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It was my first time being part of the annual Winter Game Fest hosted by UCSD on Saturday! Audric, Mic, Vincent, Steven, Christian, and I registered for the Street Fighter IV AE tournament, and there were about a hundred other participants. (Oh, and there were other tournaments going on, too, like for Starcraft, Killer Instinct, and Marvel)

Mic had 2 wins, Audric had 2 wins (1 default), Vince had 2 wins, and Christian 4 wins (2/3 defaults). They never finished the bracket because I’m assuming they took forever and too many people defaulted/dropped out, so I can’t say who placed what. 

Steven and I were the only ones of our group who lost both our matches and were firsts to be eliminated, lol. I felt awful about it at first, especially because the person I went up against in the Losers Tournament hardly put any time into playing AE (ie. He was def a low PP player and I still couldn’t beat him), but in comparison to the tournament I was in last year at Southwestern, I could definitely see some improvement. I mean, I still lost both matches in that tourney too, lol, but I’m pretty satisfied in that I’m inching my way towards becoming a more solid player and not one that just mashes all her specials. 

Steven is a fast learner, btw. I was surprised he didn’t win any matches with how much he has improved, but we’re determined to win at least one match at next year’s WGF :) Everyone that rep’d the Dojo here did their best and did very well. I hope we all continue to improve so that we’ll be more prepared for future tourneys such as this.

It was also my first time hosting the Shoto Dojo at my house on Sunday, and, really, it’s all thanks to Audric. He gave me the idea to clean out my garage, and we both worked hard to accomplish it. Overall though, I couldn’t have learned the mechanics of Street Fighter without Audric’s help. He taught me everything I know. (Except my bad habits, lol. I’m still working on that! I’m working on everything!) Sooo special thanks to my girlfriend (lol) for introducing me to AE and helping me grow in it! He’s been really encouraging in terms of helping me get over my plateaus and helping me not cry when I lose matches, lol.

It was a good AE-filled weekend. I only hope for more improvement.

World Goth Fair, the gates are open...

#SL #secondlife World Goth Fair, the gates are open…

…and the bats have been released.

So one can read on the official World Goth Fair 2015 website, on which you will also find a map and vendor-list for the shoppers.
Yes, I like to shop too, but the main reason I always love to go to the World Goth Fairis the build and the atmosphere. This year as amazing as ever. Openened today is a dark, spooky landscape, but with gorgeous and colourful Northern…

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ISADORA Bags itGET FROCKED  ISADORA Top and Leggings - 7 x Colour - RESERVED for World Goth FairBeautifully made Gothic Blouse Top with ruffles and bows which come with leggings as a set from GET FROCKED as a Reserved item for The World Goth Fair.  Both come in Standard Mesh sizes XS to XL and th Read more on the website

World Goth Fair - I Feel An Animal Deep Inside...

World Goth Fair – I Feel An Animal Deep Inside…

Hello, Darklings!
World Goth Fair (located here) is now OPEN!  For the next couple of weeks, you can get your serious Goth on with dozens of fantastic Goth merchants, a wonderful Stygian-Dark sim, and some great music as only a bunch of Goth DJs can inflict upon the huddled masses.

As mentioned earlier, Avatar Bizarre is thrilled to be a part of this amazing event in Second Life.  Several new…

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Server Ufficiale WGF [SP] - Mafia vs. Yakuza [Mercato delle Droghe] (di WhenGamersFail)