Kashalotas Azores, Atlantic ocean, Portugal, underwater image of a pod of spermwhales.

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According to the regional legislation swimming with whales and other cetaceans that are not dolphins is forbidden in the Azores" and “This work was performed under the authorization n.º 15-ORAC-2016 issued by the Azores Regional Government, on 07-09-2016 by willyam

help killer whales!

so i was reading my alumni newsletter and came across this project to save killer whales through the study of their behaviour. killer whales are an endangered species so it’d be really good to help our swimming pals out :) they’re just over the half way point of their £7,500 target and 10 days left to get there!


Drone captures a whale opening its mouth to feed. That is a big mouth.


Whale blowing air, viewed from above, with Smaller one nearby.

The Space Whale consists of two stained glass life-sized humpback whales, one a mother and one a calf, weighing 30,000 pounds altogether and reaching 50 feet high. Artist Matt Schultz dreamed up the Space Whale project in 2008, after swimming alongside whales on a vacation in the Philippines. (Source | Photo)


Insanely Adorable Ceramic Planters by Priscilla Ramos

São Paulo-based ceramicist Priscilla Ramos has created a range of adorable and cute handmade planters for your home. Featuring a range of critters, including a whale, cat and even a sloth, each piece is made from stoneware. Find her entire collection in her Etsy shop.

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