When I first met Edith before the show (right after having met Ethan), I thought she didn’t like me because I tried to kiss her but she put me her hair and we took the picture. But after the show, while I was entering to the backstage to meet Ethan she was there smiling at me and that’s when I could notice her beautiful and perfect smile. Although I spend most of the time talking to Ethan, Edith was there looking at me smiling like a little girl. That made me realised that I could talked to her also .She looked like an angel . She is so kind and sweet . She’s 21 and her skin is extremely soft and pale. The only thing we had in common was that our faces were red because the backstage was so hot . And although she is tall she is very  very very tiny <3 . She loved my baby CatDog tattoo lol . Every time I said something nice to her she came to hug me, even when they were in the van about to leave the place, she just got off the van and came to hug me . Anyway we talked about the album : ‘’it is ready’’ she said with her perfect smile. Also they told us the date of the release of the album which I can’t tell but anyway they may have lied lol . We were drinking vodka, and she gifted us the two bottles which were there when we were leaving . 

So that’s a part of my experience of having met Edith (Margo) Frances . Oh and before I forget she sings extremely nice, Celestica sounds way much better now, and Wrath of God (at least from what I listened during the soundcheck) sounds awesome. 

PS : Later I will post about the greatest experience of my life (hanged with Ethan Kath) omg I’m still crying when I remember this. Holy shit dreams come true. 


(Buenos Aires, Argentina )