ღ His & Her Circumstances

It was a rainy sunday afternoon as the sun was refusing with much cooperation; a continuation of yesterday’s weather where it seems the pair of lovebirds were coaxed by the rather comfortable temperature and both were snuggled underneath the warm blankets despite the rather late hour in the day. Even the hardworking youngest Zhang couldn’t resist the touch of slumber and comfortable rainy Sunday afternoon, especially with his beloved phoenix in his arms.

“Mnn..” a small sleepy moan escaped him as his arms tightened around the warmth that was within his hold– a habit he seemingly foster in making sure the sapphire-haired girl was nowhere far from him. Well– no where far, she certainly is but ‘girl’…. well lets just say the copper haired is in need of a little peek to realize what had become of his beloved….


Well– having arms that has held her to sleep every night, he did notice how the small frame within his hold was taking a little more space than usual. His eyebrows knot as he was caressing her hair, only to find it in…shorter length? Wait… much shorter length–…

Slowly his crimson copper hues stirred awake as he blinked a few times, crystalizing his vision a little clearer and well, lets just say his small hunch was hit right on the mark. The expression that was nuzzled to his chest– his beloved… it was still her alright– or rather should he say 'him’ at this point. There laid in his arms was a young man, a few years younger than him in appearance in place of the cerulean beauty that laid to sleep in his hold last night and though most would find it alarming and/or confusing, lets just say this wasn’t the first time that this has happened. So unlike the first time it did happened, lets just say he’s not going to be edging back in surprise like he did then. He recognized this face after all… The only question now is what is the trigger this time? He still hadn’t figured it out as it seems that the last time he reverted back to his female form after a night of sleep. 

“An–d you’re back huh..” he sighed softly as he curled his fingers in slight, carefully caressing the strong jaw of his fiancee– or should he say fiance who was so peacefully still far asleep in slumber. He couldn’t help the small quirk of a smile at the end of his lips though, seeing her in her male form that brought rather soft memories to mind. Truly– he wasn’t someone who was gender averse. As long as it was her, he didn’t mind what form she is shaped in. As long as it was Seyren in his arms– the one he loves most then that’s all that matters. He learnt this the last time so this time her male form was gazed upon with unmasked affection– no more confusion or aversion. This is her after all, what else is there to question?

Though really, if he do say so himself, she truly has beautiful features as a man. Really, he noticed that the last time they went out when she was in her male form, they got so many stares, (putting aside the snide ones since they were holding hands), from others in admiration for her. Truly she gets that no matter her form, it seems that beauty is a part of who she is massively so. Long lashes, pale skin, strong features– limber form. thin carved lips.. And though Ethan is a tall man for his age, it seems that his beloved was just a few inches shorter, making for a very attractive height indeed. well– lets just say, he was a sight to behold indeed. Really, he always does feel like a frog next to the prince indeed– or rather that would be all the time huh. A small smile at the thought. She is originally a phoenix. What else is there to argue there. Though, perhaps it’s time to alert his beloved of her or his change– by the looks at how peacefully he’s sleeping here, he’s not too aware of his change as of yet huh.

His fingers that were caressing his cheek came to gently run through his blue locks over his head affectionately, stirring the cerulean prince from his sleep upon his broader chest. “….Sey?” his voice softly wove through the rainy Sunday afternoon as his lips came to press to the others temple softly and his other arm rubbed the other’s lean back, feeling every angular bump and curve of his shoulder blades to his palm– one that was less prevalent in his female form and given he is now male, lets just say angular features are sharper and his form was much more sturdier. “Sey… darling.. i think you might want to get up..?” his voice didn’t change in his tone of affection as he trailed kisses to the other’s hair and ears, softly caressing his ears with his low rumbling tone before he pulled back in a soft chuckle.

“You might want to see what’s happening here first rather than sleeping, mm?” his gaze softened as watched the other’s expression that was nuzzled to his chest in an adorable manner– seeming his mannerisms was not changed since his female self or actual phoenix form, fostering the younger Zhang to carefully place another kiss to the top of his head and his hand ruffled his shorter length locks at his nape in coax to wake. 

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