Ethan Kath Attempted to Sabotage Alice Glass’ Career Before She Left Crystal Castles Over Insecurity and Jealousy of Her Relationship with Jupiter Keyes

As is common knowledge among fans, Ethan Kath has created various fake accounts and personas to message fans for manipulative purposes. He manipulated fan/friend Davie Fawn via a Facebook account under the name “Dan Marshall”. Davie Fawn’s full story can be found HERE, but in summary, he was manipulated by Ethan into lying to a young woman named Ari, who at the time was a friend of Alice’s who was posting the truth about how disgusting Ethan truly was on her Tumblr magicspe11s. Infuriated by this, Ethan began sending her hateful anonymous messages, while forcing Davie Fawn to reach out to her and convince her that the messages were actually coming from Jupiter and Alice. She fell for this, and despite being informed of the reality of the situation years later, she is still one of Ethan’s closest friends and occasional photographer for Crystal Castles. Here she is talking to Davie Fawn about Ethan’s fake personas:

“andy/dan are the same people. its all ethan”

“Andy” is a moderator on Crystal Castles official website who ensures that nothing negative about Ethan Kath is being posted there or on Tumblr. Various Tumblr users have opened up about having received messages from “Andy” via the wearecrystalcastles Tumblr, asking them to delete negative content about Ethan. Here is an example:

In reality, “Andy” does not exist and it is Ethan Kath himself. 

Recently, a former fan who used to run a fairly popular Tumblr dedicated to Crystal Castles shared her experience with “Dan Marshall”. 

In these messages, he pretends to be a “concerned fan” wondering if she has heard anything weird going on with the band (similar to what Ethan asked Davie Fawn in their final messages). 

He then pretends to ask “Andy” if she is able to be trusted with what he is about to tell her. Once “Andy” deems her trustworthy (”aww andy says “she’s the sweetest and coolest””), he goes on to tell her that “supporting the solo dj sets is supporting the end of cc”, in reference to Alice’s DJ sets. Here are the messages (notice the similarities in writing seen in Davie Fawn’s post and “Andy” above):

Notice the half truth and half lie here. Ethan and Alice definitely dated, but not only during the (II) era. This is Ethan’s way of hiding the reality of their relationship, which began when Alice was 15 and he was 25.

Ethan kath was playing DJ sets of his own during this time, but if Alice did the same it was because Jupiter was “pushing her to forget CC and become a DJ”. Hypocrisy at its finest.

“meanwhile the only reason J knows A is because E remixed J’s band. thats truly fucked.” Ethan, your insecurity is showing. 

“but we can send a message that we’re not supporting his dj plan for her. we do this by never reposting anything dj related. that gives her false hope that she should continue with the dj path. like magicspe11s flying around to catch all the dj sets. that gives her a false idea that cc fans are ok with her being a dj”. 

This is Ethan’s way of not-so-subtly hinting that this person should stop posting content related to Alice’s DJ set’s so that they don’t get any promotion or attention and therefore fail. 


When informed that magicspe11s (Ari) asked her about “Dan Marshall”, he immediately orders her to not respond. Ari was already aware that “Dan Marshall” was Ethan, and if she responded she would find out that “Dan Marshall” was no “concerned fan”, but Ethan Kath himself.  

Another former fan who used to post Crystal Castles content on his Tumblr @wrathofwaldo was also messaged by Ethan using his “Dan Marshall” account with the exact same request.

Here are those messages:

Ethan was the one to begin spreading the narrative that Jupiter was tearing Crystal Castles apart over jealousy that Alice had finally moved on and was making more public appearances without him. He couldn’t bare to no longer have control over her. 

“i think there’s hope for IV but only when people stop going to these dj sets.” 

But they can continue going to his DJ sets? Ethan logic: that of a true narcissist. 

To convince Alice’s fans that they should stop promoting her DJ sets, Ethan fabricated the existence of a tweet that said she was telling her friends that she didn’t even like DJ sets, but the all powerful “Andy” was able to get some random sound guy to delete said tweet? Laughable!

“please don’t share this info but i think it would be helpful if you only blogged CC stuff (A+E) and ignored the solo stuff”

“Andy” strikes again! He deletes a thread that wasn’t even on Crystal Castles website, and even though “Dan” didn’t manage to get any screenshots, he manages to remember exactly what the supposed quote said. This is yet another fabrication by Ethan, created as a manipulation tactic to convince others that Jupiter was the one driving Alice away from CC and not his own abusive treatment of her for more than 10 years. 

“as long as there’s interest in her dj sets, they will continue and there will be no CC.”

These messages show the extent of Ethan Kath’s manipulation and how far he is willing to go in order to hurt Alice. Publicly, he once stated: “I wish my former vocalist the best of luck in her future endeavors “, but behind fake accounts and personas, he was scheming to sabotage her solo career as a DJ before she even decided to leave Crystal Castles. After they broke up, he was still finding ways to indirectly affect her life negatively over his own jealousy and insecurity. His sociopathy truly has no limit.