Dude wheres my brother

A very naked Estarossa wearily opened his eyes. The sun blinded him and he lifted his arm to stop the radiant light from burning his retinas. He twisted his head to catch a glimpse of his equally naked younger brother. Groaning, he stands to his feet and stretches before rubbing the back of his neck. He heard Zeldris stir behind him and he turned to face his little brother. “Man what the fuck happened to us?” Zeldris barked out angrily. “I’m not sure myself, but we may have underestimated the sin of pride.” His brother replied giving out his hand for Zeldris to take, but the boy blushed deep before shoving the fist away and standing on his own. “Come now brother, don’t be so hasty to be rid of my generosity.” Estarossa smirked at his hummility. “Bro you’re naked.” Zeldris pointed to his elders sibings crocth. “So I am, lets go find some villagers who will be so kind to gift me with their clothing then shall we?” Estarossa smirked again. “Yea ye whatever, and then we will go back and teach those assholes a lesson yes?” Zeldris begged. “Of course little one.” Esta relplied. “Please don’t call me that.” Zeldris barked back in anger.

(Just a snippit of my esta and zeldris in the woods ff more to come maybe? @djfatchip thanks for the inspiration lol)


“Harry Potter? Who’s Harry Potter?”
“Oh, no one. Bit of a tosser, really.”

Imagine. An AU where Dumbledore doesn’t cockblock Harry. LOL