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“Your body is the definition of flawless” with Luke 👍🏼

23: “Your body is the definition of flawless.”


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A frown is etched onto your face as you scroll through your twitter mentions and feed. The only thing you’re seeing are comments about you from the 5sos fans, most of them not so sweet.

Has anyone noticed Y/N lately? Looks like she gained a few pounds…

I honestly don’t know how Luke can date someone like her.. I mean look at her.

We all know Luke could do better than the slut he’s dating right now.

Maybe Y/N should invest in a membership to a gym..

The comments continued and you felt your frown growing deeper and deeper, am I really that bad? Tears were forming in your eyes, but you quickly wiped them away and put your phone screen down on the coffee table. You sniffle and wipe another tear off your cheek before standing up and going into yours and Luke’s bedroom. Opening your closet, you rummage around until you find what your looking for, exercise close and a gym bag. You quickly change before you’re out the door and driving to the nearest gym. 

You had been there for nearly five hours now, making use of every machine you can find and sweating like crazy. Just as you finish running on the treadmill, the song changes on your shuffle and you pull out your phone to skip it. But you stop when you see the countless texts from Luke asking where you are and that he’s worried. You look at the time and your eyes grow wide, it was nearly 8:00, you missed Luke coming home and you missed dinner.

“Shit,” you mumble under your breath as you quickly head to the lockers and grab your things. You send Luke a quick text saying, on my way home, before getting in your car and driving home. When you get to the front door, you take a deep breath before opening it and walking in. Luke is sitting on the couch watching tv, but when he hears the door close, he turns and looks over at you.

“Y/N, where were you?” He asks, getting up off the couch and walking over to where you are taking your shoes off.

You merely shrug and say, “just the gym.”

He raises his eyebrows at you and you walk past him into the kitchen. “You were at the gym? For how long?”

You sigh and turn around, “I left at like 3, I wasn’t there that long,” you say, putting your hands on your hips.

“Not that long?” He exclaims, you roll your eyes and turn around and open the fridge as he continues, “babe, that’s five hours, that’s not healthy.”

As he continues to lecture you on how your body can’t handle exercise for that long when you haven’t been to the gym in a while, you pull out stuff for a salad and start making it. “You’re having a salad?” Luke raises his eyebrows at you and you shrug again.

“Y/N,” he says, this time gentler, putting his hands over yours, making you stop what you’re doing, “what’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” you say, trying to shrug him off.

“There’s clearly something wrong. You’ve never gone to the gym for that long and a salad after five hours of working out? You have got to be more hungry than that.”

You bite your lip and mumble, “well I clearly need to stop eating so much anyway, all I’m doing is gaining weight.”

Luke gives you a confused look, “what?”

“It’s on twitter,” you say pulling your phone out, “I am clearly gaining weight and not exercising enough. You could do a lot better than me.”

He shakes his head and puts a finger under your chin, making you look at him, “Y/N, your body is the definition of flawless. I wouldn’t trade you for the world, you mean so much to me. I’m so so so lucky to have you as my girlfriend and be able to call you mine. I don’t think you’ve gained any weight and if you have, so what? I love you for you. You know I support you and if you want to loose weight I can help you, but please don’t hate yourself because people say you’ve gained weight because first off that’s not true, and secondly, you’re beautiful.”

You’re cheeks have become wet as you look into his blue eyes, and you wrap your arms around his waist. He pulls you into his chest and you mumble quietly, “I love you so much.”

He says, “I love you too,” before kissing the top of your head.