Eric Holder warns of a “scandal,” calls for investigation into Trump, Russia ties

  • ATLANTA — Former Attorney General Eric Holder said the Trump administration’s contacts with Russian officials could erupt into a full-blown scandal.
  • “I think we have the makings of potentially a scandal, certainly a controversy, the likes of which we have not seen for many years,” Holder said Wednesday in an interview at the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum in Atlanta, where he was delivering a speech on race.
  • Holder called for a full investigation into the contacts between Trump’s team and Russian officials — contacts that have already led to the downfall of Trump’s national security adviser, Michael Flynn, who resigned Monday night. Read more (2/15/17 5:45 PM)

Guys, both Mark and Steven’s favourite movie is The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes and Steven’s favourite novel is The Princess Bride. Steven is most proud of having been writer on A Scandal in Belgravia.

Can we all just agree that these two men are writing a gay romance?

“Guess why I’m crying.”

Please tell me other people have this problem.

can we take a moment to appreciate niall? his only scandals have been the “shower of cunts!!” and “violently masturbating in japan” god bless


Celebrate Black History Month!
Public Figure Profile: Vanessa L. Williams
Born: March 18, 1963
Vanessa L Williams is the first African American woman to be crowned Miss USA in the year 1984. She had to forfeit due to unforeseen circumstances. However she was able to comeback with a successful music,film and television career. With and issued apology from the Miss USA organization she can now put that part of her journey behind her.
Vanessa is known for songs like. Save the Best For Last, and Colors of the Wind from Pocahontas. As an actress she’s known to play sassy and fabulous women such as Wilhelmina Slater on Ugly Betty, though she can show a softer and even comical side.
Not only have we seen her come out on top of scandal, but a few years back, Williams released an autobiography and revealed how she dealt with tough personal troubles. She is an inspiration on several levels. To quote Ms. Williams, “Success is the sweetest revenge.”

Abe: “Hey beautiful.”

Emilie: “Mornin.’”

Abe: “Ya know, I bet we have a bit of time before the kids get up. We could sneak off into the trees and have our own scandalous adventure.”

Emilie: “But … breakfast burger.”

Abe: “Really?”

Emilie: “This burger is amazing Abe, so yes ‘really.’”

Abe: “Guess I’ve got to stop cooking so well.”

Am I the only one who think what Sulli did is very inspiring? In a kpop world where idols apologise for being in a relationship, she basically said that’s nothing wrong, nothing to be sorry for being in love and she showed how happy and in love she is.
She’s not crazy, she’s brave and bravery is needed when you want to change something, a mindset in this case.
Look at kaistal, how bashed they have been since their relationship was announced. Do we have to see this situation everytime there’s a new dating scandal or should you accept the idea that idols are people like us so they have the right to be in love and in a relationship?
I hope something will change one day, because this is really insane.

Jinri-ah, I’m very proud of you, keep doing what you want without being afraid of being judged.

Y’all know I love Mellie Grant more than life itself -

with that being said, I don’t think a rich, american, white woman was the right choice to call Fitz out on his privilege. I get what Shonda was going for, but that part of the speech lost it’s impact when you remember that Mellie comes from old, southern money and has  “mayflower blue” blood running through her veins. But I digress…

S3 E14 Byron and Alison?

Aria asks her dad how he felt about Alison and he responds very strangely like he is hiding something. Could Byron be the teacher Alison talked about in her diary? Did they have a fling? If so that would make him a 100% creep because she would have only been 14 or 15. She did blackmail him About the Meredith scandal as we have seen in flashbacks to “that night”. Also she seemed a little too eager to trash his office with Aria and make it look like Meredith did it. She did the same thing with Ian. She had a fling with him and as soon as she finds out Spencer kissed him, she tries forcing her to tell Melissa. Just so she could get her revenge without getting her hands dirty. Am I the only one seeing the connection?

If I’m going to be honest, the way this breakup happened could not have been planned more brilliantly. By making Louis look like the bad guy and Eleanor innocent, 1DHQ is (again) making Eleanor likeable and sweet, which is honestly deserved after the three years of hate & fan scrutiny she received. However it’s also very obviously explained that Louis didn’t actually cheat, but none the less the photos in hand sway any immediate discussion of Larry in the press, which they may not be prepared for. But also by Louis and Zayn being given these “rock star hooks up with groupies” image it’s a boost for a rebrand of One Direction and an older audience.

Remember not only can 1D’s management sell stories to tabloids and magazines, but they can also buy the stories out to kill them. If we were not meant to see those photos, if 1DHQ did not want us to see those photos, we never would have.

Michael Flynn's Debacle
Trump’s national security adviser’s potentially false statements about his pre-inauguration contacts with Russian officials are a major scandal.
By David Frum

I wonder where this will lead, how things will play out?

According to the Post, nine current and former U.S. officials confirmed that Flynn had not told the truth about his diplomatic outreach to the country whose spies had helped to elect his boss to the US presidency. If these reports are true, we have here a very serious scandal.

One more extremely bad thing happening under The Furious Screaming Yam.

  • American Monarchists: Royals should be examples of moral, Christian living. Women who have been divorced or had affairs (i.e. Wallis Simpson or Sarah Ferguson) should not have the style of HRH. Royal brides should be of impeccable virtue and have no scandals.
  • Also American Monarchists: We love Donald Trump and he should be King of America.

common reactions I have to internet drama:

  • wait do we like that person again? have we all just forgotten about [~scandal~] from three years ago?
  • wait we hate them? I thought we liked them, two weeks ago we liked them
  • who is that and why am I mad at them
  • oh are we hating on [person] now? glad I never paid attention to them and/or fucking finally, knew I was apathetic/didn’t like them for a reason
  • for god’s sake I don’t even care about that person and I know this is stupid
  • yeah! fuck that guy, he sucks! *whispers to google* who is that

incredibly rare reactions I have to internet drama:

  • I know exactly what is happening and care about it

llolololol yolo

I got no idea why I’m doing this but stuffs keep piling up in the head so here ya go some headcanons about Chara/Frisk…eh…Charisk fusion woohoo//slapped
(if you don’t understand what im saying below, maybe you should check out charas-not-a-satan theories out there)

- Chara is more dominant to Frisk in this form.
- Contrary to most belief, Frisk and Chara get along pretty well, so this fusion is pretty stable.
- Their Chara’s smile got Frisk’s stiffness. Their face expression keeps being like that from beginning to the end.
- Because of Chara’s narration in the game, they just have to comment about every single thing they do and every single thing surrounding them: “We tell a joke”; “We pet the Lesser Dog. We may have a problem.”; “Scandalous!”; etc.
- Most of the time they forget and keep saying those “narration” things out loud. Therefore, if they mumble instead, it’s usually not something good…
- Because of Frisk’s influence, they love to flirt with the others. Fail every time.
- They are pretty friendly toward monsters (except for Sans who they feel pretty awkward with). On the other hand, pretty distant and insecure toward humans because of Chara’s (and maybe even Frisk’s) bad memory about them.
- Can be hella sarcastic and make a bunch of puns.
- They have a very high amount of determination and even the ability to “save”. However, they avoid using it since their determination can become corrupted way more easily comparing to that of Chara…
- Despite being a bit of push-over, because of the determination, they won’t stop doing something until they reach the goal. Never. Maybe until they unfuse.
- Again, because of that, fighting must be avoided at all cost, even if it means to weaken the opponent and spare them later. Once they fight, their determination will get corrupted ( “=)” ) and they won’t hesitate to kill from one person to another. Unfusing will become a must.

yoludoca  asked:

What do you think of Sophie and Edward?

I don’t find them particularly interesting. Sophie gives amazing speeches and she works hard. Edward has made a great path for himself in the DofE award and is by all accounts really dedicated to it. But Edward is a typical privileged rich boy who committed to royal duties because he failed at everything else. And Sophie has had her moments we shouldn’t forget- the Fake Sheikh being spotted screaming at her employees. They both do a great job now but it hasn’t been a scandal free ride for them, which we have to remember. Personally, I find them dull so I just don’t spend a lot of time focusing on them.