so *cough cough* i just noticed something in morse code that made me … wow

so you know the


i noticed the “dots” and “dashes” changed on each side, and what really stuck out to me was that the “—” “-.” on each side clearly spell out “no.” there isnt any “…” so idk, it was just something that i noticed.

technically you could make anything out of these lines but i just thought it was interesting that the dots and dashes changed and that they were exact in their size, which could indicate some sort of code. and well.. undertale is no stranger to code

things that fuck me up:

-soccer calum
-curly haired calum
-buzz cut calum
-stage calum
-snapback calum
-beanie calum
-trucker hat calum
-calums solo is story of another us
-calums solo in jbh
-when calum sings “kissin at the stop signs darlin!!!!!!!!!!” in lwh
-calums teeth
-calums arms
-calums legs
-calum in gym shorts
-calum smiling
-calums veins
-calums jaw
-calums note change in beside you when they perform it live
-calums harmony in out of my limit
-calums high note in voodoo doll
-calums motherfucking verse in vapor
-calum in vans
-calum in that drop dead shirt
-calum breathing
-calum sWEAting
-calum swearing
-calum smirking
-calum w dogs
-calum w cats


me af.