This is probably sometime after 2002 after HP and the Chamber of Secrets video game was out. God I loved those first games so much when I was a kid! tbh I’d still play them if they worked on my laptop (and I actually did, the PoA game worked and I finished the whole thing in two days and it was the time of my life pls don’t judge me).

Inspired by my lovely @wisepizzaphantom suggestion which I interpreted in my own special way :D

laughing because “the triggering,” an event for dumbasses to post things that would usually be “censored by the government or feminists” (censored apparently means receiving any backlash for your own racist or sexist opinions), all over tumblr and other social media, is happening today.

but they’re tagging all of their posts with #thetriggering

which means

they made a trigger warning

for their own event against trigger warnings.