You will look back
in a couple of
and realize
fear overtook your heart,
to which you
gave in.
Do not treat
your white flag like a victory march,
I stood my ground,
I left when I needed to.
You were a child touching love
that ran away
when he felt the burn.
I have always
been the
—  Michelle K., I Have Always Been the Fire.

‘When he’s made his way to the kitchen, Hux comes to the stove and hugs himself around Kylo from behind. He watches Kylo cook, his chin on Kylo’s shoulder, arms wrapped around his chest’.

 - Ceasefire, Chapter 3, by @hollyhark.

Never have I ever spent as much time on fanart before. But then, never have I been as wrecked by a fic as I have by the CWU series. 

Reclaimed- 3/52 weeks on Flickr.

Week 3 of the 52 weeks project and I decided to try my hand at surreal/conceptual photography

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