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Funny how some of the rumored gay SM idols have been either sent to WGM (hee_chul, key) or swept in a dating scandal (jong_hyun, jong_in). Did they even try w j_onghyun tho? That was easily one of the most awkward dates i've ever seen, if you take kxk's out of the picture. They also have the same formula down pat, only one date where they got caught and little to no disguises it's hilarious. You'd think they'd put more effort in making these things believable but dumb fans make their work easier

[+8, -9] Why are people assuming he’s not gay just because he’s dated women? I’m sure gyopos are familiar with Brian having a lot of gay American friends… (more than the average). It’s just sad that he has to hide it in Korea.

all it really takes is your name attached to a person of the opposite gender in order for rumors to be shot down. it sometimes still amazes me that people haven’t connected the dots btw kxk reveal and the gay blind item. not including kds change in dynamic and obvious separation. like i wish i could be sitting here talking about theories. but these things are so common sense. you either have to be blind or oblivious to not see.

i remember the jongh/yun thing. very similar to fakestal.

you forgot jo_kwon! people actually legitimately believed that jk/ga_in was real… funny.