Why This Picture Is the Most Heart-Melting Moment From Pippa Middleton's Wedding
Sisters are the best.


Like they have my fangirl feels all over one of their editorials and my domain name - which is only moderately embarrassing - but screw it MY PHOTO AND FANGIRL FEELS ARE ON COSMO HECK YESSSSSSS ♡♡

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By Way of Spontaneity (Part 1)

Summary: On a whim, Bucky declares you to be his girlfriend to his grandma and mother. They’re eager to meet you and he asks you to pretend to be with him for just one dinner with his family. But is that really all?

Word Count: 680

Warnings: None.

A/N: This is sheer K-Drama content lol. So it’s gonna be fluffy and full of craziness. I hope you all like it!

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Kicking his shoes off, Bucky plops down on the couch, swinging his feet until his legs are off the floor and he crosses them. Taking a deep breath, he stretches enough to pull his phone out of his pocket and unlocks it, perusing through his various social media apps. He’s scrolling through the wedding pictures of a former high school classmate of his when he hears a sharp whistle.

His grandmother’s stern face is what he sees as his head snaps towards the sound. She’s got her lips pursed in a tight line and her brow furrowed. Bucky smiles. “Hey, nana. You look beautiful today.”

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there was a maga march planned today so of course there was a protest to shut it down and i was in the black bloc and we started running down a random street in the city to try to get around the cops and there was a couple who just got married getting their wedding pictures taken and we all were running around them and everyone started yelling “congratulations” and “we love you” and stuff like that to them and the photographer kept taking pictures so i guess this couple is just gonna have some really special wedding pictures ft communists in black bloc

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Prompt: After sending Steve to find something in your room, he finds….compromising pictures meant for Bucky.

Warnings: Implied stuff, NSFW…obviously.

Author’s Note: It is so late and I have a 7:30am math class but this hit me straight in the face and I had to write it.

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It’s 1AM and crazy ideas are coming.

Imagine this:

Victuuri Secretly Married AU

  • In which Victor and Yuuri met four years prior and had been married since Yuuri was 21 and Victor was 25
  • They met when Victor took an impromptu vacation to the first hotel or inn he had randomly clicked, which turned out to be Yu-topia Akatsuki in Hasetsu, Japan. He was 22 at that time and Yuuri was eighteen.
  • Everyone knows that Victor is married at twenty-five, but no one knew that he was married to Yuuri. The only ones who knew were Yuuri’s family, the Nishigori family, Celestino and Yakov.
  • During the GPF in Sochi, instead of just being notified by his mother that Vicchan passed away, he was also in the middle of an argument with Victor, which made his loss even worse.
  • After the Banquet, the two made up but Yuuri still stopped skating after that in order for him to pay more attention to graduating and coming home. Yuuri threatened Victor with a divorce if he doesn’t come home to Japan after Worlds.
  • For some reason, the secret was still intact despite the dance battle and him grinding Victor jokingly telling him to be his coach.
  • Fast forward after Worlds, Yuuri still skates Stammi Vicino and the triplets uploaded it. That became the perfect excuse for Victor to come home, and everything goes canon.

How did the others find out?

  • Yuri warned Yuuri not to get too involved with Victor, saying that he’s a married man and he should stay away in respect to his ‘wife.’
  • During the Cup of China, Chris warns Yuuri that Victor’s wife might be furious with him since he might have stolen Victor from her.
  • Yuuri having anxiety during the free skate in fear that if Yuuri flops it, it might not only affect Victor’s coaching him, but also their marriage. It doesn’t stop Victor doing the stupid thing by saying the wrong things at the wrong time.
  • The Kiss occurs and the world and social media was thrown into chaos, calling Victor unfaithful and Yuuri a home wrecker. Everything got worse until Victor has had enough and told the world he was married to Yuuri.
  • Phichit calling and texting Yuuri complaining “How could you hide this from your best friend?” “I want to see wedding pictures!” “How did this happen?” and “How long have you two been married?”
  • Yuri yelling “VICTOR YOU IDIOT!”
  • Chris complaining he wasn’t invited to the wedding and was the first to apologize to Yuuri about silently accusing him from stealing Victor.
  • Guang-Hong and Leo in the background and sighing as they listen to Phichit complain and at the same time gush at his best friend.
  • Yakov’s hair slowly disappearing from the stress thanks to Victor.