Nuh uh hu, cupcake, no. You’re the president of Hyperion now, you want to go back to Pandora? You want to go play footsie on a shuttle to that crapsack planet with some bandits? Sweetheart, they are going to take you hostage the moment you’re out of my sight. I can’t let that happen. You understand, right?”

THAT as a point of contention would have worked so well. Because you can have a Rhys who wants that Vault or who trusts the con sisters pushing back against Jack, and needing a rescue? omg Sasha and Fiona rescuing Rhys would be AMAZING, oh oh and Yvette helping, pointing out the huge irony of how she was supposed to recover Rhys from Pandora and now is fighting to send him back. It’d be GREAT.

Or, another option to play Rhys as not so close to the sisters (especially after they react so badly to his admission of having Jack in his head), who trusts Jack, and letting his ambitious and his isolation steer him deeper into his deal with Jack. The bird in the gilded cage.

Oh, but how does he get to Pandora in such a path? Well, Jack wants that fucking Vault, man. So when it starts to slip from their fingers, when it looks like the sisters alone will get it, Jack reuploads himself or a copy of himself into Rhys and they go together, with Rhys having less control over his body. And his eye shifting to gold under Jack’s influence.

Which would also resolve the Red Herring of Future!Rhys, where all the tics and foreshadowing that Jack was riding shotgun were all false leads. Instead, you have a Reject Hyperion Rhys, who takes the same path we see in Episode 5, or we have a Rule Hyperion Rhys who gets the follow through his plotline deserves.


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Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.” -  Luke 23:34

But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, -  Matthew 5:4


“Jesus, pretty please make ______ not suck so much anymore,” is often how praying for my enemies goes at first. It’s a hard switch from gossiping about your least favorite people to praying about them instead. Yet that is exactly what Jesus calls us to do. It feels strange on our tongues at first; it doesn’t seem to be the point of talking about enemies after all. But we forget that we aren’t here to fit in or make sense, in fact we are here as Christians precisely because we don’t fit in. We forget that nothing about the true God we believe in could ever make sense in this world, because He is not of it. No one in their most upright earthly mind would willingly die hanging from a cross, being mocked by those He came to save, praying “Father, forgive them” at the very same time. Even crazier? That person you can’t seem to stop speaking poorly of? Jesus died, rose again, and defeated death for them too. It wasn’t only their sin that put Him there, but your sin just the same.

So before we point a finger at another, Lord, lead us to turn our hearts to you in prayer. Guide us to run from the temptation of gossip and retaliation, and invite you deeper into our hearts as we lovingly pray for others instead.

Cheese in the trap, 1 (again)

The first time I watched the premiere of Cheese in the Trap, I was impressed by how it dropped us right into the middle of the action. Seol and her two best friends are out at a bar, and Seol is sloppy drunk. “I’m so exhausted,“ she slurs. In the foreground, out of focus boys play pool. Seol points right at the camera and exclaims, “It’s all because of you!” At first glance, you can’t really tell what’s going on. Seol could be talking about anyone, but then again she’s so out of it she could also be talking about no one.

Now that I’ve watched episode six, this scene makes more sense. Throughout the premiere, Seol always said that Jung had made her miserable, but it seemed mostly like an exaggeration. He was a jerk to people around him, but his small-scale dickishness was no reason for anybody to drop out of school. In hindsight, it’s possible to see undercurrents in their relationship that the show obscured.

The rest of the first episode details the early encounters between Seol and Jung. She doesn’t like him from the very beginning, and the direction feeds into her constant complaints about him. Tense music plays as he watches her from afar, his expression inscrutable and seemingly cold. But this is all a game of perception, and it’s not until much later that we begin to see things from Jung’s perspective.

Dramafever’s blog carries a series of episode recaps told from the point of view of minor characters. This normally strikes me as excessive, but re-watching the first episode of Cheese in the Trap almost requires this approach. For Seol, this hour is about fear and suspicion. But knowing what we know now, you can’t miss that it’s about something very different for Jung.

The first moment of real connection between Seol and Jung comes when Seol reacts to the dumped pitcher of beer at the term-opening party a year before the opening scene. She sees Jung–sees beyond his pretty face, beyond his nice clothes, and right through to his heart. And just like Nietzsche warned, at that moment Jung saw Seol, too. He realized she had sensed the man behind his polite veneer, and it intrigued him.

By the time the opening scene happens, Jung is already half in love with Seol. As we saw in episode six, his friend has already told him how alike they are. He’s already started watching her, and already realized that she’s a good person. When Seol grabbed his hand in her sleep, Jung was lost.

We didn’t realize it at the time, but everything Jung did in this episode was meant to bring him closer to Seol. His methods might not have been great, but he was never malicious and he always acted with compassion. He could have ratted out Kim Rae Won’s pudgy cousin to score points with Seol, but he felt too bad for him to do it. Jung isn’t perfect, but he’s a champion of the defenseless who does what he thinks is right. That’s why he gave the receipt to the bullied boy, and that’s even why he’s acting out against In Ha.

But Jung’s true nature isn’t the only rewatch revelation–we now know why Seol seemed to overreact to his presence. It’s because in her mind he’s related to another thing that made her year horrible: the boy who stalked her.

What narrative chutzpah this show has. Until episode six, it leaves out a key piece of information about its heroine. “What’s with you since last year? You have a trauma related to him or what?“ Bo Ra asks about Jung in episode one. Based on what we’ve now seen, Bo Ra was exactly on the mark without even knowing it. According to Seol’s stalker, Jung said she liked him. Who knows what insignificant, offhanded comment Jung made that led the stalker to that conclusion?

I know two things for sure: The first is that I can’t wait to find out, and the second is that Jung and I are in a ride or die relationship. Whatever the show has up its sleeve, I will not believe that he would ever do anything to hurt Seol.

Fallout 4 realization

WARNING: possible spoilers

So i read somewhere in the fallout 4 tag that someone came across some Deacon voice files of him talking about the institute and “seers” in relation to the birds. But if you look at the birds, they’re SEVERELY mutated along with all of the other creatures in the wasteland/commonwealth.

Not too long after I came across a post that talked about how cats are supposedly extinct in the Fallout Universe. And how angry this person was that cats were a thing in FO4.

BUT WHAT IF THE CATS ARE THE SEERS OF THE INSTITUTE?! @apocalyptic-comedown pointed out that the institute has synth gorillas, so cats wouldn’t be too far fetched. But the only issue I can see with this is that everytime synths are around they kill the cats, but maybe they don’t know? But you would think the institute would program them not to kill the cats. IDK MAN BUT IT MAKES A LOT OF SENSE IN MY NOGGIN.

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How do you get people to be more supportive of your being vegan? Because some people I know aren't. They always ask me why I'm vegan but when I try to explain, they ask "animals" isn't valid. And last time i went in depth, they get offended. But honestly, they're such hypocrites for saying they care about animals but savoring meat and animal products. Sorry, gotta rant.

Rants are welcome here! We all feel you on this. And I still do not have the answer to this question.

99% of people will not actually THINK about why being vegan makes sense - they make fun of it or write it off or label you as restrictive or don’t want to hear about it. Talking to people about what they’re paying for and consuming daily AND pointing out the horrifying aspects - it’s a mirror. Of course they’ll be offended or deny it. They don’t even want to fathom it all. 

Ignorance is literally bliss for them because they don’t have to think about the cruelty going on and the detrimental health/environmental aspects that are occurring because of meat and animal product consumption. 

Just know YOU are doing something good. Something that makes an impact. And is slowly gaining a lot of momentum. People are waking up.

Vegans are heros: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ag6JEC74NRY

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Insider anon here! I'm on mobile again bc I have to wait a while before sending the rest on my laptop since I reached the limit. Oops! Haha. There are about 5 parts left I'd say, but if you want you can post and/or comment on what I've sent so far. If you have any questions I can try getting answers for that too?? I can't promise anything or course, but I'll try. I want to reassure the fandom as much as possible at this point, even if it's via shady anon service and industry talk. Love you! ❤️

Hello babe, I saw them and I thought you might have gotten on limit! Thank you so much, I will wait for the rest so it makes more sense, people have been asking for you actually haha. And also about the first message and stuff about h/l you can definitely send me something you don’t want me to publish and I won’t tell ofc:) and thank you for the way you are talking about this and making sure people know it doesn’t have to be legit etc. I appreciate that v much

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Reading through the article, Representation, Meaning, and Language, by Stuart Hall and I came across this definition of representation that I never really learned by my grade school teachers, instead I got used to being around it that it just seems like second nature. It said, “Representation is an essential part of the process by which meaning is produced and exchanged between members of a culture.” It makes so much sense. I mean usually if someone is presenting something to you it’s, because you never learned about it or you don’t have enough information to truly understand the concept of it. For an example, I had a speaker for my class Presidential Rhetoric like a week ago. He wanted to introduce himself and he used PowerPoint with slides for his presentation. The slides helped show the main points about what he was talking about. I’m glad he had them, because speech of English was a little difficult to understand what he was saying. He felt as though we understood what he was saying, because we just nodded our head. All in all the speaker was just a waste of time in my opinion. I feels as though if you’re going to present anything to others make sure your PowerPoint slides are clear and helpful to others. Also make sure you voice is loud and vibrant.

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Regardless of Harry and Louis' relationship status or the baby's paternity: Do you still think that there was something off about when and how the pregnancy was announced and a number of other things that you talked about on here? Whenever I try to take things at face value (L being the father) I still always come to a point where I notice stuff that *really* does not make any sense - without wearing a tin hat. What about you?

Yes! A million things were/are bizarre about how it all happened. That’s why I really thought we’d get to the end (or possibly before the end) and get a paternity denial. But we haven’t gotten one and Louis has posted a photo of him and the baby. Where’s the fucking line? I’d really like someone to hit me up and tell me where the fucking line is. 

song analysis: all too well

alright so @swftkloss and i have been discussing this for like, a really long time and i wanna make a post on it because?? idk, because i’m bored probably. so… y’know there’s that like, rumor that there’s a longer version of all too well, yeah? after a lot of talking… here’s what we’ve i guess sort of conspiracy theorized?

all too well isn’t about jake, it’s about john.

but eliot, how do you figure? the lyrics point to jake and most of the other songs on red were about jake too! how does that even make sense?

okay let me explain - 

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You really did jump on theblasianbarbie's post even though they specifically laid out what they were talking about. There were posts going around of ppl complaining about nonblack poc not having a ___ heritage month and derailing the importance of black history month and it was clearly put in their post that you commented on so idk why you decided to make it about yourself which is very disappointing

I hadn’t seen any of the other posts. I mainly didn’t understand their point and they replied to my response and then I understood it, and it made sense. 

Not everyone is super educated on everything, and I wasn’t trying to offend OP with my reblog––as I clarified, I was merely trying to understand her point because I felt like I had it a bit mixed up in my interpretation. I wasn’t trying to make it “about myself”––and I apologize if I unintentionally did–––but like I said, and I will say again, I guess I mostly misunderstood it and the OP replied.

The OP was kind in her response, so why are you so pissed??

I hate stuff like “mockery should always punch up” “satire should disturb the comfortable and comfort the oppressed”, fuck that shit. Just laugh at what you find laughable. Mock what you find ridiculous. Did people forget how to simply have fun? Mockery is always cruel anyway, there’s no point in trying to cram a sense of morals into it by making some categories of people into acceptable targets and pretending it’s right to hurt them. If you’re going to be a prick, don’t discriminate. Don’t be a hypocrite about it. 

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yes hi im still online basically life is just really really shit atm i was diagnosed with depression over a year ago and ive been seeing a therapist and taking antidepressant since but its not helping nothig is helping and i dont have any close friends or anyone to talk to and im so lonely and i just dont see a point in living anymore (sorry to bother you with all this is just really needed to talk to someone and you seem like such a sweet person)

im so sorry you feel that way i really do hope therapy works at some point. trust me life is worth living. speaking as someone who had an absolutely awful 2014, to the point where i thought about doing things im so glad i didn’t, it DOES GET BETTER. like the smallest things can be worth living another day for and it can take so much time and help from friends whether they be irl, online or just your family. but things really will get better. you’re not bothering me at all boo.

ok so !!  i’ve seen a few people talk about richie’s arc in season two being  ‘ out of character ’  or not making any sense etc and i’m bouta lay down some Truth because lemme tell y’all something  —  HIS AMBITION WAS NOT OUT OF THE BLUE.  taking malvado’s offer  was not an unexpected twist.  here’s why.

under a cut,  ‘cause this sucker got wordy af.

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I wish you would write a fic where it's complete crack fic, where it's just you in the Arrow-verse, breaking the fourth wall, just slapping people in the face whenever they mess up or make a bad decision. Does that make sense?probably not what you were hoping for, buts it's what I got.

Originally posted by drunkbroadway

Some highlights of this crack-verse: 

*Oliver talking to Digg about how Helena can be reformed* 

Voice: Just accept it: You stuck your dick in crazy. Now, MOVE ON. 

*Oliver looks around in amazement* 

Diggle (with a shrug): You know, it’s got a point. 


Oliver: Because of the life that I lead- 

Voice: Don’t say it. If you say it, I swear to God - 

Oliver: I can’t be with someone I could truly care about. 

Voice: Felicity, if you don’t slap him, I will.  


Oliver: Do you understand? 

Voice: Now kiss! 

Oliver and Felicity: What? *look around in surprise* 

Voice: Oh, come on! You’re not lying. You love each other! Just f***ing kiss already! Haven’t we waited long enough? We all know Oliver’s a sh** liar. So just stop killing us with suspense and kiss already! 


To Laurel Lance: 

Voice: Don’t- 

Voice: Why would you do that? 

Voice: What were you thinking? 

Laurel: *continues to do whatever she wants* 

Voice: *sigh* why do I even bother? 


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When you get this, respond with five things that make you happy! (: Then send it to the last ten people in your notifications anonymously

                ( so i’ve gotten gotten this before and i never considered the possibility that this could be ic until i saw other people responding to it ic so i’m going to do that too this time

for me

  • tala @gravesradium  ( srsly my love for this woman is unreal )
  • leo @harinabisesa  ( unbelievably patient with my sorry ass since 2014 )
  • roberta and our gay sons. @fiercysoul  ( i’ll be back to break honda’s heart at some point, until then enjoy ur egg-free zone)
  • people who talk about tesra and/or nnoitra with me even after i give them some batshit crazy response
  • denny’s ( it gives structure to the chaos of my life )

for tesra

  • Nnoitra
  • sung sun @dissimulantis
  • ohana @kagecni
  • cooking
  • never finds out about the ending of a book what kind of fucking hipster answer is this i swear it makes sense if you go back to one of my headcanons )

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the "a" part of that post is still a problem, and the one that rings sketchier to me. It suggests the way someone looks has more to do with their sexuality than gender when in reality gender is literally the whole point of sexuality? It doesn't matter if they're aliens or what their bodies are like? What is that even trying to imply? I'm on board with bi/gay aliens but that is not any kind of valid point to make.

Okay, I’m going to tell you what I understand and you tell me if what I’m saying makes sense:
From what I understand of OP’s post: point A (”ur different species so why would sexuality even come into play”) seems to indicate that the fact that they’re not from the same species mean sexuality as humans understand it is not going to play the same part than if we’re talking about two humans. So basically: it implies that an heterosexual woman could fall in love with a female of another species but it could also imply that a gay man could fall in love with a woman from another species for the same reason.
What I understand from your message: You think that if “sexuality as humans understand it is not going to play the same part” it would be based on looks according to OP and you disagree with that. You think gender as we understand it would still matter, and sexuality is linked to gender, not looks or bodies.  

Did I get it right? 

Honestly, this is quite complicated (especially with the asari). 
But I would think that while sexuality is complicated and would be even more complicated if other species are around, your identity matters. If you identify as gay, then you’re gay. Different species could be around, and you’re still going to be gay and identify as gay. 

i could be reaching here, but

i get the sense that they’re not only trying to hype up this “playing the joker makes you crazyyyy!!!!” aesthetic for leto’s joker because the joker is a ~craaaazy character (and apparently david ayer is a big fan of playing off stereotypes about mental illness for xxedgyxx points), but also because people continually talked out of their ass after heath ledger died about how playing the joker must have “driven him to suicide” or what the fuck ever, and a whole hell of a lot of voyeuristic attention was paid to his performance based on that idea (and, honestly, if we’re being 100% real, it probably motivated at least some of his critical acclaim because people really believed that he more or less sacrificed his life for the role despite evidence to the contrary)

and maybe I’m the only one, but I’m getting a lot of “this joker is EVEN CRAZIER!!!!!!!” subtext from all these “where does jared leto end and the joker begin?!?!!” stories from the set, as though they’re trying to one-up/capitalize on/distinguish themselves from Nolan’s joker and idk! it just strikes me as really fucking gross