Last night I dreamed that I was over at my parents’ for Christmas again, only my dad and I had such a bitter and nasty argument about the merits of Dickens vs Wilkie Collins as authors that I decided I was going to have to leave at once, and would have to work out how to get all of my luggage and Lev and all of Lev’s various cat things back to my flat with me. 

“The fact is that Wilkie Collins is a better writer,” I said, tearfully, trying to stack the cat carrier on top of the litter tray and balance them on my wheelie suitcase, “and I’m not going to apologise about saying that, no matter how much verbal abuse I get for it.”

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hmm fair points but i still think 'asshole' is a bit far. sorry im dragging this out lol but yeah... those are shitty things to do, but so many teenage boys use 'gay' like that sadly, and it's also easy to make fun of people without realising it hurts them. i don't think those things were done with ill intent at all. also jonas is extremely supportive/loving towards both isak & eva at other times in the season & learns from his mistakes. 'grade-a asshole' i'd reserve for william & chris...

well, i guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree then. i stand my ground. personally, i think making fun of someone’s intelligence and putting them down while making yourself feel superior is a really shitty thing to do. i’m not saying jonas was all bad, he definitely had his moments (a lot of them), but in my eyes, a lot of the shit he said to eva was just horrible.

(i never disliked jonas. you can think a character is an asshole while still liking them as a character and appreciating their depth) he really proved me wrong in s3, though. he’s a really good friend.

my (bitter brokk) buddy lisa (@ghostsinthedaylight) also made me aware that the reason why jonas may have seemed like an asshole in s1 is because eva was the narrator and she didn’t trust him. we saw everything through her eyes, meaning she was an unreliable narrator. 


first of all, you don’t need to try to educate me on sexuality, i am well aware of its complexities and nuances. you can fuck right off with that condescending little attempt at a lesson on sexuality.

Listen Honey, irene is a lesbian. that’s a fact. she is not bisexual. she is not anything other than a lesbian. that’s canon and that’s fact. she said she was gay and that means she is gay. that also means that SHIPPING IRENE ADLER, A LESBIAN, WITH A MAN IS HOMOPHOBIC!

and Sweetie, i haven’t even mentioned sherlock’s sexuality throughout all of this because i am quite positive we disagree on that as well but regardless of what you believe about it IT IS STILL HOMOPHOBIC TO SHIP IRENE ADLER, A LESBIAN, WITH A MAN.

there has been no indication that there is a shared romantic interest between them. none. stop shipping a lesbian with a man. it’s homophobic and you are too for doing so. end of story.


007 Expansion crossover world

Out of fun I’ve made visuals showing the supposed crossover/alternave versions/whatever in the 007 expansion works.

Note that not all the characters are necessarily an alternate version of themselves. Ryukishi defined some of them as the same actor playing a different role. Also, I’m not sure they’re all connected. Some connections were long speculated in the fandom so I’ve posted them as well. Agree, disagree, everything is fine for me.

Anyway we have…

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I think you're a cool person and a talented artist. You are a good friend. I noticed that we have almost the opposite opinion on some things. Like I'm excited about Lotor and want him to be more of an anti hero in the new series while you aren't a huge fan, you don't think Keith is a Galra while I am huge into the Galra Keith theory, you like Nanny in the old series while I didn't as much and more. It's not a bad thing by any means. I just find it kind of amusing.

Haha well I guess we agree to disagree :) I’m glad we can still get along! Thanks for telling me tho!


character alignment | agent carter
↳ dottie underwood

chaotic evil: the major precepts of this alignment are freedom, randomness, and woe. laws and order, kindness, and good deeds are disdained. life has no value. they hold that individual freedom and choice is important, and that other individuals and their freedoms are unimportant if they cannot be held by the individuals through their own strength and merit.


Ok, can we just talk about The-episode-that-must-not-be-named for a second? 

I know we are supposed to hate it because it’s Moffatty and OOC and all. But for me one thing looks pretty clear. He didn’t thoughtlessly abandon Rose on that spaceship. 

Look at the determination on her face after she’s seen Reinette vulnerable and afraid, and she’s made a promise on the Doctor’s behalf. And look at the resolution when he says there’s no way back. 

 Now tell me it isn’t clear that Rose made him keep his promise, no matter what the cost to herself. She wasn’t a victim, she made him do the right thing because she knew he’d regret it if he didn’t. And she trusted him to find some way back to her. 

 For me the only OOC bit was how content he seemed with Reinette at the end. Although he shot off back to Rose fairly promptly when he realised he could. 

 I know it’s not a perfect episode, but even as a proper Ten and RTD fan, I really like it. It’s got humour, it’s clever, the robots are really scary, it’s got snogging; it’s even got a horse.


AG: Hah, I’d disagree!!!!!!!! People think we cant understand that stuff? Well they can shove it where the sun don’t shine. 
AG: Uhm, hello?? Trolls used to fill 8UCKETS at our age, like, just a few centuries ago. 
GC: 33333WW
AG: I’m pretty sure you just dont want the world to know a8out your crush on you-know-whooooooo
GC: W41T WH4T >:?
AG: Oh come on it’s so o8vious youve 8een chatting to the guy so much recently. 
AG: Chill chill just teasing. Anyway don’t lots of people our age have pale relationships? 
AG: What no don’t turn this on me
AG: Terezi
GC: M4YB3 4 F3W P1CTUR3S OF R34SSUR1NG M3M3S? >;] >;]
GC: >;] >;] >;]

The fact that now you’ve got people saying: ‘Well, we strongly disapprove. We really disagree. We find those comments disgusting, but we’re still endorsing him. We still think he should be President.’ That doesn’t make sense to me. You can’t have it both ways here. You can’t repeatedly denounce someone and then say, 'But I’m still gonna endorse them to be the most powerful person on the planet and to put them in charge.’
—  President Barack Obama, speaking at a rally for Hillary Clinton in Greensboro, North Carolina, October 11, 2016
  • Boyfriend watches Avatar for the first time.
  • Boyfriend: *Just finished watching'The Cave' episode*
  • Boyfriend: Well, they didn't kiss. But we should.
  • Me: I disagree; they TOTALLY kissed!
  • Me: Like, why else did the cave light up? Why do you think Aang wanted to talk afterwards?
  • Me: It's so obvious, I mean who's side are you on?
  • Boyfriend: ....
  • Me: ...
  • Me: I mean, yeah we could, uh, we could kiss. Sure. I see what you did... that, yeah, that's cute...
onlinecounsellingcollege’s Myths about Soul Mates: Olitz Edition

NB: Taken from this post by @onlinecounsellingcollege​, but re-formatted and Olitz-ified :o):

MYTH 1: “The relationship should be natural, easy and uncomplicated"

WELL ACTUALLY… “The truth is that all relationships take time, effort, commitment and energy. You need to make time for each other, to do fun things together, to work on communication, and to learn to negotiate and compromise.“

MYTH 2: “The relationship should be conflict free”

WELL ACTUALLY…”Because we are each individual and unique we all disagree with others at times, so conflict is natural, and not to be feared. In fact, conflict can force us to confront our differences, and to grow as individuals, and as couples too.”

MYTH 3: “Soul mates are romantic.”

WELL ACTUALLY: “Real life is not the movies, and love can be expressed in countless different ways, and still be genuine. Look out for all the signs that show your partner cares, and don’t be disappointed if they’re not ‘the stereotype’. Don’t force them to be something that is maybe not their style.”

MYTH 4: “You should always see things the same way and have the same opinions, outlooks and beliefs.”

WELL ACTUALLY… “You both have different backgrounds and have individual brains so you’re going to sometimes differ in the way you look at life. That needn’t be a problem – you don’t want to be clones.”

MYTH 5: “My soul mate will always like and love me.”

WELL ACTUALLY… “Consideration, respect and a concern for your partner are symptoms of a loving relationship. But being rude and disrespectful or irresponsible are not endearing qualities that build relationships. Instead, we need to give to get – as it’s not ‘all about me’”.

  • K: Aren't you the woman who drew a crucified panda during a sermon in a Lutheran church once?
  • U: Yes, but, in my defense--
  • K: The crucifix was bamboo!
  • U: Well, it was a panda.
  • K: Okay.
  • U: In my defense, the pastor was WRONG.
  • K: There is that.
  • U: That was the incident where you had to use the Dad Voice--
  • K: On *both* of you
  • U: Yes. I yelled at the priest, the priest yelled at me--
  • K: You weren't yelling yet, you were strongly disagreeing.
  • U: We were moving towards it. He shouldn't have asked me what I thought, and so I told him, and then he talked about C. S. Lewis and I talked about punctuated equilibrium, and then you said, "Well, we should agree to disagree," and then we ignored you, and then you said, in the Dad voice, "Do I need to get the hose"--
  • K: It was *amazing.* It's like suddenly I had the power of command and they were both like WELL-it's-been-very-lovely-talking-to-you--
  • U: And the priest was older than you! And ordained!
Brutasha & Faithfulness

Am I the only on who doesn’t think that Natasha “betrayed” Bruce when she pushed him into the hole. It’s not as black and white as that. Sokovia was being lifted into the air, they were severely outgunned, there were a ton of defenseless civilians, and here was Bruce Banner, the shaky, reluctant, scientist scared of his own shadow, who courageously chooses against his previous determination to avoid conflict and hide, to ditch his comfort zone and risk transformation so that he can save his dear friend who he loves.

I can’t help but think that when he actively chose to rejoin the team temporarily and leave Avenger’s tower with them he was still very torn between transforming in anger at Nat’s absence when he needed her the most and to use his strength to defeat Ultron and help the cause but there was still that part of him that doesn’t trust the Hulk around civilians that was amplified by the public’s judgement and terror, in Johannesburg. In the quinjet, you can see his raw, rage and protectiveness of Natasha, who has become even more important than himself and his constant need to control his monster. They say you never know what you have until you lose it.

He could have ran away and disappeared long before the team went out to confront Ultron, but he doesn’t because he waits for Nat and in this moment, he doesn’t clearly doesn’t give two shits about rejoining the game as long as he gets his girl back. Yeah, he probably also knows that there’s a possibility that he’ll hulk out in the midst of the chaos but he also knows that he’s the best chance they have. I think this small scene is commonly overlooked even though it reveals the depths of his feelings for Natasha, which he always pushes away, but this time, he fights for her.

On the other hand, Nat still held onto the hope that they would run away together or at least be together, until the very end when he leaves her. This is seen as she tries to coax him into returning to her in the quinjet, telling him that the job’s done and their fight is basically over. Also, before she pushes him, she sees that he truly loves her and wants to be with her, (she is his reason not to lose hope in himself and his future). Despite, Bruce’s tendency to shy away from his feelings and confrontations, he admits his feelings for her for the first time and confidently engages with her, giving her confidence that even if she brings out his monster, to save the world, he’ll understand why she did it.

And despite people’s common interpretation that Bruce Banner ditches her for betraying his trust and freedom, this is the exact opposite.

She knows and understands every dimension of Bruce so well that she gives him a push in the right direction for the good of humanity and for himself, since she knows that he’s the kind of guy who under normal circumstances would never avoid saving as many innocent lives as he could.

Even if Bruce has lost hope in his righteousness, morality, and heroism, Natasha surely hasn’t and gives him another chance to prove this to the world and more importantly to himself since she knows he can’t run away from himself forever.

Actions speak louder than words and so instead of trying to persuade him to fight with her one last time, she proves her enduring trust in him and herself to bring him back (hence the lullaby), by triggering the other guy. This only happens after sincerely kissing him ofcourse to let him know, she loves and cares for him deeply and is always thinking of the best for him. The Hulk’s smile and willingness to join the battle and “go be a hero” confirms Bruce’s, subconscious desire to fight for the greater good despite his insecurities and past trauma that commonly dictate his actions as a human. The Hulk is a physical manifestation of Bruce’s repressed desires, emotions, weaknesses, and strengths that have accumulated since his traumatic childhood. Natasha knows this but he still clings to the idea that there are two separate beings that cannot be associated with each other, because he’s afraid of his power. One, day Bruce will finally accept himself completely and I think his temporary escape will have something to do with it.

So no, in my opinion, Bruce doesn’t ultimately feel betrayed by Natasha especially since it is clear in the movie that he is willing to be submissively transformed back by her tender touch during the almost-lullaby. Until, she is almost killed by Ultron risking her vulnerable life for Bruce’s humanity, which scares the hell out of him and that’s why he leaves. His main priority above anything is her safety but at the same time he needs to realize that she’s a hell of a fighter and doesn’t need saving. In fact, his presence in her life would truly free her.