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A/N: Everything’s better wet, right? This GIF literally attacked me in the middle of class which resulted in this 2k smut. As always, enjoy and send in requests if you have any. Love, J xx

Prompt: When a prank goes wrong, you and Stiles have to stay and clean up the mess and end up getting messier than before.

Word Count: 2,144

Warning: Smut and slime.

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an: day three of fluffy mini ficlet week continues! <3 for @swans-and-pirates who must be dying of boredom by now <3

If you told Emma when she was young that she’d one day be engaged to be married to a ticklish pirate, she would never have believed it.

But now, as she pinches his side just so she can watch his body convulse under waves of laughter, she finds that she absolutely adores it.

“Stop that, now!” he laughs, his words spoken half-heartedly. As if he doesn’t mind that they’re lying on the floor beside their bed, her body half on top of his while she pinches and teases him with her fingers. “I’m ticklish!”

“You’re ticklish?” Emma teases. “Really?”

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Friends (Optional Bias)

author’s note: okay so this is going to be very different from my usual posts/scenarios, but i reread one of my old scenarios (it’s titled friends as well) and i really wanted to rewrite it, and make it longer and better. also i added a bit of suggestiveness/smuttiness, as last time it was only implied and now i want it to be a bit more detailed and a longer story. if you all like this, i may or may not turn it into a series; message me and let me know what you think of turning it into a series. love you cuties and i hope you all enjoy!

**also forgive me if the smut is shitty; i don’t have much practice writing smut !! also there’s a shit ton of smut below so beware !!

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even more headcannons nobody asked for

- whenever bokuto wants akaashi to promise him something he always makes him pinky promise

- oikawa is a thief. he’ll steal food off plates, chairs or spots on couches where other people were sitting, he’ll borrow pencils/pens/erasers and never give them back. his victims are usually the other 3rd years (mostly iwaizumi)

- yachi gets along really well with noya and tanaka, they like to get ice cream together and talk about how pretty kiyoko is

- kageyama closes his eyes every time he hugs someone (hes not that much of a hugger but hes getting better)

- asahi is a full body blusher

- terushima is a drama queen who will fall in love instantly with literally anyone

- kageyama is a serial plant killer, not on purpose of course, he loves plants, he just forgets to water them sometimes. eventually hinata gives him a pretty little succulent bc he knows they are tough enough to endure tobio’s forgetfulness. he names the succulent ‘shou-chan’ but he keeps that a secret

- kenma is always cold. bc of this he now owns 7 of kuroo’s sweaters/hoodies

- daishou pours the milk first when making cereal just to piss people off

- iwaizumi never finishes anything. ever. that tea oikawa made him? half finished on the table. that puzzle he started out of boredom last week? theres two corners done and the rest of the pieces are scattered on his desk. that tv show maki told him to watch? he got to episode 4 and never went back.

- bokuto is a pillow hoarder, he sleeps with 8 pillows

Accidents Happen (reader x Bucky)

Hiya. Confession: So I took a long break from tumblr because it was taking over my life but I’m back now because Bucky. Obviously. I’ve mostly been writing fiction the past few years, but this is my VERY FIRST dipped toe into fiction of the “fan” variety. This story was running through my head ALL day at work yesterday so I had to get it out. I was brought back to writing from all the awesome (Y/N) x Bucky blogs I’ve been reading, devouring entire Master lists in fact. (Ahem, @squishybucky @writingruna and @imaginingbucky. Still making my way through @you-and-bucky ‘s list and I’m loving it!)

I’m still learning this new form of writing, so please be kind but helpful tips are welcome! I pretty much wrote it last night from top to bottom with very little editing, but mostly I’m posting now before I lose my nerve. :D This story is loosely based on my life experience when I fell hard for a guy, wishing I could’ve been as bold as the reader is. 


Accidents Happen

Summary: Reader is 26 years old training with the avengers. She is slightly accident prone with a sheltered background, resulting in aversion to swearing. No verbal filter and says most things without thinking. She gets creative with curse words. First meeting and developing feelings for Bucky. 

Warnings: none? Mostly Fluff with a little heat at the end. :) I can’t handle pretty much any smut without dying of embarrassment. :)


“Nice try, Hawk, but you’re about to eat mat, mother trucker!”

You had no verbal filter. Everyone on the team knew that. After almost a year of training together, they were used to your bizarre outbursts and ridiculous exclamations. However, you grew up in a very religious, uptight household and despite distancing yourself from those beliefs years ago, old habits held strong. Such as your inability to curse like a normal person. Any response to excitement, pain, surprise, or fear resulted in a random phrase that usually began with the first syllable of the intended word.

“Kick his asteroid, Nat!”

The redhead rolled her eyes, but kept focus and had Clint on the mat in seconds.

You pumped your fists in the air with a triumphant yell, then approaching the mat in anticipation of your own sparring match. All training focus had dissolved, however, as the gym doors opened revealing Steve and a dark-haired stranger. Curiosity peaked as you joined the welcome crowd approaching the newcomer.  Shoulder-length hair covered his down-turned face, but the glint of a silver hand not covered by his left jacket sleeve explained all.

“It’s Bucky!!” you whispered too loudly.

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Too competitive for yoga

Title: Too competitive for yoga
Author: hilarycantdraw
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences
Warnings: None Apply
Completed: Yes
Word count: 5390
Summary: There is nothing Jack wouldn’t do to make sure he’s playing his best hockey, he’ll even take ballet lessons. He expects six weeks of boredom as he memorizes some new exercises to improve his ankle strength and his flexibility. Instead, he gets an attractive blond instructor who draws Jack out of his own head, one hour at a time.

Most memorable line: “You absolute goof. This is Beyoncé. If you don’t recognize her by now, you might be absolutely hopeless.”

Aquarius: Weekly (Starting on March 13)

An impulsive decision on Monday – a bolt from the blue, a lark – might be the answer that solves everything, the magic piece in a rather confusing puzzle. Don’t be afraid to challenge fixed ideas. Your instinct is on to something. Tuesday and Wednesday, experiments and discoveries figure strongly. Later in the week, Thursday and Friday especially, require an adherence to standard operating principle, so put away your gadgets and stick to what you do best: communicating with people, covering details, taking care of things as they arise. Saturday and Sunday are wonderfully social.

Career & Finance

It’s sometimes difficult to see change as it’s occurring, even if it’s occurring in plain sight. Be aware that the tides are turning on Monday and Tuesday, and be more perceptive than those around you. This will put you ahead of the game. A small discovery midweek is the key to something much bigger. Thursday, you bring what you’ve observed to a conversation with someone, and you notice, in the course of the chatting, a distinctly romantic subtext. Fascinating! Friday is defined by creative, unique interactions. Wear something eye-catching and be open to anything.

Love & Relationships

Your capacity for wonder serves you well this week. The awe you feel inspires awe in others. Take a walk on the eccentric side (wear a hat, dig out an unusual pair of socks) to combat a potential midweek spell of boredom. The first half of the week is just a warm up for Friday and Saturday, which are sparking with the potential for love. When your emotions are running high on Sunday, don’t overreact. Yes, this may come to an end at some point, but most things usually do. Enjoy the unexpected gifts coming your way.

We know the BMoL kinda, well, have some pretty crap intel most of the time. I mean, we’ve been discussing this since since 11.23 aired and we got a look at the ridiculous murder board. I don’t think I need to rehash all the ways they’ve proven that they are just not entirely competent when it comes to information gathering. Just look at 12.14 for the most recent evidence of that.


(gosh I just realized how often I type a big BUT! to dramatically announce a major shift in ideas. I’m trying to curb my use of capslock and ellipses and other ridiculously overdramatic stuff, but it’s just who I am as a person. Sorry. :P)

There’s also the few times the BMoL have somehow come up with something so mind-bogglingly accurate, that you just have to wonder how the heck these seemingly incompetent bunglers managed to hit on these specific things.

For example, they seemed to be entirely unaware that Lucifer was on the loose masquerading as the President of the United States (or even as Vince Vincente for a hot minute there). They were also entirely unaware that a Prince of Hell was living a quiet life as a fisherman, while somehow also recognizing the fact that he was at least a demon of some sort, and that hidden away in a safe in his basement behind a painting of Michael slaying Lucifer, he had The Colt. Not only that, they knew the exact way to break into said safe and gave Mary the correct tools to get the job done.

How the HECK did they get ANY of that information? When they don’t even seem to know ANYTHING ELSE about where the Colt has been for the last 150 years or so?

We speculated on that one here and here, and came to the conclusion that they must’ve been informed by that demon who’d been with Crowley during the visit where he’d presented Ramiel with the Colt. She was the only other being in the universe that theoretically knew Ramiel had the Colt… unless one of the other two Princes of Hell (either Dagon or Asmodeus) knew he had it and either wanted to stir up trouble with the BMoL, or believed that siccing the (incompetent) BMoL on Ramiel would rile HIM up enough to take an interest in things, not expecting that the MoL agent would stand a chance at actually succeeding in stealing the thing.

But since 12.12 we’ve now seen a few other things that are hard to explain, given the fact that the MoL have largely been so unprepared that I actually tagged a fic “No British Men of Letters i assume they all died of gross incompetence or something

In 12.14, aside from the gross incompetence they largely displayed, they had some sort of computer tracking program for vampires that had them pinned down to the number of vamps in each and every nest over a vast portion of the U.S. How the heck did they even GET this information? It’s not like that’s the sort of info that the vamps themselves would be handing over to people who want them all dead. It’s also incredibly specifically detailed info about their nesting locations, the number of vamps in each nest, and other details that would seemingly be very difficult to come by without years of painstaking research and surveillance. Yet they just have this temporary sort of compound built of shipping containers all set up in an abandoned parking lot and suddenly they know everything about the entire vampire population.

Did they lay down some sort of vampire tracking spell that led them to this data? Do they have some informant from a DIFFERENT monster group who’s decided to work with them? Did someone make a crossroads deal for the info? I mean, really… It’s fishy.

And then in 12.15, we hear that after weeks of boredom looking for their own hunts, the MoL feed Sam THREE CASES in  less than two weeks that are all monsters we’ve really only seen once or twice a piece in the entire 12 years of the show? A ghoul, a wraith, and a siren. These are some pretty disparate creatures that you wouldn’t think would have a lot of connection in common. They feed on different things, they “blend in” with society in different ways, they hunt their prey in entirely different ways. Yet, the MoL have somehow successfully pinpointed these three hunts and sent Sam and Dean to take care of them.

Theoretically they’ve also been sending OTHER hunters (well, at least Ketch and Mary, if they haven’t managed to entice any more hunters into their service) out on other hunts as well.

It begs the question, if even Dean hadn’t found these hunts on his own, how the heck did the MoL find them?

In addition to those cases, the Main Featured Hunt of 12.15 involved an escaped hellhound, which Sam received the intel on within A DAY of it happening. I mean heck, they had time for Dean to shower and then to drive all the way from the Bunker to Idaho while the “crime scene” was still active.

The only people who knew that Ramsey had been released were the two demons who’d released her. Yet the MoL saw this supposed case of a hellhound attack and believed it was worth sending Sam and Dean out to investigate?

I mean, we’ve seen a long history on the show of crossroads demons making deals. It’s apparently not entirely uncommon. In 9.02, one of the demons Abaddon was interrogating supposedly closed 72 deals in the previous year. By that logic, extrapolated out across ALL the crossroads demons, hellhound attacks should be pretty commonplace.

So why send the Winchesters on THIS particular hunt, for THIS particular hellhound? What sort of intel did the MoL have to make this seem different enough from all those other theoretical hellhound attacks?

Basically I want to know where they’re getting the few SMART things they’re actually getting. Because considering the level of wrong they typically embody, they seem to be right in some pretty uncomfortably specific spots…


A Bucky x Reader / fluff

A/N: This was a request submitted by @fstarta. I hope you like it! Let me know what you guys think. I love hearing from you! ♥

Word Count: 1,604

- language.

Tags: (at the bottom)

*gif is not mine.

Sparring was a normal occurrence during training, both Steve and Tony assured to that. Surprising yourself, you were pretty damn good at it. Normally, you were paired up with either Wanda or Nat, but Steve had recently made sure he paired you up with his best friend Bucky Barnes; a rather large man with a metal arm, long brown hair, piercing blue eyes, and a fucking attitude. He was extremely handsome and most often polite, but when you got the one up on him during practice, his demeanor immediately turned sour. There were those rare moments when he was in a good mood, almost flirty, but they were few and far between. You couldn’t help but wonder what form of Bucky you would be getting today.

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WC Forging Through Camp Nano Series: Part Four

Hi everyone!

Welcome to the fourth part of the Forging Through Camp Nano series! Hopefully, you’ve been able to unravel any plot snarls so your word counts can continue to rise! Today, we will be talking about another writing productivity stealer…

The “Writing Blahs!” Here, I want to…

1. Discuss what the “blahs” feel like
2. Talk about your inner editor’s (or critic’s) role in the “blahs”
3. Point out a few potential fixes

This post is more advice pulled from my personal experience and some general writing chatter. So at this point, your chunk of salt should be nearby.

And without further ado…


You started off Camp Nano with gusto. The first week passed with nothing but the rapid-fire tapping of keys or the endless scratching of a pen on paper. The second week slowed a touch, but your enthusiasm was unwavering.

Then, the third week rolled around and…

You feel like this:

Originally posted by blogtimevortex3

Valiantly, you struggled to keep moving on through the week. Yet as the days dragged by, you found your boredom getting worse and worse.

Welcome to the grand experience known as the “writing blahs.”  

While “the blahs” is my personal term for this feeling, others may call it a writing “slump,” burn-out or even flat-out boredom. This phenomenon is especially common during NaNoWriMo and during Camp Nano for those with high-set goals. In those cases, it’s known as “the mid-month slump.”

The first thing I want to point out about the “blahs” is this: they are perfectly normal. Moving forward past the halfway mark of any endeavor is difficult—in fact, this kind of energy crash is practically part of human nature. How many times have you needed a caffeine jolt mid-afternoon? If most of us can’t get through a single day without a sharp drop in our energy and enthusiasm, can we really expect our projects to be any different?

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It’s become such a rarity nowadays to find someone to fall in love with and stay in love with. People seem to forget how beautiful it is to grow old with someone, to build and witness someone’s progression and to conquer obstacles as a team instead of facing them alone. I guess it’s safe to say there’s not enough thrill in it for them. There’s no thrill in comfortability and knowing someone like the back of your hand. I guess that’s why you can call me an old soul. I don’t need to go out all the time and switch people up every other week to fulfill my boredom with temporary happiness. I always wanted something real, someone so genuine that they’re worth lasting a lifetime with. Someone who’s willing to invest the time and effort that’s needed to win instead of forfeiting when “there’s no coming back.” I understand it’s nearly impossible nowadays to count on someone with all your heart and soul. It’s more dangerous, if than anything, I guess that’s why you can count me as one of the rare ones. I’m not just in it for a reason, season, or lifetime… I’m in it for all three.
—  Melissa Molomo
Drabbles Celebration

So…apparently I’m 25 away from 500? Isn’t that 0.5k followers??? I’m so floored and happy and gushing with pride!! I’m so happy and confused bc how the eff did that happen? Like…you guys like following me? Seriously? This nerd?

A couple things inspired the need to want to celebrate with a drabbles celebration. 

  1. There’s the 25 away from 500 thing! 
  2. I wanna sharpen my writing skills. 
  3. I wanna fight off the impending writers block with my current fic in progress. 
  4. I’m currently on spring break for the next 2 weeks so I wanna fight off the impending boredom
  5. I’m in a good mood :)

It’ll be a fluff and/or smut list for this guy: 

Originally posted by vibraniumdoll

Here’s the list:


  1. “Your hair is so soft.”. 
  2. “No, I’m not letting you go. It’s too early to get out of bed.”
  3. “C’mere, you can sit in my lap until I’m done working.”
  4. “What? Does that feel good?”
  5. “It’s not a double date. We’re just third and fourth wheeling.”
  6. “Look, I know we don’t know each other that well, but I’m still worried about you. No one deserves to be alone.”
  7. “Your lips are so soft. I could kiss them all day.”
  8. “Mmm…you’re warm.”
  9. “You’re so cute when you’re half asleep.”
  10. “I’ve had a rough day and honestly all I want right now is a drink and someone to cuddle with.”
  11. “No, you can’t get up! You’re my prisoner for today.”
  12. “You have something in your hair…um-do you want me to get it out?”
  13. “I remember practicing how to ask you out in the mirror…”
  14. “I would’ve had breakfast ready, but you were sleeping on my arm and I didn’t want to wake you up.”
  15. “I know I’ve kissed you like ten times, but just another ten. Please?”
  16. “I can’t believe I got the first date, let alone a year.”
  17. “We live together. You can’t blame this on anyone else.”
  18. “I think I might be pregnant.”
  19. “So I was driving past a pet store and couldn’t help but wonder how cute an animal would be in our home.”
  20. “I want to take a shower so you should probably join me. It’ll save water.”


  1. “I think you’ll be happy to know that I’m not wearing any underwear.”
  2. “I want you. Right here. Right now.”
  3. “Oh don’t mind me. Just enjoying the view.”
  4. “They always make shower sex sound so appealing, but honestly, this is getting dangerous.”
  5. “Did you just…finish?”
  6. “It’s been a long day. Why don’t we help each other unwind?”
  7. “Tell me what you want.”
  8. “Get on your knees. Now.”
  9. “Your lips make me wonder what the rest of you would taste like.”
  10. “I don’t like being told what to do unless I’m naked.”
  11. “Move your hands to the side. I want to hear you.”
  12. “You’re so sexy when you’re all hot and bothered.”
  13. “How bad do you want me?”
  14. “Do you know how bad I want you?”
  15. “I’ve been thinking about this all night.”
  16. “Don’t cover your face. I want to see you.” 
  17. “Come sit on my lap.”
  18. “You’re so beautiful all spread out like this, just for me.”
  19. “I’d be more than happy to show you a good time, if you’re looking for one.”
  20. “It’s like you want to ruin men for me.”

So a couple ground rules/guidelines:

  • If you are requesting a smut prompt, you must be 18+. 
  • I repeat: you must be 18+ if you are requesting a smut prompt
  • I will absolutely not write anything involving a Seb character with a minor. 
  • I will absolutely not write anything with dubcon or noncon. 
  • If at any point I feel uncomfortable with a certain request, I reserve the right to say no
  • If at any point anyone starts to bully me to finish their request, kiss your drabble goodbye. 

I’m sorry if that sounds rude. I really do wanna keep my blog drama free, and this is me doing that. I’ve seen so many good blogs, a few of them some friends of mine, get anon hate for this kind of stuff. And I won’t tolerate it on here. Period. This is meant to be fun, and I swear I’m friendly and a huge dork. Just ask @sexylibrarian1 and @persephone-is-here-omg. So I hope this doesn’t put a damper on what’s meant to be a little fun celebration. 

My lovely mutuals, if it’s not too much of a problem, please reblog to spread the word? 

Have a great day y’all! 

Target Practice

Please enjoy this light fluffy piece about Steph taking Damian to play laser tag. Be on the lookout for a child irritated by the lack of accuracy in his gun, a vest that is far too large, and a very tiny crack in the ceiling. Thanks to @audreycritter for both the prompt and the title. 

Rating: General

Warnings: None

Damian couldn’t stop the flurry of excitement in his stomach as he pulled his uniform on over his head. After so long he was finally out of the manor and ready to get back into action. Across from him, Brown pulled on her own vest, clicking it into place. He hadn’t been excited to be partnered with her, but anything was better than spending another day doing nothing.

Stephanie shifted the heavy vest on her shoulders and grinned at him. “Excited?”

He scowled at her. “Not in the least.”

Her grin only widened. “Right.” She said, unbelieving.

The plastic clip of his vest caught his finger and bit into the skin making him yelp and yank his hand away. “I don’t know why you decided on such an inane game as this, Brown.” He said shaking his hand to stop the smarting.

“Laser tag is the ultimate game, Dami.” Steph told him before moving to take the traitorous clips from Damian. “Here, let me help with that.”

“I can do it myself.” He said, even as she finished clipping his vest closed.

The laser tag vest felt heavy and immobile as it rested on his chest. The gun hung in an awkward place, out of easy reach for him, and he was certain, after examining Brown’s, that his vest was too big for him. He could ask for a smaller vest, but he refused to go down to a child’s size. He would adjust and use what he had.

He and Steph were herded, along with a group of other players, into a small dark room. There they were shown an instructional video that Damian mostly tuned out. After having suggested the game as a way to alleviate some of his boredom Brown had described the game mechanics to him as they drove over.

It wasn’t so much that Damian was bored at the Manor, it’s that he’d been there for days. Cabin fever, Grayson had called it during a phone call. A form of boredom built up from a week of patrol as his only touch of the outside world, and that was in limited quantities.

It should be a comfort to Damian that his house arrest had nothing to do with him, Father was only trying to protect him. Still, it felt like a punishment all the same. He vaulted between being irritated with his father and with the man who’d threatened their family. Damian could take care of himself, but he was also couldn’t stand the idea that anyone would put the entire family under duress because of an issue with his father.

He wasn’t privy to all the details, (Father had been abnormally careful about the information involved in the case so far) but as far as he knew the threat had been made to Bruce’s family rather than himself. Grayson was in Bludhaven, Drake at his apartment, and Todd was still considered dead and not in danger. Cain was overseas with Gordon. Which left Damian to be stuck at the manor. Father wouldn’t even let him walk Titus around the grounds, citing any kind of leaving the manor as ‘too dangerous’.

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Songbirds and Angels

Rated M for Sexual Content

An archaic ritual, as are so many throughout time and in countless lands that only served the suffering of women, and the pleasure of men. Virtue and chastity were paramount until the princess was of the age to marry to prevent pregnancy and protect bloodlines. But sexual purity wasn’t a coveted trait in a bride for any other reason. A princess was expected to bring pleasure to her husband when the marriage was consummated. To accomplish this she must learn. So The Reaping became a tradition.

For years his eyes were the first she’d look for straight away. Her best friend. Her ally. Who as a little boy chased her across the kingdom’s fields and played hide and seek in the stables. Lies, and legacies, ceremony and sacrifice.

Not him.

Not him.

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Omg I had a Tinder for like 2 weeks out of pure boredom and I matched with this one guy and he was super nice but I didn’t actually have the energy to reply to anyone but when I did, I’d reply to him and we’d have good convos but I just wasn’t interested in anyone, really. Well, he was persistent and nice about it and continued trying to get in touch with me but then I deleted the app and then I got a request from him in Facebook and I haven’t denied or accepted and jekwkfjwkoqkfnalgiowifhkqkfiw HE’S THE MANAGER AT THIS MENTAL HEALTH FACILITY THAT I’M AT RIGHT NOW HOW AWKWARD. I haven’t seen him yet close up but I saw him as I was walking out to my car yesterday for lunch and he kept staring over at my direction (he knows what I look like obvi and that I’m really petite) and I’m p sure he knew it was me. Plus he probably received a list of the students’ names but he stays on the chemical dependency unit so thank God I haven’t had any close contact with him. Oh lawd a mercy 🙄🙄