I found my old sketches of this Kwami!Swap simply silly comic (where for some reasons ((which author was too lazy to think up)) got their partner`s miraculous, met kwamis and blah-blah, nothing new) and I finally finished it, idk what I have done (well, thats how its always happening)

*actually loves seeing Adrien in Ladybug costume lmao*
*and, yeah, backgrounds are for losers…..*

Something what happend after accidental akuma fight:

All I want is for Draco Malfoy to one day look back on his life and think… 

‘All was well’.

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Well, its finally done, in all its lack of glory!  I meant for this to be a Valentine’s Day video, but what was supposed to be a weekend project just turned into a months-swallowing video monster.  And as we all know, I can’t leave a project undone no matter how ill-advised it is.  But it was educational, and the next time I attempt a video like this I know what I need to do differently.  So here you go internet, just what you’ve always wanted: another list video!  But at least now I am free to start on projects that actually matter.  Like taxes.  Ug.  Sometimes being an adult is the worst.  

title: all i gave you is gold

ship: reylo

wordcount: 2728

rating: R (it’s basically pure smut okay)

warnings: it’s pretty pure smut on the other hand, they bang against a wall.

summary: Rey and Kylo start out sparring, and end up doing something else entirely. It’s not for the first time, and it likely won’t be the last. Featuring bonus musing on just how light side Kylo has become, and just how much it means to either one of them.

Rey slams a foot into his chest; her thigh screams at the motion, but there’s a savage satisfaction at the way the air shoves itself back up his throat. He staggers back against the wall, head cracking into duracrete. They’re in a training room on Yavin IV, the air thick enough to chew. Somewhere in the distance, birds laugh at each other.

“Come on,” she gasps, resisting the urge to rub at the echo of pain in her ribs. “We’re not done yet.”

She only realises what she’s said when he lifts his head and bares his teeth at her. Not a snarl, but a grin. He’s shirtless and sweat-slicked, hair a wild tangle of curls about his face, and his frame filled with the sort of tension that speaks of control.

Barely maintained control. His feelings roar, a riot of frustration and desire that bleeds over into her, only to hiss out against an ocean of calm. Rey is - always - sure of where she stands with Kylo Ren. Even when she works him on the knife’s edge of his passions.

She waits. Her chest heaves with the force of her breathing, and she’s long since stripped her outer robes. A frisson of anticipation works through her because these moments all have a tendency to turn out the same way, and she sees the light in his gaze as it shivers through him.

His muscles twitch, a ripple of motion that she can’t help follow as it moves through his chest to his arms. He wants to lunge for her, she can feel it in the tension of her own body, see it in the way he holds himself. A second passes.



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RWBY Art Challenge

Day 12: Outfit Swap!

This was originally going to be a MUCH different picture, but then I was tired and didn’t really feel like drawing five people. May do that later. 

Behave, Nora.