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Well, its finally done, in all its lack of glory!  I meant for this to be a Valentine’s Day video, but what was supposed to be a weekend project just turned into a months-swallowing video monster.  And as we all know, I can’t leave a project undone no matter how ill-advised it is.  But it was educational, and the next time I attempt a video like this I know what I need to do differently.  So here you go internet, just what you’ve always wanted: another list video!  But at least now I am free to start on projects that actually matter.  Like taxes.  Ug.  Sometimes being an adult is the worst.  


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“I’m sorry I said all those things. You’re a true friend who probably knows me better than I know myself.

Here From the Beginning

Rated T for very tacky ornaments…

Author’s Note: WELL ITS FINALLY DONE - AHHH!!!! I started this Christmas fic awhile ago, but I never expected it to be this long. Hope you guys enjoy it. The fluffy angst that is in it wasn’t apart of the plan, but it definitely made the story. (Blame Danielle. It’s all her fault.)

Beta: @whateverwonder. Honestly, she is the best. We stayed up until 4 am arguing and brainstorming this fic - also, without her help, this fic would be pretty short, pretty fast, and very bland. (Thank you so very much - even though I rejected so many of your suggestions. You are a trooper!)

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Merry Christmas!

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