[Musumen.] Honey Bee [4th single]
(Nico Nico Douga)

English translation and romaji
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Koiboi is the kind of person who would start crying if people raised their voices at him, so all I can imagine is Occhio telling him off for doing something wrong and since Occhio is a drama queen he does it fairly loudly then Koiboi just starts crying in the middle of the room.

Then Gratia sees what’s happening and comes over to yell at Occhio for making an initiate cry then the two Priestormentors start a shouting match and Eminor is in the background rolling her eyes

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In regards to Shika's onesie, I just want a reason |D I have thought Temari or Ino's influence would have given him a better sense of fashion, y'know? But what, did Temari miss her bros in Suna so much at one point that Shika just decides to dress in a onesie for her? but then discovers that what he's wearing is rather comfortable and decides to keep it?(this idea just suddenly popped out, by the way) But yeah, I just want to know what started his onesie phase, then I'll be fine with it ;ww;;

Ahah, well if it helps, the comment below Shikamaru’s fully body pic mentions that “out of everyone, Shikamaru feels the most like ‘an old man’ “LOL so that may have something to do with the design choice, Or we could blame Kankurou’s influence. Theories are all around us tbh ahah. But hey, maybe the databook will shed some light and give us closure XD

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I am suprised how nicely you protrayed Karkat and Feferi in your recent upd8. Though I don't think fusing with Meenah helped Feferi.

I may have a hefty amount of disdain for Karkat in canon but I try to keep my excessive hate for characters outta my fics, or at least not let my disdain make the characters too excessively OC. 38/ Try being the word lol tho I’m happy it seems to be working.

Well, Feferi got off lightly compared with the other trolls- since Meenah was ‘technically’ only dead for a few days from her perspective compared to the other Dancestors who were millions of years old, therefore Feferi had a lot less of another person to contend with during the fusion which is why she’s still relatively nice and her normal self. I also didn’t want Feferi to sound like a mini Condy.

Karkat’s good for her since he’s there to remind her she actually needs to care about things, mostly people- since both Peixes have been shown to have massive empathy issues and have a habit of disregarding other peoples feelings and since Karkat is immensely sensitive to that kind of thing she has to make sure to prevent herself from being completely callous since it upsets him

I have strawberries in the freezer that I am going to attempt to make fresh sorbet with tonight. If I remember (big if, haha). My bananas are not ripe enough yet for yonanas. Fingers crossed this turns out!

Also I am well within my WW points for the day, yay!

HI GUYS could you do me a favor and tell me a few words that come to mind when you hear this? q 7q)/ Then I can try and practice writing lyrics some aha. You’d help me out a lot !!

( also pay no heed to kyte. he’s just here to make the post bigger and to draw your attention with his good looks. ww
.. or well, y’know, you’re welcome to pay attention to him but he’s got little to do with the song.
yet. )

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"Well I can't exactly tell him everything. I couldn't find a wolf doctor." ~Harry

“Oh right,” I murmured softly. “Did you get medicine for your anxiety?” I completely believed you.

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Actually when I heard Sakatan say "Australia", I was just excited + happy + surprised www and since I hadn't checked your tumblr during the housou, I was like "ahhhh when this finishes and if they haven't listened to it yet, I MUST include this in the report www" Thank you for thinking about me when you heard my country ww And of course if I ever get to go to any of their lives, I'll be reporting a whole bunch for you on my tumblr (that is if I get one)w -aa

YEAH, since Australia is a lot closer to Japan than the US it’s technically possible for them w (why do i live so far….) If Australia is ever mentioned, all I’ll ever be able to think about is you ww But yeah, If you ever do get a chance to go to their lives… 

Sometimes a help goes well || Letter to Witch Weekly

Caro Redator Chefe,

Não sei se o senhor vai aceitar ou até mesmo ler as poucas palavras de um estudante de jornalismo, mas acredito que algumas mudanças deveriam ser feitas em sua revista, e caso goste de algumas ideias, gostaria muito de estagiar em sua revista. Não é uma boa? Trocar uma coisa por outra? Eu lhe dou algumas dicas e assim você deixa com que eu faça o meu estágio ai. Sei bem que estagiários não deveriam dar ideias, e nem mesmo um “não estagiário”, afinal eu nem mesmo faço parte da sua equipe, mas talvez você possa me dar uma chance. Quem sabe assim eu consiga algo, certo?  

Bom o primeiro conselho que dou, é dar uma editada na capa, sei que é bonita, mas tem muitas informações, diminua um pouco, coloque umas letras maiores e mais chamativas, e as pequenas noticias, não são todas que precisam de destaque. Fala sério, quem em nosso ano ainda gosta de ler essas bobagens que colocam na página dos melhores do Ministério? Pode ser a opinião de um homem, e essa revista talvez seja voltada ao publico feminino, então qual o motivo de não dar um destaque aos astros do quadribol? Tenho absoluta certeza que mais mulheres comprariam e/ou assinariam a revista. Nada o impede de colocar as mulheres do quadribol também em destaque, sei que ainda não são muitas, mas já pensou em algumas entrevistas com alguma delas? Tenho certeza que edições assim não venderiam apenas para as mulheres, alguns homens também s arriscariam a comprá-la.

Bem, quanto as outras dicas, sinto muito, mas não poderia lhe informar, vai que você decide usar minhas ideias e não me aceite no cargo? Vamos lá, senhor, eu tenho certeza que em nenhum momento irá arrepender de sua escolha. Me formo em poucos meses e vou precisar mesmo de um local de trabalho, mesmo que de início eu não tenha nenhuma coluna. Sei que não é uma decisão fácil, em vista que nunca fomos apresentados, mas acredito que se o senhor marcar alguma entrevista eu irei de imediato. Estarei no aguardo, e tenha certeza que não será uma perda de tempo.


Drew Stirling.

Well first off happy #facetofacefriday! I wanted to share a #facetoface over the course of 3 months. (I tried to reenact the same silly happy-go-lucky pose so excuse the awkwardness) I can’t believe my cheeks were that puffy haha 😆😆😆

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sparkling-cuddle-prince said: Complicated things are confusing, though! I’ll probably be confused! But the way you describe it, seeing tiny gems, that sounds a little cool… I don’t know! I’m not so good at the school stuff, you know!

it’s really boring on the other side though. i once or twice slept while our teacher was discussing about something ^^;; i felt bad for having not enough rest and using school time for a nap…

I’m also confused, don’t worry! Well it’s really cool to see them. I guess It’s safe to say that i’m not that good with school stuff as well ww